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Facebook Ads Stuck In Review [WHAT TO DO🤔]hey what's up guys this is Ali from my,social you calm and

Ali Mirza

Updated on Jan 05,2023

Facebook Ads Stuck In Review [WHAT TO DO🤔]

hey what's up guys this is Ali from my,social you calm and welcome back to my,youtube channel what do you do when your,facebook ads are stuck in under the view,or interview for a long period of time,I'm sure you've seen if you run Facebook,ads on a consistent basis sometimes we,place an ad everything looks good but it,stays in under the view or in process in,preview for a long long time and,actually guess what there's a way you,can contact Facebook and speed up the,review process so that's what we're,gonna talk about inside this video,Before we jump into the demo you know,what to do right yes make sure you,subscribe and hit the bell icon so you,get notifications of all of my future,videos alright let's jump in let me show,you what you can do if your facebook ads,are stuck in under review for a long,period of time basically what you are,gonna do is make sure you write down,this URL so slash business,slash help there you go so Facebook very,important that you maybe bookmark this,if you are gonna use this on consistent,basis again its backslash,business backlash help and then what you,will do is go down at the bottom,actually right here so the the chat,contact our support team and then the,chat option and basically they're gonna,the chats gonna open in your messenger,so if you click on that and then you're,gonna see a page like this chat with our,support team let's go through this so,make sure you have your name right put,your phone number in there pick your,Facebook email do put your ad account ID,so if your manage multiple ads you will,have to go back to the Facebook Ads,manager and look at the ad account ID,select your Facebook page from the,drop-down and then I believe,but you have to select from here right,here so my ad is pending in review this,option right here and then this is,optional more information I would say do,provide more information so maybe if,your ads are pending interview for 24,hours 48 hours so give them more details,here maybe if it's a video ad or image,ads whatever the details are do give,them more information here one thing I,would point out if your ads have been,stuck for less than 24 hours I would say,just wait if they're stuck for more than,24 hours then go and do this process and,then basically what's going to happen is,it will actually trigger a chat window,with Facebook advertisers support it'll,look something like this and they'll ask,you some more for more information,maybe confirm your account your IDs your,Facebook ad that that's in question and,then they will be able to look into it,in more detail and basically what they,do is the process is sometimes the,machine learning or algorithms it just,gets stuck so what they do is they do a,manual review and from what I've seen,like in couple of minutes or sometimes,in a couple of hours your ads does get,approved if everything is good so guys,this is how you can if your ads are,stuck in pending interview for Facebook,you can request you can contact them or,over the chat and then you can request a,manual review again the URL you want to,make sure you to write this down or,maybe bookmark this it's,slash business slash help that's the URL,and then hit on the the chat icon which,is right here I'm not sure if they're,open on weekends they might be I haven't,I don't remember but I know they're open,during the weekdays so super simple this,is how you can get your Facebook ads to,be reviewed and approved ASAP thank you,so much for watching before,go you know what to do make sure you,subscribe and it's a bell icon and I,will see you in the next video thanks

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FB Ads Stuck in Review More than 24 hrs? Do THIS NOW!

FB Ads Stuck in Review More than 24 hrs? Do THIS NOW!

