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How to Reuse Facebook Ads With The Most Social Proofone of the most powerful assets that you,have is


Updated on Jan 05,2023

How to Reuse Facebook Ads With The Most Social Proof

one of the most powerful assets that you,have is a facebook advertiser is an ad,that gets a lot of engagement shares,likes comments all that creates what we,call social proof and really it builds,trust with the people that you're trying,to reach it shows them that there's been,a positive response to what you're,putting out there and it really helps,create a more effective ad now the thing,is when Facebook advertisers try to,reuse those ads oftentimes they lose all,of those likes shares and comments all,of the social proof so in this video I,want to show you how to use that same,high performing ad against new audiences,without losing all that social proof on,the ad that did really well okay so by,way of reminder the problem that we're,trying to solve is that when we have an,ad doing really well and we want to use,on other audiences we try to duplicate,it we're going to lose all those,comments and shares so I'm going to walk,you through step by step how to get,around this pretty simple fix but it,starts with creating what's called a,dark post now in order for this tactic,to work you have to create a dark post,I'm not going to go through that in this,video but essentially it's creating a,post that's just not public or published,on your page so I'll link out to a,resource for how to do that but you need,to create a dark post that's what this,is and really what that allows you to do,is split test against different,audiences you use a tool about espresso,you're naturally using dark posts that's,what we're dealing with here okay so,step one is to find that ad that's,working really well for you and we need,to find the permalink so find the URL,where this ad live or maybe more,accurately where this dark post with so,to do that click on the ad click Edit,now we're going to click this little,icon with the arrow in a box,and scroll down to Facebook post with,common you'll see that this loads up the,ad can see that I have some good,engagement here some good comments and,conversation I want to reuse that so,select the entire URL and I would,recommend putting it into a notepad or,something that's just easier to,manipulate text and then what you're,looking for is the post Ivey and it come,after this little folder here post to,grab this number all the way up to the,question mark and then copy it you're,going to use that in a later step now,the next step is to go and create a new,act just like you're used to doing for,your normal Facebook and I choose,whatever objective makes the most sense,I'm going to choose traffic just for the,sake of simplicity and then click,continue now you can go through and,choose a new audience here just like you,would as you're building a normal,Facebook ad campaign but I just want to,get to the point before the next step is,to go down to the ad section and then,click this option use existing post,normally you'd be creating a new ad and,using one of these options of carousel,and image of video etc but in this case,we're going to be using existing posts,if you can see that there's some quick,ways to grab page posts that have run,before but I'm going to click enter post,ID to find the exact ad that we need,remember in the last step I grabbed that,post ID from the URL so paste it in here,and click Submit and voila it appears,right here you can scroll down and see,that the same reactions the same,comments are still there now the beauty,of this is I can go back to the ad set,and I can start to choose a new audience,I can segment that audience I can just,run on totally new location but the,creative that ad that I'm going to use,is the same one with the same engagement,social proof that we had before so,that's it so remember you need to start,with creating a dark coat then find the,URL of that dark post and then you're,going to locate the post id create a new,ad,select existing posts and then enter,your posts ID that's it you can do this,as many times as you'd like for new,campaigns when you add sets and again,the beauty is that you can take that,social proof and carry it with you,wherever you go and whatever your,audience is you want to test down

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The Social Proof Principle The Six Principles of Influence

