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A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2023 (SECRET)there are three things that you need to,know i

Adam Erhart

Updated on Jan 05,2023

A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2023 (SECRET)

there are three things that you need to,know if you want to create effective,high converting and profitable facebook,ads first you need to nail message,market match get this wrong and it,doesn't matter how smart or funny or,creative your ads are they're not gonna,work next is something called the 40 40,20 rule every great direct response,marketer and advertising legend lives,and dies by this rule but don't worry if,you've never heard of it before most,people haven't and i'm going to walk you,through exactly how to use this with,your facebook ads and third you need to,use something called the marketing rule,of seven and not just with your facebook,ads either but with all of your,advertising and marketing and everything,you do from this day forward use it and,profit don't use it and don't profit,that is a terrible catchphrase so let me,show you how it's done starting with the,ever important message market match want,to know the single biggest reason that,most facebook ads don't work i can't see,it right now but i'm going to assume,you're nodding your head yes well my,friend the biggest reason that most,facebook ads don't work is not because,they chose the wrong campaign objective,or wrong placement or wrong budget or,anything related to the actual setup of,the facebook ad campaign nope the reason,that most ads don't work is because,they're saying the wrong things to the,wrong people or in other words the offer,that they're making is either unrelated,or unappealing an unrelated message,means that they're making an offer that,people just don't really care about,trying to sell something in a way that,just doesn't resonate with the pains and,problems and fears and frustrations of,the market this is often the result of,spending too much time on the features,and the actual tangible things that,they're going to be getting rather than,on the benefits and the outcomes and all,of the results and how their life's,going to be better after they make a,purchase an unappealing message is,simply a message that's packaged wrong,or in other words it's boring it doesn't,do anything to try to catch someone's,attention and so they don't stop to read,it and if they do stop well they just,don't care what's that sound oh that's,the sound of your ad dollars getting,flushed down the toilet and so money is,wasted putting these boring and,uninteresting and irrelevant messages in,front of people and then wondering why,nobody's buying sounds harsh i know i,don't like to be the bad guy here but,fortunately there is a solution that,comes in the form of message market,match and message market match is,exactly what it sounds like it means,matching your message to your market but,obviously there's a little more to it,than that essentially message market,match also commonly known as message to,market match is really just a way of,making sure that you've done your,homework and you've researched your,target audience you've figured out what,their pains and their problems and their,fears and their frustrations are and how,whatever it is that you're selling is,well positioned to help solve that for,them get it right and people buy get it,wrong and they don't buy and this is one,of my favorite things about marketing,and about advertising in that it's a,literal case study of human behavior,after all people can say all of the,things about how they think they are or,how they would like to be but at the end,of the day money talks and what people,choose to buy and how they spend their,time are two of the most powerful,indicators that really show what someone,values so if your ads aren't working and,people aren't clicking on them or,signing up or buying or anything like,that well it's simply because they don't,see the value in what you're offering so,it's your job as the marketer as the,advertiser to try to show them that,value and the best way to do this isn't,by shoving it down their throats but,rather to show them that you understand,where they're coming from you understand,their problems and you possibly have a,solution they may be interested in i,wish i could remember who told me this,quote so i could give them due credit,but one of my favorite sayings is that,customers don't buy when they understand,they buy when they feel understood okay,next i'm gonna give you the secret sauce,and those special ingredients that,really separates the amateurs from the,pros when it comes to creating high,converting and profitable facebook ads,but first a real quick message from this,video's sponsor metrocool over the years,i've had the chance to work with a lot,of different companies and software but,metricool has quickly become my number,one secret weapon when it comes to,creating better and more effective,social media marketing campaigns and i,use it every single day not only does it,allow you to take care of everything all,in one place it also integrates,seamlessly with facebook and instagram,and twitter and tick tock and linkedin,and google business and pinterest

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Using Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