what to do if your facebook ad is talk,in review,how to fix a facebook ad stock in review,for over 24 hours,hello business owners goal getters and,profit makers as a digital marketing,agency i'm always here to give you value,and help your business grow online,that is the aim of the videos we create,online so this channel is dedicated to,business owners who want to make more,sales get more customers and grow their,business online leveraging on the power,of social media facebook ads google ads,instagram ads so do well to go ahead and,smash that subscribe button right away,so many clients recently complained of,this particular issue facebook had,review taken longer than usual to get,reviewed or to become active and one of,them said my facebook ad has been stuck,in review for over 24 hours please help,so the help is what you are going to,give in this video so if you notice,sometimes you have done everything,correctly you have set up your ads,correctly your campaign has been set up,correctly your videos is intact,everything is intact but yet you publish,the ad and after 12 hours it is still,being reviewed after 24 hours it is,still being reviewed if you have faced,such challenges before then you are not,alone because in this video we are going,to be explaining exactly what you have,to do if your ads has been on review for,over 24 hours what you need to do is do,nothing i'm sure you are shocked yes on,our screen here you notice that i have,some active ads and one of them is still,in review and about four of them is,already active so these two ads here has,been in review for over 24 hours now i,made the mistake that a lot of us will,have made so i went ahead to try to edit,the creative or change the video i know,many of us will try to do the same but,don't try to do that because anytime you,try to edit an ad that is already in,review facebook algorithm would try to,restart all the process all over again,is that all right so if your ad has been,in review for over six hours and you go,ahead to edit one or more creative the,review process will start all over again,as if it's a fresh review so having done,that i,ensured that these other ones were not,tampered with at all so these other ones,were not tampered with and i left it,just as it is,and lo and behold 2 a.m this morning the,ads became active so this other last one,that i seen review i will not touch it,until it's accepted so most times you,should have done the right things right,your ass has not been reviewed so your,ad being rejected is different from it's,being reviewed is that all right so,being resident means it has been,reviewed and has been found one thing so,in that case you can request for a,manual review a human can help you to,review because sometimes facebook,algorithm can be so so crazy and,annoying and a pain in the ass so what,you need to do is for us that have taken,longer than usual to get reviewed let it,be and if the situation persists you can,go ahead to contact support the link to,contact support is in the description,that is if every other thing that we,mentioned in this video fails remember,to get more content like this go ahead,to smash that subscribe button just know,that before your ads run on facebook or,instagram the facebook team always,review it against their advertising,policies so this happens automatically,by the facebook algorithm before the ads,can begin running and you can also see,the status of your ad delivery in the,column of the ads manager so sometimes,even after your eyes have become active,a whole lot of review is still going on,and you notice that sometimes active ads,can become rejected if they found it one,thing so you might also want to ask how,does the ad review works so facebook ad,review relies primarily on their,algorithm to apply their advertising,policies to the millions of ads that are,being run across all the apps be it,instagram be it facebook native app,itself and all that just know that just,at this moment a whole lot of ads is,being turned up,every minute every second every hour so,however facebook uses human reviewers to,improve and train their automated system,so in some cases manual review is done,on some ads so the ad review system,review as for violation of facebook,advertising policies so this review,process may include these specific,components of an app such as image video,or text and the targeting information as,well as the ad destination among other,information so an ad destination is,where an address be put to who click on,the ad such as the web page or the,landing page so based on the result of,the ad an ad is either rejected or,allowed to run so that is how the review,process works so we'll go ahead to check,out how long an ad review takes now to,tell us the truth before now,if i should set up an ad and publish it,it takes nothing less than 30 minutes to,one hour and the ass will become so,active but of recent because of kovid 19,and all that so for the past two years,the ad review process t

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Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2023 IMPORTANT UPDATE)

Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2023 IMPORTANT UPDATE)

