how to add vendor in shopify

Shopify POS - Sorting products by Vendor Collection hey Nancy this is what you need to do to,figure

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

Shopify POS - Sorting products by Vendor Collection

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how to add vendor in shopify catalogs

Shopify POS - Sorting products by Vendor Collection

hey Nancy this is what you need to do to,figure out consignment stuff so go to,your Shopify collection page by the way,I still have your login so I got in go,to your collection page and create a,collection okay I'm going to call this,the Bruce day collection I don't know if,I spelled his name right now you want to,type in the title and then you want to,go to this thing called sales channel,and just make it available on your point,of sale that's your POS in the store,make that done and then mmm and then you,want to go down here and you want to,create a product vendor product vendor,is equal to Bruce day and now save that,okay,now there is a collection called Bruce,day now you want to go to all your,products and then you want to find stuff,that Bruce Day makes so I'm assuming I,can find it this way,Bruce day okay so here is something that,he made excuse me I got the burps so he,made this one here you now want to put,this product into a vendor excuse me the,vendor being Bruce day oh I guess there,is no vendor called Bruce taste let me,make this Bruce day add Bruce day and,let's save him okay now we want to go,back down here and inventory him and you,want to do this Shopify inventory you,want to keep track of this,Shopify keeps track of this I think you,sold this so I'm going to make this zero,and this box here is interesting because,it allows your customers to buy things,that are out of stock so you know it's,kind of tricky I would say you should,not push this button if Bruce they,brought 20 of these things in you would,put 20 in here in the quantity and then,when you get to zero you don't have any,left to sell so you should be fine okay,next box that you want to make sure,that's good is I would change this,remove this Bruce day here because it's,become irrelevant because he's going to,be sorted under his vendor type or you,can do something like this and save that,now I just want to go back to,collections and make sure that Bruce Day,is now showing at least one Bruce Day,product under here yes it is showing,kaleidoscope projector lamp by Bruce day,okay so there we've fixed the,collections now when you want to check,to see how many things have sold you can,go by inventory and then you can filter,select here vendor and Bruce stay add a,filter and I believe you can even add,another filter here by date tag with no,you can't sorry,so inventory quantity so then you can do,this and then you can hit and then now,you're showing that you sold zero Bruce,day that you have zero in stock so maybe,this is one way you can review to see,how many things you've sold by that one,vendor sorry you can't just sort it by,by date the other way you might be able,to sort things is you just go to,products,and then filter by title and then you,can do filter by vendor product vendor,and then you can select brew stay again,here and add the filter and then you can,see that there's some products with the,brew stays name on it now if you really,want to get fancy you can do this export,and make a spreadsheet if you're,interested in doing that I can show you,how to do that now there's one other,thing that I'm not going to be able to,show you here online but if you go to,your eye on your iPad POS at the top,where there is this search button where,you're typing in to find products just,underneath that there should be another,button that'll drop that'll give you a,drop-down menu that will show you your,collections so now you'll have,collections there such as Bruce day and,nez so you can go ahead and you know,find products that way much faster,they'll be all on one page nicely,arranged so I hope this is helpful for,you and best of luck

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