The Social Proof Principle The Six Principles of Influence

Hi there.,Glad to see you’re back for another great lesson!,In this video, we will be talking about the concept of social proof or consensus.,You may have noticed or you may have been endlessly annoyed by laugh tracks running,in the back of sitcoms, but have you ever wondered the precise reason why those are,there?,Put simply, there is a general tendency that when people find themselves in a situation,of uncertainty, when they are not sure how to act, they look at the environment around,them to find cues and guidance.,Like laughter from a ghost audience.,And they are especially influenced by people of their own age and status.,This type of reasoning is what’s driving the success of websites and applications like,Yelp, TripAdvisor, and “like-a-local” guides.,People like to rely on the experience and opinion of like-minded people to guide their,own decisions and actions.,There is an excellent experiment that demonstrates the utility of this principle in action.,The main goal of the study was to try to get people who are staying at a hotel in Arizona,to reuse their towels.,Four reasons were given to four different groups of guests, each appealing to a different,thing: the environment, prospective donation of end-of-year laundry savings, an already,completed donation, or the fact that the majority of the hotel guests reused their towel at,least once per stay.,And, yes – the last method proved most effective, with a 10% increase in towel reuse from when,people were only considering the environment.,Or to put it otherwise, as effective as thinking about the environment turned out to be, with,35% of the people reusing their towels, taking a cue from the other people who visited the,same hotel was more: 45% of hotel guests decided to reuse their towels.,And if those people were told that the majority of people staying in this hotel, and in this,exact room reused their towels, compliance numbers reached 50%.,Amazing, right?,One driving force behind social proof is the need to belong to a social group.,Humans base about two-thirds of their self-image on the social groups they are part of.,It stands to reason that when a situation occurs that makes us feel uncertain, we re-evaluate,ourselves and start thinking on behalf of the group it makes sense to be a part of for,this decision.,For example, if choosing between several hair products an individual can ask themselves,“What would make sense for me, as a young college graduate on a budget who cares about,quality?”,She would go with the choice that fits this description the best, and many others in her,position will too.,So, how can the social proof principle be applied in a marketing strategy?,One way to do it is to give your product credibility boost by gathering testimonials.,Identify your target audience and have satisfied customers show them that your product or service,is something their peers enjoy!,In case your mind jumped directly to “Oh no, infomercials!”,as did ours, let us reassure you that this is not what we mean by testimonials.,In today’s digital age there are tons of exciting ways to market a product using social,proof.,You can collaborate with bloggers that share your target audience to popularise your product,,or use podcasts.,You can also aim to generate comments which are often the go-to testimonial in online,marketing.,One very clever strategy used in TV ads was to change the usual tagline from “Operators,are standing by” to “If our lines are busy, please call again”.,At this point you can probably guess what that accomplished.,This simple switch conveyed that many others are also calling in, thus the product or service,must be very desirable and you will not be placing your eggs into the wrong basket if,you also trust it.,An easy way to convey a similar message in an increasingly online world is by introducing,counters on your web platform, for example, of how many people have bought or support,the product.,Think about Kickstarter – the “funded in one day” banner on a project fulfils,this exact purpose.,And it is super effective!,All of that said, the wisdom of the crowds can be a mighty tool if you just know how,to harness it.,We hope we gave you some pretty useful ideas but feel free to go on and brainstorm with,friends!,We are sure you can come up with amazing stuff.,Thanks for watching!,And see you next time, because we will be discussing liking, or how much does liking,a person increase the chances of a Yes!

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How to Duplicate Facebook Ads and Keep the Social Proof (2021 update)

How to Duplicate Facebook Ads and Keep the Social Proof (2021 update)

