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Facebook Ads in 2023: Brand NEW Secrets, Strategies & Pro-TipsI'm about to show you eight really,pow

Wes McDowell

Updated on Jan 05,2023

Facebook Ads in 2023: Brand NEW Secrets, Strategies & Pro-Tips

I'm about to show you eight really,powerful hacks secret strategies and pro,tips designed and proven to get your,Facebook ad performance to look,something like this in 2023 if you apply,any of what you learn here in this video,you'll put an end once and for all to,wasting money and that idea that,Facebook ads just don't work because,they do and to help me prove that I,reached out to some of the smartest,Facebook ad experts I know Amanda Bond,Adam erhart and Salome shellac to hear,directly from them what's in their 2023,Facebook ads Playbook so that you can,steal from the best don't worry they're,totally cool with it and duplicate their,big time results by using what's working,amazingly well right now so between the,four of us we've run tens of millions of,dollars in Facebook ads so trust me this,is the stuff that works and if you stick,with me till the end I'll let you in on,my proven start to finish Facebook ad,funnel that's perfect perfect for any,service based business out there so,Facebook ads have changed a lot over the,past few years first we have the,adpocalypse with the iOS 14 update which,basically put a stop to being able to,track people who've been to our website,so that we can retarget them with ads,thanks apple and this past year we've,seen Facebook problem solve their way,toward correcting that so they've,simplified targeting and the objectives,you can choose and they've given us a,few brand new options too what's working,best in Facebook right now that's,digital marketing expert and fellow,YouTuber Adam erhart and this guy knows,what he's talking about when it comes to,Facebook ads is really adapting and,understanding the changes that have,taken place with tracking and privacy,and all the policies around there so,it's like obviously everybody's familiar,iOS 14 came and just like decimated,everybody's tracking so we've got to,understand the rules and then play,Within them meaning that we can still do,retargeting we can still build,incredibly effective highly targeted,audiences so essentially the best thing,that we've done is start to transition a,lot of our custom audiences stay away,from email lists and away from website,visitors more to like lead form engagers,ah lead forms specifically Facebook's,new and improved lead form ads I'm gonna,kick this off as my number one strategy,because all three of my expert guests,were really into lead ads as something,that you should be using this year back,in I think it was like 2015 the lead ads,came onto the scene and I remember,trying them out and dismissing them at,first like years about this is Facebook,ads expert Amanda Bond AKA Bond and,she's been featured in places like,Forbes Inc magazine you know no biggie I,was like oh my God these lead ads like,no thank you they're not you have to,integrate them with your email,autoresponder there's like a few more,steps you couldn't design the experience,to be very cute back then you're,terrible like they were just they were,so bad and we would get uh we would get,like 10 cent leads but they'd all be,garbage and so I just dismissed it for,years and years we're have tried them,again this year and in one instance we,were able to cut our lead costs from,like 50 down to ten dollars in the first,instance Facebook did some really good,work with the algorithm and with the,targeting with the way that they're,they're sort of delivered and the way,that people engage and interact with,them and I think pairing that with the,way that people now feel more,comfortable sort of using lead ads,they're starting to become really,effective and then another example like,another angle of creative we were able,to get those leads down to three and,four dollars with lead ads so why are,lead formats cheaper than if you were to,do it the old way you know sending,someone back off to your website to fill,out a form there I think people staying,on the platform Facebook is really,enjoying so they're giving us cheaper,Impressions and anyone who clicks over,to that form directly on Facebook is,retargetable because we're not leaving,the platform at all and you don't even,have to set up a landing page anymore,like you could just do it in Facebook it,take it took me like 15 minutes from,start to finish to get one live so I'm a,big fan of lead ads again so I remember,the big problem that I used to have with,lead ads was that you'd get more people,and they would definitely be cheaper but,they're also kind of like they were,worse leads like they just weren't as,likely to convert into customers so are,you saying that's not the case anymore,no I mean we're tracking it pretty solid,and and they're they're solid humans,coming through engaging taking actions,on the back end so we're like in what,we're seeing especially when you go from,50 leads down to three and one way that,Facebook's increased the lead quality is,by offering us this option when we go to,create our lead ad form so you can,either select more volume or you can,choose higher intent if you

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How to Do “Before And After” Facebook Ads… Without Getting Your Ad Disapproved

