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Facebook Audience Network Ads Tutorial - Facebook Audience Network Typeshey how's it going guys my n

Anand Iyer

Updated on Jan 05,2023

Facebook Audience Network Ads Tutorial - Facebook Audience Network Types

hey how's it going guys my name is Anand,and welcome back to my channel in,today's video I'm going to be talking,about Facebook audience Network ads I'll,be going through all the different,options that Facebook provides in terms,of advertising your brand through,Facebook audience Network and giving you,examples how they look like and why you,should care about Facebook audience,Network so let's get started,the first one in my list is Facebook,banner ads and so basically banner ads,are something like this they would look,like you know a Papa banner that can,appear at the top or at the bottom and,your ads will be displayed on any of the,Facebook approved,websites and apps and the reason you can,you should use this kind of you know,asses let's say you know you're,promoting a business or a brand and,there is an app or a website that is,closely related to what your business,does then it's a fantastic way to you,know show your ads on on those apps a,clear example can be let's say you want,to promote a local restaurant and let's,say there is an app such as GrubHub or,Groupon or you know a food ordering app,I think that's a great way to you know,show your ads on those apps in the form,of banner ads so that's your first,example of banner ads the next one is,you know interstitial ads and again,these are full screen ads and it's a,very good way to grab your users users,attention and one of the things that you,can think about is let's say you know,your end user is using a particular app,and if while using the app there is a,there's a break or there is a moment of,pause where the screen loads that's a,good moment to display your ads and,fullscreen format and as you can see,over here this is a nice,you know interstitial ads where there's,a nice image a short blurb title website,and a call-to-action button,so that's your interstitial ads and,again you can show these ads in any of,the apps that Facebook is has approved,the next one is native ads and again,this is a great way to show your ads in,certain apps and the format and the,look-alike of this ad is going to be the,same as the native app so what I mean is,the look feel and size of your ad is,going to be the same as the app so the,user does not feel that he's getting to,he or she is getting to see something,different the end user will feel that,it's a part of the app and that's why I,know there's a very high chance that,your end user will take an action so,that's your native ads the next one you,know in my list or in terms of audience,network placement is rewarded video so,this is a great example of rewarded,video and when it comes to rewarded,video you can display your ad in the,form of video format and basically what,happens is when your ad is watched,completely the end user gets a reward in,return of watching that ad so you can,engage with quality demand you can,retain your gamers and grow your,business and I want to show you a quick,example so this is an and this is a,gaming app and while the user is playing,that app playing sorry while that user,is playing that game a pop-up appears,and in return of watching that video the,end user is getting like points for,completing that stage or a reward so,that's how you know you can utilize you,know the this video ad format,use rewarded video placement type so,that the end user gets something in,return and look at this it shows a nice,call-to-action button to install the the,app that you want to promote so that way,it's a win-win situation the end user,gets to get something in return for,installing the app or watching the ad,and you get your objective of making,end-users install those apps so rewarded,video is something that you should keep,in mind and place your ads in certain,apps and use the video ad format so that,you are able to promote your apps and,finally we have the in-stream video so,this is how your in-stream video will,look like so when someone else crawl,watching videos on their phone or on,desktop and they you know click on that,video Facebook will say that an ad,starting zone and basically you are able,to place your ads in between the video,that the end user is watching so they,get to see you know the time in seconds,and as soon as the your ad is completed,the original video is resumed so that's,how we know you can utilize this format,and this website is a great you know,tool that you can check out to find out,you know the different ad formats and,what are the design recommendations so,that's it guys in terms of Facebook,audience Network and the different ad,placement I want to quickly show you how,you can select those placements so while,you are you know working on your,campaign and when you are about to,configure your ad set click on the you,know edit icon and when you are about to,choose the placement by default Facebook,will choose automatic placement and when,Facebook select selects or automatic,placement your ad will be displayed,everywhere so what you can do is you can,click on edit placement and scroll

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Apps Earning: Which Mobile Native Ad Type To Choose To Earn More ? Banner or Rewarded?| ThingsToKnow

