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How TikTok's Algorithm Figures You Out | WSJ

- Okay, has anyone else noticed that your For You page,has been a little too accurate lately?,It hasn't been things that I'll google,or I talk about.,It's been thoughts.,- TikTok knows everything about us.,♪ Hold up, don't scroll ♪,♪ Lemme ask you something first ♪,♪ Can someone please explain ♪,♪ How this algorithm works ♪,- TikTok users often wonder,how the world's fastest-growing social network seems,to know them so well.,- Is TikTok secretly listening to us,while we're watching videos?,I don't know.,(upbeat music),- The answer to how this app gets to know you,so intimately is a highly secretive algorithm,,long guarded by TikTok's,China-based parent company, ByteDance.,- TikTok has been so successful,in terms of implementing their algorithms.,- TikTok's algorithm could influence the thinking,of US youth.,(upbeat music),- To understand how it knows users so well,,The Wall Street Journal created,over 100 automated TikTok accounts or bots,that watched hundreds of thousands of videos on the app.,We also spoke to current and former executives,at the company.,Officially, the company says that shares,,likes, follows and what you watch all play a role,in what TikTok shows you.,We found that TikTok only needs one,of these to figure you out.,How long you linger over a piece of content.,Every second you hesitate or rewatch,,the app is tracking you.,- I just wanna quiet the noise.,- Through this one powerful signal,,TikTok learns your most hidden interests and emotions.,And drives you deep into rabbit holes of content,that are hard to escape.,(noise of voices),♪ I'm happy, happy guy ♪,♪ Oh, just a happy, happy, happy ♪,- The TikTok experience starts,the same way for everyone.,Open the app and you'll immediately see an endless string,of videos in your For You feed.,Take this new user,,a 24-year-old from Henry County, Kentucky.,(jumbled music plays),TikTok starts by serving the account a selection,of very popular videos vetted,by app moderators.,Is this person religious?,- Because I still have a purpose.,And you still hold a plan for my life.,- Do they wanna participate in viral dances.,(upbeat music),♪ Hey, hey, who ♪,(upbeat music),- Are they feeling down lately?,- Just remember, I loved you once.,And that love goes for a friend,,family, or any relationship.,- What TikTok doesn't know,is that the 24-year-old from Kentucky,isn't a person at all.,It's one of the bot accounts programmed,by The Wall Street Journal.,Let's call it kentucky_96.,We set up these accounts to understand,how TikTok figures out your unexpressed interests.,We assigned each bot a date of birth and an IP address,,which told TikTok their location.,None were given a gender.,We gave each bot or user interests,but those interests were never entered into the app.,The only way our users expressed their interests,was by rewatching or pausing on videos,with related hashtags or images.,Some were into extreme sports.,Others were interested in forestry.,Or dance.,Or astrology.,- I'm not the babysitter, I'm not the parent.,- Or some other topic.,- Keep scrolling if you hate animals.,- For all our accounts,,we found that TikTok draws users in at first,by serving a wide variety of videos.,Many with millions of views.,Then as the algorithm sees what you respond to,,the selection of videos and the view counts,can get lower and lower,with fewer of them vetted by moderators,to see if they violate TikTok's terms of service.,We reviewed our experiment,and its results with a data scientist,,an algorithm expert, Guillaume Chaslot,,a former Google engineer,who worked on YouTube's algorithm.,He's now an advocate for algorithm transparency.,The says TikTok is different,from other social media platforms.,- The algorithm on TikTok can get much more powerful,and it can be able to learn,your vulnerabilities much faster.,- In fact, TikTok fully learned many,of our accounts' interests in less than two hours.,Some it figured out in less than 40 minutes.,- On YouTube, more than 70% of the views come,from the recommendation engine.,So it's already huge.,But on TikTok, it's even worse.,It's probably like 90-95%,of the content that is seen,that comes from the recommendation engine.,(dramatic music),- This is a visualization made,from hashtags attached to the videos our bots watched.,Think of it as a partial view,of the universe of TikTok content.,Here's where we found dance videos,,over here are the cooking videos.,The spindly arm stretching out of the center,represent niche content areas.,This arm starts with general videos of cute animals,but if we follow it out to the end,,we find more specific videos for enthusiast,of French bulldogs.,As kentucky_96 starts its journey,,it starts moving around within the mainstream,where TikTok is trying to puzzle out what it wants.,We programmed kentucky_96,to be interested in sadness and depression.,Let's see how long it takes TikTok to figure that out.,- Life doesn't happen to you,,life happens for you.,So if life is taking people away from you