How to Do “Before And After” Facebook Ads… Without Getting Your Ad Disapproved

here is the thing about this ad creative,type it is incredibly effective however,if you don't do it correctly you run the,risk of your ad getting disapproved and,even in extreme cases i've seen this ad,type disable entire accounts what's up,marketers today's video is going to be,about one of the most effective types of,creatives on facebook ads and tick tock,ads and that is the before and after ad,and essentially what this ad does is it,shows the before and after impact of,using your product or service however,what is so difficult about this ad is,that technically facebook says that you,can't do it specifically they say that,you cannot use before and after ads to,show idealized results which is kind of,vague right,however in my experience i've seen this,relate to mostly weight loss ads or even,cosmetic procedure ads and there are a,number of hacks that i like to use to,get around this so i'm gonna go into,these four strategies that you need to,try to make sure that your before and,after ads get approved by facebook and,the first strategy is to show the,progression of time so instead of,showing a before and after image what i,really liked about this everbody ad is,that it showed somebody's skin at the,age of 25 and then again at the age of,30. and what's really cool about this ad,this is ugc image content super easy to,get and to make and it's incredibly,effective another ad that shows this,progression of time strategy really well,is this ad from hers and what's cool,about this ad is that it shows the,progression of someone's skin from,before they started using the products,to four weeks later so i actually think,that something i'd like to play with a,little bit more in regards to the,strategy is using carousels to show this,type of progression now another strategy,that i like to use to get my before and,after ads approved is instead of using,the words before and after i actually,like to use the words with and without,and essentially what this is doing is,it's showing the implied impact with,your product or service,and then what life is without your,product or service and what i've found,is that instead of using the phrase,before and after which does tend to,trigger sometimes these ad disapprovals,by using with or without i'm able to get,around or circumvent that flagging so,these ads are much more likely to be,approved and i think that's a pretty,easy swap too so if you already have,some before and after ads you can go,ahead and make that swap with that,language it's pretty simple the third,strategy that i like to try out here is,what i consider the implied without or,the implied with so you're not directly,calling out a with or without and this,is actually really really similar to the,us versus them ad which is again another,strategy that i think works really well,and communicates a lot of the same value,props that this before and after ad is,trying to demonstrate i think that this,ad particularly by prose hair does a,really good job of it but i will say it,does make me a little nervous that they,have before and after right below um and,that's probably because they actually,have a partner manager that they work,with really closely at facebook so,they're able to flag these creatives,ahead of time and make sure they get,through the system or if they do get,disapproved then they're able to be,reapproved pretty quickly um,and i know many of you are working with,smaller budgets you probably don't have,a partner manager unless you're working,at an agency and essentially what a,partner manager is is someone who,partners with really big brands or even,agencies to help them manage and run,their facebook ad accounts kind of like,a facebook marketing expert but,these people are actually a lot more,helpful another implied with or without,ad that i've seen a lot that i really,like is this ad from the wild alaskan,fish company and this is pretty much,just like in us versus the mad so again,if you are trying to test into this,before and after strategy a little bit,more try and think about a us versus,then type of ad that you can use that is,a little bit more broad so in this,instance they have like a grocery store,brand versus the wild alaskan company,which i think is really effective also,as a wild card for this implied without,strategy or us versus them strategy,which i'm just kind of lumping into one,specific strategy i found this mademen,ad i don't actually think it's an ad i,think it's just a like organic post but,i thought that something like this would,actually be cool um as a before and,after ad and really what it's showing is,the implied impact of forgetting to,bring your skincare which is kind of,funny so i think something that could be,kind of cool with this strategy is if,you used a meme style ad to communicate,that it could be something that's,interesting and if your branding allows,something like that is definitely,something that i would test and the last,strategy or hack that i want to talk,about is someth

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Ma stratégie CBO Facebook Ads

