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"Account Error" Facebook Ads Manger (How To Fix It Immediately)all right so maybe you've been runnin

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Updated on Jan 05,2023

"Account Error" Facebook Ads Manger (How To Fix It Immediately)

all right so maybe you've been running,ads for a while absolutely no problem,running smoothly maybe you're getting,results and all of a sudden,in your delivery column you see account,error now this can seem scary especially,when you try troubleshooting it yourself,maybe you've looked into your campaigns,your ad sets your ads you made sure that,everything was running,which you should have that they all got,approved um,you looked at all the underlying issues,and you still can't figure it out so,what this means is your entire ad,account is having a,delivery issue this problem actually,relates to your billing,and payment information so it's not your,campaigns it's not your ad sets it's not,your ads especially if these have been,running for a while and you've,got this issue randomly so what you're,going to want to do,is make sure your payment information is,updated,you have no outstanding balances and,your spending limits,have not been reached so to do this,we're going to go to the little,hamburger in the top,left corner then go down to,billing,now this brings you to all of your,payment activity you,if you've been running ads will see,transaction id the date,the amount that you've been spending the,payment method and what exactly you're,using and then you'll have payment,status,if your credit card has either not been,paid off you have an outstanding balance,you maybe are in trouble with your bank,you might have something that says,failed,so to fix that you're going to want to,go to the payment settings,right here,once you're in payment settings there's,a couple things you're going to want to,look at,the amount due if you have,any amount due or overdue amount you,want to pay it now,immediately you want to pay it right now,also take a look at your account,spending limit,if you have put a limit on there maybe,at the beginning when you first open,your ad account,and maybe have forgotten about it,facebook may have reached that,spending point and it's not able to,deliver any more,because it just doesn't have the budget,the number one thing that facebook,needs to be able to deliver your ads,is money and of course time,to be able to deliver to the amount of,people that you need now,if these are all good go to your payment,methods and update your payment,information right away,this 99 of the time should solve any,issues that you're having with the,account error uh notification that,you're getting in the delivery column,if this helped you please let me know in,the comments below,i really know what we're doing actually,helps you out so let us know,if you found value hit that like button,so we can help out some more people,and also if you like this kind of,content about facebook as,troubleshooting problems,strategy and also tracking facebook ads,and everything related to it,you should definitely hit that subscribe,button so thanks for watching and we'll,see you in the next video