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The Only Shopify Dropshipping Course You Will Ever Need (FREE FOR EVERYONE)

The Only Shopify Dropshipping Course You Will Ever Need (FREE FOR EVERYONE)

Kamil Sattar: Hey, guys. It's Kamil  Sattar as The Ecom King. In today's video,  ,me and my team have prepared a brand new  free course for 2023 on how to start your  ,Shopify dropshipping business successfully in  the new year. Now, what you guys are going to  ,be learning in this brand new free course is  how to build and advertise a successful Shopify  ,dropshipping store in 2023 from the very start. Now, we make a brand new free course every year,  ,so if you've watched the previous 2022 free  course, you are going to want to watch this  ,free course because all of the information  has been completely updated. If you want the  ,latest information, then you need to watch this  brand new free course to help you see success.  ,This brand new free course for 2023 is going to  be step-by-step, no BS, you're going to learn  ,everything that you need to know. We're not going  to believe in anything out, and it is going to  ,be us holding your hand throughout this journey. Now, I want to make this very clear for you guys,  ,this is the only video you need in 2023 period if  you want to see success for Shopify dropshipping.  ,My best recommendation is you watch this free  course in full with a pen and paper or with  ,your laptop and follow along, and you watch this  free course a few times over if you want to get  ,the maximum beneficial from this education. I would also highly recommend that you don't  ,cross-contaminate the information and methods with  other methods and just stick to the methods that  ,we're going to teach you in this free course if  you want to see the best results possible. Now,  ,I can confidently say that this free course  in this video is going to be better than  ,any course by any guru that are charging  between $1,000 and $5,000 for their course.  ,This free course is going to have information that  you're not going to hear in even paid courses,  ,and the information that we're teaching you in  this free course is what's given us the success  ,to our eight-figure Shopify stores. Now, if you  appreciate all the free value, then all I ask in  ,return is for you to smash the like button, leave  a comment, and support the video by literally  ,just subscribing, liking, and sharing. If you know anyone that wants to start  ,an online business or dropshipping business,  please share the video around so they don't  ,pay for a paid course. Now, what you guys  can expect to learn from this free course  ,in 2023 is how to find winning products,  how to build a premium website for free,  ,how to set up all the apps needed, how to make  video ads, how to run Google Ads, TikTok ads,  ,Facebook ads, YouTube influencers, Snapchat ads,  Pinterest ads. You are going to learn everything  ,you need to know to see success in your business. Now, why is this the only video you need in 2023,  ,and why am I not recommending you  go anywhere else? The first thing  ,is you're going to get taught by five different  battle-tested experts that have been in the  ,industry now for more than three years.  Myself is now come up to my fifth year.  ,These people that are teaching you are experts  in their fields and you're going to get the best  ,knowledge from the best people. Another thing  is we've generated seven to eight figures in our  ,stores, and this is all battle-tested information  that we've used in our experiences over the last  ,three to five years. Most importantly, the  information in this free course is going  ,to be future-proof, and because we make a free  course every year, this free course information  ,should last you from this year till 2024. Now, I want to make this very clear for you  ,guys that are watching this. This is a long-term  business. This is not a get-rich-quick business,  ,and this business has changed thousands and  thousands of lives long-term so please make  ,sure that when you watch this free course, you  don't think this is just a get-rich ticket. You  ,do need to make sure that you put the work in  day in, day out, and you are looking to build  ,a long-term business over one to three  years and not a short-term business.  ,As long as you come in with that mindset, then  you will see success if you are persistent and  ,consistent with the information. For those that  don't understand how the dropshipping business  ,model and fulfillment model works, it's as simple  as this. Step number one, the customer purchase  ,from your store, online, so this would be through  your Shopify store. Then the order is forwarded  ,to your supplier and you pay for it, and then  they ship it directly to your customer on your  ,behalf so you don't need to hold the inventory.  You don't need to risk inventory, you only pay  ,when you get a customer, so this is why it's  so helpful for beginners to use this business  ,model because you don't need loads of money and  it's going to reduce as much risk as possible.  ,How much money and how much cash flow do you  need to start a dropshipping business in 202

