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YouTube Advertising: How to Run Your First Ad- By the end of this video,,you'll be ready to run your

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Updated on Jan 05,2023

YouTube Advertising: How to Run Your First Ad

- By the end of this video,,you'll be ready to run your very first YouTube ad.,Let's dive in.,(calming music),YouTube Ads are actually run,through your Google Ads account.,But before we get there,,you will need to set up a YouTube channel,if you haven't already.,There are timestamps in the description below,in case you need to skip ahead.,Once you log in to your Google account,and navigate to YouTube,,you're simply going to click on the profile picture,on the top right-hand side,,and the first option will be Create a channel.,Once you click there, add a name, click Next,,and your YouTube channel is created.,You will need to upload the video you plan on running,as a YouTube ad to this channel,,but we'll get there as we move through this process.,You'll now need to create your Google Ads account.,You can visit to get started.,Simply click on Sign in.,I do recommend that you use that same Gmail login,for your YouTube channel,,as well as your Google Ads account.,You'll then click on the button,that says New Google Ads Account,,and it will start to create your account for you.,On the next screen,,your Google Ads account will give you a few options.,You do have the option,to connect your Google My Business account.,If you already have the YouTube video,that you wanna run as a YouTube ad,uploaded to your new YouTube account,,you can select Your video,and it will ask you for the video URL.,If you do not yet have the video you'd like to run,,select Your website and go through the prompts one by one,about your business information.,The prompts may ask you about budgets,and different ad copy for your new Google Ads account.,You do not have to use these options,for the YouTube ad you plan to run,,but select whatever you want on these prompts,to simply move through the setup process,and then we'll be able to create the ad,that you intentionally wanna run on YouTube.,Now that you've set up your Google Ads account,,you need to link the YouTube channel,that you created to the account.,You'll do this by simply navigating,to the Tools and Settings button at the top-right,and clicking on the Linked accounts option.,You'll then see YouTube channel,and I'm simply gonna click Manage and Link.,Click on the blue plus button,and either find your channel name,or paste your YouTube channel URL.,If you're signed in with the same Gmail account,used to create your YouTube channel,,it should auto-populate.,Before I get to the next step,,do me a favor and hit that like button,if you're getting value from this video.,It really helps the channel out.,Now, you're going to navigate to your YouTube channel.,At the top-right, you're going to click on YouTube Studio.,We are then gonna click on Content.,You'll either upload your video there,or you'll navigate to the video,that you'd like to run as your YouTube ad.,It's important to note,that you are able to have this video as public,,but I prefer to have my ads unlisted,so they don't show up on my channel.,We'll now need the URL of that specific YouTube video,to paste into our Google Ads account.,You can simply click here to get the shareable link.,Now, we're navigating back to our Google Ads account,and we are gonna select the Create New Campaign option.,I'm now on a screen that's asking me to select,the goal I'd like to use for this campaign.,I'm simply gonna click on,Create a campaign without guidance.,The next option is the type of ad that you'd like to run.,Video is the type of ad we'll be running for a YouTube ad.,The next option is to create a campaign sub-type.,On this screen, we will get to decide,where these video ads are actually shown.,I'm gonna select Custom video campaign,and then click Continue.,Now, we're going to be selecting our ad settings,,walk through the prompts one by one,,and select the options that work for you.,The campaign name should be related,to the goal of the campaign,or the specific YouTube ad you're trying to run.,The name of your ad will only be visible to you.,Under these campaign settings,,I have two options for my bid strategy:,my cost per view,or my CPM, which is cost per thousand.,I'm gonna select Maximum Cost Per View.,Under Budget and dates,,we'll have the option to select either a daily budget,or an overall campaign budget.,If you select an overall campaign budget,,you will need to add the start date and the end date.,If you select a daily budget,,you will not need to select dates for that.,I'll be selecting the daily budget.,The next option is the networks.,You'll have three different options to select from.,YouTube search results will allow your ad,to be shown in the YouTube search results.,For YouTube videos, your ad will be shown,inside of YouTube videos.,And for the Display Network,,your video will be shown on platforms other than YouTube.,I am only going to select YouTube videos,for this specific ad.,I'm now going to select the country,and location that I would like to show my ads in.,I'll also select the language,that I would like m