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Hai hello sebel banget ya temen-temen,kalau iklan Facebook at kita kena at,Manager error ya atau Ami ya Jadi kalau,misalnya in the mother menyebabkan Ami,atau kena edger error jadi kadang kesel,lihat juga karena kenapa karena nggak,bisa ngiklan Nya maka dari itu kalau,misalnya enggak bisa ngiklan otomatis,nggak dapet traffic kalau nggak dapet,rapik atau pengunjung maka tidak akan,terjadi penjualan dan di kalau tidak,terjadi penjualan ya tidak ada,peluangnya Jadi itu bener-bener bikin,napa kesel sebel ya udahlah kayak kenal,snager error ya Sebentar mandi video ini,saya akan infokan ke temen-temen Ya saya,akan sharing kan pengalaman pribadi,Bagaimana cara mengatasi Kalau kita kena,ajzen error ya jangan khawatir temen ya,saya juga kena juga ya bukannya sekali,ya Bahkan berpuluh-puluh kali bahkan,kalau di mode,dunia dari tahun 2014 mungkin udah mau,ratusan kalian second nah SPJ error ya,oke di video ini saya akan berikan,teman-teman Bagaimana caranya kalau,misalnya Anda kena error nah sebelum,Saya infokan bagaimana cara mengatasinya,Kalau Anda kena error ya saya akan,Tunjukkan temen-temen Apa itu es meneror,Nah itu Manajer error nih seperti ini,temennya grup nah ini Jadi kalau sdrw,itu enggak bisa ngiklan nah contoh kayak,gini yang nah ini saya nggak bisa,ngiklan di akun ini akun yang luar biasa,banget ya sudah lama ya saya pakai,eyeshadow sudah satu tahun Dan kena,semua jadi akun iklan ini kena semua ya,Nah ini temennya mungkin bisa lihat ya,Ini karena semua yang kena itu bukan,akun iklannya tapi bisnisnya Nah ya jadi,temen di Facebook itu kan ada bisnis ya,bisnis akun bisnis yang dibawanya itu,aku di clana contoh kayak,dan Nah jadi akun bc1 iklan jadi aku nih,lainnya saya ada 15 ya dan ternyata,bukan yang kena itu akun kliennya Kalau,yang kena akun iklan itu enggak papa,jadi misalnya temen kena akun satu yang,sisanya masih bisa dipakai ketauladanan,punya lima akun iklan kalau yang satu,pernah yang bisa dipakai tapi yang kena,itu bukan aku iklannya tapi akun bisnis,ya kalau aku bisa kena Udah pulang semua,atau temen Nah ini saya alami temennya,nah bagaimana cara mengatasinya Mas,kalau misalnya karena akun es meja error,ya caranya adalah yang pertama kita,banding dulu temen-temennya satu,bandingnya nah banding itu ya teman ya,jelaskannya temen-temennya Jelaskan,bahwa mungkin ada kesalahan ya bagaimana,cara bandingnya cara bandingnya adalah,tangan pergi ke bagian Ads Manager bisa,Ya bisa kesini atau bisa langsung aja ke,kan kali Cina Biasanya kalau misalnya,temen-temen belum,banding nanti ada tulisan kayak gini nih,ya guys trik from appetize Advertising,ya Eh klikreview manual klik disini Tapi,kalau yang ini Ini sudah seri cieng,sementara review tapi belum tapi,hasilnya sudah ada NSA jelek info karena,kalau misalnya temen tidak menemukannya,tetap bisa Klik disini ya dietetik 3 ya,garis-garis ini pilihkan quality nah ini,ya Nah ini adalah tempat Dimana kita,bisa untuk banding ya oke nah kita bisa,lihat atau bisa Klik sini kau isu Apa,masalahnya nah terus ya lihat ini banyak,sekali masalahnya ya ini printfil ini,khaiyath tidak bisa dipakai dayang ada,yang kayak gini nih ya ini adalah akun,bisnisnya klip sini ya di sini nanti ada,menu disebelah kanan klik review manual,ya kayak gitu ya panjang kayak gini nah,ini request review ya tapi karena,selesai enggak bisa lagi karena sudah di,review ya dan hasilnya tidak bisa,diaktifkan kembali ya atau di-banned,permanen Nah temen-temen klik disini,request review kemudian pilih akunnya,nanti direview nah kemudian reviewnya,akan berlangsung kurang lebih 2-5 hari,kemarin saya tiga Hariyadi review oleh,Habib dan kemudian setelah direview,nanti anda akan dapatkan hasilnya Ya,nanti kalau sudah ada hasil ya ya,Misalnya katakan Lahm misalnya silakan,dibenerin ya pizza atau silakan di,lengkapi verifikasinya NATO temen,dilengkapi ya hasilnya lengkapi ya kayak,gitu ya jadi nanti ada infonya,temen-temennya sama FBnya langsung gitu,ya Jadi kalau temen sudah banding sama,2-3 hari ya Oh sampai lima hari ya,biasanya kalau kemarin tidak hari saya,baru,kita Wow lebih nah kemudian tante,melengkapi hasilnya Ya kalau hasilnya,tolong tombol diminta misalnya dan,silahkan dihapus penerbitnya atau,silakan diverifikasi domain nya agar,silahkan tambahkan metode pembayarannya,tentu melengkapi hasilnya Ya gitu Ya nah,tapi kalau misalnya nanti hasilnya kayak,gini ya temen yang dari contoh saya,kasih tentu melihat ya atau requested,review on your Facebook account with,config it did not complete without,afterpulse other standard You can no,longer everything you say Facebook,produktif our final Days Edition ya Ada,itu artinya ini artinya saya tidak bisa,ngiklan lagi dan ini adalah final season,ya atau keputusan akhir Nah kalau,seperti ini teman-teman maka secara,otomatis kita nggak bisa ngiklan lagi ya,jadi akun ini sudah saya tidak pakai,lagi,Hai yang Maka kalau misalnya temen nanti,dapat kayak gini maka otomatis tentu,enggak bisa nih lagi lalu apa yang Ton,bisa lakukan yang totong bisa lakukan,adalah buat

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How to fix Account error in facebook ads manager