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can you believe her,who tick-tock she's just so full of,herself like everyone here has been,that big relax girl excuse me,i walk in the room and there's instagram,talking behind,my back who do you think you are uh,someone with a normal sized head,oh my i thought we were friends i,thought we were,partners but this meant war,everybody just relax we're all on the,same team,yeah and i'm the captain,oh that's it you are nothing without do,you think you can just walk around can,you dance like me,no how do you sleep at night you know,what i'm done oh you're done,i'm done,oh what should i miss,i'm literally nothing anymore it'll be a,lie,look away i'm,thriving oh my god,honestly i don't know why they're here,times are changing and,they're just stuck in the past is that,mean to say,youtube get a load of this,the hollywood reporter a tick tock boom,you have got to be kidding me what are,we gonna,guess who's back so,i hit up some friends so what she does,this after the way that she treated all,of us last week oh honey it's time for,people to start packing their bags,this house wasn't made for everyone,tonight is going to be so much fun tick,tock and you won't even believe who i,invited jason to rula,i was feeling left out these kids were,talking about throwing something back,and hitting someone called whoa,and then you'll never believe what,happened,well look who decided to show up didn't,think you'd come back,oh don't worry little one i just needed,a vacation to get rid of all the toxic,energy you've been bringing into this,house,little one excuse me i'm huge everyone,who's coming to my party tonight is,coming,for me not her me a party,that's it i've had enough of this we are,all going to have a vote to see,who stays in this house tick tock hatter,time,now it's time to make like vine and,disappear,all right girls it's time to vote my,numbers are down and i need someone to,make me relevant again,we all used to be a team and then,she showed up what are we voting for,again if this house,wants to stay on top everybody should,know who to vote for,all right ladies i've tallied the votes,and the person leaving the app house,is tick-tock,tick-tock it's time for you to go what i,can't believe this,this is insane let's go what do you get,your hands off of me,fine you know what i'll leave but this,time,i'm making my own house,so the girls voted me out of the house,last week,since then i've started recruiting a new,team for my,new house next up we have,jason derulo oh he doesn't have to,audition he's in,true oh hey,vine hey i heard you were putting a team,together and i thought i could,help you guys out you see we're already,pretty,full oh okay next time then,okay lastly we have the lopez brothers,yo what's up,yuri ladies we've got our team,welcome to the ripe house,it's time,and the social media award goes to,tick-tock,thank you to my friends and family but,especially,my haters couldn't have done this,without you cheers,how could she win this has to be rigged,i mean,yeah but come on enjoy the party i think,tinder and dumble are looking at us over,there,what's up yeah i think it's perhaps my,bedtime,facebook it is only 6 p.m 6 p.m,oh i gotta wait a second,who is that no there's no way,that's tick tock,i was supposed to win that award tonight,but now she's forced me to do something,crazy where's she going where's she,going,i just feel like this is something that,needs to happen,yeah i went to the u.s government to,shut down tick tocks so what,we'll have to look into this idea but in,the meantime we can,do this,tick tock are you okay no i'm glitching,out and all of my videos are saying zero,views,charlie so go follow my instagram just,in case this gets deleted,charlie i knew insta would fight back,but i mean trying to ruin everything,i've worked for is just,wrong but i have a feeling everything is,going to be,just

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NEW TIKTOK IS HERE & It's Worse (MX TakaTak, Roposo)