your Facebook advertising strategy isn't,working as well as you want right now,because things have changed and what,used to work even a few months ago is,dramatically different than the,strategies and tactics that we're seeing,succeed on the platform right now for,example the problem child better known,as Facebook lead ads was once a terrible,choice for businesses that only ever,seemed capable of delivering low quality,leads all wrapped up in a clunky and,awkward dashboard but now thanks to a,few recent changes and some secrets that,I'll be sharing with you later in the,video Facebook lead ads are amazing and,they're quickly becoming one of my top,picks for generating leads and making,sales for pretty much any kind of,business out there so I'll break down,how to set them up right and what a,profitable ad campaign looks like in,just a minute and I'll share with you a,little secret that I use to take,campaigns from a three percent response,rate to over a 68 response rate next,another thing that's changed is campaign,structures and many of the default,settings inside your Facebook ads,manager account most people don't know,about these changes so they're just,leaving things on the default settings,but this this is a mistake in fact some,of these settings are so bad that you'd,be better off just tearing your money,apart and lighting it on fire and then,flushing it down the toilet extreme,maybe overly dramatic possibly but,accurate sadly yes my friend so I'll,show you how to set your campaigns up,for Success making sure that you get the,absolute most Bang from your advertising,buck and that you're not losing or,wasting money on ineffective or useless,settings and then lastly I'm going to,give you an Insider look into how I set,up and structure and launch a brand new,campaign complete with what I'm looking,at when I'm testing new objectives and,the metrics that I assigned to each to,make sure that it's going to end up,profitable so let me start by first,making one of the most controversial,statements I've ever made before which,is that generating leads at least how,most people are doing it is one of the,least effective marketing strategies,available today yeah I know but let me,explain generating leads in the way that,it's traditionally done is one of the,most overhyped marketing promises of all,time sitting right there beside the,objective of trying to get more likes,and more comments and more shares on,your stuff and if you've ever run a,marketing or advertising campaign or,hired someone to run one for you and,they've come back with a bucket full of,likes but no actual sales then you know,what this feels like and it doesn't feel,good this is because doing things like,generating likes and comments and shares,doesn't usually lead to business growth,and sales and revenue I'd like to say it,never leads to sales but I kind of,hedged there a little bit well the same,concept applies to just going out there,and generating leads this is because,anyone can get leads thousands of them,millions even all you really gotta do is,make some kind of crazy irresistible,offer like give away a free iPad or a,free car but the problem with these,leads is that they're unlikely to ever,convert into an actual customer in the,future that is unless your business,model is entirely based around giving,away free iPads or free cars in which,case you and I need to have a little,heart-to-heart chat about the future of,your business because I'm worried for,you the secret then to generating the,kind of leads that you actually want the,kind that are going to turn into,customers and eventually buy something,really comes down to two things first,you need to focus on acquiring quality,leads which is a combination of how,relevant they are to your business how,motivated they are to solve the problem,or take action and how capable they are,of actually buying or paying for it and,next you need a conversion mechanism or,in other words a marketing funnel or a,sales funnel and a way to essentially,turn those leads into customers now,after over 10 years of owning multiple,different marketing agencies and having,spent over 70 million dollars on,Advertising through the agencies while,the number one software that I use for,this is called high level so I'll make,sure to link up where you can get an,extended free trial in the descriptions,below this video and if you're already,using high level well good for you you,can still use the link in the,descriptions below to get a few hundred,bucks off and upgrade coupon just click,on the Blue Link instead of the yellow,button now this video is not sponsored,but that's not going to stop me from,professing my love for the software as,aside from having all of the usual,features you would expect like a CRM an,email and SMS and a calendar and,scheduling and all kinds of different,customization stations and funnel,options the real power and the secret,feature that I use and how I'm able to,take response rates from three percent

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Facebook ads នៅតែ IN REVIEW រាប់ម៉ោង តើត្រូវធ្វើយ៉ាងម៉េច?

Facebook ads នៅតែ IN REVIEW រាប់ម៉ោង តើត្រូវធ្វើយ៉ាងម៉េច?