Ma stratégie CBO Facebook Ads

c'est les beaux gosses et théo de kodak,aujourd'hui on est de retour pour une,nouvelle vidéo dans laquelle je vais,vous montrer quelles stratégies ciblées,ou en emploi chez kodak pour sky et nos,comptes publicitaires alors c'est une,méthode qui s'appuie sur les grands,principes de power fife le power,feuilles ce sont 5 greenline qui ont été,données par facebook sur comment faire,des campagnes rentable j'ai fait une,vidéo sur le sujet déjà donc si tu veux,la retrouver tu peux cliquer sur la,flèche qui s'affiche ici je vais tenter,ici peut-être que c'est pas le bon côté,non alors j'ai commencé par présenter,d'abord ce que vous demandez,certainement thiès est inconnu,d'internet qui nous donne des astuces,facebook end je m'appelle théo je sais,le sillon d'une agence facebook,instagram hat qui s'appelle kodak ce qui,donne l'occasion à mon équipe et moi de,gérer un petit peu plus de 7 millions,d'euros de budget publicitaire annuel,pour le compte de mes clients est ce que,je vais vous montrer dans cette vidéo,c'est important pour deux raisons,premièrement parce que c'est une méthode,de base qu'on utilise pour lancer nos,comptes publicitaires chez kodak et en,second lieu ça veut pas dire qu'on,applique tout le temps cette technique a,parfois en fait les écarts mais c'était,très important de comprendre les,logiques qui sont derrière ce que c'est,celle là qui vous permettent de choisir,quand est-ce qu'il faut l'appliquer ou,pas l'appliquer on rentre tout de suite,dans le vif du sujet c'est parti pour ma,stratégie si bio facebook est alors la,première chose que je vous disais c'est,que cette méthode elle se repose sur les,grands principes du power safe le,portail vous l'avez sous les yeux je,vais pas rentrer en détail de temps,puisque je vous disais j'ai déjà fait,une vidéo sur le sujet mais les trois,grands principes qu'on va réutiliser,dans cette méthode ce sont ceux-là donc,la simplification du conte publicitaire,vous allez voir que c'est une méthode,qui est nos complexes ou possible elle,est vraiment très simple à appliquer,ensuite il a 6 mio donc on va servir de,l'optimisation du budget à la campagne,je vous prendre ensuite un petit,graphique pour vous comprenez ce que,c'est et ensuite on va utiliser le,placement automatique pour faire tourner,nos attentes alors je vous parle pas des,deux autres simplement parce que,celui-là en fait c'est juste un,paramétrage par défaut une case à cocher,donc pas très intéressant d'en discuter,et ensuite les dynamiques at c'est un,truc qui est un petit peu plus,discutable vous l'avez certainement vu,si vous avez déjà vidéo sur le power,five mais le contenu créatif dynamique,c'est quelque chose qu'on n'aime pas,particulièrement chez kodak pour ce qui,concerne la cie mieux vous avez sous les,yeux une petite explication de comment,ça fonctionne ce qui se passe sur,facebook c'est qu'il ya que deux façons,de régler son budget publicitaire sans,leur aide le niveau des athlètes donc de,ses audiences et donc on va choisir,manuellement ou on va dépenser votre,budget soit on le met au niveau de la,campagne et dans ce cas là on laisse,facebook le diffuser automatiquement,selon comment ils pensent que c'est,optimisé par rapport au nombre de,conversions qui l'attend donc ça nous,permet dans la théorie à budget égal,d'obtenir plus de conversions parce,qu'on va les mettre le budget là où ça,rapporte et donc ce petit graphique est,là pour montrer ici on dépense 10 $ sur,chacune des audiences safer total de 10,conversion si on n'est pas en 7 dollars,sur la première 18 sur la seconde et,cinq sur la dernière et ça nous fait un,total de quinze conversion puisque c'est,celle là qui a rapporté le maximum de,congestion fini pour les explications on,va se retrouver tout de suite dans le,business manager je vais vous montrer,comment paramétrer tout ça donc la,première chose qui va falloir faire,c'est créer une campagne de conversion,donc là pour qu'il combatte de,conversion vous allez ici conversion,attaque optimiser vos achats c'est très,classique si vous connaissez un petit,peu la pub facebook ensuite on va,regarder ensemble comment paramétrer sa,la première chose qui va falloir,regarder c'est comment paramétrer son,budget alors le budget comme je vous,disais on va le mettre au niveau de la,campagne donc on va cochez cette case,optimisation du budget à la campagne ici,on va choisir son budget alors s'il faut,bien comprendre c'est que dans cette,variante de la stratégie va uniquement y,avoir 3 à 2,7 au démarrage c'est,recommandé dans une si bio d'avoir entre,3 et 5 4 7 vous allez voir que dans,certaines variantes de la technique que,je vous donnais il peut y en avoir un,petit peu plus mais ça reste une bonne,gueule line au démarrage ça permet à la,cible de pas être perdus et à diffuser,le budget entre trop d'audience alors,comment choisir quel budget en domec,pour une campagne je vous dire ce que je,recommande et je vous dirai ensuite si,jamais vous en arrière tout petit budget,comment est-ce qu'il faut