Apps Earning: Which Mobile Native Ad Type To Choose To Earn More ? Banner or Rewarded?| ThingsToKnow

nowadays you can see four types of,mobile ad types rewarded video banner,rich interstitial video interstitial,before we go further we need to discuss,about it so what is it Eckman means,effective cost per mile,it is the calculation of the total ad,revenue generated by your apps per 1000,ad impressions hike means more money to,developer let's talk about these ad,types first rewarded video ads are full,screen video ads that users have the,option of watching in full in exchange,for in-app rewards banner ads are,rectangular image or text ads that,occupy a spot within an app's layout it,stays on screen while users interact,with apps rich interstitial ad includes,advanced features like video audio or,other elements that encourage viewers to,interact and engage with the content,video interstitial ads are the full,screen video and these are the skippable,or non skippable video ads that covers,the entire screen now let's check the,performance of these ads we also need to,keep in mind that the ad revenues depend,on the demography where these are being,served rich interstitial was the ad,format with the highest monetization,power in almost all regions new,variation in form of playable ads which,increases engagement rates makes this a,promising enduring format it's,combination of relative hayek PM's and,impression rates rewarded video ads,generated the highest ik and,performances in all the regions the,nature of this format limits how,frequently it can be served which limits,its impression rates and ultimately its,revenue generation share this format SiC,PM's trended up after the launch of this,format by Facebook audience Network and,AdMob,banner ads have endured as the second,highest revenue-generating format across,all regions one of the earliest ad,formats and being on the lower end of it,PM's,video interstitial ads trended down in,terms of its signal performance in many,of the regions as you can see in the,below matrix for Android platform,the rewarded video gives the highest ik,Macross all regions also as the,demographic plays an important role u.s.,delivers the highest rate for all lab,types in US region there is a close,competition between rich interstitial,and video interstitial then it saves you,where video interstitial ads are quite,close to rewarded video after this we,have you poor e'en countries and at last,the region of Latin America also one,more observation the banners ads are the,lowest performing in all regions the ads,and regions are ranked in the same way,on the iOS platform too but all at types,pays more on the iOS platform from the,Android platform for example the,rewarded video in the US pays 8 dollars,and 64 cents on Android but 10 dollars,and 40 cents on the iOS platform now,let's focus on each region separately in,the United States rich interstitial ads,monetized the most out of all ad formats,its monetizing share was 46% on Android,and 3 2% on iOS compared with all ad,formats rewarded video ads continued to,raise as the ad format with the highest,occur for months averaging 8 dollars and,64 cents on Android and 10 dollars and,40 cents on iOS iOS generated higher ik,pm's than on android devices across all,ad formats in Western Europe for Android,rich interstitial let's have the highest,monetization power,it makes up 45% of the monetization,share compared with all ad formats for,iOS banner ads monetized the most due to,its vast impression rate despite its,Loic PM's averaging at 24 cents taking,up 44 percent of the monetization share,rewarded videoed sled as the ad format,with the highest ik and performance,averaging at 3 dollars and 49 cents on,Android and 6 dollars and 11 cents on,iOS in East Asia rich interstitial ads,accounted for the most share of the ad,revenue generated for both hand ride,with 52% and iOS with 38% due to its,high ik PM's and impression rates for,Android both video formats rewarded and,interstitial had the highest ik,performance with an average of 3 dollars,and 85 cents for rewarded video for iOS,rewarded video climbed up impressively,to be the topic performing ad format,averaging at $8 and 16 cents,the average ik PM's of rewarded video,rich interstitial end video interstitial,ads were significantly higher on iOS,than on Android by 111 percent two,hundred and thirty one percent and 32,percent respectively in Eastern Europe,rich interstitial ads accounted for,about half of the ad revenue generated,for both hand write and iOS due to its,high ik PM's for iOS rewarded video ads,led with the highest ik and performance,averaging of 2 dollars and 33 cents with,video interstitial ads in second place,averaging of $2 iOS is at PM's were more,than double of androids for 3 ad formats,it's sick PM's for banner rewarded video,and video interstitial it's were 100,percent 122 percent and 174 percent,higher respectively than on Andrew,so it concludes if you want to earn more,money from your apps use rewarded video,as an ad type on iOS platform and the ad,impressions should be from the unite

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Introduction to rewarded interstitial ads