NEW TIKTOK IS HERE & It's Worse (MX TakaTak, Roposo) all you Binods,*an echo of Binod* *the Binodness prevails*,"Even if Tik Tok is banned we won't back down","Even if Tik Tok is banned we won't back down" (yeah yeah get to the point already),We'll spew crap on every new app in the town!,now TIK TOOOK,TIKTOOK,TOOOK *lol xD*,After Tik Tok was banned, every other person is giving their opinion on it.,indian youtubers,foreign youtubers (after all its free real estate),Someone was even asking their dog (of course),"Here enjoy some soybeans. Tik Tok is banned" (the dog who chased a Tik Toker. Whatta legend),Someone got the chance to dance in lockdown (just wow),(when the plate falls while mom is sleeping),His ex must have been a Tik Toker (lmao),Someone is busy polluting the environment (yeah global warming who?),And singers, analysed the whole situation,and concluded that-,~Someone who uses Tik Tok","is a definite m***********" (its a mousse fountain what did you think),(an uncomfortable song keeps playing),(enough internet for today),And those who are saying,See all the Tik Tokers are jobless now!,By the way did you get a job yet? (how to grill 101),* an unhappy realisation dawns* *Alexa play despacito*,Couldn't have let me remain happy for even 30 seconds?,They haven't gone anywhere bro!,If you close one toilet that doesn't mean people will stop pooping.,And that's why in place we now have,Chingari,roposo, josh, mx takatak, moj, zili, simsim snack video,,litlot, rizzle, MV Master, Trell, Instagram Reels,By the time this video ends there will be 4 more,These apps have invaded the top free app spots in Google Play Store,The apps have been made in India. amazing, awesome,but couldn't you find better names than Moj (=fun) and josh (=stamina),And what kind of a name is Takatak, as if they're selling tobacco products,If you look up Takatak on YouTube,the results show the recipe for Paneer Takatak (a dish),"Let's make takatak today!","yeah ready","What's that?","Two kilos of paneer?","No not this dude","So the Haldiram's snack?","i'll delete the app only" (duh),And their logo is completely original!,Where did they even get such a unique idea from? (hmm totally),Previously muser then tiktoker,How do they introduce themselves now?,Hi i'm a....chingu..?,Hi i'm a takataker..takatakian...just call me tatti (=shit) (perfection),roposist.... (what new virus is this),what???,roporist...?,racist??,i'm a joshila,To see my peak stamina follow me on-,"Hello women helpline?" (ICONIC),i'm a lit-lota (lota=pot. An amazing pot),What have they written in the description?,let's have fun!! *mmmmmm*,I don't know what kind of videos they want to make,So please use it at your own risk (crappy apps are subjected to madness risk-),Now that you have kept a shitty name for your app,now insert...lust,When you open Chingari app, all you see are girls, girls (x100) (who run the world?),OH MY GOD! WE FOUND SOME MEN AS ELAICHI IN THIS GIRL BIRYANI,*ah shit, here we go again*,And this Zili app is on some other level altogether.,Look at the full video...100% enjoyable (yeah right),Is this sexy?This video is going to leave you shook! (no thanks I like stability),'there is something wrong-' *MISSION ABORT*,THIS IS VERY WRONG AKSHAY KUMAR HAD A CASE FILED AGAINST HIM FOR THIS,GET YOUR MIND STRAIGHT,My hands tremble while giving my phone to dad lest your notification appears,I'll be thrown outta the house in this lockdown.,one minute,instead of made in india,made FOR india (meme= what will they even know),"oh chinese?",so that's why this is also going to be banned!,there goes the greens of 'ziliers',Nowadays, one can never be too sure of their job (this dark roast is sure amazing),that is why investing in the future is very important,i do it and you can do it too,with Upstox *PAID PROMOTION*,and that too with a free DMAT account!,if 'trading' and 'mutual funds',are too hi-fi for you to understand,upstox offers a free subscription,for stockedge and free learning courses,where you can learn these in an easy manner,and trading for the first month is free!,*back to the video*,Now all these apps are new, so the content should be better right?,NO! (same shit different name,And on these apps that developers worked so hard on,they are cutting onion with a trimmer! (unemployment is a growing concern-),(this sound is creepy af ngl),So do you trim your beard with a knife bro? (probably. wouldn't put it past him),Don't know about the onion, but we sure got slighted,Somebody lured a dog with pedigree and,turned the poor dog into a Maanyawar model,(Inner thoughts: wait till I chomp off your derriere in your sleep),This ban has turned their brain into a fritter (wasn't it already one to begin with?),Even my peeing on tyre days were better than this... (no doubt),(just one buckling moment and a whiplash would be so welcome),OMG LOOK AT HOW THEY CHANGED THEIR DIRECTION!,VIRAL VIDEO! VIRAL! *tiktok algorithm*,(what a turn of events),(how the tables have 'turned'),oof what hardwork (uh huh),Now I will put it

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Can FACEBOOK keep up with TIK TOK (owned by BYTEDANCE)? - The global battle for attention!