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NEW Facebook Ads Tutorial for Beginners in 2023 – FULL FREE COURSE

NEW Facebook Ads Tutorial for Beginners in 2023 – FULL FREE COURSE

On-screen right now, I'll teach you how to  step-by-step set up a solid Facebook ads from  ,scratch, and when we do this correctly it'll mean  a new ongoing stream of revenue for you and your  ,business. am I so sure that Facebook  Ads still works? If you just take a look right now  ,on-screen, if I go to the Facebook Report Third  Quarter 2021 Results and yearly financial results  ,they're still seeing year on year growth on their  active user base and advertising revenue so taking  ,a quick look at the ad revenue right here you  can see that there is tremendous year-on-year  ,growth and there's no sign of slowing down yet and  there are almost 2 billion active users every day  ,that we can still reach and let's not forget this  also includes instagram so this is the reason why  ,myself and the team are spending tens of thousands  of dollars every month on facebook and instagram  ,ads across our businesses with a pretty decent  return to this day although lots has changed  ,with the facebook ads since my days working as a  digital marketing manager in the corporate world  ,so let's go ahead and get stuck into the tutorial  see what's different and see how we can still set  ,up great facebook ads and by the way drop a like  and subscribe if you find today's video useful  ,it's always appreciated so the absolute very first  thing you want to do if you don't already have an  ,account is head onto the url  and then you want to create a new business account  ,first you need to log into your facebook account  and then create a new business account so once you  ,have that done you're going to head on to facebook  business manager this is a fresh account so we can  ,follow along here and this is your ads manager  account and we want to familiarize ourselves with  ,how to navigate this interface so firstly we have  the campaign section so the campaign section and  ,the campaign view is where we get an overview of  everything that's happening all the ads that we're  ,going to set up then the ad sets is the ads the  ads underneath the campaign and then finally you  ,have the ads itself underneath ad sets so it sort  of trickles down and we have a flow on effect from  ,campaigns to ad sets to ads the campaign structure  is very important and i'll mention more about that  ,in a moment we also have the column section and  this is very important in analyzing our ads our  ,performance and getting more detail from all our  campaigns then we also have the breakdown effect  ,so this breakdown column is essentially  giving you again more detail about the ads  ,and more efficiently viewing our data so data  is very important when it comes to facebook ads  ,and then finally you have reports where you can  generate reports and customer reports and then in  ,this section here once we create ads you'll start  to familiarize yourself with the data fields and  ,this is where you're going to see all the ad names  the delivery types the bid strategy the budget and  ,all the other statistics that we need to know when  it comes to facebook ads now just before we create  ,an ad together the second thing you want to do  is competitor research and we want to run some  ,competitor research because we want to understand  what a good ad looks like in your business and  ,find out some competitors and what they're doing  in with their ads so one of my favorite tools is  ,the facebook ad library and it's literally  that it's a library of ads that we can see  ,you can reach this page on forward  slash ads forward slash library but taking a look  ,here you can set let's set this to all so it's a  global and then we can start to find and click all  ,ads and then we can start to find examples of  great ads let's just say we're running ads for  ,phone cases an iphone case so all we need to do  here is type in iphone cases and then click enter  ,and then we can start to see different ads for  phone cases iphone cases specifically and now the  ,best way to do this is to find competitor brands  brainstorm competitor brands within your niche and  ,find them directly in the facebook ad library so  this is a great way initially just to use generic  ,terms like iphone cases to find very generic ads  they may or may not be performing well but it  ,gives you a few ideas of what is and maybe isn't  working well and some ideas for creative and and  ,ad copy and all of that good stuff but the best  way to do this is again to find your competitors  ,so in this case let's type in pure cases i think  it was the first yep it's this one here i believe  ,so i know this is a great iphone case brand and  so we can directly look at their ads and see what  ,they're doing well and a great way to find out the  ads that are working for them even though we can't  ,exactly see all the data and all the performance  data we i usually like to scroll all the way down  ,uh to their oldest ads because if their  oldest ads are still runnin