các bạn sub đây là do clip sông spec-01,Ken Channel then tháng lúc nó bị ốm nhom,trong chai Đồng Lê nhà toàn niềm muối,tôi chỉ mỗi lần Ok và almost là tự học,sinh dokoka và R2 Facebook là chăm chỉ,tu tư Ừ advertiser Facebook nó về đây,giữa hàng xóm nghĩ tới vì tay tại bà How,do you hear us bao giờ này nằm bậy Natsu,thành bao giờ nó cư họ còn like trên môi,năng hội Facebook trong Facebook mình mẹ,Này nhá Dương thôi ca vọng cổ và là tập,hợp của một thì trong Việt Nam vừa tập,20 vùng núi miền nam khoa Đại hỏi,comment núi Kim ảnh + nộm và hơi ta họ,cô thôi bạn đò con rạch này cũng rất là,trong bật Xin gì vừa khuc thi quy định,viên chai nước nóng của xí dân cư F10,nắng.họ Facebook cư ở Blue thì à,cho coca thông mấy tôi chỉ mùi Đang r,thay nên facebook.ios tháng mấy đứa nhỏ,mà này là nó không thật vui Rớ Bảo Xuân,Diệu mà cái mấy trắng with other Kali ví,dụ trong quên mặt facial màu bà này đọc,nên khi mặc nhau Hóa Nỗi Bật nhông đạo,diễn độc màu chuyện ấy là lớn nơi Eru,lời chỉ dẫn nước nó bị nôn nhiều trong,chai động lại ngày đó còn ý Ông pi vì,thì xả bạn nước non ca tiện Tôn Tự cam,thì họ bỏ Facebook nó mới nói kêu vô,r-type bao giờ nó thua cả menu,treeview-menu luminita cure-all tháng 4,review 3 Portable Plus Ok nó dbu nào để,này thì tương tư một Facebook hours 14,tháng tư kịp Thôi tạm với ai hai cái,Moderm FIFA một cái Tab take me 3D,Tattoos for Rookie trên xe và Sơn chia,màn Nguyên là vậy đó,I see more Facebook thế chứ kê accrued,Hoàn tại disapprove Ok chân đầu mấy cần,thoi bà tự giảm về nó Cây vú lớn nó đi,xa tài vì quan hệ tôi cho mùa đông cô,trong một lần lượt bỏ Facebook cơ mà,neither ca bạn Bạn Của Nemo phí Bạn tự,lực môn thế trong vì ai cửa keratectomy,rất là mình đã khóa vừa K bịt mình đã,thoát được nop Đồng Nai ca nó không cà,già yếu vì hay chiều môn một niềm vàng,Cô Vịt Ok Họ có một happyou trong tầm,bậy thôi ca thì khoảng thời gian,Facebook đồng với The Blues Bỏ rồi bạn,lượng chuyện khó mà đá mà hẹn luôn chưa,1,4 máu rất nhân lành bằng hai tao dùng,thì hiện tại cảm Ok chân dung hen tim,muối cư ngờ tao học Nitơ zota can, Sao Lạc business school,have,ở rừng để đọc như chưa từng Can you Ở,lần thứ hai giờ nên mặc cảm tin Đi ô tô,mà tiếc mà đọc nhé chờ chờ toàn Jetstar,nguyệt san modify and contact support,their food Kaito for technical support,almost all Model trước nó further tô bán,tự nhiên either have 2 diện ID Card,support support bao giờ đến từ an,all-new paracord trong performances cư,dân ioe của tam giác ra từ trước nhờ,chúng nó ở KonTum vú cho người đọc lý ai,thua cả đọc sai tao Vậy thì để thì không,còn tồn tại bằng hai đi tới chấn thương,ông tình In The Eye and clear sáng tác,sẽ SO4 thì một sân golf Đồng Mô tôi,trước ngực về đây vừa gà họ buộc mà đoạn,tiết cho người đó không yêu anh trao mãi,chậm lại về vụ dàn diễn viên vừa gặp,luôn dẫn muốn rất là ok Dân Chơi trả lời,get start và mà còn viết thư,I had,đang trưởng thành lớn lên mặt nạ nên cho,bò su Liên format and the girl xinh,Trường Yoyo Thế thì có những từ nhà đó,có nghĩa Họ vô lại nhé nick mà hết con,the support nhân dân tributo A Helmet ở,A Reason that you I,Anh Dương kế toán miền thành hai đáy,trên cái xu gọn your relationship to,this Mission is to you mean từ mẹ chồng,nói metropolitan dán bọc nhóm nhóm Gucci,màu chàm hết nhân đạo hay ốm à,you are you from the app on Asean, sương triền miên miên khen được,đặt từ mà đó hỡi nhưng is lại nó này,bằng tay soạn bài học cái giọng nói khác,mày xem giùm rô nấu What is special,about trên loại đất thì trong vô Epson,and Wide chuyện tôi cho Môn thể thao này,đi bạn này thành nơi về đây nào đọt này,thuộc học là Mũi Né lót nên thờ miền kẻ,Thảo không mua được Asen là được không,cần massage gohnson trước mây tre Nguyễn,bạn nhỏ đọc Nếu thầy chùa được nóng, slot không mới underscore,Manager laj unicum,in the crossing acall command Manager,chất giống vô Ecosport pa-203 tiếp,kunitori Khởi miền bạn là bèo mối cứ,khảo này đi cho nhớ rõ nhất Chrome tại,cục vị,các bạn ID back your love huh yoyo1 lại,đi Ok chứ còn lại nắng vec cái tơ tằm,ipboard giờ mỗi mũi này à,ô ô còn lại nói Dương mạnh pingle nữa,khi đã tạo app Snow mà đây thơm Pink,best of command trứng lấy cái Shoot a,What is your question about mandated,Super Way You nguyên bản hay dẫn à Ờ Chứ,cứ lại cứ mày đi Thành điên in review,này một nhóm Cleaner tại Paris bị vũ mà,e-sports được thú mày Asia and,delivering,có ai để the love and getting Adele chấm,perrault nhóm girl hot boy nhóm cư nơi,tại bị vú trong dụng với ôxi nó mát,Ừ chứ cười đi mà để đọc ngay cho xe máy,hay suy thai to ở dưới cư nhằm đã tham,is still into you please và nhân dân bơi,qua sông định hót nữa để,Em xinh em đặt hàng và xây Facebook biệt,này thêm chân sau người ta trôi chảy một,nhóm mình tan mỡ lớn vì bà này tại,review for you này trong của tao mày,thích ông thuộc mà start,Ừ ok chuẩn bị trang bạn biết Tại sao tay,vinhome áo nhôm họ thưa ca bản đặt Asus,điều khiển akenz bà tạm giá cả issues,that can Facebook business support cho,người đó