hi guys it's rod and today,i want to talk about something which,i've seen even really experienced,media buyers do which is they duplicate,ads and it's not really duplicating,in the way that we might think so i'm,going to take you through,the standard way that you duplicate ads,within the facebook ads manager,and what some of the issues are with,following the standard procedure,and i'm also going to show you a much,better way that you can duplicate ads,and what the advantages are of doing,that,so let's get into it,before i get started as usual if you,like this content please go ahead and,click the like button hit subscribe i,really appreciate that really does help,me out,i try to produce a piece of content,every one or two weeks,and the first question is why would you,want to duplicate,a facebook ad well there's usually,two main reasons for that one is you're,wanting to duplicate the ads so that you,can start,with something that's quite similar to,another ad that you have which is not,what i'm going to be talking about today,another reason would be so that you can,have,the same ad in a different ad set so you,might be wanting to test,different audience interests or you,might be wanting test a broad audience,or you might be,wanting to test a look-alike audience,and you want to test the same ad in each,of those audiences to see,which one produces the best result,because when you're testing you only,want to change one variable,so if the one variable that you're,changing is your audience interest and,you want to keep everything else the,same so you keep your ad,exactly the same same copy same creative,same headline,same everything so let's have a look at,how,you would create a duplicate ad,the usual way that facebook does by,default,so i'm here in the ads manager here and,this is an ad,that's had some exposure,in the past so if i do if i actually do,it from here,if if i select the ad and i go duplicate,this is the standard dialog box that,you'll see and you see there's an option,here to show existing reactions comments,and shares on new ads and you can make,a copy it includes all engagement the,address head,has at the time it's duplicated so here,we go,duplicate and this is the,duplicated ad and as you can see it's,duplicated because it adds on copy onto,the end usually,so there's the ad there and everything,has been duplicated,in fact i'm not actually even seeing the,duplicated comments etc but we'll have a,look anyway,oh there we go all right so i'll just,need to refresh,but sometimes you'll see after you,duplicate an ad it's just suddenly,missing from the,display so if you refresh the page it,brings it back i'm just going to,put in here a 2 so we can differentiate,let's just make sure that's the same one,that's the copy yep so you can see here,that the comment the shares,the likes and else has all been,duplicated,but here's the problem this ad,at that point in time becomes separate,to the original one so it's an,it's a copy originally but it then,becomes separate,so if you're testing this out in,multiple ad sets well the,any social proof comments shares etc,that,are placed on this head are not going to,be placed on the original at,but there is actually a way that you can,do the duplication so that,it all stays as one single ad so any,social proof that gets applied to one,version of the ad in one particular ad,set will also appear,in that same ad if it's in another ad,set,so i'm going to show you how you do that,now the first thing is if you go to the,original ad,and you select facebook post with,comments,it will bring up a url and,this id this number here,is the one that you want that's the,that's the post,id now it's i'm not sure if it's,actually the same one,as let's have a look 0216,yeah it's actually different it says,this is the id,here but the actual idd1 is different to,the one that shows up in the ads manager,so if i go to,the ad that i previously duplicated this,is just one way you can do it,so what i'm going to do is instead of in,the ad set up and saying create ad,i'm going to use an existing post,and if you select post,id here and you,paste in the number and in fact it,sometimes it it'll,attempt to work out which one you want,to duplicate and it's already done that,but i'm just going to paste it in just,to be sure,and it's a bit that,so now the the way that ad setup is done,so now you're using an existing post,you're not using like we've got here the,create ad,is the setup and,from this point onwards whatever is done,on that ad whatever likes comments,shares are done,they will also appear on the original,app,so that's that's the most important,thing to remember if you do things that,way,then everything that's done on that ad,will appear in all the places that it,appears,as long as you set the ad up this way,using,this using existing post method now i've,got some notes here i'm just going to,check on them,so the advantages are there's,there's only ever one ad you don't have,multiple versions of the

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Why You Should Add Social Proof to Your Social Media Advertisements

Why You Should Add Social Proof to Your Social Media Advertisements

So, if you think about Facebook ads, there are  a number of different ways that they show social  ,proof in the ad. For instance, I might see an  advertisement for Netflix, and it might say:  ,"Hey, you know, here's an ad for Netflix.  One month free. Here's a trial." But,  ,next to that, it's going to say: "Your  friend, Josh Smith, is a fan of Netflix.",And it's going to give me a sense that my friend  has endorsed Netflix, or it has essentially given  ,me some sense that my community likes this brand.  Experiments have shown that this kind of social  ,proof or endorsement boosts the relevance  as well as the effectiveness of advertising.,We conducted a massive experiment on WeChat to  determine what the boost or lift from social cues  ,and ads was, and we inserted social cues randomly  that were real social cues, but for some ads we  ,blocked those social cues and for some ads we let  them be posted. And those social cues included  ,likes and comments, and other types of cues from  your friends on WeChat, on ads that you saw.,We've studied 71 products over 25 different  categories in an experiment that had 37  ,million people in it. And what we found,  essentially, was that this type of advertising  ,was incredibly effective. And what do I mean?  Well, adding a single like to an advertisement  ,caused a 33.75 percent increasing in  the click-through rate on that ad,  ,which means that showing social proof for  your social media messaging can really  ,generate increases, lift, in click-through  rates for those advertisements or messages.,What can brands do from this kind of knowledge?  Brands could differentiate budgets and invest  ,more in social ads for products and services that  display positive lift from social advertising.  ,Things like food and fashion, and less so for  financial services or credit cards. And they  ,could more generally work to insert social  proof into their messaging on social media.,So, for instance, if my post gets more  comments and likes, it's going to be shown  ,to the friends of people who have  commented and liked. And, therefore,  ,the social structure of the digital social  network, the substrate, is going to be an  ,important part of how that message cascades  out into the community of social media users.