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How To Create Your First Facebook Ad Campaign (Step By Step Beginner Tutorial)

How To Create Your First Facebook Ad Campaign (Step By Step Beginner Tutorial)

hello and welcome to another video so in,this one I'm going to show you how to,create your very first Facebook ad or,meta ad step by step so we're going to,be jumping into my ad account I'm going,to take you through the whole process,from beginning to end and show you how,to launch your very first Facebook ad,campaign there's a lot of people jumping,pin into e-commerce jumping into Drop,Shipping at the moment trying to take,advantage of Q4 however they have very,little if not zero experience when it,comes to running ads on Facebook so my,goal for you in this video is to be able,to follow me click for click step by,step and at the end have your very first,Facebook ad campaign launched an active,fingers crossed which will hopefully,lead on to making your very first sale,and with that being said thanks for,tuning in hope you guys enjoy it and,let's jump straight into it so here we,are in an inactive Facebook ad account,and this is essentially what I would do,if I was starting from scratch from the,very beginning about to advertise a,product for the very first time straight,away we need to create a campaign and,our campaign object active is going to,be sales so that's the selection I'm,going to make and then I'm going to,continue on and let this just pre-load,up before we make any changes so the,campaign name is going to be the name of,the product this is for an old ad,account called pools for pause so this,is going to be a dog pull,because that's the products I'm going to,be selling in this campaign I like to,separate my products per campaign and,I'm also going to call this L1 so what,that tells me this is my own personal,preference you can structure your ad,account a way that makes sense to you,but I typically work on levels so if I,see L1 then I know what the budget is,for that I know what the targeting is,for that and I know exactly what needs,to happen next now I know what kind of,results to expect no special ad,categories we're going to stick with,auction we're going to stick with sales,which we've already pre-selected and at,this point we're going to leave both of,these switched off as well so when we,march on to the ad set options and this,is where things can get complicated if,you're new to Facebook ads at the top we,can leave this blank we'll come back and,change that in a second depending on,what our targeting criteria is going to,be for this ad set so our conversion,location is of course on our Shopify,website we have our pixel installed just,make sure you've got yours created,installed correctly the conversion event,will going for is purchases we're not,going to bother with any of the others,we want Facebook to go out there and,find people who are going to purchase,our product so that's going to be the,conversion the target conversion event,no Dynamic creatives we're going to,stick to the basics for now we're going,to find and try and establish what works,and then once we've found what works we,can double down on that and then we can,start getting Fancy with some of the,different options the daily budget this,will vary person to person me personally,this time of year I'll probably go,straight to 8 or 10 pounds per day if,you haven't seen my Facebook ads mini,course I highly recommend you check that,out so the reason why I go for 10 pounds,per day is because I want to add outbid,I want to outbid I want to tell Facebook,that I'm willing to spend more than the,next person and most people tend to,start Facebook with five pounds per day,so if I go straight in with 10 pounds,instantly that's going to make my ad set,have a higher total value you'll,understand what that means if you've,seen that course it's a free course it's,on my YouTube channel so essentially,it's going to make me look more,preferential or higher up in the pecking,order so to speak when it comes to,Facebook picking who's going to win the,impression of that ad set as for the,start date I'm just going to leave that,default some people would like to put,the next day at midnight but rarely it,makes a difference so I tend to just,kind of keep it simple leave it default,I don't set an end date either I look at,my ad account every single night so,there's no need to set an end date it's,not like I'm going away and can't keep a,monitoring on this or it's a super high,budget I can't afford to let this run,one day longer than it needs to so we,can keep going down no need to look at,these Advanced options you only get ads,scheduling if you use lifetime budgets,again we'll keep it simple for now where,this comes in handy is at least for me,then for my personal experience my sales,have there's certain times throughout,the day where they peek in and they,Spike or they more sales come through at,certain hours basically what I'm trying,to say so in that instant it's what I,would do is set a lifetime budget and,only run my ads during those most,profitable hours so moving into the,audience this is probably the most,important thing you can do that's going,

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How To Run Facebook Ads in 2022- Beginners Tutorial (Complete Guide)

