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Shopify Scripts EXPLAINED - What Are Shopify Scripts And How To Use It bonjour bonjour shopify scrip

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Updated on Apr 01,2023

Shopify Scripts EXPLAINED - What Are Shopify Scripts And How To Use It

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Shopify Scripts EXPLAINED - What Are Shopify Scripts And How To Use It

bonjour bonjour shopify scripts what are,they,how to use them and are they right for,you so first of all shopify scripts is,only available to shopify plus users,now should you upgrade to plus for these,shopify script features,well maybe yeah okay so shopify scripts,what,are they so shopify scripts are nothing,more than a little app that allows you,to put,small pieces of code to your shopify,store these pieces of code can,actually affect the experience of the,checkout,and the cart of your customers so you,can finally manipulate the checkout and,the card of your customers,through these shopify scripts now what,does that mean in practice how do our,customers use it well they mostly use it,to create everything related to,discounts and free products depending on,what's already,in the cart of the customer but also to,manipulate,shipping prices show different shipping,providers and,show different payment providers maybe,you don't want to show a specific,payment provider,to a specific element in the cart and,i'll get to that in a little bit later,in the video but first let's go over the,three types of scripts first you have a,line,item scripts these scripts affect the,line items in the cart,and basically change every time a,customer modifies their card as,something removes something,this is really only applying to the,actual line not to overall things that,are in a cart,a line item script your second option,are shipping scripts,you guessed it these scripts interact,with the shipping part of your store,they can change different shipping,methods or give discounts on the,shipping depending on what's already in,the cart,these scripts are going to typically,kick in once your customer arrives to,the shipping page of the checkout and,finally,payment scripts these scripts interact,with your payment gateways they can,rewrite,rename or hide certain payment gateways,and this is really gonna kick in once,you get to the payment part of the,checkout okay now great now you,understand the three types of,scripts the shopify script editor can do,for you,now you might be wondering how does the,entire discounting how is it different,than,what we already have on the basic plan,of shopify or the shopify advance plan,well that's pretty good question see if,you're not on shopify plus you only have,two,options to do discount option number one,is to change the actual pricing and use,the compare at price,that way your clients are going to,understand that there is a discount on,the element,but this is hugely time consuming on,your part especially if you have,thousands of products and it's not very,interesting,on the back end of things your analytics,are not going to match up,it's kind of messy you can't really it's,not that flexible,alternatively you can use discount codes,and again for your customers discount,codes might be kind of useful,however depending on how you're using,discount codes they have to remember to,copy paste the discount code and paste,it in at the checkout,and then they still don't see the,discounted item,until they're at the checkout page,because you know they're gonna see,their total bill in their cart and then,they have to for not forget to put in,their discounts so the user friendliness,also the discount codes you can apply,them to group but there is not always,these different rules you can do as,buy one get one free although that now,does exist but,all these kind of quirks and different,rules that some stores might want to,apply,are not always possible with discount,codes,so if you find yourself limited by that,you can either go and find,discount apps that will also be limited,in some way at some point or you can use,shopify scripts one of the main ways we,see our clients,use shopify scripts is usually the buy,one get one,free buy one get 20 free on the second,one,buy one get 40 free on the sixth one,i don't know like those type of more,complex logics,is usually where we see our shopify plus,store owners use,shopify scripts another big point where,to use shopify script is for,free gifts and who doesn't like free,gifts now this is very common practice,in brick and mortar stores hey if you,buy all of this stuff you also get this,fun little,wallet for free you might want to buy it,and so,getting a gift or adding a gift to kind,of sweeten the deal is common practice,now it is true that if you talk to the,right dev team they probably can,build some scripts in that will add a,free,gift product to your card if certain,elements are required,but these are kind of loopholes that we,work our way around,and the shopify script is just simpler,faster and probably cheaper in depth,time as well a final important thing,when we talk about discounting line,items is that yes you can decide with,your shopify script,if you want your coupon codes to add as,an additional discount of it or if you,want to,just cancel the coupon codes when the,script kicks in,in other words let's say you do a buy,one get one free with shopify scripts,they get that your client has the buy,one get one free,in their cart it kicks in but also has a,coupon code for his birthday,do you want that 10 to be added on top,of the promotion they already got,or you want to just say no no no you,already got enough promotions don't get,greedy here,that's kind of up to you you can turn it,on or off,with shopify plus scripts now before we,finish this video let's quickly look at,the two last elements of,why scripts could be useful for you,meaning modifying,shipping and modifying pavement gateways,and this,kind of comes down to the same thing so,yes it is true that you could,technically modify the shipping rates of,the live shipping,rates that you get from your carrier you,can modify,those with shopify plus but most of our,clients don't really use it that way the,most often practice that we see is,actually,hiding specific shipping rates if the,order is over,that many cubic feet or pounds or goes,to that specific,region you don't want it to ship with,usps because you know,that's just going to be a pain and so,that's where shopify script,automatically can come in and say oh,well look at that the order is over this,amount of x,scrap usps as a potential shipper we're,not doing that,so that's thing shopify script allows,you to do but then also and this applies,to payment gateways as well,we recently had a client that does cbd,and,as you know cbd is touchy depending on,which country and which,state so no worries that's simply where,we walk in and we tell shopify scripts,hey if they order this cbd product,make sure that the payment gateway is,blocked for,let's say stripe because stripe doesn't,like cbd,just use the braintree payment gateway,and also make sure that they don't ship,with usps because usps doesn't like cbd,products,i'm just giving an example i don't know,if striping usps on top of my mind,except these,it's possible they don't but so that's,really an example where the power of,shopify scripts,is really useful to hide and show,separate things,and then of course there is if the card,is over that much,in dollars just give a free shipping or,discounted shipping by 20,30 50 that's also shopify scripts,working so when you have shopify and you,have the script editor you will have a,bunch of,pre-made scripts by shopify so script,templates that you can,go in and modify make sure that your dev,knows how to code in ruby because that's,kind of the go-to,ruby on rails ideal i'm quickly going to,list the out of the box,templates that the script editor gives,right here,so you get an idea of everything they,kind of allow you to do out of the box,and then of course you'll need your,developer to do,some small modifications to it of course,and then well finally the main question,comes is it really useful to have,shopify plus,at the price shopify plus is just for,the script editor,well i think the script editor is a,really cool feature now would i go out,of my way to get shopify plus,just for this feature probably not the,reason i would get shopify plus is,purely dollar if it saves me money then,i'll probably go with it,and as we talked in this video right,here at some point if you make around,1.4 million dollars in revenue annually,you should be on shopify plus because,you're probably leaving money on the,table at that point,and then when you are on shopify plus,you can get rid of all those annoying,apps and,custom made scripts and just put,everything in the script editor and make,your life,easier cleaner code better functioning,just a stronger overall base,and then we're all happy see you in,another video,adios

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