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Youtube Ads Tutorial 2023 - How to Run Youtube Ads (Youtube Advertising)

Youtube Ads Tutorial 2023 - How to Run Youtube Ads (Youtube Advertising)

so you want to run out on youtube but you  don't know where to begin and this is the  ,video for you i'm going to give you the complete  a to z on how to launch your first youtube ad  ,and make sure it is wildly profitable now it has  always been my mission to give more away for free  ,than others would have to pay for and so if you  stick around to the end of this video i'm gonna  ,give you a video ab framework that's been used to  generate millions of companies all over the globe  ,and you're getting this completely for free  guys and finally i do want to launch a giveaway  ,on this video as well and if you comment down  below with your goals for running youtube ads  ,i'm going to give one in every 100 people will  randomly select someone to get a completely  ,free coaching call with me will break down your  ad account and your business and i'll tell you  ,exactly what you need to do to make sure your  youtube ads are as profitable as possible now  ,finally i do speak very quickly i'm not going  to apologize for that i want to cram in as much  ,value into this video as possible so if you find  me too quick to follow there is a button somewhere  ,and on the youtube settings okay where you can  actually turn down the playback speed to do that  ,if that interests you finally let's just get into  it so youtube ads training let's get straight into  ,it but before we jump into how you can actually  create some ads go through some of the numbers  ,because you need to understand how big of an  opportunity youtube advertising is right now  ,now youtube has over 2 billion monthly active  users and is the second most popular website  ,in the world now in the us alone youtube will make  5.5 billion dollars in advertising revenue in 2021  ,this one's the craziest people watch over 1  billion hours of youtube video content each day  ,so it's your duty to get yourselves on the start  of each and every one of those videos or however  ,many you can to your target audience now 89 of  video marketers plan to use youtube in their 2021  ,video marketing strategy and it goes about saying  youtube is an incredibly lucrative platform and  ,your customers aren't using it best you believe  it so let's go through how we can create some  ,maps but first of all let's understand the actual  youtube ad structure how does it all work right so  ,the first thing we have at the top is our google  ads account also known previously known as an  ,adwords account so we need to create one of them  first but then within that have ad campaigns we  ,then have ad groups keywords ad creative and  finally our landing page where we're driving  ,traffic through to so let's break these down one  by one so the ad account the google ad account  ,is where you manage your google and youtube  advertising account now google and youtube hence  ,why you run youtube ads on the google ad platform  similar to facebook and instagram facebook own  ,instagram and so when you want to create instagram  adverts you just create them on the facebook ad  ,platform now underneath our ad account we have  ad campaigns this is the type of advert we're  ,actually going to be running so this could be a  display ad or an in-stream ad for example we're  ,going to break down each of these when we actually  create one we then have ad group so this is what  ,type of audience we're actually targeting we don't  have keywords now keywords control where your  ,ad is triggered within search queries so we are  targeting people based on what they are actually  ,searching for on youtube and then have as creative  now this is the video that will appear when your  ,ad is triggered to the actual creative the visuals  of your ad and then finally our landing page so  ,this is the destination where each ad will direct  our audience to so when somebody clicks on our ad  ,this is where they will be brought to so there  are a whole different bunch of youtube ad formats  ,and uh we're not going to go through all of these  today because we simply don't have the most time  ,but we are going to go through two very  very important ones indeed in fact the  ,most effective without a shadow of a doubt  but we have display ad so these are the ads  ,which uh essentially show next to the search  results on youtube we've probably all seen these  ,we didn't have in-stream skippable ads so these  are ads that come up or other otherwise known  ,as pre-roll ads at the start of a video and you  can actually skip past them after a couple of  ,seconds we then have non-skippable ads these  are shorter ad formats which you can't skip  ,we have overlay ads sponsored cards and shoppable  ads but today we are going to be focusing on  ,two of the most effective youtube ads it's  definitely for beginners when you're first  ,starting out and that is in-stream skippable  ads and non-skip of labs but with a focus on  ,skippable ads which is from my experience  from our digital marketing agency experience  ,where we get the most

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Facebook Ads vs YouTube Ads 2021: WHAT'S BETTER?!

