how to add a faq page on shopify

How To Create a FAQ Page On Shopify what's up everybody mark from ecom,warriors today i'm going to

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

How To Create a FAQ Page On Shopify

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how to add a faq page on shopify catalogs

How To Create a FAQ Page On Shopify

what's up everybody mark from ecom,warriors today i'm going to be making a,video showing you guys,how to create a contact us page,frequently asked questions page,all those different kind of uh tertiary,type pages,that you would find on a shopify store,that kind of help out so as you guys can,tell,the design is slightly different um,on the store than you guys have normally,seen and that's just because,i've set up a course where i showed,people how to,create this from scratch and so i'm not,going to release the course now,i'll be creating a later date as to when,i will be,releasing the course but you know i,added a few uh features like,you know gallery zoom in features um a,whole bunch of different things you know,frequently asked questions,uh a product lookbook with the products,linked so for example,you know with the products linked so,there's a whole bunch of different,features in the store and i may,and i made a whole course for it but i'm,gonna go ahead and pause the screen,log into the back end of the store and,i'm gonna show you guys how to actually,create these type of pages,okay so now that we're in the back end,of the store the first thing we want to,do,is click on this online store button,right here and then we want to go to,pages so once we hit pages you'll see i,already have created,a few these pages but all you have to do,let's say to create a contact post page,you hit add page,type in the name of that page and then,select the template suffix,and so if you look here i have a few,different options now,depending on what theme you're using,you're going to have different,options here so you know some themes,don't have any options available,some themes have some options available,and basically what it is it's basically,a template to the actual page so if we,just go back here,and take a look at let's say at my,contact us page you can see here i have,the contact us,page created i have no text or anything,here in the middle,but if i hit uh view page right,we have the page available to us and i'm,actually going to show you guys how to,edit this in just a minute but,that's an example of the contact us page,here we have,the wishlist page we have about us page,right so let's just take a look at how,the about us page looks,okay and you can see here like i said,the photos are kind of like grayed out,that's because we haven't done any,editing to the actual site yet on those,specific pages,but let's go ahead and create a,frequently asked questions page for,example,so i'm going to write faqs right,let's go ahead and write faqs and let's,click on the faqs page,right there and let's hit save so now,that that's saved we have a frequently,asked questions page saved,let's go ahead and view page and there,we go the page is already created so,whenever somebody goes to, they will,see,the faqs page available and we can,always add this specific page to our,header menu,right so if we head over back to our,website we can always add it up here,now to actually edit these kind of pages,let's go ahead and go to our online,store again,let's get rid of these other links that,are in the way,and let's go to online store let's hit,customize,and so you're gonna see when we hit this,customize button that we have a few,options but the first thing that we have,to wait for is the thing,via screen to load first,so let's go ahead and give that a minute,and this could take a little bit of time,depending on how much content you have,so,i have a lot of content but as you can,see here we have a whole bunch of,different pages so you want to go up,here with this little drop down,and you can see here let's just hit the,faq page,and so now we can edit this faq page,that we created earlier,only thing we really have to do is edit,the text right so the different options,and different questions and we have to,edit the banner so if we want to edit,the banner let's just say,we hit the faqs button and you're going,to see here an option that says,breadcrumb right breadcrumb is this,location where it shows the links that's,referred to as a breadcrumb right let's,go ahead and select an image,in this case i'm going to select a,banner kind of like this one right,and hope that it looks decent for the,website so that looks pretty decent,let's go ahead and hit select and that's,already saved so,now let's hit save on the top right hand,corner,whenever somebody comes to our website,and wants to view the frequently asked,questions page,they're going to be taken right here to,edit this actual text in this content,we'll just go here and just edit you,know how long does it take,for home delivery that's the first,question and you just kind of have to,navigate which one is which,so let's say i want to delete this,question that says uh can i locate from,a local store,um so that's the question here if i want,to delete it i can remove it,and there we go it just gone so i would,hit save,and that's really it so uh if you guys,are,like curious what kind of theme i'm,using it's the wolf of shopify theme,i've talked about this theme quite a few,times,before this is the only theme that i'm,currently using,for conversions um i have different like,clients and things like that that,do use other themes that want me to use,other themes,from my kind of uh stance on you know,the highest conversions possible,this is the theme that's going to give,you all those features and sometimes,people,ask me like how does this theme compare,to other themes such as let's say,debutified the beautify is a theme that,you have to pay monthly for,that only comes with a limited amount of,options,compared to wolf of shopify and when i,say limited the more you want,the more options you want the more,add-ons the more you have to pay,wolf shopify is one of those themes that,you pay one time for the price is 159,um but i guess it's on sale for a,hundred,and if you got you guys use my code,warrior right if you type in,enter promo code and type in warrior,right,and hit apply code you get 25 off on top,of that guys,uh check out my youtube channel making,all my videos on this theme,and how to actually use it and how to,get a benefit,from this theme okay how to improve your,conversion rates how to get sales,and since my youtube channel is kind of,new i plan on showing you guys live,sales charts,uh different you know pay pals you know,stripe accounts things like that,that just show proof of the sale and,proof of the money that's coming in,alright,i'll talk to you guys later thank you,guys for watching peace out bye

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