How to fix Account error in facebook ads manager

hello guys welcome to my youtube channel,today i'll show you what happens if your,facebook ads manager is showing account,error,in that case what we can do,when it happened to me i thought i made,a big plan there,so this is the normal interface,these are the draft that i made this was,add that is stopped now the ones that,are active it will show active,now let me just show you,the account error,this is a usual account i run ads more,this was the ad that was running but is,now stored because of account error,so,what we can do if account error is,coming in your account also,there i will show you two scenario when,we are setting up the account we select,that facebook will cut recurring payment,or ad fund so this is for recurring,payment,those who have chosen recurring payment,option while setting up their account,let's just go to billing,tools three lines,tools,billing and then,this is what you will see see here it is,showing outstanding balance of this much,amount,if i will pay this amount to facebook,then only i can run new ads my account,error is showing just because of this,error this amount i need to pay to,facebook then only i can run new ads so,i will go to pay now,let's go to a now,here the amount is already been selected,so you just need to i have already added,this card,if you want to add a new card you can,just go to debit and credit,next fill up the card details and then,save,simply i will choose the,old card,pay now,add the cvv save and it will ask for the,otp share the otp the amount will be,debited from your bank account the here,you will see outstanding balance of zero,and account error will be disappeared,similarly let me show you for the ones,that they have added,not the recurring payment method for,facebook ads manager,so,let me just show you,same error account error account account,what i did,what i will do is go to tools,billing,and,bear with my net,please oh my net is a bit slow,slow,slow,so here it is showing available balance,is zero it means for the previous,scenario it was showing outstanding,balance but here it is saying available,balance it means i have not chosen the,recurring payment method so,here what i have to do is i have to add,fund,like if i am adding 5000 facebook will,allow me to spend 5000 then again it i,have to add the fund to run the ads,after,running ads,the moment i spend 5000 it will,again show the same error account error,account error,i have to again add the fund and,do the rest of the thing it is um,this is basically done for people who,are giving the thing their account to,agencies like if i am,giving my account to any agency they and,i am telling you that,spend,50 000 and let me know what is the,status,how much lead i am getting and so on so,they usually do this they add the fund,and tell the agency don't spend more,than that they cannot spend more than,that after that the account error will,show they have to again,add fund to the,ad manager to run the ads,so i am selecting this,already carded,add fund,the cvv and it will ask for payment,and it's i'm sorry it will ask for otp,if you give the otp it will,show the amount here available balance,50 000 and you can run the ads easily,the account error will not appear,anymore,and,happy ending

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How To Fix "Ad Set May Get ZERO" Error in Facebook Ads

How To Fix "Ad Set May Get ZERO" Error in Facebook Ads

hey ninjas welcome back in this video,i'm going to show you exactly what you,need to do whether you get an alert,headset may get zero purchases or,headset may get zero results or no,conversions when you get this alert and,it looks like this or like this,depending on your version of your,facebook ads manager we're going to go,through exactly what you need to do,about that now regardless if you are new,to facebook and instagram ads or if you,are already a veteran this video is for,you and i'm also going to be giving you,some pro tips on how to actually turn,more of your traffic to sales hi i'm,sylvia myers i am one of the co-founders,of the traffic ninjas if you are new to,us and if you are new to these channels,we talk about all things about highly,converting traffic to your shopify store,and how to turn traffic into cells right,because that's what it's all about so,join us on our path as we discover all,of the little known and hidden ways to,essentially get you more traffic to your,store in an easier way for less money,and convert that to sales make sure you,hit the subscribe button and the bell,notifications so you don't miss out on,any of our new videos now guys there,have been lots of changes recently and,the most frequent questions i literally,get asked like every single week is like,oh sylvia i'm getting this alert that my,ad sets can get might get zero purchases,or zero results or zero conversions oh,my god like what am i going to do guys,don't panic super easy fix let's go,through this step by step so essentially,the alert might look something like this,headset may get zero conversions or it,could set eight that may get zero,purchases whatever version you've got,right now what i guys want you to,understand is that there is nothing to,worry about because facebook is not a,human so often this alert pops up when,facebook thinks something is wrong,because some but nothing might,necessarily be wrong however having said,that we do have to go through certain,steps to make sure that it's not a false,alert that actually you've set up your,ad sets properly okay,now why is this happening why is this,happening more and more often it's,happening more and more often because,the targeting has changed okay with all,of the privacy settings being introduced,social media platforms have completely,had to change the way they target and,it's not as precise as it used to be,okay and so essentially it's become much,much harder for facebook and instagram,to find the right people for your store,because we don't have those kind of uh,lookalike audiences working so precisely,as they used to before if you want more,information on looking like audiences,there is another video uh for that and,also if you want another video on more,detailed information on how to set up,your targeting we've got another video,for that okay but in here stay until the,end because we will talk about power,tips on how to maximize uh sales to your,store from your traffic and make sure,that you do not get this alert at,sending zero purchases or that if you do,get it that it's actually nothing to,worry about because you've checked that,everything is running smoothly so first,of all you need to make sure there's,several points inside your headset that,you need to make sure a hundred percent,correct okay 100,correct,before you essentially publish your ad,set,um and also there's few things where you,will find that this asset may get zero,conversions it's a false alert but,sometimes it's a real alert so,what most of you guys do when you get,these alerts at said may get zero,conversions you just click on this learn,more and then you get this whole,whole whole information,as to why this doesn't work and what,could be wrong and it tells you like oh,my god you might have to troubleshoot,your conversion optimization like uh,what is conversion optimization this is,so complicated you might have to,optimize for different events and,essentially it gives you this whole,whole list,of how it calculates optimization blah,blah blah blah blah like honestly in my,opinion this information is too,confusing it's too much of that and in,other words guys what facebook wants you,to do,they essentially particularly if you're,new to this if you're new to this,uh let me move this they do not want you,to select purchase,they do not want you to select purchase,because they,might have never registered somebody who,purchased from your store right because,your store might be new,and therefore they're like oh my god,this is going to be really hard for us,to find,somebody who is going to be doing,purchases so what essentially all of,this text means,is that facebook is trying to push you,to go back to your campaign,and they're trying to,get you,to select something else they're trying,to get you to select traffic or,engagement or like brand awareness or,reach because they're like well this is,gonna be easier,for us for facebook it's gonna be easier,for them to find people to click on your,ads h