Facebook Ads vs YouTube Ads 2021: WHAT'S BETTER?!

okay so in this lesson,we're going to talk about the ultimate,showdown i bet you might have been,wondering about,you know kind of differences or,similarities or what have,you when it comes to youtube ads versus,facebook ads so first thing i want to be,clear on,i love facebook ads so don't get it,twisted i want all the traffic,by the way yes we're talking about,youtube advertising,but that doesn't mean that i don't want,to run facebook or any other traffic,matter of fact,you should be diversified so definitely,definitely love,facebook but there are some common,things that,i think can help you get some quick wins,that i want to walk you through,and there's also some key differences,where there's a bit of a nuance between,how you run facebook ads how you run,youtube ads,what i want to do first is i want to,talk about the key differences between,the two,and walk through each one of those so,number one,with youtube ads in my opinion i think,they're,simpler in the fact that you only have,video,there's no images there's no text area,there's no comments there's no uh,fan page management you don't have to,really do all of that,you have a video you upload that video,and you run it as an ad and that's the,only way that you can do it,that is kind of like the difference,between the two right it's,uh you know with facebook there's you,know you can do video,you can do you know you can do all the,different ways that you can run,uh there's a lot of ways to do that but,with youtube it's pretty simple in terms,of the ad itself,just the video so keep that in mind,another,key difference in my opinion is,and why i talk a lot about ltv and,long-term value,in other sections of this course is,because what we see a lot of,is a lot of people are focused on return,on ad spend when it comes to facebook,and then with youtube um obviously you,can,absolutely do that but when you're,really scaling you really want to think,more about,ltv and i kind of mentioned that you,know,customers on youtube tend to be worth,more over time,which means i believe you can be able to,pay more,for those customers that's kind of the,game that we play and i think everyone,should kind of take that into,consideration,uh when you're running your youtube ad,so so that's a key little piece,another one is the skip button,versus the scroll so on facebook,you're trying to stop the scroll on,youtube you're trying to,stop them from skipping your ads so you,got about that five,seconds to skip the ad but really your,hook is more like 10 to 15 seconds,because if you keep them from skipping,into five seconds,after five seconds they're still,hovering over the skip button so,as you're going through your hook it's,not just those five seconds i think,you want to make it a bit stronger you,know you got five seconds then the next,10 you want to kind of be a bit stronger,in that,we'll get into that more in the course,but that's the key thing you're trying,to stop the skip,and then with facebook you're trying to,stop the scroll or instagram facebook,and instagram,people are scrolling that's the actual,behavior so there's two key different,behaviors there that,when you're producing ads and you want,to cut through the noise if you will,you have to kind of understand that,another one we briefly touched on,was intent versus interest so people,don't go to you,facebook the reason why they're there is,not necessarily,um like with youtube the key thing with,youtube is that people go there to,consume,information actually there's a study,that says 70 percent of all searches on,youtube start with how to,so uh people go there with how to insert,you know whatever they're going to do no,one's going to facebook to do that not a,knock on facebook i'm just saying like,that,that behavior is not happening on on,facebook,so that's the key difference there,there's a lot more intent of the person,when they're going to,youtube versus facebook when people talk,about,uh fan page with facebook,you have they score your page there's a,lot of,um things that you have to check off for,your page to be eligible to run ads,on on youtube that you just can create a,channel,right now and upload a video and run it,as an ad and you don't have to worry,about channel health or any of those,types of things so,so that's something you really don't,have to concern yourself with with,youtube versus you know doing that on,facebook so,so those are some key differences that,you want to keep in mind,uh when you're getting ready to run your,youtube ads,now what i want to do is transition into,some comment elements,that gonna give you some quick wins if,you're already doing facebook or you're,very familiar with facebook ads,now we're gonna get into some common,elements that can give you some easy,quick wins,okay so getting into some of the common,elements um good news is that you've,already done a lot of the work,uh if you're already running you,facebook ads or you're really familiar,with facebook ads a lot of the,a lot of work that

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Why does Facebook allow scammers to advertise?