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i spent twenty dollars a day,for seven days on facebook ads and here,are the results hey guys,welcome to my channel so today i'm going,to be talking about,facebook ads as you guys know i do have,an,online boutique as some of you guys may,know i should say i do have an online,accessories boutique,and i decided to try out facebook ads,because i hear,a lot of good things about it i've used,facebook ads i believe,a couple like probably twice max in 2018,when i had my online clothing boutique,and based on those results from what i,remember it wasn't anything like really,significant and,i believe at that time i spent five,dollars,for a week or something like that i'm,excited to share my results with you,guys,so if you are interested definitely keep,on watching,if you are new to my channel i just want,to say hey welcome my name is donna i,make fashion,business videos and i would really love,it if you would hit that subscribe,button down below if you do,like this video and you want to see more,content for me and also give this video,a thumbs up because it'll really help,out my channel a lot so just keep in,mind that when you do run ads,you do have to run at least a few ads in,order to see what really works for your,business and what you should stick with,and what you know your potential,customers like,so when it comes to doing facebook ads,you cannot be scared to spend money and,you cannot be scared to try out,different techniques,so what i did this time is completely,different than what i'm doing now,i am running ads again and i did change,up a few things if you guys are,interested,in me doing another part sharing the,results that i get,again i could definitely do that i think,when it comes to facebook ads a lot of,times,a lot of people they think oh,advertising on social media,like i'll definitely be able to,see great results right away and my,brand is gonna skyrocket a lot of people,are just gonna love what i have,and they're gonna come flocking to my,store when really that is not the case,so the main reason i decided i wanted to,do facebook ads was because i wanted to,get,i wanted to gain more brand recognition,and i also just wanted,more people to visit my website as well,to see if that would bring in some more,sales,and it didn't screen record like the,process of me doing it because,it was completely new and i was trying,to make sure that i did everything,the right way so i'm just gonna put in,some screenshots for you guys to see,um so when you create a new campaign,there are some categories that you could,choose from,you could choose awareness consideration,and conversion,and for me i wanted to get com um,conversions then there's another,category where you could choose,something like lowest cost cost cap,bid cap and target cost and i was,actually going to do target costs,but they said that target costs will,soon be unavailable,and they recommend not using it because,i'll have to make the changes later,so i went with cost cap with because,they said that it was a similar,alternative with cost cap you control,your costs while getting the most,volume for the budget that you have and,with this i just put the daily budget at,twenty dollars because that's what,facebook had recommended,so twenty dollars a day it do let you,know that the,results may vary and you will most,likely spend,a little more or a little less just,depending but they also do let you know,that if you choose,lifetime budget you'll never spend more,than the amount that you choose,and if you choose daily budget you might,spend more on some days,and less on others to maintain the um,the average daily budget,so just be ready depending on what your,goal is,to spend a little more a little less and,based on the information that i put in,they said that the people that i should,reach,would be between 1.7k to 5k,and the amount of link click link clicks,would be between,44 and 128,so the payment summary came out to 140,dollars for the ad to be ran for seven,days so before i go into the results i,just want to,let you guys know a little more,information,so i'm i'm doing this so that if you,guys are interested you'll have an idea,on,what you may experience as well so the,facebook ads aren't just ran on facebook,they are also ran,on instagram so instagram stories,instagram feed,are in the explore page so i created,this campaign,on october 24th and they,approved my ad and everything to start,running on october 25th,and the end date was on halloween,october 31st came out to me spending um,136.32 so,it is about four dollars less than the,estimated amount of money that,um i was going to spend and facebook ad,manager does bill you daily so,i did receive a bill of 25 dollars,for the october 25th to october 26th,i was also billed 25 from october,25th to october 27th,and i was billed 25 for october 26,to october 28th and then i was billed,35 from october 28th to,october 30th so i definitely noticed an,increase in my,insights on instagram and i'll put a,screenshot in so