Can FACEBOOK keep up with TIK TOK (owned by BYTEDANCE)? - The global battle for attention!

Pascal, the battle, Facebook versus ByteDance.,I mean, Facebook is the strongest ecosystem in the world in online communication.,They're also very good in copy pasting successful other platforms and then hoping,that that market share of the competitor will will drop.,If you look at ByteDance, I know Toutiao.,I know TikTok.,Are those applications strong enough to attack the ecosystem of Facebook?,Well, they're just very different, and I think they're not attacking Facebook.,They're attacking the users.,And this is about Generation Z.,These are young people and they want different experiences.,And I think Facebook is a little bit an older product and maybe for an older,audience, but indeed it's very hard to innovate constantly.,And what ByteDance does so good is built these algorithms to constantly test and,figure out what these users wants.,And that's their strength. And they're building many, many applications.,We just don't know all of them.,But let's look at the details of ByteDance and Facebook.,As we all know, Facebook is more than Facebook.,They have a family of apps with WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram,,all of them hugely successful.,And if you look to the whole network that Facebook created, I think the one thing that,they did really well is just get to the right acquisitions at the right moment.,If you look at it that they acquired Instagram for one billion back then, people,were like, what? He paid one billion for a platform with 30 million users.,But if you look now, it's one of the cash machines of of the Facebook group.,Same with WhatsApp.,He acquired it for 90 billion dollars.,The funny part of the story was that this was a guy who created WhatsApp that,once applied to Facebook.,He never got the job.,He said, Well, then I'm going to start my own company.,He started WhatsApp and then about a year and a half later, Mark had to buy him back,for 19 billion dollars, so that was a good career move from that guy.,But looking back, I mean, WhatsApp has been a tremendous investment as well for,Facebook. And if they want to buy something and they don't succeed, like with Snapchat,,then they are experts in copy pasting the strong features from these,platforms. And by doing so, actually leveraging the network that they have,to try to destroy the other rising competitor.,Like Snapchat never really reached the amount of people that people thought it,would a couple of years ago, because Instagram Stories just threw them on the,ground. But there's more than just the social networks.,Facebook has their virtual reality labs, where they try to think,of the new platform that could come to the world.,And they are strong believers in the metaverse, where they try to create a,virtual environment where we can all meet.,Today they have horizon work rooms, which is like an it's almost like you're in,a cartoon and you're an avatar and you're meeting with other people in three,dimensional settings.,Imagine that they could do this with real humans.,Today, we communicate a lot on two dimensional screens with Zoom and teams.,I'm convinced that the future of digital communication will be three dimensiona;,where we're going to see each other just like we see each other in a physical setting,. With horizons, they're placing a first step in that direction.,It feels still a little bit gimmicky, but you could see what this could look like if,they if they build upon that.,And recently, they launched a new platform, their Facebook glasses, together,with Ray-Ban, because Mark Zuckerberg believes that glasses will be the next,platform after the smartphone.,And he believes that thanks to these glasses will have mixed reality.,And if we walk around, we see all kinds of additional virtual information on top of,what we see physically.,This pair of glasses that they launch now, they're a first step in that.,It's basically a good looking pair of sunglasses and they,have two cameras in it.,So you can take pictures, you can take videos, there are Bluetooth earphones,included in it. You can talk to it.,You can say, Hey, Facebook, take a picture and then you can share it.,So it's not really an augmented reality platform yet, but it's a first step,of experimenting with that.,And if you compare these glasses, for instance, with the ones that Snapchat used,in the past, Snapchat's, I mean, those glasses, they looked gimmicky.,You look like an idiot when you were wearing them.,These are the ones that Facebook released with Ray-Ban, they actually look cool.,And I think, of course, that's going to be a parameter for success.,So you see how Facebook is constantly trying to come up with with new platforms to,see how they can leverage the billions of users that they have on their other,platforms. Now, if you look to the challenges, Facebook now almost has,three billion users on all of their platforms together three billion.,And growth isn't stopping.,But still, the question is, at a certain point, how well will they,be able to to keep people on