Why does Facebook allow scammers to advertise?

welcome to eftm and today i want to talk,about facebook i want a whinge about,facebook,and frankly the money that they accept,from scammers,and that's the kind of thing that really,bugs me and if it bugs you too then hit,subscribe,hit the bell so you find out all the,videos we have here whether it's me,ranting,about technology or the way technology,impacts life,or whether it's about cool new products,that i review right here at eftm,now look for the last couple of years,i've actually spent a bit of time and,money,buying stupid things off the internet,but not from amazon or kogan or catch,from facebook ads now facebook ads,are targeted they're targeted at people,who are most likely to click them,if you click an ad and you buy something,you're more likely to get,targeted with another ad with something,else that you might buy,my concern isn't the fact that facebook,has advertising that's great,don't get me started on the fact that,you can have a million people liking you,on facebook,but you're only ever going to reach 10,000 or 100 000 of them because of the,algorithm and you have to pay,to fully reach your audience that's a,different problem,that's for another day today's problem,is you're browsing facebook,you're looking at your newsfeed and you,see an ad an ad for the samsung,premiere projector now i know because,i'm in the game,that's a brand new projector that,launched and the cheapest one you can,get is something like six thousand it's,a ten,thousand dollar product on average it's,a big,projector short throw amazing high,quality,and so when i saw an ad for one that was,199,i thought well that's that's just not,right and i clicked on the ad and it was,a website with all the photos that you'd,expect on the samsung website but on,some dodgy shopping site ready to sell,me this projector for 199,now the effort that went into that,website could fool,many people and that's the concern here,who is it fooling,and how much money are they scamming now,the big challenge here is in a lot of,cases,and the the magic secret bracelet,is a good example this little loop,bracelet you bracelet you wear,which projects onto your skin and you,tap and go it's a touch screen on your,skin it's fantastic,and it's not a complete scan because i,don't take your money and send you,nothing,they take your money and send you,something rubbish,in this case it was a sports tracking,like a fitbit a cheap fitbit,it wasn't at all what it was advertised,to be and that's the scam,the scam is they purport to sell you,something in pictures,that it's not at all now i'm pretty,confident that if i was to and i'm not,going to bother in this case but if i,was to bother parting with a couple,hundred dollars for this,amazing projector they'll send something,it'll be some stupid magnified piece of,perspex you put your phone behind or,it'll be,some form of cheap 50 projector that,they're still making money off,but it certainly won't be as advertised,it won't be what's,in the ad and here's my problem facebook,accepts their money,now it's not facebook australia,specifically because these ads are,probably coming from some weird european,country who knows,but the problem exists here in australia,and australians deserve to be protected,by the same standards by which,radio tv and print advertising is,covered,now give an example if you want to run a,tv ad well first you've got to have the,money,but secondly you've got to have an ad,that's been made,produced makes claims about your product,and those claims have to be tested,by a thing that used to be called cad,now it's called clear ads they look at,your ad,and they test the claims that you make,if it's not true they won't let it run,there's a standard there's a there's a,there's a process through which an ad is,made and goes to where,on television in australia and frankly,there's a complaints process if you,complain about an ad,it can go to people like acma the,australian communications and media,authority and they can investigate and,they could,find the broadcaster or the advertiser,what happens on facebook,click report most of the time they say,no nothing to see here maybe they take,the ad down if enough of us report it,but why should the onus be on ask the,consumers to report every single scam we,see,when as a as a publisher on facebook,if i pay a hundred dollars to boost a,post,and it's got more than 20 text in the,image,they say no no you can't boost that but,yet they let these scam ads come through,facebook and other social medias but,certainly facebook who owns instagram,and whatsapp so let's just,let's be clear they're the big one,facebook needs to take accountability,for who it's taking money from,now i'll give you a bigger example of,this very projector,the website the facebook page that is,advertising is a lovely french lady i,don't know if she's in canada or france,or where,but it's a french spoken french language,facebook page,selling rag dolls kids toys,now what's happened here is she's been,hacked,