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I Spent $1,000,000 On Facebook Ads (What I Learned)

I Spent $1,000,000 On Facebook Ads (What I Learned)

in the last three years i've spent over,one million dollars on facebook ads and,in this video i'll be sharing with you,the four most important things that i,learned along the way these are the,things that i wish i knew before i,started running facebook ads and if i,had known them i would have saved,thousands of dollars in testing and,found my first success much quicker but,first let me jump into my account and,show you some proof this is my facebook,dashboard so let's take a quick look at,how much i've spent over the last couple,of years i know you guys don't care that,much but i just want to show you this so,you know it's all legit on account,number one i spent 22 000. on account,number two i spent 21 000. on this,account i spent 122 000 on this account,i spent 268 000 on this account i spent,17 000 on this account i spent 60 000,and lastly on this account me and a,partner spent around 1.1 million so i,don't know the grand total but i've,spent a lot and i've learned a lot along,the way so let's get started with the,first and one of the most important,lessons that i've learned so far this,might be a hard pill to swallow but you,need to hear it your strategy,it doesn't matter there are so many,different facebook ad strategies out,there and many beginners get caught up,in trying to decide which is the best,one and if that's you i hate to say it,but you are completely focusing on the,wrong things out of all the facebook,strategies that exist there's one thing,that stays constant amongst all of them,i like to call it the big three,well i guess that would mean there's,three things anyways the big three are,your product your creative and your,offer let's break each one of them down,there's simply no way that you can force,a bad product to sell on facebook so,here are some things to look out for,when trying to find a great product find,something that is already selling well,on the platform you don't have to,reinvent the wheel and find the next big,thing you can simply look at what's,already working and figure out how to do,it better try to find products that have,been launched somewhat recently so you,can jump on the trend as it's happening,and not after it's well passed and,lastly look for a product that's,somewhat evergreen you don't want to,find stuff that's only hot for a month,you want to find those products that can,sell for months even years those are the,ones that you'll be able to make,millions off of next up is the creative,now i can make a whole video about,creatives themselves and i actually have,in the past so we're not going to dig,too deep into this topic but even if you,have the best product in the world if,you have a bad creative the product is,not going to be able to sell at all a,great creative can actually save a,mediocre product but it doesn't,necessarily work the other way around,being able to create a high quality,video or photo ad for your product is,the number one skill that you need to be,a successful marketer on facebook or any,other platform lastly you need a good,offer that allows you to profitably,scale your product you can do all kinds,of stuff with offers like bundles,upsells subscription models but for the,most part i try to keep it as simple as,possible so it's easy for the customer,to understand and if you're able to,combine these three things you'll be,able to find success with facebook no,matter what strategy you're using this,brand is called the ocean project and,basically all they're doing is selling,simple jewelry but because they've,combined the big three they're able to,scale this product really high the,product is really simple it is this,turtle necklace but the big selling,point is that with every sale you can,track a turtle you can help save the,turtles and every dollar goes to funding,ocean cleanups so not only are they,buying the necklace but they're buying,the peace of mind that they're giving,back to the earth in regards to the,creative they've done a good job by,keeping it simple and straight to the,point they show the product they show,the benefits in the actual copy they,give a review from somebody that has,ordered they give the main features and,benefits of ordering from them money,back guarantee high reviews 50 000,customers the perfect gift it is really,simple but it gets the job done and as,you can see it has a ton of engagement,people are really pleased with the,product let's see here they say i got,mine i love it you get the idea here my,son bought this as a gift for me people,really like this product,and lastly i think the best thing they,have going for them is their offer so,you see that they are selling just one,at a time but every single purchase,allows you to track a turtle so instead,of just saying hey guys we're gonna sell,you this necklace that you can wear,we're gonna sell you this necklace and,allow you to donate money with your,purchase and allow you to track a turtle,with your purchase so the value of,spending 25 has now gone up tremendously,mak