Introduction to rewarded interstitial ads

Welcome back to another episode  of Google AdMob tutorials.,Today, we’ll be covering the first part of a  two-part series about Rewarded Interstitials.,In this first video, we will be introducing  you to the rewarded interstitial ad format.,We will illustrate how this ad format can drive  more ads revenue for different types of apps.,Next, we will highlight the difference  between rewarded interstitials,and rewarded or interstitial ads.,Lastly, we will showcase some  sample placements and rewards,for rewarded interstitials to  help you get started easily.,Rewarded interstitial is a premium ad format where  users can easily discover rewarded video ads.,Instead of users needing to start the ads  themselves, rewarded interstitials start,automatically, making it even easier for  users to discover the ads and earn rewards.,With rewarded interstitials,  the ads must be made skippable.,However, there are ways in which you can  encourage users to watch the full ad.,For example, if users click to exit, a pop-up  could appear to warn them of a loss of reward.,Once a user watches the full ad, AdMob sends a,'video complete' callback to  grant the reward to the user.,You can observe here the typical experience of  users interacting with rewarded interstitial ads.,They will first see the intro  screen designed by the developer.,Next, they will be shown a reward with a  clear countdown timer and a skippable button.,If the user chooses to click and exit the  ad, they will be warned of a loss of reward.,How does rewarded interstitials fit into your app?,One: The rewarded interstitial ad format  helps you to unlock new placements.,You can do so with just-in-time  and contextually relevant rewards.,Because these ads pop up at key moments  for users, instead of randomly, there is,a greater likelihood that they will choose  to watch the ad in exchange for a reward.,Two: The rewarded interstitial ad format helps to  replace rewarded placements with low engagement.,With rewarded interstitials, you can  track a boost in impressions volume, potentially leading to a revenue uplift.,Three: With its just in time rewards, the rewarded,interstitial ad format offers a superior user  experience with minimal impact on retention.,Placing such an ad at key moments gives users  the boost they need to continue with gameplay,creating a positive user experience with the ads.,What makes rewarded interstitial different  from the typical rewarded/interstitial ads?,Unlike rewarded ads which a user must click on to  start, rewarded interstitial ads are automatically,surfaced while still giving users the option to  skip if they do not wish to watch for a reward.,You can adopt a diversified strategy  by showing traditional rewarded ads,to users who frequently opt in, and showing  rewarded interstitials to those who don’t.,If you are unsure on how to segment your  users, we have a Firebase recipe here for you.,There are two options to consider:,Option 1: use GMA SDK callback  for onRewardedAdOpened().,This callback will signal when  a user has opened a rewarded ad,and hence will be classified as  part of the 'rewarded opt-in' group.,Users who have not triggered this callback  will remain in the ‘no opt-in’ group.,Option 2: create a custom event based  on when users click the rewarded prompt.,You can segment your users based on who  has and has not triggered the event.,This approach is more  customisable by the publisher.,Both of these options allow you  to show traditional rewarded ads,to users who are likely to engage with them,and show rewarded interstitials to the users who  may not be engaging with opt-in rewarded ads.,For more information on how you can go  about segmenting and testing this group,,check out our Firebase video series  in the description box below.,Rewarded interstitials can  help improve the experience,of traditional interstitial replacements as well.,Say you are offering interstitial  ads in-between levels.,For a better user experience, consider replacing,the interstitial between levels  with a rewarded interstitial.,Rewarded interstitials with well-designed  rewards are more enjoyable for users,and can improve both eCPMs and retention  – thus increasing user lifetime value.,Now that we have discussed how  rewarded interstitials can help,improve both rewarded and interstitial placements,,let’s take a look at some specific examples  of how to implement this new format.,If you’re a gaming app developer,  consider positioning rewarded,interstitial ads as just-in-time rewards.,Just-in-time rewards can be placed at the start  or end of a level to offer boosts or an extra try.,You could also use them at  strategic breaks in game play,as long as they are well designed and  do not disrupt the player experience.,Let’s take a look at some examples.,At the start of the level, you  can choose to offer a rewarded,interstitial ad in exchange for bonus items.,This placement gives players an opportunity  to start the level with an extra boost.,Ano

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Facebook Monetization - How to integrate Facebook ads