Using Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

welcome this video tutorial will show,you how to set up a mobile app install,ad for your iOS or Android application,first you'll need to set up your app to,measure installs download the Facebook,SDK for iOS or for Android you'll need,to reference methods in the SDK to,measure installs if you're using iOS,open up your UI app delegate and look,for the application did become active,selector,add a call to the FB settings method,publish install and pass in your app ID,in your Android app find the on resume,method in each of your activity classes,and add a call to the settings method,publish install a sync pass in your app,context and app ID now your app will,ping back an install event to Facebook,when someone opens your app for the,first time and again in the future if,there's a network error our client code,will stop sending installs once it,acquires the success code from the,server and our back-end will only count,the install a single time if it receives,multiple hits for the same device the,next step is to register your app with,Facebook if you already have a facebook,app associated with your mobile app you,can skip this step to set up an ad,you'll need to be a developer or an,admin on the app if you aren't one,already your app admin can add you under,the roles tab go to developers be calm,slash apps and click create new app in,the dialog that pops up give your app a,name and optionally an app namespace,then click continue the next step is to,add information to your apps basic page,you'll need to complete the basic info,section and depending on your app the,native iOS section the native Android,section or both all the information in,the basics section should be filled out,for you already just make sure that,sandbox mode is disabled if you have a,native iOS app you're going to need to,fill in your bundle ID and your iPhone,app store ID you can find your apps,bundle ID in your Apple app developer,account or in the Xcode project for your,app the icon app store ID is included in,your apps URL on the App Store,the other fields are not required if you,have an android app you'll need to list,a package name the class name for your,launch activity and a key hash your,package name can be found in your Google,Play URL your launch activity class name,can be found in your Android manifest,file,instructions for how to find your key,hash can be found in the getting started,with the Facebook SDK for Android Guide,from step 4,scroll down until you find the key tool,command for Mac and for Windows copy and,paste into a terminal window,when you enter your password the key,tool will return your key hash,then click Save,next fill in your app details page when,you open this page for the first time,you may see that the app detail page and,the App Center listing status are both,unsubmitted don't worry about this,simply add a one-line description of,your app and a cover image that's 800 by,150 pixels,then click save now it's time to build,and launch your ad from the promote tab,you can set up your ad for Android for,iOS or for both if you have them,configured you'll see that the ad,creative both the image and the message,have been pulled in from your app detail,page you now have the option of,customizing the ad here click customize,ad and use the wizard that pops up to,add an image that's 600 by 360 pixels we,recommend that you customize all your,ads in order to leverage the larger ad,format and image this is a more engaging,ad unit that will appear in the news,feeds of people using Facebook's Android,app and the latest iOS app the last step,is to define who you want your ad to,reach to improve performance you can,target a region age or gender you can,also see an estimate of the total number,of people the ad will reach,choose your objective to optimize for,installs or clicks and enter your,maximum daily spend and bid,select a payment method and click place,order

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How to Find out Which App Is Causing Pop-Up Ads on Android

How to Find out Which App Is Causing Pop-Up Ads on Android

Holloway's welcome back to Detroit tips,in this video we're going to talk about,how to stop completely getting ads I,mean pop-up ads in any Android devices,socially what happens is you know some,things while using any kind of apps it's,really annoying yourself when you're,getting any kind of apps when you're,using something and it's too horrible,and it's very hard so how does,completely stop this because we have,many kind of videos and I have done a,video in the past who begins in how to,stop completely getting push,notification apps I mean pop uh perhaps,any kind of block base and even the ads,in any kind of mi I mean mi devices so,this means another part so in this we,are going to teach you how to completely,stop getting any kind of ads in any,Android device not in a particular one,but completely how to stop this so let's,get started it's the first in order to,do that what we have to do is we have to,use a frequent app which you are kick up,keep on using for example in my case I'm,going to do with this one,for example I'm going to do with,whatsapp so imagine that I'm using,what's up and suddenly something comes,in between and it's very hard so what,happens is when you get something in,between what you have to do is you have,to press in the home button and you have,to get back to the home and once done,that if any kind of apps are being come,in between while using any apps you just,have to press on the home button and you,have to wait for a few seconds and once,after that all you have to do is follow,these very simple instructions to,completely say goodbye to the ads,popping up so once after that go to the,Play Store and now at the top left you,have a hamburger button which you have,to press and once after pressing on the,hamburger button now you have to go for,the top one which is my apps and games,you have to press here right it's one,that done with that you have to go for,install option over here in the,parallely and right so these are the,apps so as you can see at the top right,it has been written in the middle,mid-range of the right it has been it,can be slurp on all the apps are being,sorted such a way that it's in,alphabetical right so I have to select,this now what I have to do is I have to,go based upon last you said right so,what happens is the last you said as you,know when the starting of the video ever,has been using the Watson business so it,comes in between the first so if in,between while you are using any kind of,app in my case right now when I am using,the word sub know what's the business,know add some ads comes in between so I,wanted to tell you guys while you are,using any kind of,in most of the cases there will be some,apps coming up so if that happens the,particular apps that's coming up and,from the which app we don't know from,which app it is coming so it's very hard,to find it right so we kind of feel very,difficulty so in this video once they're,done with us we're getting this last you,set what once after the words of,business app the particular app will be,shown here from whom the apps are,loading up I mean from the whom the,particular app they are making money,through by showing to us so you can,select the particular app over here,right to this there will be the,particular app you can select that,particular app then you can completely,install it and say goodbye to the,completely for this so this is how you,can do this right so what happens is,this is how you can do and this is how,you can completely say goodbye to any,kind of apps coming up in between while,using any kind of Android devices in,your phone so that's about how to stop,this so don't forget to subscribe and,click on the bell icon for further,notification you can ask any kind of,questions in the comment session we our,team will try to get back to you,this is Shahen signing off from,conservatives