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hello facebook's people i'm gus dinos,today we're going to talk about a new,review system that facebook has i have,seen it recently i asked the facebook,representative about it and this is the,answer that i got about this new feature,and how it works before we start thank,you very much for all the support on,this channel like this video if you like,the content and don't forget that i have,my free course that is going to help you,more understand facebook ads the link is,on the description now let's go quickly,and see this is a picture that i have,it's a print screen from one of the ads,and we noticed if you see on the bottom,it says 47 business ratings,so,we are familiar with that we knew that,you can go and you can leave a review to,the facebook page and stuff but when we,were looking to the facebook page we,couldn't see,47 and this is a company that actually,has more than thousands reviews on their,facebook page so we couldn't understand,where it was coming from so we asked the,facebook representative,and,the answer was this a test was launched,to help make more informed purchases uh,from ads they discovered on facebook and,instagram this is part of our work to,create positive experiences for people,as they discover and solve the things,they love across our apps so basically,they're asking them with a survey and,based on the survey in your ad the,results are going to appear this is what,is happening,we are collecting ratings and reviews on,some people's purchases experiences with,your business,via surveys that will appear in facebook,news feed and later on instagram these,surveys will help us understand how,willing people are,this service will help us understand how,willing people are to provide feedback,on their post transaction experiences,and what kind of feedback we can expect,receive at scale the long term goal is,to help people make more informed,purchase decisions by sharing customer,feedback we also believe that the,positive ratings can lead to more,increase on in,in conversations says i guess,most probably it means conversion rates,for advertisers these ratings and,reviews would allow advertisers to,differentiate themselves from their,competitors and increase trust with,prospective customers once we begin,testing how we share consumer ratings,and reviews advertisers can opt out of,having this information shared with the,more info feature in facebook mobile,browser during this test period we,encourage businesses to share these,ratings and reviews to build trust with,people on our apps however if your,business prefers to opt out please let,me know so that i can,alert our team if you're having this,feature or maybe you can ask your,facebook representative if you have one,and you're talking with them you can ask,them if you have this feature so that,you can see if you are actually being,represented well because in our case,over here we can see that we had five to,five rating for,uh 70 uh 47,actually surveys so it's good for us we,are having credibility and good results,other than that if you're not aware of,it and you have and you're running,several ads most probably you need to,ask your representative if you're part,of this test,you need to see what kind of results,you're getting and if you're not getting,good results with this service for any,reason you should go and you should hide,it or tell your representative to hide,it anyway very interested uh interesting,uh new feature uh i think that we're,going to see more from facebook with,service and stuff that they talk all,about the experience of people,within the platform and with,the different brands that's all i had,for you today i'm going to see you in a,future video and until we meet again,don't forget that you have to be,creative and you have to be consistent,you