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How To Promote YouTube Videos With Facebook Ads - Step by Step Tutorial

How To Promote YouTube Videos With Facebook Ads - Step by Step Tutorial

i personally always suggest that you,only ever boost or advertise with money,when it comes to a product or not a,video but i'm here to tell you how to do,those adverts on facebook for your,videos let's go to the computer okay so,this is facebook in my case it is my,facebook page the alan spicer digital,consultant or youtube certified digital,consultant page which you can find at, forward slash alanspicer,youtube but if you want to promote your,video,you scroll down to one of your videos in,this case it's one video that i've,promoted earlier in the week using my,patented technique the title the link,and a load of hashtags that are relevant,and in this case you'll see that i've,started getting some metrics and some,shares,but what you're looking for is to,promote the video using adverts you'll,see this little button here that says,boost post if you click the button,you'll see that this pops up now this is,your options for marketing not only will,you see what your advert looks like in,desktop in mobile and in instagram feeds,but you can also either animate the post,or choose many other options so for,example on the left hand side you'll see,add button to your post so if you want,to link people elsewhere you can do that,like learn more which can link to a web,page book now if it's a,webinar of some kind of thing shop now,if it's a specific product,sign up if it's an ebook get directions,send message or in my case because i'm,promoting just the video,i'm going to put no button or,the learn more option and then i'd put,the video link in there but in this case,i'm doing the no,button option and then choose what,demographic i want to go for whether,it's a group that you've already done so,here you go i wanted united kingdom 22,to 65 year olds people who like my page,people are like paige and other people,people of the local area or youtube,wannabes so those were people that were,in the same demographic or like certain,pages,or you can create your own audience in,here you can name it whatever you want,right you can go for male female,specific age range any location so it's,in your country or whether you're aiming,for somewhere else and then you hunt out,their specific hobbies so if you are a,cooking channel you'd look for cooking,and recipe groups or if you're a gaming,channel you look out for specific games,maybe your tutorials are specifically,for destiny or call of duty so you'd use,those groups to to advertise too and,once you've filled it in and you scroll,down to click save it will show up as,one of your options like mine on the,left hand side so,just for example i'm going to use my,once again youtube's wannabes,which in this case shows you,that it is 16 to 65,they are united kingdom england united,states they are interested in youtube,youtubers schools universities employers,that kind of thing,lifestyles blogspot it will ask you if,you'd like some automatic placements,what this means is it will have a look,at how well your ads are doing it will,allocate where it's best to promote them,if your adverts are doing better in one,group than the other then it will favor,one group over the other,basically it will just try to maximize,your reach now,total budget now this as you can see,is the maximum amount before it stops,not per day just in total,so if you want to spend 50 quid on,promoting the video you put in 50 pounds,there right and you'll see here,depending on,my choices above that my audience which,are the,16 to 65 people,is around about,200 to 280 to,1500 people per day,now,i can extend it,so in this case if i'm doing 20 pounds,and i'm running the ad until the 14th,which is 10 days away i'll be spending 2,pounds a day,and it will run for 10 days ending on,that day so if i was to extend it,you'll notice that the figures move,or first to crunch it it can,be delivered faster now,i can scroll down and also use,facebook pixels,facebook pixels is a target audience in,which you've got out your way to curate,from your own website anyone that's,hopped onto your site so nice way of,remarketing i will put a link in the,description down below to one of my,colleagues explaining how you can set up,a facebook pixel and how it helps you,remarket obviously that's the payment,method you can use paypal a credit card,anything like that now there's a note up,here that says your ad reach might be,lower now this is because initially when,the facebook advertising system showed,up there was,an algorithm that said too much text,would limit it now that has been,kind of scaled back you can now request,a manual review but it used to be that,the automated system would go no don't,like it would serve you to less people,that was to stop abuse,in this case if you request a manual,review they'll look at the advert before,it goes live and then assuming that it's,not,spam or scams which in this case how to,bulk edit info cards is clearly not some,kind of bitcoin mining scam and they'll,approve it and then when you're ready,you click