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Facebook Ads Messages Objective Setup Error - What to do?

Facebook Ads Messages Objective Setup Error - What to do?

now um okay now the first question is,coming from richard richard recently,enrolled in my 60 challenge that's why,he's trying to set up this two-step,funnel framework but if you are new to,this two-step runner framework let me,give you a quick introduction about what,is that all about right so fundamentally,the two-step funnel framework means we,will have two,ads running simultaneously now we call,it t1 and t2 tier one and tier two,fundamentally now the tier one ad is,really to help you go out and reach,fresh audiences they might be interested,in your product or services uh this is,where we call the evergreen um you know,fresh audience targeting campaign so,that's the tier one ad now once we reach,to use the taiwan ad to reach the fresh,audiences you know then we will capture,them based on action taken,so it's either they they actually uh,watch the video or they click and go to,your website what not right so these are,different audience qualifiers that we,will use to pick ups now once they take,this action we will then stop showing,the tijuana to them because we don't,want to waste money on them anymore so,that we can keep making sure that the,tijuana is always reaching the fresh,audience now in turn we will start,showing them the tier 2 ad which is you,know the second advertisement which is,fundamentally to actually follow them,for a while to persuade them to take the,action that we want them to take so,that's the t1 and tier 2 now uh,basically,these two adds the t1 t2 should go out,simultaneously,because the moment they see the tier 1,at they go out and you know they should,be starting to see the tier 2 so that's,the framework that we've been using uh,in in the past many years and helping,thousands of audience i mean facebook,advertisers,to advertise on facebook in an entirely,different way so we teach this in our,six day challenge um i would strongly,recommend that you look at that the six,day challenge it's a very good program,now richard is actually setting up tier,two but he's seeing this problem now if,you're doing lead generation we usually,will use either tier 1 lead gen tier 2,either messenger legion or you know,things like that so we discuss in great,detail why do we want to use two,different objectives to play on this one,so when it comes to tier 2 i believe,this is the question i think richard,already found the solution uh because,when it comes to messenger if there is,something that you do not know messenger,has this lead gen mechanism which is,very similar to the lead form however,you know the beauty of it is uh the,people don't even need to submit form or,whatnot you know their phone number,become button they click they give it to,you the email will become button they,click it to give it to you and stuff,like that it's a very powerful way,so,if you are doing this lead gen mechanism,you can only select messenger you cannot,select instagram direct and anything,else so that's a bit of a,some technical hiccups over there but,don't worry i think richard you found,the way so if you want to use the,messenger lead gen,uh you know inside facebook ads manager,there is this objective called the,messages objective under which,is to help you get people to talk to you,on the messenger level,now um if you want to use the lead gen,mechanism which is a very powerful one,you can only choose the messenger,platform,you

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FIX Facebook Ads Manager Errors #1815010 and #2446289!

FIX Facebook Ads Manager Errors #1815010 and #2446289!