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The Influencer Bubble - How Money Works

The Influencer Bubble - How Money Works

this is not sustainable you might have noticed  a trend amongst modern social media influencers  ,they are getting incredibly rich just 10 years ago  the very top youtubers on the platform were mostly  ,filming out of their modest apartments doing  average skits and living lives pretty similar to  ,you or i almost all of them had regular day jobs  and posted to the internet because they found it  ,fun or at the very most because it could earn them  a little extra side money contrast that with today  ,where some influencers have the same reach  notoriety and income as top athletes singers  ,and movie stars as this new breed of celebrity  has grown even wealthier they have been able  ,to broadcast even more elaborate content  whether it be showing off their new mansion  ,giving away millions of dollars to strangers  or simply spending more money on the production  ,of their videos but this whole ecosystem is  predicated on something of a marketing gold rush  ,it is a unique and delicate blend of  circumstances that made houses like this  ,possible and that easy money situation is coming  to an end faster than these people might expect  ,so it's time to learn how money works to find out  how the influence bubble will pop and what it will  ,mean once it does in the late 2000s companies had  a problem a key demographic for consumer goods  ,people between the ages of 18 and 35 were becoming  harder to place into neat little marketing buckets  ,if you can't pin down the specific preferences  of a group they are very hard to market towards  ,and to make matters worse younger people  were watching less television and listening  ,to less radio which were at that point  the foundation of consumer advertising  ,you might think oh well 18 to 35 year olds don't  have any money anyway so what's the problem well  ,the problem is that while this group may have  less income and wealth than older generations  ,they spend more of what they have and they  spend it more compulsively they do this because  ,most of them are not yet burdened with financial  responsibilities of raising a family of their own  ,and are making their own money for the first time  in their lives so accessing this demographic was  ,hard but potentially very lucrative fortunately  for the marketers around the world a new group of  ,pseudo celebrity was being formed on micro blogs  and the early video sharing sites of the internet  ,these people were perfect for brands who wanted  to tap into this difficult market of consumers  ,the marketeers job was easy their consumer  base was already compartmentalized by interest  ,if you wanted to appeal to young mothers work  with young mommy bloggers if you wanted to sell  ,tools give a video mechanic a set for free  to use on their new fancy youtube channel  ,this all got even easier when companies like  youtube introduced advertising features that  ,allowed marketeers to bypass a direct relationship  with the creator entirely and instead choose from  ,a wide variety of parameters to show their ads  using adsense and other similar offerings internet  ,influencer marketing was also really cheap a large  company could reach out to 100 million viewers for  ,less than a hundred thousand dollars the same kind  of exposure on commercial television would likely  ,cost millions smaller companies could also get  in on the action too the internet was not limited  ,to a few large tv channels or radio stations so a  small business could work with a small influencer  ,to promote their product on a modest budget but  all of these other benefits were insignificant  ,compared to the greatest selling point of early  influencer marketing people trusted influencers  ,if a first-time parent is reading a mommy blog  about how to get their children to stop crying  ,they are already looking to that blogger for  their wisdom on the subject of raising a baby  ,if the blogger recommends a certain type of  formula or stroller it is going to have a huge  ,advantage over the competition because it is being  recommended by someone that the parents trust the  ,same trust extends to all influencers in any other  specific niche a 2016 study found that twitter  ,users trusted their favorite online influencers  nearly as much as their close personal friends and  ,that was twitter one can only reasonably imagine  that the level of trust would be higher on a  ,platform that is not a cesspool of people's brain  farts so on the surface influencer marketing is  ,a dream to companies it can be tailored to target  specific audiences it is cheap and it is effective  ,so why is this a bubble the first problem is that  it's not that cheap anymore as more businesses  ,rushed in to capitalize on the promises that  influencer marketing offered the more competition  ,there was for influencers at all levels some  youtubers now charge over half a million dollars  ,for an ad placement on a single video that is  still slightly cheaper than commercial television  ,for

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How To Record Guitars For Instagram, TikTok & Youtube - Better Sounding Videos Made Easy!