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How to Set Up & Install the Facebook Pixel (In 2022)

How to Set Up & Install the Facebook Pixel (In 2022)

hey guys yvonne here at,and in this video i want to show you how,to set up the facebook pixel in 2022. in,this video i want to show you everything,step by step how to set up the facebook,pixel so that you can start seeing your,conversions inside of your facebook ads,so we'll do everything here live as you,watch behind my shoulder as you see my,screen so let's get straight into it i'm,assuming you already set up your,facebook business account if not take a,look at my video on how to create,facebook ads where i guide you through,the process of creating your facebook,page your facebook account and so on and,this is going to be kind of your main,dashboard so from here the first thing,you have to do is actually click on the,little gear icon here at the bottom if,you haven't set up any pixels yet you,will have to create a pixel and attach,it to your account so what you're going,to do here is click on data sources and,click on pixels and i already have a,bunch of pixels so this doesn't really,apply to me but if you don't have any,pixels yet this is the first step that,you will have to do,so what you want to do then is click on,add,and you want to give your pixel a name,so let's say,facebook pixel 2022,we're gonna click continue and you,cannot delete your pixels okay so,uh keep in mind you can't just create a,bunch of them and then delete whatever,you don't want they do stay on your,account which is why you see so many,pixels here,so um we could just close out of this,for now because we're going to go to a,different tab to actually set it up but,for this part i do want to show you you,want to first add people and you want to,add assets to this pixel first so what,you want to do is click on add people,you want to select yourself and you want,to give yourself full access to this,pixel and then this is another important,part here you want to click on add,assets and you want to attach this pixel,to your account so in this case i only,have one ad account so i'm going to,select that account and i'm going to,click add and now this pixel has been,attached to my ad account one okay so if,you click on connected assets make sure,all of this is here so once you do that,good job you have set up your pixel now,we have to actually install it on our,website right so you want to click on,old tools here and click on events,manager,and you will probably just see your one,pixel here probably won't see many make,sure to select the correct account here,at the top,and we're gonna go find our pixel which,is right here facebook pixel and we're,just gonna click on continue pixel setup,and we're gonna go through the steps,here so we're going to click that,i will go with the metapixel option i'm,going to click connect and we will,install the code manually so if you do,have these partners like squarespace,wordpress shopify you can select this,option and then you will be able to,integrate them much easier but i'm going,to go the hard route in in case you guys,aren't using any of these and that way,you will know exactly what to do and in,case you're not a partner you will be,able to set it up yourself so i'm going,to click on install code manually and so,we have to go kind of through all these,steps all right so the first thing they,want us to do is to add this code to the,header section of your website so we're,going to click on copy code and i am,using unbounce so i have a landing page,here and a thank you page as a sample,but you can use whatever you want any,page builder and this applies whether,you have a sales page an upsell page,down so page you know whatever,i will show you what the idea is and so,here it tells you it says paste the,pixel code in the bottom of the header,section just above the closing head tag,so what you want to do is come back here,let's say we're using unbounce click on,javascript click on add new javascript,and we will paste this code that we just,copied here and placement we want to,make sure it's in the head and then,we're going to label this we're going to,say facebook pixel and we're going to,say save so the point is make sure to,find the javascript option of your page,so if you're using click funnels for,example you will have an option on the,top left where it's going to say add,code and you can add the code there so,just look for the javascript option you,want to put this code in the header,section of your page so over here we,have the thank you page we're going to,do it here as well we're going to paste,it here if you have the option to add,this code on your entire website with,just one go you can do that as well so,i'm just showing you,you know the long route here putting it,manually on every page but if you can,put it once and it will automatically,apply this code to every single page you,should definitely do that,so i'm gonna click done and then we're,going to click save for here we're going,to republish this page and then we're,going to come back here we'll hit save,we'll hit republish now we