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ūüÜē how to promote youtube videos with Facebook ads how to grow your youtube channel with Facebook

ūüÜē how to promote youtube videos with Facebook ads how to grow your youtube channel with Facebook

yeah wonderful people how i guess doing,yeah welcome back to my channel thank,you so much for coming,it's your boy gets his song here in hong,kong,today i'm going to teach you guys,today i'm going to teach you guys how to,use a,facebook ass to campaign a video,you know i know it's very difficult to,grow your channel,organically but here i'm going to teach,you,step by step how to use facebook as to,grow your channel,yeah you're gonna cost you some little,money but it's also good it's nice,yeah you know we have different kinds of,youtube,please subscribe to my channel share,this video to friends let them learn how,to do this it's very important it's very,nice,uh after watching this video i know,you're gonna learn something in your,life uh,maybe you you haven't come across this,but uh,it's also nice you know so many ways to,promote your channel so,this is step one i have more steps to,show you so i'm gonna teach you guys,uh step by step how to campaign your,video through facebook ask,yeah facebook house is very nice uh,through facebook ask you can reach so,many people so many,uh audiences so many you can you know a,video can go different,part of the world yeah through facebook,ads,you can get more click on your videos,it's not only videos you can also use it,you also can use it to campaign your,business your product or whatever,anything you are doing you can use,facebook as to to share it around the,world,yeah it's up to you to choose where you,want your product to go whether you,whether you're doing youtube channel or,you're doing instagram,or your facebook or anything or you're,making clothes for your,your office or your campaign or buy a,business yeah you can use facebook ads,you can use facebook ask to you to,let the whole world know what you are,what you are doing your business,so facebook as we helps you to to to,share your product around the whole,world,and it's very nice and cheap and,affordable yeah please after watching,this video please make sure you,subscribe to my channel,and share this video give the video a,thumbs up down there in the comment,section,you know tell me whether you love it,more is coming i'm gonna show you more,more and more and more all right,today i'm going to teach you guys how to,use facebook ads,to campaign your video youtube,instagram tick tock facebook as well,so i'm going to teach you guys how to,use,facebook ads to promote your product,for those of us that are doing youtube,you can use it to campaign for your,youtube as well,so here let's start from here,i go to chrome and i open my chrome on,my computer,and i have facebook,facebook,all right he asked me to sign up,login or sign up,all right yeah he brought me already,down to my facebook page,good so before i start first of all i,will go to casey some tv,click my facebook page and when you get,here,you screen which will be it it's,the right hand side meanwhile,we see so many things here because i've,been using this before,here he give me the sign promote my,video,here is a boost an instagram post,he said post a post,automatic ads okay let's go straight,to the point to start boosting,or promoting or companion,you first of all go to ask center,you click add center then it brought you,here once they bring you here,you click create ads,once you open this page it will show you,this one,two three four,five six seven these seven items oh it's,very important,first of all here i say get more,messages,get more messages means,it means if you want to get more,messages on your products,if you want people to write more,messages on your channel or something,like that,or you want some messages those two you,know you want to campaign a page based,on message,then you click here then here say post,an instagram post,if you want to campaign some of the,pictures or some of the things you post,on instagram,you also can use this one too as well,then here say post a post,post a post you can post anything you,post whether it's on twitter,whether it's on facebook whether on,youtube on any social platform you can,post it here,also,another thing here he said get more,website visitors or fantastic,this is where we are going to use,because this is what we need,get more website visitors we need more,people to come to our channel to visit,us,so this is what we need so here i say,promote your page,yeah you can only promote your page that,you won't get anything and return just,like company your page just numbers is,increasing but nothing,you know people will not click it just,it will just come and go,that's what i mean here here say get,more get more calls,for example if you are doing business,and you want people to to contact you on,telephone maybe you want advertising a,goose your product your cars or whatever,you are selling,then you put your telephone number you,have to campaign based on telephone,number,then people have to call you to make,some inquiry that's what it means but,get more course using ass then here say,get more leads,if you want more peop

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Turn OFF This BAD Facebook Ads Feature (It's Auto-Enabled!)

