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A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2023 (SECRET)there are three things that you need to,know i

Adam Erhart

Updated on Jan 05,2023

A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2023 (SECRET)

there are three things that you need to,know if you want to create effective,high converting and profitable facebook,ads first you need to nail message,market match get this wrong and it,doesn't matter how smart or funny or,creative your ads are they're not gonna,work next is something called the 40 40,20 rule every great direct response,marketer and advertising legend lives,and dies by this rule but don't worry if,you've never heard of it before most,people haven't and i'm going to walk you,through exactly how to use this with,your facebook ads and third you need to,use something called the marketing rule,of seven and not just with your facebook,ads either but with all of your,advertising and marketing and everything,you do from this day forward use it and,profit don't use it and don't profit,that is a terrible catchphrase so let me,show you how it's done starting with the,ever important message market match want,to know the single biggest reason that,most facebook ads don't work i can't see,it right now but i'm going to assume,you're nodding your head yes well my,friend the biggest reason that most,facebook ads don't work is not because,they chose the wrong campaign objective,or wrong placement or wrong budget or,anything related to the actual setup of,the facebook ad campaign nope the reason,that most ads don't work is because,they're saying the wrong things to the,wrong people or in other words the offer,that they're making is either unrelated,or unappealing an unrelated message,means that they're making an offer that,people just don't really care about,trying to sell something in a way that,just doesn't resonate with the pains and,problems and fears and frustrations of,the market this is often the result of,spending too much time on the features,and the actual tangible things that,they're going to be getting rather than,on the benefits and the outcomes and all,of the results and how their life's,going to be better after they make a,purchase an unappealing message is,simply a message that's packaged wrong,or in other words it's boring it doesn't,do anything to try to catch someone's,attention and so they don't stop to read,it and if they do stop well they just,don't care what's that sound oh that's,the sound of your ad dollars getting,flushed down the toilet and so money is,wasted putting these boring and,uninteresting and irrelevant messages in,front of people and then wondering why,nobody's buying sounds harsh i know i,don't like to be the bad guy here but,fortunately there is a solution that,comes in the form of message market,match and message market match is,exactly what it sounds like it means,matching your message to your market but,obviously there's a little more to it,than that essentially message market,match also commonly known as message to,market match is really just a way of,making sure that you've done your,homework and you've researched your,target audience you've figured out what,their pains and their problems and their,fears and their frustrations are and how,whatever it is that you're selling is,well positioned to help solve that for,them get it right and people buy get it,wrong and they don't buy and this is one,of my favorite things about marketing,and about advertising in that it's a,literal case study of human behavior,after all people can say all of the,things about how they think they are or,how they would like to be but at the end,of the day money talks and what people,choose to buy and how they spend their,time are two of the most powerful,indicators that really show what someone,values so if your ads aren't working and,people aren't clicking on them or,signing up or buying or anything like,that well it's simply because they don't,see the value in what you're offering so,it's your job as the marketer as the,advertiser to try to show them that,value and the best way to do this isn't,by shoving it down their throats but,rather to show them that you understand,where they're coming from you understand,their problems and you possibly have a,solution they may be interested in i,wish i could remember who told me this,quote so i could give them due credit,but one of my favorite sayings is that,customers don't buy when they understand,they buy when they feel understood okay,next i'm gonna give you the secret sauce,and those special ingredients that,really separates the amateurs from the,pros when it comes to creating high,converting and profitable facebook ads,but first a real quick message from this,video's sponsor metrocool over the years,i've had the chance to work with a lot,of different companies and software but,metricool has quickly become my number,one secret weapon when it comes to,creating better and more effective,social media marketing campaigns and i,use it every single day not only does it,allow you to take care of everything all,in one place it also integrates,seamlessly with facebook and instagram,and twitter and tick tock and linkedin,and google business and pinterest

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Best Facebook Ads News for TWO Years!

Best Facebook Ads News for TWO Years!