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How to Install Apps & Games on Old iPhone & iPad Fix "This Application requires iOS 12"

How to Install Apps & Games on Old iPhone & iPad Fix "This Application requires iOS 12"

unable to purchase,or not compatible with this ipad,determines the iphone and,then,so try not to messenger,install,this application requires ios 10 or,later,so device name toy,iphone 5,installed now instagram,so install nothing to instagram,so mobas this application requires ios,12.,soma supported the devices iphone 4,iphone 4s iphone 5 bassam aluminum ios,version ios 12,s4,ipad mini,iphone 6 iphone 7,install nothing detail so for example on,facebook depending,install so install nothing detail on,facebook,click on your get,then install enter new apple id,so pagani may progress now,install,do you want to download the last,compatible version download,then download your name,and get,installed,so i am installing now putting it to,union download but in your ring stop,so try not indeed iphone 4,youtube,install,and minimum do you want to download the,last compatible version download,your youtube,get installed,then you password nasa description box,password,salamat,you

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ADGUARD!- Remove Unwanted Ads/Popup ads sa Android Device Mo! (No apps need)

ADGUARD!- Remove Unwanted Ads/Popup ads sa Android Device Mo! (No apps need)

no internet,foreign,so

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Fix Facebook Login Error Can't load URL: The domain of this URL isn't included in the app's domains

Fix Facebook Login Error Can't load URL: The domain of this URL isn't included in the app's domains

hello guys in this video i'd love to,share with you the solution to fix a,facebook login error which could happen,when implementing the social login with,facebook in the application,the arrow is can't load url the domain,of this url isn't included in the app's,domains,i am now having from code,let me demo this error,so i have a web application in which i,implement the social login function with,facebook here in the customer login page,you see click the button continue with,facebook,and you see i got the arrow can't load,url the domain of this url isn't,included in the apps no means,to be able to log this url and all,domains and subdomains of the app to the,app domains if you enjoy objecting,so to fix this issue you need to go to,the facebook developers homepage assist,url,and click my apps,and choose,the facebook app which you are using,for the web application here i use the,app,xiaomi website,and click facebook login section click,settings,okay and here under the valid allot,reject your eyes you need to enter a,valid what direct uris because facebook,by default,use check mode for direct uris here,if you notice in the error base here at,the end of the url you can see the,required direct url here,the direct uri here,so copy this,and put in to paste into uh,text editor here and you can see the,require direct,uri,by facebook here,login i want to call facebook,so i need to enter the direct uri here,uh replace the,escapes characters here,localhost,so i shot me,slash,login,slash,or two,and last,code and slash,facebook,okay and copy this,url,paste here,okay and save changes,okay and now,let's,try to log in again here,log in continue with facebook,okay you see i have uh signed,successfully into this application,via my facebook account,and in this application i can click my,username here and you can see my,authentication type is facebook here,that's quite simple right so the,solution is to enter,the,direct uri analysis,in the facebook login settings in the,facebook app,so far you have learned a solution to,fix the facebook login error by,specifying a valid awards direct uri,like this you see for localhost,development,if you are using a custom domain as a ui,would look like this your domain slash,login slash or to slash coach last,facebook,i hope you found this video helpful,please subscribe to my channel like,comment and share this video thanks for,watching

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Remove ADS From Android Phone! Paano iBlock ang ADS and POP UP ADS sa Android Device

Remove ADS From Android Phone! Paano iBlock ang ADS and POP UP ADS sa Android Device

personalization instructs not to use,your advertising id to build profile or,show you,uh personalized ads,option,again,foreign,you

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