how do you export your products from shopify

How to export my products from Shopify 2022 what's up everyone edwin anthony back,here again,showing

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Updated on Apr 01,2023

How to export my products from Shopify 2022

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how do you export your products from shopify catalogs

How to export my products from Shopify 2022

what's up everyone edwin anthony back,here again,showing another shopify video this time,what we're going to talk about we're,going to talk about,me trying to download the zip file,so i'm sure that if,based on today's date right,april 21st of 2022 uh if you notice you,try to go ahead and do an export of your,data and you probably have a lot of,products right and you get an email for,shopify one of them probably if you're,using gmail says uh this doesn't look,safe or whatnot,it's legit just make sure that you look,at the shopify email address it should,be legit,um from here you'll notice that you try,to download and you're like clicking,everywhere and what's going on why is,this not working,you know this problem has been happening,for quite some time i want to see it,more than a month from now and i made a,shopify ticket about this so i'm making,this video just to solve this problem so,you can see how easy it is to hopefully,uh bypass this situation so let's go,ahead and start over here so i'm using,obviously gmail and i'm gonna go first,start off by clicking these three dots,at the corner okay i'm gonna click on,these three dots right here,and then i'm gonna go where it says show,original i'm going to click on that,right there and it's going to take us to,this thing right here,and we're going to scroll down scroll,all the way down up until we find right,here where it says downloads okay so go,ahead into your source code there just,like i was showing you don't be scared,nothing's going to happen here,and from this what we're going to do is,we're going to,we're going to grab this,url right here we're going to ignore,these parentheses and we're going to,right click and copy,once we do that,let's go ahead and open up a new tab,right here okay and what you're going to,very closely pay attention to,is the equal sign so pay attention to,,look at this url okay and you see this,equal sign right here you see that,click in this and delete it,okay delete it and once you delete it,you leave it like that press enter or or,return on your keyboard,okay,and then you'll notice,that there's your download,now if you think that i deserve,a demolished thumbs up,please,thumb it up,go ahead that's all i asked for okay,uh strongly strongly recommend uh this,route and please you know that's how you,support the channel and stuff like that,i know i've been disconnected for some,time this is just a very quick video and,uh by the way yeah you guys will notice,that on my tutorial i'm now using brave,um so you know if i gave you the answer,and you gave me a thumbs up thank you,very much hopefully you'll see me next,time but if you want to stay in chat or,just listening to me talk about the,latest changes look at the latest change,i did so guys i'm sure tons of you,people are using chrome okay and based,on the current events that's going on,and all that stuff you know um you know,there's funny business that's going on,around in the world okay and people,getting hacked and all that stuff and so,i always tell my merchants i'm like hey,protect yourself you know make sure that,you put 2fa on your security make sure,that,you're doing 2fa on your emails that's,associated to shopify so that nothing,bad happens to you and all that stuff so,i just got fed up with chrome the other,day,and i'm just like you know what this is,a very heavy software i'm just done with,chrome,and uh you know my development team was,talking to me and they said hey you know,we use,uh,we use brave and i'm like all right cool,i mean let me try brave i've heard of,brave a while ago but that's when it was,on this beta some time has passed and i,installed it and it's made out of chrome,in other words the the back end or the,bones it's it's structured as chrome and,it brings all the extensions it brings,all the bookmarks it brings all of that,and it really strongly acts like chrome,but there's more privacy involved in it,um at least allegedly right up until who,knows when,but let me tell you the biggest,difference is that i have fast speed,internet and i'm able to,like just go super fast using,uh brave versus chrome chrome was,extremely heavy and this is now my new,preference uh by the way guys if you uh,what you don't want to do is upload the,zip file i forgot to mention that don't,upload the zip file to another store,make sure that you click on it first uh,export it into a csv,and then from a csv right that's when,you upload it into the store some final,details there anyways guys thank you,very much and if you have any questions,let me know how this worked out for you,and until next time thank you

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