I am delighted to be able to share some,really positive Facebook advertising,news it feels like it's been a while,over the last 18 months two years with,the iOS 14 changes,why are you on we've had a lot of,changes that were pretty negative that,weren't great for Facebook and Instagram,advertisers but metev just made a change,that is definitely positive for Facebook,and Instagram advertisers really excited,to be able to share it and I'm talking,here about attribution setting,attribution windows and just in case,you're not familiar quickly explain,attribution setting refers to the time,period after someone interacts with your,ad in which they take an action like buy,something from your website and can,still be counted as a conversion and,that show up in your Facebook ad account,so for example let's say you've got a,seven day click attribution setting that,means that if someone clicks on an ad on,Facebook or Instagram and then goes,ahead and purchases on your website,within that seven day period after they,clicked they will be counted as a,purchase in your ad campaign and you can,see that result and Facebook can use,that data to optimize however if they go,ahead and convert let's say 14 days,after they clicked they would not be,within that seven day window they would,not count now one of the things that,happened as part of the iOS 14 changes,is we went from a 28-day attribution,window that being the default that being,that the longest you could use down to a,maximum of just seven days and what that,meant was that we lost data for anyone,that converted more than seven days,after they clicked on an ad we just,couldn't see it that conversion wouldn't,show up in the ad account so it made,your results look worse than they,actually were but also it meant that we,had less data as advertisers to be able,to see which ads performed best which ad,sets performing best and optimize,accordingly and it also meant that meta,had less data within the Facebook ad,account to be able to optimize we know,that the more data that you get inside a,Facebook ad account the more conversions,you generate the better your results are,going to be because meta can optimize,using that data that's how machine,Learning Works the more inputs you have,the more data points you have the better,that performs and it's why ad accounts,with thousands tens of thousands of,conversions typically perform much,better than ad accounts that are brand,new so the more data we can get inside,our Facebook ad account the better and I,think that's one of the reasons why we,did see results across the board get,worse with the iOS 14 changes was not,just because of the data loss from what,Apple was doing but also this more,voluntary change that Facebook made,reducing attribution down from 28 days,to just seven however we are getting 28,day attribution back at least in some,form not fully yet I'm hoping that's,going to come but we have got it back in,some form which is really fantastic and,to show you what I'm talking about here,I'm in a Facebook ad account I've just,grabbed a campaign and gone to the ad,set level to demonstrate this and under,columns if you go ahead and scroll down,you can see you've got all the the,defaults in here and if we scroll down,you will see this thing here called,compare attribution settings now this is,not in every ad account yet like every,change meta makes they do it to some ad,accounts but not others so if you don't,see it yet don't worry I think it's,likely to come in but if we go ahead and,click on compare attribution settings,and then we go ahead and select all the,various options one day view one day,click seven day click 28 day click and,we click apply then we can see the,breakdown in the data of when those,actions those purchases in this case,actually came through okay so if we have,a look at this top ad Tech so we can see,some really interesting here and of the,66 supposed purchase that were generated,I'll talk more about that in a second 20,count within one day view 34 within one,day click 46 within seven day clicks you,can see a lot of people purchased more,than one day after they clicked but,within the seven days that's the,difference between the 34 and the 46,number and then 50 within 28 day click,now that's actually not a huge,percentage this is an e-commerce,business so you know what's that 10 of,people roughly went ahead and purchased,more than seven days after they clicked,but less than 28,um in other Industries it's going to be,large in that particularly if you offer,something expensive something that,requires some consideration people need,to talk to a spouse or a business,partner or something like that then,you're likely to see the percentage of,people that purchase or become a leader,whatever it is more than seven days,after they click but less than 28 days,after they click can be a lot higher as,much as 30 sometimes but it's still,useful to have that extra 10 that's for,sure so we can see how important having,more data

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Facebook Ads vs YouTube Ads (We Spent $1,500,000 Testing Both!!)