Facebook Monetization - How to integrate Facebook ads

ooooooooooooooooooooo oooo,うっうー do,オープンいいえ,voodoo いうん,ブーティ t,フープフォワード,goo トゥディ,omf,pou dou dou,voodoo,voodoo,ブーブームートンうん,mood ん,ano o,voodoo,ブーブー車,ん,ううっうぅううドゥーブ,うっうードゥファン,うっうー dl,4分,ブーブー車,voodoo 部分,うっうーだ,2,ブーブー0,ブーブーた本,voodoo,ブーブー you do,ブーブーも歩数 ore,ブーフ,ううううううだ,ううっうぅうう do 子,ブーフーウー do

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AdMob Android tutorial - Placing a Rewarded Video Ad

AdMob Android tutorial - Placing a Rewarded Video Ad

hello guys welcome back to another eye,to eat a small tutorial in this video I,am going to show you how to place a,revived video add in your Halloween,applications from AdMob,so the first step you have to create a,new active unit in your AdMob account so,go to your rock-pop account select your,application and select ante unix and,create a new ad unit select provided,video first you have to specify how many,Rivard you are going to offer the user,for watching that video so here I am,going to offer 15 coins and here you,have to specify the Rivard item you can,specify coins extra lights etc so here I,specify the item as coins and here is,the settings for act not mediation and,here is the frequency tapping here not,careful in Russian if you want to limit,the number of videos shown for minutes,you can change it here and finally you,have to specify the art you nickname,here I specify another unit name and,finally click Save so long as the unit,is created successfully here is the,application ID and here is the arty,unitarily so we have to place the,application ID and not the unit ID in,our Android application to display the,ads so now we can start with other,Android studio project,so this is the Android studio project,that we are going to use as the divided,video and film Padma assume this is,again the user reaches some status of,the game and the user needs some extra,going to unlock the next stage so here,we provide two options for the user,festival the user having to buy some,coin and second option the user sorry to,watch a video to end some coin so when,user click the button we are going to,display a divided video and and after,watching the video we are going to,revert some coins to the user so that,the user can go to the next stage of the,game so the first thing we have to add,the needed permission for the,application so open androidmanifest.xml,so here i specify the investor condition,these are internal permission now we,need the permission to access the,network state so these are the two,permissions needed by AdMob now we need,to integrate AdMob SDK to this Android,studio project we can integrate AdMob,SDK through credit so we need to add,some dependency for that here is the,dependency our now go to the App level,release file are the dependency here now,sing the project,no humor protecting finishes that means,be successfully in the great AdMob SDK,to this Android studio project now go to,main activity dot Java first here I'm,going to initialize the Mobile SDK,mobile r dot initialize so for this,method you have to pass two parameter,first one is context then I'm going to,pass get application context and now you,need to specify the application ID you,will get the application ID from AdMob,so here I'm going to use the sample app,ID,here is a sample AdMob app ID so here,I'm going to use this idea T safe to use,this ID for testing purpose so in this,project we successfully integrate the,AdMob SDK as we initialize the Mobile,SDK now here I am going to create some,variables for the volatility of an,animated Empire first we have to get an,instance of the provided video ad,a mobile a sport you can call this,method get a revived video add instant,for this method is hard to pass one,parameter it is the conduct so here I,park the activity context so it is,recommended to use activity conducts,with this mother because if you conflict,you're up lick if you convict this at,the unit for mediation some mediation,adapters need the activity context to,display Lea's so it is recommended to,use the activity context for this matter,so soon after launch your application,you have it - lordy add as soon as,possible because when user want to when,user click the button be how to make,sure that the ID is already loaded in,the background so now I am going to load,the app for that Here I am going to,create a weight create a method,first year second condition,and here column method is loaded,that means the ad is not loaded in the,case we can load it for the masses load,and so here you have to pause the ad,unit ID should also I am going to use a,test type so he'll disassemble add the,unit ID for a reminder the video ID I,copy this one always use a stat for,testing purpose are using a production,video ad for testing is against AdMob,policy now the second parameter is the a,dripper,and finally call the brazier mataloni so,now from these methods from the oncreate,method of the activity I am going to,call that method so now this application,have a required video it is available in,the background so when user click the,button we have to display that reverted,video ad so for this pattern we already,specify an unbaked method now we need to,implement this method inside main,activity Road Java so here I amend that,method inside main activity so from this,method we are going to display the,reverted video ad if the ADIZ is already,loaded in that case we can display the,reverted video l you can simply call,this show method so now these are when,you stil