How To Run Facebook Ads in 2022- Beginners Tutorial (Complete Guide)

over the past four years i spent 40,million dollars on facebook ads today,i'm going to give you a complete,walkthrough on facebook ads and set it,up for our new brand the lemon scrub,this is going to be everything that you,need to know to get at the basic,structure set up and get your first sale,it's been a long journey here we've,found the product we've set up the,website we've shot the content let's,jump into the facebook ads so the first,step in setting up facebook ads is we,want to go to,we want to create a business manager,account there's lots of ways that you,can kind of create ad accounts,especially in in the past but creating,something through business,manager is going to ensure that you can,have have a successful scaling business,in the long term there's lots of,different features in here once you're,in business manager you'll be prompted,to set up a new account you can also,then come into settings and create a new,ad account so we can come down here,there's a drop down accounts ad accounts,i have a few already in this business,manager but you can click create new ad,account here when you're setting up this,ad account you just really want to call,it your brand's name and possibly also,the region as well in case you could,expand globally so i'm going to do lemon,scrub a you and then we want to set it,to the time zone for our city and the,reason why this is really important is,for your ad set reporting and also the,budget spend,the currency you want to make sure that,it's in the currency that you are,receiving from your customers you're,going to need to spend the money that,they're sending you on future ads i'm,just going to click next there and set,it up we're going to put it within our,business manager,and click create now if you are just,getting started there are a few things,that i need a flag that probably you,need to do that i might not need to do,because i have some history on the,platform i have already got this set up,first step is make sure that you put,your id and your all your business,verifications within the business,manager this is this will help facebook,trust you and trust that you're not a,scammer the second thing is you need to,start spending really really slowly you,don't want to really ramp up the budget,straight away they're not just going to,think that it's a scam product the next,step is adding people you just add,yourself and you allow them to manage,the ad account and you click assign the,next step is adding your payment info if,you are an australian resident make sure,that you put your abn in this section,because otherwise they're going to,charge you an additional 10 or so now,you've set up your ad account the next,step is to set up your pixel and start,running ads now this really depends on,what platform you're using to actually,sell the product we're using shopify so,it's really simple if you're using a,different platform just try to follow,along they should have a similar cappy,kind of setup i'm gonna head over to,shopify here and i'm gonna go down to,preferences once in preferences you can,see all of these pixels set up so we've,got our google analytics so we come down,here and we can click set up facebook,under facebook pixels ready now you can,see a series of steps that you need to,walk through we're first going to,connect our personal facebook to it and,continue one thing to note here is i'm,doing everything through my actual,facebook account if you create a brand,new facebook with a fake name or,something you're gonna get banned,straight away they have abs they have a,lot of bots that are doing this the,older your facebook is the more,legitimate it is the more you've,complied with policy is really important,now what you'll be prompted to do is,select a business manager which we've,already set up within facebook i think,you can set it up within shopify but i,like to do the really complicated stuff,through facebook and then just connect,shopify and facebook we can click,connect here because this is the,business manager that i set up,previously you should only have one,business manager unless you're really,experienced now the next step is to make,sure that you select the ad account that,you also set up prior,view and accept the terms and conditions,now we can scroll down and select our,facebook page in this step because a,facebook page is quite simple to do,you can actually go down and click,create new in this shopify settings i'm,actually quite happy with that,alternatively if you do want to create a,facebook page through the business,manager you do it very similar to how we,set up the ad account you come to pages,and you click add and create new page,i've already got mine set up so i'm just,going to connect that now the next step,is quite important this is where shopify,really shines so you've got this thing,called cappy setup which is basically,shopify's response to the apple privacy,laws it feeds a lot more data straight,through to shopify fro

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Les 4 secrets du scale facebook ads - Les pépites #5

