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Shopify Images Pixelated? [QUICK FIX] what's going on everyone it's Jamie here,from Shopify master c

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Updated on Apr 01,2023

Shopify Images Pixelated? [QUICK FIX]

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Shopify Images Pixelated? [QUICK FIX]

what's going on everyone it's Jamie here,from Shopify master class and today,we'll be talking about pixelated Shopify,images and how you can fix them so we're,gonna go over basically how you can do,it here because if you're looking at a,pixel image it is extremely hard to tell,what's going on your images are,extremely important in selling your,product as it's going to show your,customers exactly what your product is,all about it's Dimensions they can see,the colors so you want to make sure that,your images are looking okay and if you,have blurry images as well it's going to,make your Shopify Store look,unprofessional you don't want that,especially as your beginner Shopify,store and you're building your brand,online you want to make sure that your,images are looking clean and crisp,especially if you spend money on product,photography you want to make sure it's,coming through correctly before I dive,into it I just want to thank our sponsor,profit calc the one click profit,calculator app available on the Shopify,App Store it comes with a free 15-day,trial and it's going to allow you to,skip your spreadsheets get back to,Growing your business with real-time,calculations again there's a link in the,description below to access that free,trial and now I'm going to show a quick,video detailing it's full feature set,are you a Shopify business owner who,spends hours doing your accounting have,messy spreadsheets kept you from growing,your business discover profit cap the,affordable and easy to set up Shopify,app that crunches your numbers in just,one click it automatically syncs with,all your accounts and expenses to,calculate your profit displaying,everything in an easy to read dashboard,so you understand your business in real,time start for free on the Shopify app,store today alright so let's dive into,how you can fix your pixelated images,and so first you want to see the,dimension of the image and so we'll go,through that in the product page so I'm,just in the product section and I've,clicked on a test product here and I've,uploaded more of a blurry image so we,can use this as an example we'll also go,through a home page example to give you,an idea of how to fix these different,images as a lot of them can show up,blurry and so first things first let's,go to check the size here so if you,click that expand button it's going to,tell you the size of the image in pixels,it's going to be 196 by 307 and if we go,to the product page it's not going to,look great it's gonna be a little blurry,this one's not going to force it to,expand on this theme some themes well to,fit a specific size but it's just not,going to be a great look here to show,off this example product Now by,screenshot I took of Sony headphones and,so really the blurriness of an image and,how it's pixelated is going to come all,the way down to the pixel size so we,just looked at an example pixel there by,the width and the height you want to,make sure you're corresponding to this,recommended guide here this comes from, and they have a great table,showing you the recommended size in,width by height in pixels for your,homepage images your collection images,your slideshow images closing Shopify,logo placeholder images this is a great,cheat sheet here I'll leave a link in,the description as well to this website,as it makes it really easy to find out,what pixel density you need so knowing,that we would go back to our product,image or homepage image you really want,to make sure you're grabbing that,original file format you want to find,the largest size possible because if you,don't have the larger size possible it's,gonna be really hard to actually get rid,of that pixelation from your images as,it's going to be stretching that image,which is causing the problem with,pixelation in the first place so we're,gonna find that original no copy one,that's uncropped one that's unedited you,should hopefully have that if you're,taking your own product imagery it,should be quite high quality so you can,use those there in terms of editing as,well many people will just decrease the,pixel size so they can decrease the file,size of an image as images can quite,slow down a Shopify website rather than,just decreasing the pixel size which you,can do it'll just decrease it to the,recommended size here for Collection,image should be 1024 by 1024 pixels you,should use a service such as Tiny PNG,which is going to compress the image but,keep the pixel size and it's going to,decrease the count a little bit in the,back end you can see the original,transparent image went from 57 KB all,the way down to 15. it does a great job,here and Tiny PNG is completely free so,if you are doing that to decrease the,file size I'd recommend using something,such as a tiny PNG instead let's go,through an example here I'm just going,to start with the home page rather than,try to find a better product image it's,going to be a little clearer to go step,by step so I'm going to go download this,image here and then we can click on it,to open it up and from there we want to,hit the recommended pixel size to make,sure that's going to fit correctly and,if we head back to our cheat sheet here,and go to Banner images to recommend it,to be 1800 by 1000 so let's get our,image to fit within that width and,height in pixels now to Mac you want to,go into tools in the top left then hit,adjust size then from there you can edit,the width and the height I'm going to,put 1800 here and it's going to give me,1800 by 1200 as that's going to keep the,dimensions fixed so it's not going to,warp the image in any way now if you,want to hit that Dimension exactly we,can drag over here and just kind of like,play around with the dimensions of this,image to kind of hit that 1800 by 1000,if you can see in the right of where I'm,dragging I am just dragging this up to,1000. now it doesn't have to be exact so,that one's a thousand and one so I'd say,that's close enough here you want to hit,this crop button and that's going to,crop our home page image I'm going to,hit save there to save this on my,computer now I did mention tiny PNG so,let's run through that as an example as,well so we can see this goes from 229 KP,to 110 KB which is a nice 52 file size,reduction gonna hit save again so it's,gonna be saved on my desktop now if I,head over to my Shopify store go to,online store on the left here it's going,to open up the theme section of the,website that customize go into my image,with text overlay or overlay this is,going to be the banner here click on it,so I can edit it I'm going to go to,change change image and I'm going to,upload my own image here hit upload and,then just like that the home page has,now been changed and so we've optimized,this image to fit the 1800 by 1000 size,and we've scaled down it is so much,easier to scale down than scale up this,will help correct the pixelation on your,images of your Shopify store now if,you're caught in a bind here and you,cannot actually get a larger image and,go back there are ways to upscale your,image here this is a service called,smart enhance which allows you to fix,compression issues you just have to,create an account uploaded your pixel,image then hit start processing you can,see it fixes it from this to this it's,going to clean things up a little bit,this always isn't perfect which is why I,didn't go over it at the start but it,can be something to help if your product,images are blurry to begin with so I'll,leave a link to this in the description,as well so this concludes the video on,how to fix pixelated images it's going,to all start with your image size,binding pixels make sure you're hitting,those correct Dimensions or at least,very close to to decrease the chances,that your images are pixely and blurry,which is going to create an overall,better shopping experience if you,enjoyed this video I would love it so,much if you hit that like And subscribe,button below if you have any questions,leave a comment and lastly I want to,mention our sponsor profit calc again,the one-click profit calculator app,available on the Shopify App Store,there's a link in the description below,I actually say 15 day free trial thank,you so much for watching and I'll see,you in our next video

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