Facebook Ads vs YouTube Ads (We Spent $1,500,000 Testing Both!!)

facebook versus youtube ads no one has,compared these two quite like we are,about to today we spent over 1.5 million,dollars in ads between these two,platforms and after hundreds of,thousands of dollars in testing them,against each other we've condensed,everything we've learned into this one,video we're going to be assigning points,to each platform in areas where the,outperform the other we have a total of,six categories in which we will assign,points and crown the winner at the end,and so that this is as fair as a,competition as possible i am joined by,our facebook ad guru carter hogan both,carter and i have years of facebook ad,experience but as of the last three,years i've completely jumped ship away,from the facebook ad world and into the,youtube ad world so ultimately we don't,care who wins this contest we use both,platforms and have run millions of,dollars of revenue through both this,comparison is by no means perfect and,there are hundreds of ways to interpret,our findings but in our experience these,are the most important variables to test,and understanding them could easily save,yourself thousands of wasted money and,tests in failed experiments and spoiler,alert these platforms are very different,and each has their own strengths and,weaknesses now what might be deal,breaker for you and your business might,not be for someone else now we are going,to be conducting this face-off in the,following six categories targeting,capability customer intent funnel,structure add creative limitations,retargeting and finally add costs and,profitability okay let's kick it off,let's start with the hot topic that is,on everyone's minds as a result of ios,14 and that is targeting capability and,this also leaks a little bit into the,tracking category which we'll also talk,about here this one is a huge deal,breaker and had we made this video six,months ago the results probably would,have been more fair but apple has now,introduced the prompts which allows,users to opt out of getting tracked by,apps facebook has intense algorithms,that are powerful specifically because,they can track users across different,apps outside of facebook that is what,enables facebook to understand your,behaviors and interests with the ability,for consumers to opt out of that and a,large majority do it has absolutely sent,facebook into a huge slump with not only,its ability to target the right people,but also get accurate tracking youtube,ads on the other hand aren't nearly as,effective with youtube ads you have the,ability to target people based off of,the video that they're watching so,rather than targeting only the person's,interests and behaviors it's targeting,the actual youtube video or channel,itself and on top of that it also allows,you to target specific keywords because,youtube is indeed a search engine a,luxury that facebook ads just do not,have now youtube ads also have the,ability to target people based off of,interests and behaviors it just doesn't,rely on that like facebook ads do so our,first point goes to youtube ads for not,only allowing interest based affinity,targeting but also keyword based youtube,video based channel based and even,purchase intentions targeting as well,our second point goes to facebook ads,for lookalike audiences facebook's edge,is in its simplicity and artificial,intelligence uploaded customer lists and,it's basically a plug-and-play solution,facebook learns who to target much,better than youtube ads can with these,uploaded customer lists youtube ads have,a look like audience equivalent which,they call similar audiences however it's,pretty trash it's way too broad and the,audience sizes are always way too big we,will add here that as of the making of,this video we are seeing ios 14 somewhat,negatively affect our look-alike,audiences which we expected but not to,the point where they are no longer,profitable so we do continue to use them,so facebook has the edge with simplicity,youtube has the engine capability and,creativity it's in this regard that,facebook can be likened to apple and,youtube to android facebook goes for,ease of use and simplicity while youtube,gives you hundreds of options because of,that you have much more power to,customize and tailor your targeting to,the exact person you want with youtube,ads so another point to youtube ads,because putting our ads in front of new,eyeballs is one of the main driving,forces behind sales all things,considered and with the recent ios 14,attacks youtube takes the cake in this,category okay moving on to category,number two we have customer intent,customer intent is very simply defined,by your customers motives and intentions,when someone opens up facebook what are,their top three reasons for doing so and,what about youtube in a recent study,conducted by google themselves they,found that 85 percent of people who use,youtube use it for the sole purpose of,learning something that's education keep,that in mind for category number three,because that is a huge sil

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Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2023 IMPORTANT UPDATE)

Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2023 IMPORTANT UPDATE)

your Facebook advertising strategy isn't,working as well as you want right now,because things have changed and what,used to work even a few months ago is,dramatically different than the,strategies and tactics that we're seeing,succeed on the platform right now for,example the problem child better known,as Facebook lead ads was once a terrible,choice for businesses that only ever,seemed capable of delivering low quality,leads all wrapped up in a clunky and,awkward dashboard but now thanks to a,few recent changes and some secrets that,I'll be sharing with you later in the,video Facebook lead ads are amazing and,they're quickly becoming one of my top,picks for generating leads and making,sales for pretty much any kind of,business out there so I'll break down,how to set them up right and what a,profitable ad campaign looks like in,just a minute and I'll share with you a,little secret that I use to take,campaigns from a three percent response,rate to over a 68 response rate next,another thing that's changed is campaign,structures and many of the default,settings inside your Facebook ads,manager account most people don't know,about these changes so they're just,leaving things on the default settings,but this this is a mistake in fact some,of these settings are so bad that you'd,be better off just tearing your money,apart and lighting it on fire and then,flushing it down the toilet extreme,maybe overly dramatic possibly but,accurate sadly yes my friend so I'll,show you how to set your campaigns up,for Success making sure that you get the,absolute most Bang from your advertising,buck and that you're not losing or,wasting money on ineffective or useless,settings and then lastly I'm going to,give you an Insider look into how I set,up and structure and launch a brand new,campaign complete with what I'm looking,at when I'm testing new objectives and,the metrics that I assigned to each to,make sure that it's going to end up,profitable so let me start by first,making one of the most controversial,statements I've ever made before which,is that generating leads at least how,most people are doing it is one of the,least effective marketing strategies,available today yeah I know but let me,explain generating leads in the way that,it's traditionally done is one of the,most overhyped marketing promises of all,time sitting right there beside the,objective of trying to get more likes,and more comments and more shares on,your stuff and if you've ever run a,marketing or advertising campaign or,hired someone to run one for you and,they've come back with a bucket full of,likes but no actual sales then you know,what this feels like and it doesn't feel,good this is because doing things like,generating likes and comments and shares,doesn't usually lead to business growth,and sales and revenue I'd like to say it,never leads to sales but I kind of,hedged there a little bit well the same,concept applies to just going out there,and generating leads this is because,anyone can get leads thousands of them,millions even all you really gotta do is,make some kind of crazy irresistible,offer like give away a free iPad or a,free car but the problem with these,leads is that they're unlikely to ever,convert into an actual customer in the,future that is unless your business,model is entirely based around giving,away free iPads or free cars in which,case you and I need to have a little,heart-to-heart chat about the future of,your business because I'm worried for,you the secret then to generating the,kind of leads that you actually want the,kind that are going to turn into,customers and eventually buy something,really comes down to two things first,you need to focus on acquiring quality,leads which is a combination of how,relevant they are to your business how,motivated they are to solve the problem,or take action and how capable they are,of actually buying or paying for it and,next you need a conversion mechanism or,in other words a marketing funnel or a,sales funnel and a way to essentially,turn those leads into customers now,after over 10 years of owning multiple,different marketing agencies and having,spent over 70 million dollars on,Advertising through the agencies while,the number one software that I use for,this is called high level so I'll make,sure to link up where you can get an,extended free trial in the descriptions,below this video and if you're already,using high level well good for you you,can still use the link in the,descriptions below to get a few hundred,bucks off and upgrade coupon just click,on the Blue Link instead of the yellow,button now this video is not sponsored,but that's not going to stop me from,professing my love for the software as,aside from having all of the usual,features you would expect like a CRM an,email and SMS and a calendar and,scheduling and all kinds of different,customization stations and funnel,options the real power and the secret,feature that I use and how I'm able to,take response rates from three percent

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This is What $1,500 Gets You in Website Traffic: Facebook Ads VS Google Ads