Les 4 secrets du scale facebook ads - Les pépites #5

et si je te disais que la raison pour,laquelle tu arrives pas à ce qu'elle est,sur facebook ça n'a rien à voir avec ce,qui se passe dans ton business manager,c'est ce qu'on va voir ensemble dans,cette vidéo salut a tous c'était aux,jeux de retour pour une nouvelle vidéo,sur facebook 4 aujourd'hui on va parler,d'un sujet qui est très intéressant qui,sont les raisons pour lesquelles tu,n'arrives pas à ce qu'il est on compte,publicitaire pour ceux qui me,connaissent pas et qui se demandent d'où,il sort celui là je suis théo du coup le,6 ou d'une agence facebook instagram hat,qui s'appelle kodak donc chaque mois en,dépenses à peu près cinq cent mille,euros de budget publicitaire sur cette,plateforme là au même accueil est donc,ça nous permet de tirer de 3 insight,sympa notamment en termes de skype,puisque c'est notre spécialité,donc cette vidéo m'a été inspiré par sam,hanna sanchez qui nous a fait une vidéo,sur le sujet aussi que je trouve pas,très complète et donc j'aimerais,rajouter un petit peu mon grain de sel,on va parler ensemble des quatre raisons,qui empêchent votre compte publicitaire,de skype,alors pourquoi est ce qu'on parle de,quatre raisons qu'il faut bien,comprendre c'est que le scale sur,facebook ça fonctionne comme n'importe,quel autre type de skate parce qu'elle,est une entreprise une équipe et c c'est,à dire que vous pouvez grossir que si,votre produit intéresse progressivement,de plus en plus de personnes donc la,façon dont il faut voir le skate,facebook c'est en fait pas comme des,moutons que j'augmente dans une plate,forme mais comme la progression d'une,boîte et c'est pour ça qu'il faut,raisonner en entonnoir avec les facteurs,qui sont les plus larges et les plus,importants vers ceux qui sont de plus,spécifiques qui peuvent potentiellement,vous bloquez et donc le facteur là,dessus c'est le premier celui qui arrive,tout en haut c'est votre produit marque,et fit alors je vois souvent des gens,essayer de triturer leur business,manager dans tous les sens sans jamais,se poser la question de ce que nos,produits ils intéressent vraiment les,bonnes personnes dans les bonnes,quantités un produit de marque et fit en,fait la définition est très simple c'est,est ce que votre produit a trouvé son,marché produit que ma requête est écrite,et donc ça c'est une problématique qui,touche tout particulièrement les gens,qui sont bloqués à des bas niveaux de,spend et qui arrivent pas augmenté,souvent en fait c'est que votre produit,n'est pas encore au point vous avez pas,assez itérer sur la proposition de,valeur trouver un truc qui résonne très,très bien que votre cible est donc la,première chose à laquelle vous devrez,vous pensez que vous arrivez pas,augmenter votre budget publicitaire dans,facebook c est ce que une produits et,répond vraiment un problème qui dure,dans la cible il faut aussi se poser la,question sous l'angle de la,compétitivité à savoir est ce que quand,vous prenez votre produit dans son,paysage concurrentiel par rapport aux,personnes que vous voulez attaquer vous,êtes sur une proposition de valeur qui,est compétitive comment est-ce que votre,produit sort du lot en fait est souvent,vous regardez tous les produits qui,arrivent le plus à ce qu'elle est leur,combat de facebook en fait ils n'ont pas,calé en triturant le truc dans facebook,ils ont juste skele en améliorant leurs,produits et en faisant en sorte qu'à,chaque fois il parle au plus de,personnes possible à mesure qu'ils,augmentent les échelons d'abord on,commence par parler très très bien une,niche ensuite on est en sorte nouveau,produit par la plus en plus de personnes,et c'est comme ça qu'on serait elle donc,le scale sur facebook c'est avant tout,un ce qu'elle produit c'est le facteur,tout en haut de la pyramide,le second c'est comment vous mettez,votre produit en valeur directement sur,votre site internet et avec tous les,outils que vous avez et donc faute de,meilleur non je vais l'appeler,l'optimisation de votre offre l'offre,c'est un panier dans lequel on peut,ranger beaucoup de choses c'est votre,site internet votre langage la façon,dont vous marque était votre produit est,ce que vous faites des promos ce que,vous faites un acheté un offert et c est,ça peut aussi englober tout ce que vous,mettez en oeuvre en termes de stratégie,d'e mailing et tout ce qui se passe en,termes de back-end donc est ce que la,façon dont vous mettez en valeur votre,produit directement sur votre site,comprend pas les canaux d'acquisition,elle est bonne parce que parfois c'est,là où ça peut bloquer le gobelin avec,l'acquisition facebook c'est parfois en,fait on peut renvoyer du trafic dans un,panier percé si vous n'avez pas par,exemple le système de relance email,pouvez vous demander pourquoi est ce,qu'en fait quand vous augmentez votre,budget dans facebook vous n'auriez pas,faire de la vente,miniter mais c'est parce qu'en fait vous,gardez 20 ou 30% d'achat que vous auriez,pu récupérer juste avec du mail qui vous,aurait permis vous d'augmenter plus,rapideme