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Facebook Ads Stuck in Review? How to Fix Facebook Ads in Review

Facebook Ads Stuck in Review? How to Fix Facebook Ads in Review

okay how's it going guys it is Peter day,here was optimized to convert and I want,to get this video out in terms of what,to do if your Facebook Ads are stuck in,review status if you guys are running,Facebook Ads you might run across this,and it's good to have some tactics so,recently I was trying to run some ads,that were incredibly white hat very,clean ads and for some reason they were,just not getting approved but they were,not getting disapproved either they were,just basically staying in review status,practically forever and it got a little,bit ridiculous to the point where my,brother launched the ads we went to a,conference we came back from a,conference the ads were still pending,review I gave it like two or three more,days they were still pending review I'm,like this is ridiculous it's been about,seven days and the ads had not been,approved nor disapproved they were just,pending review and I'm like is this is,this ever gonna get approved is it ever,gonna get this approved like it's just,kind of stuck in limbo so anyway I'm,making this video kind of in direct,response to my own experience here in,the last couple days with this so I,started kind of researching what to do,about the situation and a lot of people,had different opinions some people were,just saying to wait it out but in my,case just waiting out this situation was,not was not practical so these are some,different steps that I took and I,actually I didn't even have to get to,step four because the other steps kind,of solved this so step one again the,situation is basically you post ads and,instead of them getting approved or,disapproved they're just like literally,pending review for like three to five,plus days and you want to run your,campaign but you're like I can't get,anything to even get approved or,disapproved like so how do I even run my,ads and so here's kind of the fix that I,was able to do a couple days ago so step,one let's say you have 10 ads inside,your ad set you could just check them,all,check you could just check them all off,so like you're selecting all ten and,just do like a bulk pause and then,resume so this is the first step so,let's pretend you have ten ads just,check them all off so that you're,basically selecting all ten of your ads,at the ad set level go up in the ads,manager and while you have them all,selected just just press pause kind of,in a bulk level and just pause all of,them and then check them make sure,they're still checked off and then just,press on and press active will resume,whatever the term is there but this was,helpful for me to do this okay so just,literally pausing them and then turning,them back on now this actually didn't,work at first but it worked after like a,few rounds of doing it like so a few,days or just like literally turning the,things on and off it seems like when you,completely turn on and off those ads,you've got to do it in a way where,you're literally publishing them so like,check them all off turn them all off in,bulk and turn them all on when you turn,them all on again in bulk it literally,goes into like a Facebook will prompt,you to republish even so this was,helpful after doing a few rounds of this,I started to notice a couple ads finally,got approved with within like within an,hour like something normal okay so,another thing I did was after kind of,pausing and resuming all of these ads,that were stuck in limbo I duplicated,them as well so I had like I had about,10 ads and I paused and resumed I might,try that a few times I noticed that a,few the ads started coming online,finally if you were these things started,getting approved in like a normal normal,time period so then what I did was I,checked off all those ads that I had,pause and resume and I just duplicated,them all by pressing by checking them,all off and pressing duplicate in,Facebook I just duplicated all those ads,one time so then I had I ended up having,a lot of ads in the ad set level at that,point because I had the ten original,ones that I had turned on and off back,on again and then I duplicated all of,them so at this point I had about twenty,ads and the ad set but whatever happened,here it definitely started kind of,triggering these things to start just,getting approved in kind of a natural,way and within a couple hours I started,noticing at least 70% of these ads just,getting approved kind of in the way you,would expect them to and then there was,one more step I had to take there was,one of my ads had an image with text in,it to be honest it wasn't even too much,text you're allowed to have right now,about 20% text and Facebook images this,image was not even to much text but I in,some of my ads I had an image with text,some text in it and I just noticed that,even though I did all these precautions,turned on and off ads I duplicated them,I was able to get like 70% of my ads,pushed through I noticed that the ads,were still not going through that had,the text in them those were still,getting stuck in kind of a forever

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