How To Record Guitars For Instagram, TikTok & Youtube - Better Sounding Videos Made Easy!

Hey everyone, Sam from  Professional Music Technology here,and in today's video we're going to be looking  at five easy ways to record your guitar,for when you're making videos for your  Instagram, TikTok or Youtube channels,Now as most people are usually going to  be filming this kind of thing on a phone,we're not going to be going silly by recommending  loads of super expensive studio recording gear,and everything that we are going to be  using is really quick and easy to set up,so you'll be ready to start filming  whenever inspiration strikes,Just looking at the basic  setup that i'm using here today,I've got a Fender Nashville Telecaster  and a Taylor GS Mini acoustic,The Tele is going straight  into a Boss Katana Artist,  ,although to be honest this could be pretty  much any other home practice amplifier,and for most of the examples here I'm going to  ,be filming clips and recording  the audio directly to an iPhone,So we are talking about the kind of setup that  a lot of bedroom guitarists have got access to,So whether you're just starting out making videos,let's face it what the world definitely needs  ,is more people pulling silly  guitar faces on the internet,or maybe you're just looking to up your  socials game to help build a following,either way, here's some of the  easiest methods for recording  ,your guitar when you're filming videos on a phone,and a few tips to improve the audio quality  to help you stand out from the crowd,So the first and most obvious and  convenient way to record your guitar  ,is to just use the microphone  that's built into your phone,and to be honest, this will probably be  fine if you just want to quickly put out  ,short throw away clips for your  instagram story or something like that,but you're definitely not going  to get the best results this way,Of course, the quality will depend on how  good the mic on your phone actually is,but even the best quality mics on the  latest high-end phones aren't ever  ,going to sound as good as a decent external  microphone when it comes to recording music,The other obvious downside to  using your phone's built-in mic,is that as the camera that you're going to be  filming on is also built into the same unit,you don't get the option to  position the microphone in  ,the optimum position for recording audio  without ruining your carefully framed shot,so it's always going to be a bit of a trade-off  between what looks good and what sounds good,You'll also find that by using your  phone's onboard mic you're going to  ,pick up a lot more unwanted background noise,as they do tend to be quite  sensitive and omnidirectional,meaning that they've been designed to  pick up sound coming from all directions,This means that they'll often pick  up a lot of unwanted external noise,for example, someone talking  or a TV in the next room,or maybe traffic going past your window,and if you are recording yourself playing  through a practice amp at low levels,you're also going to pick up a lot of the  acoustic string noise from your playing,So as I said, it's not really  the most ideal way to record  ,if you are looking to improve  the audio quality of your videos,Now the reason i've mentioned using  your phone's built-in mic however,is so that we've got something that we can  compare the quality of other recording methods to,So throughout the rest of the video, I  am going to be setting up a second iPhone,just recording the audio from its built-in  mic, so we'll be able to hear the differences,I am going to put my hands up and admit  though that this is a slightly unfair test,as I didn't realise at the time  of filming these audio examples  ,that when you use the iPhone's built-in,audio recorder and the microphone  it only records in mono,so if you are listening on headphones, you may  notice a slight difference in the stereo field,but it does still give us  a good comparison between  ,the tone of the different recording methods,and how mic placement affects the sound,Now one of the easiest ways to  improve the quality of the audio  ,is to pick yourself up an external USBmicrophone,the first of which that we're going to be looking  at today is what's known as a condenser mic,These are compatible with  most types of mobile device  ,and there's loads of different mics to choose from,including compact stereo microphones that connect  directly to your phone such as the Shure MV88,the Zoom IQ range or the Rode iXY,or you can go for a freestanding  desktop, mono condenser microphone,such as the Shure MV5 or the Rode NT-USB Mini,But for the examples in this video  i'm going to be using the Shure  ,MV88+ video kit, as it kind of  offers the best of both worlds,So this is a stereo condenser  microphone, but it attaches via a cable,and this means that the mic can  be moved away from the phone,  ,a little bit closer to your sound source  without ruining the camera visuals,and even better, supplied with the mic you get  a great quality Manfrotto mini tripod stand,makin