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Facebook Ads On Steroids (Social Proof Strategy)

Facebook Ads On Steroids (Social Proof Strategy)

What is going on guys my name is Joaquin Corrales welcome back to the channel and in this video we're gonna talk about,something that is super important when it comes to Facebook advertising and that is having social proof in the,Advertisements that you show to your target audiences whoever that is social proof can literally turn a faming campaign,Right a campaign maybe for an e-commerce item that you think is failed into a winning product,Simply due to the power of social proof and to people's perception of the value of what you're showing,Just because other people have either engaged with it have liked it have viewed the video or things like that so in this video,We're gonna literally go straight into my ads manage your campaign in a couple of minutes,I'm gonna show you guys one of the campaign's that I'm running,for,for it for social proof to build social proof and one of my campaigns and,What that has been able to do for the business and also how you're gonna be able to go out there and start doing this,For your campaigns as well, but to start things off,I want to talk a little bit about this study that I read once in this book called the science of selling and it just,emphasizes the importance of social proof and how it could make the difference in,Everything right like people want to follow things that other people are doing right because if they're doing it,It's for a reason, and they're just attracted to it,That's how the human mind works,And so this is how this study worked so basically,What they did was that they did a science study where they had three different sized?,Lines right so imagine that this is a small line. This is a the biggest line and this is,Actually, this is a small one,This is a medium whatever so there's three different lines,And the sizes are obvious in the sense that this is a medium one,This is the long one,And this is a short one and the study that they did,Was that there was I don't know how many people in the room,I think like a thousand people or a hundred people or something like that,it was a certain size a certain subject size for the test and,What happened was that in one of the trials?,There was a very high majority of people or just maybe like ten twenty people or something that were part of the,Experiment and what those people did was that they said oh, this is the longest line right here look there's medium line,They didn't call it the medium line,But they were like no this is the longest one like that is the longest one right there even though,It was obvious,To everyone in the room that this was the longest line, right?,Obviously those people were in on the experiment that were the control or whatever,I'm not too good at science,But the bottom line is that those were the people that were a part of the experiment?,And they were testing to see if what they suggested made any change in,And what other people said was the longest line, so they were like okay? This is the longest line,That's it like that's the longest line. Just because it is like it's obvious. They said that and the results to that experiment was that,everyone else or like,98% of everyone else in that room,Even though the longest line was obviously the one in the middle right everyone in there said agreed and said yeah,You know that that is the longest line right there?,And that is the power of social proof right and a perception of social proof people didn't want to go,Against the crowd people didn't want to go against what everyone else was saying,So what happened was that they they said something that they knew was wrong?,But the bottom line is that they took an action just because other people around them,Said that so we're gonna jump into my ads manager. I'm gonna show you guys exactly,I mean able to go out there and do that but before we do that,Let me kind of explain the idea behind it and then I'll show you guys,How it's implemented so the idea behind it?,Is that a lot of your?,advertisements,Should be video should be in the form of video because it's better for you to tell a story through video people love stories,It's better for you to show how a product is used through video right so if you have an e-commerce product talk to your,Aliexpress supplier if you have a course or whatever it could be a quick selfie video. Talk to your Aliexpress,Person ask them for a video of the product,or if not just go on YouTube and,Pick up like five different videos that are using your product or whatever and then send it to someone to kind of mix them together,And create your own version of it. I don't think you'll have any issues doing that,We've done it at tons of times before so it's not a big deal,But the bottom line is that what you want to do when you release this campaign other than starting a website convergence campaign,Which is what almost everyone does right?,How almost everyone test whether their product is going to make money?,Whether a campaign is successful or not is running a website conversi

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Tutorial: How to Reuse Facebook Ads With Social Proof - TribeTalk EP 78