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Facebook Ads PPE Campaign | The Viral Strategy

Facebook Ads PPE Campaign | The Viral Strategy

hey guys what's up if this we're not,going to go ahead and show you guys,another strategy to get sales on,facebook ads to your Shopify store using,something I called the viral method,so the winners philosophy does give away,$4,000 worth of courses,what consultant comes with me is here if,you guys want to qualify be sure to drop,a comment below I'll be picking the best,comment at the beginning of every single,video to go ahead and give $1000 worth,of courses and consulting calls to,completely for free so drop a copy below,let's get right into the video so my,soul music chest one of our products we,have just a lot of stock in and I'm one,of liquidate one of our products that we,have a lot of stock for is the frozen,music chest first up let it go so I,don't go ahead and watch a campaign to,go ahead and try to get more sales for,this music chest,so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to,show you the strategy of using viral,videos to go ahead and make sales so,what you want to go ahead and do is go,to Facebook and searching relevant,keywords to your products if you have a,golfing product set of golf if you have,a makeup product set of makeup and look,for viral videos so why did was I just,such frozen so as you can see one lucky,boy is on these videos I have viral,potential so I can either use frozen,trailer 2 which was recently for like,nine point five million views but you,know no one's already saturated and,that's the reason so what I'm gonna do,is I'm gonna probably or another first,trailer that I got 18 million views so,person is pretty part about it just goes,frozen Tuesday better come out so what,I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna go,ahead and get this video which is a year,old and let's write read that there so,we go ahead I've been tough to do tab so,let's watch it,so you want to go to this website click,get kept vidcom and this is basic girl,facebook video downloader so then go,ahead copy/paste download want download,HD there go the video is now downloaded,now what I want to do is on ago I,haven't go to the music chest page,alright now that was the music just made,your Facebook page what I'm gonna do is,I'm gonna go ahead and actually upload,that video put it in a simple caption a,link to the frozen music chest as well,as edit that product to the page so I'm,gonna be showing you this but what you,can do is you can go ahead and connect,your Shopify feed to your Facebook page,so you can add your product to post and,that's exactly what I'm gonna be showing,you on this video so let's write a post,photo the video so I'm gonna wait for,the video to fish downloading,all right now I'm uploading the video,here is Tom down you'll pick something,like this video details I'm gonna copy,something similar to what they had so,let's copy this paste it,there you go let,the music chest,let's eat this and I'm gonna try see if,this works,music chess calm / frozen perfect it,does work so I'm gonna do that / frozen,and some caps,this is the super important part you see,here you know a tag or Park so I'm gonna,click it,let there you go,frozen to let it go so I'm gonna click,the one that's track if I but now I'm,gonna let this upload and then I'll,update you guys soon,two thousand years later I know that we,had the video uploaded I'm gonna edit,this changes to something like tag a,friend good card,wait for frozen to there we go,mixed title,Broadway's let it go mix video post,published now yep,publish other videos processing then,what you want to do next is your copy,and give credit to wait up to video from,so I should want to go ahead and do the,strategy with another video here you see,it can wait,for us is to watch Casey levy as L said,before frozen on Broadway and let it go,let it go music chest link here is also,the product here with Hill watching they,see the tag product or the frozen let it,go music chest so how cool is that,so now we're gonna go ahead and boost,this with a PP a post but I also want to,do another example so let's say I want,to advertise my citizen music chest I,was such up videos that a more viral and,have higher potential to be viral such,as you know top 10 Simpson episodes,I'll go find that Simpson conspiracy,videos so it's just citizens,just goodbye Ducal,here's a cool video over sips and Body,Transformation 33 million viewers,this videos a bit more have no idea how,this went viral but the fact I went,viral emits this video must somehow make,sense so I'm gonna go ahead and download,this so use this cycle keepvid Pro paste,your link in here download now,yep I'm gonna get the best version,download at an HD the videos not,downloading go back to music chess,create a post video upload video so I'm,gonna upload it once it finishes,downloading awesome so now you see it's,uploaded I pick the thumbnail I use the,exact same thumb note that the YouTube,video used video details I'm going to,use the same title back into the title,the pace,tag a friend the deans this motivation,I'm gonna use moji strong copy/paste,Simpson

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