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How to add Admob Rewarded Video Ads In Android Studio | How To Implement Rewarded Ads [2022]

How to add Admob Rewarded Video Ads In Android Studio | How To Implement Rewarded Ads [2022]

hello guys hope all you are doing well,in this video i will teach you how to,implement a google admob rewards yet in,our android application readers here,are the best ad format to increase,earning in our application it reverse,air can be shown in,those conditions where we have some,premium content in our application and,we don't want to give this premium,content for free but,by showing grew outside we can give,access to this premium content,this will benefit both the user and the,developer okay let's learn how to,implement rewards here in our,introduction,if you have not subscribed my channel,please subscribe my channel by clicking,on this subscribe button and click on,this notification action,to get notification about the latest,video i upload video related to android,development coding utc open internet,studio,create a new project,or,open the project,now here i have already implement a,google airbox in our application,uh if you don't know how to implement,google earmob in our replication i have,already made that video,let's,look into build.gradle,i've already added a dependency,for admob ads and i've already,declared app id in,android main paste file,here it is and i have already,declared permission for application okay,here is our java file,we have one activity called main,activity and here is our layout file,which is called activity main let's look,into this,okay,here we have one button in one text view,i will add this button to center and,keep ideas button,i'll give this code link,in description below,and i have one text view,which id is content tv and text is the,continuous log here what we are going to,do is,at first we are loading the reward head,and,after clicking this button we are,showing that reward here,after showing that rewarded when user,gets uh some amount we are going to,unlock this content this is for demo,purpose if you have production,application or other type of application,you can implement in other ways,let's look into our main activity,here i have already declared 8 unit id,for your date this is test in 8 minute,id if you have production app or really,go to admob passport and create one you,added then copy and paste here then i,have,to declare,one variable,called rewired name rewarded i've,declared this tag,and i've declared,one button and one text view then,inside oncreate,we have initialized,airbub sdk by calling mobile ads dot,insulates,then,i have one created one function called,load rear shares here we are going to,load the rewards,and i have already initialized this,button also i have initialized text view,by find viewer id,id dot content tv which is,this is,and for button,i have declared find viewer id r dot id,dot button and i have already,set a click listener for that button,also,here what we are going to do is,here i have already said and click this,button we are going to show rewarded and,i have already created one function,to show you added also inside this we,are going to write a code to show reward,here and to load rewarded okay now let's,load how we added true rewarded,we need one ad request variable let's,clear that,then to load your rates we need to write,url,dot,low here we need to pass context,then we need to pass,aid unit id,reviewed unit id i have already declared,that,and we need to pass a request variable,then we need to pass a rewarded callback,it divided callback,here we have,a two method which we need,this callback will notify that if it is,failed to load this will call and if it,is loaded this will call,if it is failed to load let's declare,our,this rewarded variable to null,m rewire is called null,if it is loaded let's assign this,divided to our,variable,and rewrite here is equal to rewarded,then we can add divided full screen,content callback also to train our,various let's do that,rewired here,dot,set fully screen content callback,new,full screen content callback here we,have pipe method let's implement all of,them,you can,view all of them,for now we need,one eight dismissed full screen content,if we need,more reversers after showing one then we,can,load view areas here also,okay you can,view this function also,we don't need this here,okay let's go to store rewards here,inside show us here what we're going to,do is,we'll check,how,this variable,if it is known then our radio is not,ready if it is not known then we are,going to show your heads okay let's do,that let's check if red is null or not,if,everybody,is not equals to null,we are going to show our rearrange here,everywhere else dot show that we are,passing activity edge,main activity dot this,and we will pass a rare listener,let's pass that on,user reward listener,here,we can track reward amount in real type,also by,integer,amount,is equal to reward item,dot,get amount,and stream,type is equal to type is equal to reward,item dot get type,after showing rewired air successfully,now we are going to unlocking the,content in our text view let's do that,m text view,dot set text,here,we can write the,cont