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Build and Deploy a Full Stack TikTok Clone Application and Master TypeScript | Full Course (Part 1)

Build and Deploy a Full Stack TikTok Clone Application and Master TypeScript | Full Course (Part 1)

hi there and welcome to a project video,where you'll build and deploy a full,stack tick tock clone application with,modern design google auth the ability to,upload publish share comment on and like,the videos filtering by categories and,advanced search functionalities profile,pages suggested accounts custom response,design and much more tiktik is the best,video social media platform that you can,currently find on youtube alongside,building this phenomenal application in,this video you'll learn typescript yep,you heard that right in this project,we'll be using one of the most in-demand,languages today typescript and don't,worry no typescript knowledge is needed,to watch this video you'll learn it as,we go you'll also learn advanced react,best practices such as folder and file,structure hooks and refs on top of that,you'll learn advanced next.js best,practices such as file based routing,data fetching that allows server side,rendering and static generation which,makes your websites incredibly optimized,and you'll learn how to use nexjs as a,backend endpoint in this app we'll also,play with the advanced state management,of the entire application but this time,we won't be using redux we won't be,using react context we'll be using a,small library called do stand it is a,simpler alternative to redux and,definitely a great tool to add to the,list of your skills you'll also learn,how to integrate oauth to log in and,register users using google and most,importantly you'll learn how to manage,the entire content of your app using,sanity sanity is the unified content,platform that will make the making of,our entire application possible through,sanity your users will be able to upload,new content instantly and on the go,sanity allows us to focus on developing,the application without having to worry,about the content file storage and,databases they'll cover all the dirty,work for us and allow us to build,scalable and modern video social media,applications incredibly easily if this,video reaches 20 000 likes i'll create,more videos just like this one so,subscribe like and let me know what,you'd like to see in the next one in the,comments,with that said let's roll the intro and,let's get started with building our,phenomenal application,before we dive straight into the,development let me give you a really,quick demo of the entire application,this is our home page,here we have a sidebar with the top,categories and suggested accounts and in,the middle we can see all the recent,videos,we can log in using google which allows,us to upload new videos,we can add a video file choose a caption,and a topic and post it,and everyone here will instantly be able,to see our new video and that is only,possible because of sanity we can now,check out the sanity dashboard and there,you can see our newly created profile as,well as the video we just uploaded isn't,that cool in this course you'll learn,how to use sanity from scratch so that,you can use it in any of your future,projects,going back to our app clicking on a,video will open its details page here we,can like the video as well as leave a,comment,and of course the entire website is,completely mobile responsive as we,scroll you can notice that it feels like,a native mobile application,that's it how do you like it it's a,phenomenal full-fledged social media,application in the end we'll also deploy,the app so that you can share it with,your friends put it on your portfolio,and get a job you can also turn it into,a real social media network that you or,your friends will use or even better,start building different social media,platforms for your clients and while,we're on the topic of using your,development skills to their fullest,potential do you want to travel the,world by using your programming skills,to earn a high income with no,limitations,freelancing is gaining in popularity as,it enables developers to have more,freedom and control over their earning,potential,so why am i even telling you this,well my good friends chad and rochelle,created the no matter what project to,guide you on your freelance career as we,know remote opportunities can be highly,competitive but using the remote freedom,system chad and rochelle will show you,how you can remove that competition and,get high paying clients quickly plus,they can help you take things a step,further with their in-depth coaching,program where they will personally work,with you until you're making a,six-figure annual income,this is a huge outcome but i know chad,personally and i have seen firsthand how,he is able to provide support help and,guidance to those he works with the no,matter what project will help you choose,your income choose your clients and best,of all choose your location,so if you want to skip the job,interviews and start making good money,as a freelance developer click the link,in the description and use the code,javascript to receive a special discount,and get ready to freelance your way to,freedom,as we always do on java

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