This is What $1,500 Gets You in Website Traffic: Facebook Ads VS Google Ads

- What's better, Google or Facebook Ads?,Well, we're about to find out.,Hey everyone, I'm Neil Patel,,and this is what $1,500 gets you in website traffic,,Facebook Ads versus Google Ads.,(upbeat music),Before we get started,,make sure you subscribe to this channel,,and if you're on YouTube, click the alert notification.,Facebook Ads spend reached $31.43 billion in 2020,,despite COVID 19.,Now, in 2021, they did even better,,and they continually to just keep growing.,And they're poised to increase,by a whopping 20%-22% in the next year,,according to eMarketer.,Facebook Ads and Google Ads are some,of the most important ad platforms in the market today.,Not only because they have a huge number,of people that you can reach, but it also drives results.,I wouldn't be in business or a digital marketer,if I was spending a dollar to lose a dollar.,I'm in digital marketing, because when I spend a dollar,,I make more than a dollar.,And there's a couple of reasons,on why digital marketing is so amazing.,It's because your ability to segment your audiences,and reach very specific groups,of people in almost instant timeframe.,You also have a lot of data to understand,what's going on, what's not working,,where you should invest more, where you should invest less,,because not everything's going to work out the way you want.,Now, let's say, you had $1,500 to spend on paid ads,,how much traffic would you be able to generate?,Now, leave a comment below telling me,how many visitors you think you'll be able to generate.,I'll wait a little bit.,Leave a comment, let me know.,Did you write it in?,All right.,Well, there are a few things that'll influence your results.,First off, the industry you're in.,If you're in things in like going after cases, let's say,,in like legal, or mesothelioma, or auto insurance,,you're going to get a lot less visitors,than if you're in, let's say, e-commerce.,How much competitors are willing to pay,for the clicks in your industry,,also, affect how many visitors you're going to get.,Also, how well crafted and targeted your ads are,are also affected.,If your ads suck, people don't want to click on them,,you're not going to get a lot of visitors,and you're going to have to pay more for each click,,because it's costing these networks money,to show up your ads.,Now, whether or not you're doing remarketing or retargeting,,that's another question, because that can affect your cost.,Seasonality is a huge one.,If you're selling Christmas trees, you could bet,,if you're selling Christmas trees in February each year,,probably not going to get any clicks.,So, let's take a hypothetical business and start from there.,We're going to pretend that we're running a campaign,for a realtor in Los Angeles, California.,Let's say, this realtor is targeting a area,within Los Angeles called Burbank,,and they want to generate leads for apartment rentals.,On Google Ads,,this realtor is going to be targeting three keywords,,apartments for rent in Burbank, California,,Burbank apartments for rent, and Burbank apartment rentals.,When you check these keywords on Ubersuggest,,they have a combined search volume,of 5,100 searches a month.,Now, according to WordStream, in the real estate industry,the average click-through rate is 3.71%.,That means you get on average 189 visitors a month,with an average cost per click of $2 and 25 cents,,and this would cost you an average of $427.,And it would take you roughly three months,to spend all your budget.,By the end, you have roughly 667 visitors.,Now, with Facebook Ads,,it's hard to predict how many clicks you would get,and in how much time.,But based on the estimation costs,from WordStream for real straight industry,,we can, at least, get a sense,of how many visitors you would get,and roughly at what cost per click.,According to WordStream,,per click on Facebook Ads targeting real estate,it would be around a dollar and 81 cents.,If you take a budget of $1,005 and divide it by a dollar,and 81 cents that will lead you to roughly 828 clicks.,Now, I'm not saying that these would be the actual numbers,that you would see in real life in a campaign,,but it gives you a pretty good idea,and rough estimations based on previous data.,In theory, Facebook Ads will give you 161 visitors,more than Google, but that would depend on how your ads,are performing on both platforms.,Now, here's the thing.,Google will drive you less clicks,,but what people don't really tell you is,we see much higher conversion rates on Google,than we do on Facebook.,Remember, when someone Googles apartments,for rent in Burbank, California,,they're looking for apartment.,On Facebook, you got to target people,in Burbank or around Burbank,that you think may be looking for a apartment,,but they may not be, and they click on your ad,,and they're more of a look loo,,and they may not even be interested.,So, it doesn't convert as well.,So, what we've seen overall is Facebook is cheaper,and you can tend to get more clicks,,but they don't conve