Hello Facebook Ads people! ,Very quick video today, , we are going to talk about some errors,that Ι have located οn the Facebook platform.,And number one is the one which is saying ,"Payments are not available for your role.,Please check the permissions ,on your ad account." (#1815010),One other error that,I see which is exactly the same.,It's the one that is called ,"Ad Creative is incomplete. The post.",It actually has also a mistake.,It says "the the post",(4084601...)",Okay, it has a very big number.,Most probably this is ,the number and the ID of the post,"cannot be loaded.,It might be deleted or you are,lacking permissions to see it.,If you selected your ad is not available. ,It could be deleted or you might,not have permissions to see it.,Please check your ad creative ,and try again." ,(#2446289),So the two errors are (#2446289),and the other one.,Just give me a second.,It's the (#1815010).,So about these two errors,,I need to tell you that,I have been struggling a lot.,I was having issues.,Of course, these errors don't appear to people that ,they actually own an account.,They appear to people that they go to other accounts,to work for other people.,As a freelancer, ,I have access to several ad accounts.,The solution this problem that they have found is that,for some reason I don't have the permissions, or I'm lacking some maybe,a button on the business settings or ,something that they haven't found.,The simple solution to that is that ,if you want to launch a campaign,which is having this error,and you cannot launch it, ,then you are asking from the person ,who owns the account,to actually go duplicate the campaign,,launch it and publish it.,So this campaign is going to be published,and you will see that,the problem and the error is going to be gone.,The same happens for both of the errors.,As soon as you do it, you are able to,actually click on the campaign.,Do changes close ad sets that,they're not working well and ,play with a budget without having any issues.,So create the campaign ,even if it has the error, ,put them to,of course, publish it with the error ,so that they can be able to see it, ,because if it is in draft mode, they are not going to be able to see it.,Let the owner of the account do the job,and actually duplicate it and publish it,so that it's going to be published.,You will see that it's going to be approved.,You will have no issues with that.,I have tried everything else.,I have tried removing myself,,adding myself again.,I have tried settings, ,all the things that you can imagine.,The only thing that ,solved the problem to me is this.,I know that it might not be the ideal solution,,but at least for me,,I was able to run the ads without any issues.,Thank you very much.,This is a very short video.,I hope that you will find the information useful.,And I had so much trouble with this error, ,so I hope that it's going to help you.

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How to Fix a Restricted FB Business Page and Restore your Ad Account In 2022! UPDATED!

How to Fix a Restricted FB Business Page and Restore your Ad Account In 2022! UPDATED!

what's going on everyone lazar suva here,and today's video,i'm gonna show you how to get your ads,from a rejected status,to an approved status your ad account,from a restricted,or disabled status back to an active,status,and finally if your business page has,been restricted how to figure out,what happened and how we can fix that,with facebook as well,so whether you've been advertising with,facebook for years or you're,brand new to the platform you're bound,to get to a point where,when your ads get rejected or your ad,account gets restricted,or again like i said your facebook page,your business page gets restricted,now there's no need to freak out or,you know go up in arms because this you,know there's,a numerous amount of reasons why this,happens,the most familiar reason,is the fact that facebook utilizes,automation and bots,a lot more than you'd think so when ads,go into the review process,most of the time it's a bot rather than,a manual review by somebody that works,at facebook that is checking uh,your ads to see if they're within the,policies of facebook,so first and foremost if you're not,familiar with facebook's advertising,policies i'll have a link in the,description below,that can take you right to that page i,definitely encourage you to brush up on,that,secondly when it comes to your facebook,business manager you want to make sure,that it is verified,and the security all the security,options have been completed by you so,that just allows facebook to know that,this is a verified business profile uh,the business manager is verified as well,and it'll help you if you ever get,locked out of your account you have to,switch some information up,or if you have to verify anything with,facebook now the last thing we're going,to touch upon and i'm going to actually,show you kind of a step-by-step process,on how to get this completed is,whenever your ad accounts get restricted,or if an ad a single ad gets rejected,or your business page gets restricted,there's a few steps you can take,there's a specific link to click that'll,take you right to the help page,the vip support link essentially of,facebook's,that will help you chat with somebody,get you with the right person i'll tell,you exactly how you should,uh kind of portray that message to the,facebook messenger helper,that way the process moves on a little,bit quicker but without further ado,let's jump into the video all right,what's going on everyone so welcome back,we are in the facebook business help,center page to get to here you just go,to forward slash business,forward slash help,and in most cases when you receive the,email from facebook notifying you of,your restriction or rejected,ad there's going gonna be a link to fill,out an appeal,so in that appeal uh you just fill out,you know what you think the issue is,it's gonna give you the option i do know,i broke a policy um,i don't know or i'm i think it has been,done by mistake,uh most cases you can just put in i,think has been done by mistake,as that's usually the case unless you,did break an advertising policy rule,uh which i have that opened up in the,next tab and i'll show you how to get to,there as well,um and then just fill out your,explanation,but the process i'm going to walk you,through right now you're going to be,able to speak with a live facebook,representative,and with that they're going to be able,to give you a little bit more insight on,what the problem is,if you're having trouble navigating the,platform uh,especially if you're new they're going,to give you screenshots,and what to do so right off the bat what,you want to do when you get to here,is you want to click still need help,find answers and contact support,so when you click this it's going to,give you a few options,so like i said if you had an issue with,your business page you're going to want,to click business page,if you've had an issue with your,specific ads you're going to want to,click right here,and if you've had any issues with the,policy or the ad account has become,restricted,then you want to gonna click on that,option obviously there's these other,three options measure,improved results ad management tools and,billing and payment,so you can always come here if you need,help with any of these resources it's,not just if you've had your account,uh restricted or any ads rejected,if you need help with any tools or you,need clarification on anything feel free,to,jump on here facebook's super helpful,and a lot of people don't use this tool,so let's just say you had an issue with,your ads i'm going to go down here,it's going to give you all these options,right so is the trouble with managing,your ads are you having any,troubleshooting so,your ads are disproved or they're,pending review and they're just sitting,there,uh stale or you know you have a 50,a day ad budget and it's only spending,ten dollars a day why is that,so they're going to help you with all,those things um as well as formatting,and targeting you know your ad