Turn OFF This BAD Facebook Ads Feature (It's Auto-Enabled!)

meta has just also enabled a new,facebook ads feature that is terrible,for a lot of facebook advertisers you,can't keep getting away with it you,can't keep getting away with them it's,probably active in your campaigns right,now because it's been turned on by,default you don't want it to be and in,this video i'm going to explain what it,is and show you how to turn this thing,off,so to see whether this feature is active,in your campaigns or not you want to go,into your campaigns and then come to the,ad level which is where i am in a,demonstration and campaigning and then,if you go ahead and scroll down um to,beneath the just beneath the add,creative section you can see where you,enter in your primary text headlines etc,and you'll see this optimized text per,person feature now doesn't that sound,like a great feature who wouldn't want,to optimize text per person when i dig,into this a little bit more you'll see,why this is potentially such an issue,for you so if i hover over the little,eye you'll see how this works right,effectively what facebook are doing is,they are taking what you write for your,primary text what you write for your,headline and what you wrote for your,description and they are moving those,whatever you've written into other,locations,if they feel that that's going to,improve performance and they're doing,this at the per person level so if for,example they feel that whatever you've,written for your primary text is going,to do better at the headline in the,headline slot and vice versa i'll switch,them around same for your description,now this might be a decent ish option,for brand new facebook advertisers don't,really know what they're doing they just,entered in some good things about their,product or service they put it in there,and it gives,facebook flexibility to be able to move,this stuff around but for anyone that's,even,slightly beyond that very very beginner,phase which is obviously the vast,majority of my audience that's not good,just imagine now think about what you,wrote in your primary text what you,wrote in your headlines how you thought,about it how you worked out what you,wanted to be in those ads and now,facebook's just going to go ahead and,switch all that around you can easily,end up with ads that don't make sense,and obviously as part of my job i,regularly go through facebook instagram,just taking a look at the various ads,that pop up i think that's a good,exercise for anyone advertising on the,platform and i do feel like i've started,to see some more ads recently that make,less and less sense and i think this is,potentially part of the problem now the,optimized text per person option has,been available for a while now it's,probably six months in but the fact that,meta have now decided that this is auto,enabled so you create a new campaign,create new ads it's going to be on by,default i think presents a number of,different issues okay and you can sort,of think about oh yeah that could that,could really present some problems now i,want to be very clear that this is,different to the ability to create,multiple primary texts multiple,headlines and then allow,meta to test those out so you can see,here under the primary text we've got,what you had about try up to five,options same with the headline same with,the description that's something i would,encourage a lot of advertisers to do it,allows you to test different headlines,different primary text options etcetera,etcetera without needing to create tons,of different ads um you can can use this,feature and that's fine this is,different it's the,the automatic switching between say,we're gonna put your headline in your,primary text your primary text in your,headline and your description which is,probably the weirdest one imagine,someone pops your description up into,your headline you think well that's no,that's not right at all that's not gonna,work with descriptions to typically use,something that's more call to action,based if you put that in the headline,before anyone knows anything about the,ad you know imagine a headline that's,like click here to claim your free offer,now ah,i don't like it i don't like this at all,and i don't like that it's been auto,enabled and what you can see down here,is we've got this optimized text per,person option and we've just got enabled,there's no ability seemingly to turn,this off which is on first glance even,more concerning because you think well i,don't want this and i can't even turn it,off now you can actually turn this thing,off it's they've made it more,complicated than they need to it's a,little bit hidden but i'll show you how,to do that in a second before i do just,wanted to quickly let you know about my,company lead guru which is specialist,facebook and instagram ad agency we,create manage and optimize campaigns for,our clients if you want help with your,facebook and instagram advertising you,want to get better results you want a,company to take off your hands we can,almost certainly help