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Facebook Ads in 2023: Brand NEW Secrets, Strategies & Pro-Tips

Facebook Ads in 2023: Brand NEW Secrets, Strategies & Pro-Tips

I'm about to show you eight really,powerful hacks secret strategies and pro,tips designed and proven to get your,Facebook ad performance to look,something like this in 2023 if you apply,any of what you learn here in this video,you'll put an end once and for all to,wasting money and that idea that,Facebook ads just don't work because,they do and to help me prove that I,reached out to some of the smartest,Facebook ad experts I know Amanda Bond,Adam erhart and Salome shellac to hear,directly from them what's in their 2023,Facebook ads Playbook so that you can,steal from the best don't worry they're,totally cool with it and duplicate their,big time results by using what's working,amazingly well right now so between the,four of us we've run tens of millions of,dollars in Facebook ads so trust me this,is the stuff that works and if you stick,with me till the end I'll let you in on,my proven start to finish Facebook ad,funnel that's perfect perfect for any,service based business out there so,Facebook ads have changed a lot over the,past few years first we have the,adpocalypse with the iOS 14 update which,basically put a stop to being able to,track people who've been to our website,so that we can retarget them with ads,thanks apple and this past year we've,seen Facebook problem solve their way,toward correcting that so they've,simplified targeting and the objectives,you can choose and they've given us a,few brand new options too what's working,best in Facebook right now that's,digital marketing expert and fellow,YouTuber Adam erhart and this guy knows,what he's talking about when it comes to,Facebook ads is really adapting and,understanding the changes that have,taken place with tracking and privacy,and all the policies around there so,it's like obviously everybody's familiar,iOS 14 came and just like decimated,everybody's tracking so we've got to,understand the rules and then play,Within them meaning that we can still do,retargeting we can still build,incredibly effective highly targeted,audiences so essentially the best thing,that we've done is start to transition a,lot of our custom audiences stay away,from email lists and away from website,visitors more to like lead form engagers,ah lead forms specifically Facebook's,new and improved lead form ads I'm gonna,kick this off as my number one strategy,because all three of my expert guests,were really into lead ads as something,that you should be using this year back,in I think it was like 2015 the lead ads,came onto the scene and I remember,trying them out and dismissing them at,first like years about this is Facebook,ads expert Amanda Bond AKA Bond and,she's been featured in places like,Forbes Inc magazine you know no biggie I,was like oh my God these lead ads like,no thank you they're not you have to,integrate them with your email,autoresponder there's like a few more,steps you couldn't design the experience,to be very cute back then you're,terrible like they were just they were,so bad and we would get uh we would get,like 10 cent leads but they'd all be,garbage and so I just dismissed it for,years and years we're have tried them,again this year and in one instance we,were able to cut our lead costs from,like 50 down to ten dollars in the first,instance Facebook did some really good,work with the algorithm and with the,targeting with the way that they're,they're sort of delivered and the way,that people engage and interact with,them and I think pairing that with the,way that people now feel more,comfortable sort of using lead ads,they're starting to become really,effective and then another example like,another angle of creative we were able,to get those leads down to three and,four dollars with lead ads so why are,lead formats cheaper than if you were to,do it the old way you know sending,someone back off to your website to fill,out a form there I think people staying,on the platform Facebook is really,enjoying so they're giving us cheaper,Impressions and anyone who clicks over,to that form directly on Facebook is,retargetable because we're not leaving,the platform at all and you don't even,have to set up a landing page anymore,like you could just do it in Facebook it,take it took me like 15 minutes from,start to finish to get one live so I'm a,big fan of lead ads again so I remember,the big problem that I used to have with,lead ads was that you'd get more people,and they would definitely be cheaper but,they're also kind of like they were,worse leads like they just weren't as,likely to convert into customers so are,you saying that's not the case anymore,no I mean we're tracking it pretty solid,and and they're they're solid humans,coming through engaging taking actions,on the back end so we're like in what,we're seeing especially when you go from,50 leads down to three and one way that,Facebook's increased the lead quality is,by offering us this option when we go to,create our lead ad form so you can,either select more volume or you can,choose higher intent if you