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How to FIX REJECTED Facebook Ads BUG!

How to FIX REJECTED Facebook Ads BUG!

Hello guys.,So I'm having this issue over here,with one of my ad accounts.,I'm actually publishing some ads.,I'm getting some rejections for no reason.,I will explain in a little bit what it is.,So if we come here, we can see,that we have some rejected ads over here.,Now, the big thing here is that,when you go to account quality, we can see that,we can check, for example,,policy violations, it says 0 policies, okay.,So this is clearly a bug,and let me tell you what is happening when I try to,actually not this one, maybe this one, okay, this one.,So when I try to request for a review and submit,,you will see that I'm going to get an error.,So this is basically an error,and it doesn't move forward.,You see, it gives me this message.,So I found a solution to this,and maybe some of you have the same problem,so I'm going to say what is happening.,The solution, guys, is very simple.,I'm going to take all of this to this.,I'm going to turn them off.,We are in the ad level, okay.,We're going to publish.,I don't want to make this video very long, okay, cool.,And now I'm going to pick them again.,You can see that they're processing, okay.,So I'm going to turn them on again and publish.,They're going to be on the processing.,And now you will see,that some of them are going to,not be rejected in the second phase.,And then some of those are going to be rejected.,You're going to do this again and again,until you have some success.,So these are the ones that are still in the processing,and we are going to see by just refreshing, let me see.,Soon some of those, they are going to start,going to scheduling and stuff.,You see.,Now these are in review, okay.,You can see they're in review.,So some of those are going to be rejected again,,some of those are not and you are going,to keep doing this again and again and again,until you're going to have,all of them actually published, okay.,Now you see this one, for example,,it's already scheduled, so the problem is solved, okay.,This one is already scheduled.,If we refresh again, we see now we have more rejected over here.,So we're going to group them up again,and we're going to do again the same process.,Let's do it again.,See, we're doing that.,Let's sort them out.,So now we have some in review.,You keep pressing the button,until you have these in review, okay.,Let's go to the process again with those now,,just to prove to you that it's working.,Again turn off, publish,,republish and then we turn on immediately.,It didn't publish, I guess for some reason, turn off, publish.,Okay, now we turn on again.,And now this time we're going to focus on those,to see if they're going to be detected or not.,Let's see how many of those are going to be fixed.,We're just waiting.,So now we're in review,and some of those most probably are going to survive,some of those are not,and you're going to do this process again all the time,until you have everything fixed.,Sorry, but this is a bug.,And if it's a bug, we have to try to solve it like this.,I'm going to give it some time more.,I'm trying to make this video short, but,it's fine because it's an urgent update video.,This one got rejected already.,We will have to do the process again.,Come on, do me a favor.,You see, some of those are scheduled now.,So these are the ones that got pass.,The other ones are in review.,Some of those rejected.,Do it again and again, guys,,and you will have your solution.,You will have 0 issues,because clearly this is not actually a rejection,,it's just a bug.,That's my update.,Have a nice day.

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