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The ONLY Facebook Ads Course YOU Need

The ONLY Facebook Ads Course YOU Need

Over the past few years, I've built and scaled multimillion-dollar e-commerce,companies utilizing Facebook advertising.,And in this course, I'm going to teach you absolutely everything,that I know about Facebook ads.,So you can also find that level of success for your brand or your agency.,All that I ask is that you can hit this like button on this video,as a really helps out my channel.,Along with that, subscribe with notifications on if you're into,advertising and e-commerce, this course is brought to you by,,which is an artificial intelligence platform for Facebook advertisers.,They have tools that can write your copy, perform creative,analysis, optimize your ads.,They offer courses, research studies and so much more in fun fact, I'm,actually the founder of,So with that said, definitely go check out pondir.,We've got everything you need.,And here in this course, I'm going to give you the education completely free.,So if you want some tools to help you out with your Facebook advertising journey,and your road to success, go ahead and check out pondir without further ado.,I hope you enjoy this Facebook ads course, and I cannot wait to,see the level of success that you find using all of our strategies.,Let's get into it.,What are Facebook ads in?,What is Facebook advertising?,That's an actual question.,I'm asking you right now.,And I want you to define your answer of what are Facebook ads.,Since I obviously can't hear you in your response, I'm going to use my,fiance Maggie, as an example of she has never run Facebook ads herself.,So Hey Maggie, what are Facebook ads?,And what does Facebook advertising?,Facebook ads are advertisements that you see, they come up on your newsfeed,that are products that I'm from here is what I was expecting as an answer.,And that's what I was expecting for your answer to be as well.,Now, let me rephrase this in a way that hopefully it brings some,more clarity to why I expect you to say that when I ask you, what,are these, what are apple AirPods?,You're probably going to say their headphones.,They play music, but let's break this down.,There's a driver, there's plastic there's coils, there's software there's foam,ear tips that produced the headphone that produced the music, the music, and,the listening is just the end result.,And when you're scrolling your newsfeed and you see a sponsored,post appear, that's the end result in order to efficiently run Facebook.,You first need to understand what Facebook ads really are.,What are Facebook ads more than 2 billion people use Facebook every,single month advertisers bid to show their ad on those people's devices.,Facebook advertising is simply an online auction.,Each time.,There's an opportunity to show someone an ad, an auction takes place to determine,which advertiser will have the chance to show their ad billions of auctions take,place every single day across the Facebook family of apps and network of websites.,When we as advertisers create ads, we tell Facebook who we want to show our ads to.,By defining a target audience, a person can fall into multiple target audiences.,For example, one advertiser targets, women who like skiing while another,advertiser targets all skiers who live in California, the same person in this,case, a female sphere who lives in California could fall into the target,audience of both of the advertisers.,So now when there's an opportunity to show that single person an ad, and,there's multiple advertisers targeting them, those advertisers will now enter,an auction where they will bid to show their creative on that user's device.,So how do you win an auction to ensure that the winning ad maximizes value,for both people and the business, the winner of the auction is the,ad with the highest total value.,And this is extremely, extremely important to take note of the highest total value,is a combination of three major factors.,Number one, the bid, the bid is placed by an advertiser for that ad placement.,In other words, what is the advertiser willing to pay, to,achieve their desired outcome?,And there's actually multiple ways to manage your bid in an ad auction.,We'll discuss this later on in the course, but for now the first key,of a highest total value is the bid.,What amount is the advertiser willing to pay, to show their,ad to that user on their device?,Number two, estimated action rates, an estimate of whether a,particular person engages with or converts from a particular ad.,In other words, the probability that showing an ad to a person leads to,that desired outcome of the advertiser.,For example, if your goal is a purchase, what is the estimated probability that,if Facebook shows your ad, that user will result in a purchase, finally,,number three, add quality ad quality is a measure of the quality of an,ad as determined from many sources, including feedback from people viewing,or hiding the ad and assessments of low quality attributes in the head, such as,withholding information, sensa

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