Tutorial: How to Reuse Facebook Ads With Social Proof - TribeTalk EP 78

one of the most powerful assets that you,have as a facebook advertiser,is an ad that gets a lot of engagement,shares,likes comments all of that creates what,we call,social proof and really it builds trust,with the people that you're trying to,reach,it shows them that there's been a,positive response to what you're putting,out there,and it really helps create a more,effective ad,now the thing is is when facebook,advertisers try to reuse those ads,oftentimes they lose all of those likes,shares and comments,all of the social proof so in this video,i want to show you how to use that same,high-performing ad,against new audiences without losing all,that social proof,on the ad that did really well,okay so by way of reminder the problem,that we're trying to solve,is that when we have an ad doing really,well and we want to use it on other,audiences,when we try to duplicate it we're going,to lose all those comments and shares,so i'm going to walk you through step by,step how to get around this it's a,pretty simple fix,but it starts with creating what's,called a dark post,now in order for this tactic to work you,have to create,a dark post i'm not going to go through,that in this video but essentially it's,creating a post that's just not,public or published on your page so i'll,link out to a resource for,for how to do that but you need to,create a dark post and that's what this,is,and really what that allows you to do is,split test against different audiences,if you use a tool like ad espresso,you're naturally using dark posts,that's what we're dealing with here okay,so step one is to find that ad that's,working really well for you,and we need to find the permalink so,find the url,where this ad lives or maybe more,accurately where this dark post lives,so to do that click on the ad click edit,now we're going to click this little,icon with the arrow in a box and then,scroll down to facebook post,with comments you'll see that this loads,up the ad you can see that i have some,good engagement here some good comments,and conversation i want to reuse that,so select the entire url and i would,recommend putting it into a notepad or,something that's just easier to,manipulate text and then what you're,looking for,is the post id and it comes after this,little folder here posts so grab this,number,all the way up to the question mark and,then copy it you're going to use that,in a later step now the next step is to,go,and create a new ad just like you're,used to doing for your normal facebook,ads,choose whatever objective makes the most,sense,i'm going to choose traffic just for the,sake of simplicity,and then click continue now,you can go through and choose a new,audience here just like you would as,you're building,a normal facebook ad campaign but i just,want to get to the point here so the,next step,is to go down to the ad section,and then click this option use existing,post,normally you'd be creating a new ad and,using one of these options a carousel,and image of video et cetera but in this,case we're going to use an existing post,okay you can see that there's some quick,ways to grab page posts that have run,before,but i'm going to click enter post id to,find the exact ad that we need,you remember in the last step i grabbed,that post id,from the url so paste it in here and,click submit,and voila it appears right here so you,can scroll down and see that the same,reaction reactions the same,comments are still there now the beauty,of this is i can go back to the ad set,and i can start to choose a new audience,i can segment that audience i can just,run a totally new location,but the creative the ad that i'm gonna,use is the same one,with the same engagement social proof,that we had before,so that's it so remember you need to,start with creating a dark post,then find the url of that dark post,and then you're going to locate the post,id create a new,ad and select existing post and then,enter your post id and that's it you can,do this as many times as you'd like for,new campaigns for new ad sets,and again the beauty is that you can,take that social proof,and carry it with you wherever you go,and whatever new audiences you want to,test out

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How To Use The Same Existing POST ID To Increase Facebook Social Proof | Facebook Ads Tutorial 2022

How To Use The Same Existing POST ID To Increase Facebook Social Proof | Facebook Ads Tutorial 2022

hello everyone and welcome back to,another video in this video i'm going to,be showing you how to use an existing,post inside your facebook ads for more,social proof now you probably want to do,this for a couple of reasons the main,one is because if you're running the,same ad and you're running it in many,different ad sets if someone likes an ad,on one ad set it won't show up on the,other and what's better is that you,actually have the same ad in all the ad,sets that way if someone if you get,let's say five likes on one ad set and,then 10 likes on the other,rather than them being separate you,could have those,all of those likes and all those,comments within one ad so the five,people that liked it plus the 10 people,that liked it or show up within one ad,resulting in 15 people liking it which,will basically give you a lot of social,proof so when you're running these ads,all the likes all the comments are in,one place so i'm gonna go ahead exactly,and show you that and i'm also gonna,give you a trick towards the end which i,would highly recommend which i think,will actually help you,really establish social proof within,these ads so first thing you want to do,is to actually go ahead and do this you,want to go ahead and jump into the ad,account that you're going to go ahead,and run this so um first thing you need,to do is actually identify where the,actual ad that you want to use,so we'll go ahead and find that ad,so go ahead over here and go ahead and,find the ad as you can see here for me,it would be this ad here we have 299,comments and we have 971 shares make,sure you watch till the end because i'm,gonna show you exactly how we got all of,these different shares and you could do,the same thing for your ad but once you,actually are on the actual existing post,that you want to use and uh to be able,to go ahead and use this post and future,ads what you need to do is go here to,the top right hand corner where these,three arts are click on them and then go,to more options and then click on manage,facebook comments and when you click on,that it's going to go ahead and open up,the facebook page where that exact ad is,so as you can see here we have reached a,million people we have uh 174 000,engagements 22 000 likes uh,299 comments 971 shares and i'm gonna,show you exactly how we were able to get,this for literally about 50 bucks so,once you actually identify the actual,post what you want to do is keep this,window open and then go back to the,actual ads manager where you want to,create the ad so let's say we're,creating a brand new,campaign what you want to do is click on,create campaign choose your objective,and you basically go through the same,process that you would go through when,you're actually running an ad so you'd,go here you would name this you would,obviously put in your audience you would,come down to the ad now instead of,actually,creating a new ad here's what you need,to do so first of all let me go ahead,and,input these real quick you need to input,the url as well as choose the facebook,page so we'll just go ahead and take the,url,and we'll go ahead and paste it in here,great and then we'll hit add preview um,and now again like i said what you need,to do is go down to the section where,you're about to create an ad and instead,of clicking create ad what you want to,do is click on use existing post right,now to use an existing post you can come,in here and click select posts but as,you will see depending on how many posts,you have you're literally going to have,hundreds of different posts we literally,have over 2 000 different posts so it's,going to take so much time to actually,filter through this rather what we want,to do is go by post id and how do we get,the post id well that's exactly why i,told you to keep this page open what you,do here is you come up here to the top,of the url and as you can see here the,10 to 15 numbers right after post that,is your post id so you want what you,want to do is copy that,and then come back here to the ad and,where it says enter post id go ahead and,click that and then enter the post id,hit the check mark and as you will see,here it will populate over here so bam,as you can see here now we have created,or we're using the same exact post and,we already have all the social proof 299,comments 971 shares and over 400 000,views so now when we run the ad everyone,that's going to see the ad is going to,see this right here now let's say you,create multiple ad sets you would do the,same thing if we go ahead and duplicate,this ad set again what you want to do is,go to existing post and then go ahead,and go to enter post id copy the post id,from the actual facebook post and then,go ahead and paste it so again to do,this what you want to do is find the,actual,uh the actual post that you want to use,click on these three buttons right here,go to more options facebook comments,manage facebook comments once that opens,up you want to copy the last numbers,right after post and then