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Interest vs Lookalike Audiences for Facebook Ads (Which One Should You Use)

Interest vs Lookalike Audiences for Facebook Ads (Which One Should You Use)

hey what is up so today i wanted to,answer a really quick question that i,get a lot and that i think we have to,think about a lot when we're launching,new facebook ad campaigns which is which,one should you be using should you be,using interest targeting or,look-alikes you're just getting started,or you're trying to keep up with all the,things that are happening in facebook,ads knowing which one of these to use,and when is a really valuable skill and,knowledge to have so let's talk about,that in this video right now so from the,super basics interest targeting so,targeting specific interest when you're,typing into the detailed targeting,audience on facebook that is one way,that you can target people online the,other one is look-alike audiences where,you give facebook a core set of data and,you say facebook go find me more people,like this both of these have had,different times where they've worked,really well and both of these do still,have their place where they both work,really well i think the question is,knowing exactly when to use them and,where you should be getting started with,what you're doing so for us what we're,seeing right now interest audiences have,been working better this year in what is,it right now october 2021 than they were,before because lookalikes were really,really powerful but we've definitely,seen a little bit of a drop down after,ios 14 not that there is not a place for,lookalike audiences but what we've,definitely seen is some of our interest,targeting is working better and if,you're just getting started with a new,campaign and you don't have any data,you're pretty much going to have to,start with interest targeting so,something really important that we have,seen that this has been a big shift over,the years from what we've been doing,online is how we use interest targeting,we used to do what was known as like,single interest targeting ad groups,where we would take all of the interest,targeting that we wanted to test we,would put each one of them in an ad set,we would start running ads we would test,which ones were working best and then,once we found the winners we would put,all of those into one big ad set we,would start running those or we just,keep them broken out depending on the,campaign and the objective and all the,stuff we're trying to do but what we,have definitely seen over time and a,really big part of this is recently,facebook has required everybody to have,the expanded interest box checked so now,facebook is kind of using your targeting,as like a guide on where they're going,to start but they're basically saying,like we're going to expand this if we,think it's going to increase conversions,targeting single interest ad groups just,doesn't really make sense anymore,because you're not the original goal was,hey let's figure out which one of these,converts best and let's target only,those people but now at this point you,can't really do that because facebook's,gonna expand your audience anyways so,what we are doing for interest targeting,now is we're doing basically like,stacked audiences so we will take,small groups of similar related,interests we will put all of those into,one ad set and we will test that out to,see if that group like targeting group,will work better and will give us the,kpis that we're looking for so that is,one way that we're using interest,targeting the other way that you can use,interest targeting is you can use it,with the layered audience options so,like you can have one group of interest,and then you can say narrow audience and,then you can have another group of,interest and then what you can do is you,can say hey i want to match people who,are i want to target people who like,these interests and these other,interests that is another really good,way that you can use interest targeting,right now we're definitely seeing that,like bigger audiences are working better,so if you're doing that make sure that,you have some related interest on one,set targeting or some related interest,on the other targeting both of those are,large so that there's enough overlap so,that facebook can go out and do its,thing but definitely we've been running,some tests recently where we're just,taking a bunch of related audiences,throwing them all into the facebook ads,manager uh and like to an ad set and,then just letting it run and facebook's,doing a really good job with that now if,you've been following some other updates,to facebook they took away the audience,insights for research so the way that we,often find these insights is we start by,just going with core audiences that we,know are working and then what we will,do is probably go and look at the,suggested tools so we can look at hey,what are the interests that facebook is,showing us right now,for like the suggested interest and then,the other thing that we will do is we,will go and use a third-party tool,called interest explorer and we'll go on,there and that pulls all the interest,that facebook has through an api an

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Facebook Ads vs Influencer Marketing In 2022 (Which Has A Better ROI?)