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How to Add Admob Rewarded Ads to Your Flutter App and Drive User Engagement

How to Add Admob Rewarded Ads to Your Flutter App and Drive User Engagement

hi everyone today i want to show you how,to add reward ads to your flutter apps,um so i've got this existing app here,with interstation,and banner ad so if you want to see my,previous tutorial on that i'll link it,in the description,so what you'll want to do is basically,add to your pub spec cam or this google,mobile ads,package,and also update your info p list with,your,application identifier which you can get,off google ads,once again this will be explained better,in my initial demo of how to add,um admob ads to your app and in your,android management first you also want,to add the application id,um,yes if you're not sure how to do that,just check out my previous,um,video,so what i've got is i've got a couple of,screens so i've got my main,dart screen and my first screen,is the one with the ads i added a second,screen to show that it wouldn't,go through the second screen unless you,actually initialize the ads and i've,also got an ad manager,so basically what i've got in this ad,manager is the,functions for loading,interstitial and banner ads and also,showing them,and i've got this add ads function which,takes the boolean for interstitial,banner ad and now reward ads,and basically um we'll,add whatever ads you've specified by the,booleans it's just kind of to,extract the ad loading data away from,the ui and just put it all in one place,so it's sort of like keeps things a bit,cleaner,so now i'm going to add a load rewarded,function,and i'll give it a unit id,so,you can get these ad units for the test,ad units off,off of the google admob website,and basically,you can use those when you're testing,and then when you go live you'll want to,actually change those out for,your actual ad unit ids which you'll,create inside admob,in the console,so when the,um,rewarded ad load callback,i want to add i want to,i want to add a rewarded ad load call,back when i load the,rewarded ad and it's going to handle,if the,ad load,failed and whether it succeeded,so if it failed we're going to null out,that rewarded ad because it didn't load,and if it succeeded we'll set the,rewarded ad,that field that i've added previously,that means that we'll be able to show it,a bit later,you can also add logging if you want but,i don't really need any logging here,cool and i think that's everything i do,need to do to load my ad,i'll also want to go if there's a,rewarded ad then load that ad,and i also want to dispose of it when i,want to dispose ads,that's just doing some nice clean up for,you,all my code's going to be on github so,you can check it out there at any point,and have a play with it,so,i'm now checking if the rewarded ad is,not equal to null because that means,there's a rewarded ad that's been loaded,and if that,if it's not null then i'll set a full,screen content call back,and add a few different functions for,that,so when we're showing the full screen,content i might print out this,in production code you wouldn't want,this print statement obviously,um,but for now that's just what i'm doing,just to show you how to edit you might,have some logic you want,when it's showing but i don't have,anything that i want to do when it's,showing,so on dismissed i'm going to just call,add.dispose,and i'm going to load a new rewarded ad,and when it fails to,show the full screen content,i'm going to dispose the ad once again,and load a new rewarded ad,and then my rewarded ad i'm just going,to set immersive mode true that's for,android and basically allows the ad to,show an immersive mode,and then i'm going to do the actual show,you'll need to supply a function for,when,the user earns a reward and basically,that will give allow you to,allow you to add the logic to reward,them like coins or whatever you've set,up in,google admob so when you're actually,creating a rewarded ad in google admob,it will let you specify an amount and a,type and so you can actually you have,different ad units,maybe you can have the user working,their way up through rewards to sort of,encourage engagement stuff like that,so yeah that's why you might have,different,rewards and how you might,use that to sort of drive engagement in,your app,so,i'm adding a button here that's going to,show my rewarded ad,and i'll pass and true because i want to,be able to show rewarded ads as well,so cool that's all loaded and now if i,go,and,click on show interstation you can see,it showing a test ad,and when i click on,show reward add,it will show a,rewarded video test you can see that,it's in test mode and you've got a,countdown once that countdown's,timed out then you'll actually get your,reward,and it'll console log it so you can see,i've got flutter 10 coins,that's because i've been rewarded the,value from the test unit it would match,up with whatever you've specified on,google admob i hope you've enjoyed this,video and if you have please like and,subscribe for more content

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Best Video Ad Networks for Mobile Apps | Rewarded Video App Monetization Platforms | 2021