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Facebook Ads: Use Social Proof for Better Results

Facebook Ads: Use Social Proof for Better Results

hey there YouTube in today's video I,want to take you through how to keep,your social proof on a Facebook post or,ad if you are duplicating it or you're,running it through a different campaign,so social proof is all the little like,scare apply scares likes shares comments,all that stuff alright it looks good you,know you're late when you're scrolling,through you probably must think to,yourself you know I'm more inclined to,stop at a post when I can see the little,love heart a little like emoji laughter,moans you all that stuff a little bit of,color there if a ton of people have,commented on it you know you look at the,most viral pages out there they're,consistently getting really high,engagement and social proof on all of,their posts so when you have a post that,kicks off all right you're getting a,killer engagement on it and you want to,keep that be well run it through an ad,how do we do that so what you can,actually do is you can copy the post ID,and then you can insert it into your new,campaign and what it'll do is you'll,take the copy from the post they'll take,the video or image or whatever it is,exactly how it is and all of your social,proof now the way you do this is I might,do a screen share and put a link in here,somewhere just so it's a little more,straightforward but basically what you,do is when you're setting up the,campaign you'll go through the stage of,seeing the campaign ad set all those,different levels when you go to the ad,level there's a little bar on the left,when you're selecting what you want to,put in there what you want to copy the,beat and there's a little toggle button,where you can select choose existing,post so that's at the ad level again you,click on choose existing post and then,you can either scroll down and try and,find the post and most of the time it,should just appear just so you've got a,page we've got a thousand posts on it,and you're just struggling to farm where,it is what you can do is once you find,the post you can search for it on your,page bring the post up when you're,actually on the post itself in the top,little in the URL at the end of URL,there will be a number it's about ten,digits or something I can't remember the,exact amount but this is a little number,in there and what you want to do is you,want to go highlight that number then is,your post ID you copy that go back to,the new campaign you're setting up and,where you've selected a little drop-down,if you can't find it you can actually,insert the post ID there's a little a,little feel to pacing,click enter and it will auto-populate,your whole ad with the exact same copy,image and most importantly the social,proof so where this can be really,helpful is if you are duplicating,multiple ads on Facebook you want to,test different audiences you want to,test all sorts of different stuff and so,you know having the same exact post 3 4,5 6 7 times and you have someone who's,moderating all of the comments they're,going through they were replying to,people they're making sure people are,saying anything to negatively,you know just held mean customers with,their their questions instead of having,them to go through 7 or 8 posts because,you're using the exact same post ID,it means they only have to go in once,and they only have to go into the one,post and it'll all be there so in terms,of a time-saving tool it's a very,helpful there so this is a good little,hacker it's a simple one but it will,significantly increase the results of,your ads of your campaigns if you use a,pre-existing post that has awesome,social proof so first dip obviously get,the social proof the second step is just,use it use it because it is very,valuable so stay tuned more videos to,come and I might put a screen share in,if you're lucky

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