Facebook Ads vs Influencer Marketing In 2022 (Which Has A Better ROI?)

hey guys welcome back to another video,here on the buzzbaster channel as always,i'm brandon and in this video we're,going to compare influencer marketing in,2022 to facebook ads if you're watching,this video and you're selling online,you've probably already experimented,with facebook ads but if you haven't you,probably have heard at least about the,apple ios 14 and facebook ads you know,changes and you know how that affects,businesses and merchants that are,running facebook ads and the performance,obviously,hasn't been great,that's just been you know what you've,seen on the news what i've seen on the,news read articles but also what i've,experimented with um running ads myself,i've spent hundreds of thousands of,dollars running facebook ads since about,2017 2016. so i've seen the highs and,the lows of facebook ads and so i just,wanted to make this video to compare you,know influencer marketing here in 2022,compared to the opportunity that lies,with facebook ads so first of all let's,just talk about ios 14 and how that's,affected facebook ad and instagram ads,performance so if you have an iphone,you've probably already seen this,message so this is what pops up when you,open an app after upgrading with ios 14,and it's basically asking you if they're,allowed to track you and so where,facebook gets all the data right and has,all the power to,highly optimize and perform so well with,facebook ads back in the day and,up until now essentially is because,they've been able to track your data,when you've been on facebook to then go,outside every single event that you take,on a website say you see a facebook ad,for you know clothing you go to that,website you click on the ad they see,they can track that click on the ad you,go to the website you they can track how,long you've been on the website they add,to carts initiate checkouts the purchase,and so essentially just gets better and,better and it pulls all that data,together,and it makes it so that you can just,highly optimize your ads right you run,ads you see who converts who purchases,who adds to cart then you make custom,audiences look like audiences and just,highly target these people retarget them,etc,and that's what was so powerful about,facebook ads and instagram ads um,up until ios 14. so now ios 14 now,forcing apps to essentially,ask you the user if they can track you,now puts the power in the user's hand to,basically opt out of any retargeting or,facebook tracking that would be so,valuable to you know the advertisers on,facebook and you as a merchant that is,trying to promote your products to users,so like i kind of touched on the,facebook audiences are a huge factor in,the performance of facebook ads and so,now users that may go on your website,could have clicked hey don't track me,facebook and now they won't be able to,be in your retargeting campaigns right,retargeting campaigns would be everyone,that's added to card or initiated,checkout but didn't purchase i want to,retarget and show them this ad to get,them to come back to my website and,complete the purchase so now they are no,longer in this audience and you can't,retarget them so that obviously hinders,your performance and your roi on your,spend in facebook also the performance,of look-alike audiences and how they're,being tracked,is also degraded as well so,essentially overall the audiences and,the value of your audiences they aren't,as valuable now because,a lot of the data is tracked incorrectly,or users are completely opting out and,they're not able to be targeted anymore,another thing is facebook reporting,right so a lot of the decisions that,you're going to make as an advertiser is,going to be,okay what perform campaign is performing,you know the best okay i want to scale,more money into this campaign or i want,to pull this one back because it's not,performing as well like those are you,know data-driven decisions that you have,to make as an advertiser to optimize,your facebook ads and instagram ad,campaigns,but if the data is 50 accurate then you,may be scaling a campaign that's really,not performing as well or maybe turning,off a campaign that's actually been,performing really well and this has been,a slight issue in the past where,facebook you know reports maybe around,90,accurate data but now i've actually read,reports of you know really high dollar,ad accounts saying that they went from,like 90 to 50 accurate tracking compared,to what they're actually seeing in their,shopify dashboard and so that's a huge,problem and so you're kind of just left,guessing on what campaigns are actually,performing the best and just having to,hope that you're optimizing it the,correct way going forward which is not a,great way to run business last thing i,want to touch on with facebook ads is,the conversion events that you're,allowed to optimize for now with ios 14,facebook has limited to only eight,conversion events per website so this,essentially makes it to where you have,to choose your top eight events that,

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