Best Video Ad Networks for Mobile Apps | Rewarded Video App Monetization Platforms | 2021

these days video demand for in-app and,mobile web are purchased,programmatically by agency trading desks,and dsps,as the market continues to get segmented,there are a lot of,tech companies and players which have,growing demand for in-app inventory for,video here in this video we're gonna,take a look at some of the top,monetization platforms that can pay you,high cpms for your video ad inventory,number one index exchange,there are a lot of exchanges demand,platforms and advertisers,who buy inventory via the index exchange,platform,this has led to an increasing demand of,video in-app,inventory and index exchange continues,to be one of the top,when it comes to buying in-app video ads,the in-app video cpms for index exchange,for to1 traffic who was around five,dollars to seven dollars,number two tap joy,tap joy continues to be one of the most,promising video ad network with strong,presence in tier 1 tier 2 countries,and middle east the network effectively,monetizes your in-app inventory,and offers good rate across all major,geographies the video cpm rates offered,by tab joy can hover anywhere around,three dollars to five dollars,number three wang li wangli helps app,developers monetize their in-app,inventory via,video ads and rewarded video ads their,cpm rates are pretty robust across tier,1 and tier 2 traffic,and if you are a gaming developer you,can obviously see some very high cpms,if you are using this ad network however,only runs on a mix of cpm and cpi models,therefore,it is important that your traffic,converts well for the advertisers as,well the cpm rates for t01 traffic,hovers above five dollars and that two,for tier two traffic,is around two to three dollars number,four unity ads,unity ads has been one of the strongest,mobile ad networks when it comes to,monetizing video inventory they do also,have a robust sdk which makes the,integration,very simple and easy with unity ads you,can always expect cpms to be,have a five dollar for tier one traffic,it also has a strong,presence of advertisers globally and if,you have tier 2 traffic you can expect,the cpms to be at least two dollars and,if you have tier three traffic in fact,then also you you can expect substantial,field rate and higher cpm rates,when compared to other mobile video, these in nutshell,are the top four mobile ad networks when,it comes to monetizing your video and,inventory,apart from admob,rewarded video ads have emerged as a new,ad format in the mobile advertising,industry where advertisers play flat cpm,rates for,viewable video ads as an app developer,you can show rewarded video ads to your,users,and once the video is being completely,seen by the user,certain premium features of the app,would be unlocked to the user,additionally these,ads can be intermittently displayed to,the users,so that they can continue using the app,here we are going to take a look at,some of the platforms which offers the,highest cpm rates when it comes to,monetizing through rewarded video ads,number one admob,admob is the pioneer of rewarded video,ads and have a significant volume of,advertisers,who are targeting specifically for,inventory in the rewarded video ad,segment,usually rewarded video ads are extremely,popular for tier 1 traffic,where the cpm rates can go as high as 15,for android and more than twenty dollars,for,ios however the in-app advertiser base,for,tier two and tier three traffic is,gradually,increasing when we consider this,particular ad format,and the rates can hover anywhere around,three to four dollars for tier two,and around one dollar for tier three,countries number two,facebook facebook continues to provide,superior monetization when it comes to,rewarded video ads with a huge amount of,data and,intent targeting the conversion rate for,rewarded video ads is pretty high in,the facebook platform and thus,publishers and app developers,always enjoy high cpms when they are,using this particular ad format you can,expect the cpms to be in tandem with,admob,and for certain niches it can go as high,as 20 to 30 dollars,number three unity ads,unity ads is one of the strongest mobile,ad network when it comes to monetizing,video inventory and reverted video,inventory unity ads is one of the,strongest monetization platform when it,comes to monetizing video ads and,rewarded video ads the cpm rates,provided by unity ads is close to,admob and facebook however the good,thing about unity ads is you can use,their ads,along with admob and facebook to,increase the fill rate for,tier 2 and tier 3 traffic where the,demand for,reverted video ads is not very,substantial on both,facebook and admob thus combining these,three ad networks in mediation,you can maximize your revenue potential,through rewarded video ads for tier two,and tier three traffic,number four add colony,at colony is a premium video advertising,platform which provides advertisers and,brands with,engaged audience it is best suited to be,used as a pass back,along with your top video ad network

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