how to make collections in grid text linkable in retina shopify theme

How To Create Sub Collections in Shopify 2.0 - Start Doing This Now! for a long time it was difficul

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Updated on Apr 01,2023

How To Create Sub Collections in Shopify 2.0 - Start Doing This Now!

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how to make collections in grid text linkable in retina shopify theme catalogs

How To Create Sub Collections in Shopify 2.0 - Start Doing This Now!

for a long time it was difficult to,create sub-collections in shopify in the,old shopify that is it's gotten a lot,easier in shopify 2.0 and i think that,now is the perfect time to jump on this,opportunity and to actually create,sub-collections and main collection,pages in your shopify store there are,some benefits to doing this mainly,seo so google's algorithm likes to see,clusters of content right it likes to,see groupings of content so whether it's,like blog categories and then blog posts,in that category for you as a store,owner it's products and then categories,of products and then more general parent,categories of products so the reason,that it was difficult in the old shopify,to create sub collections,is because in shopify we don't have,really any concept of sub collections,all collections are kind of the same,level they're all equal so it was kind,of difficult to do you could of course,like on turbo theme,you could have a mega menu with headings,and under those headings you could list,your collections and so that kind of,gives that effect of having sub,collections,right but you still you didn't have a,page for this parent collection the,parent collection,on this theme for example just lists,products it does not list,actual sub collections and if you wanted,to create sub collections like this on,an older shopify theme there were,different tricky ways to do it in,various themes sometimes you would,create a navigation list as in the same,thing that you would do for a menu and,then some themes let you output those,navigation lists as sub collections on a,page on other themes you had to copy and,paste code to do that anyway,all of that is in the past now if you're,on shopify 2.0 because nowadays all you,have to do is create a new template,and then add a section to that template,and then you can duplicate your template,for every main collection page that you,want to create if that sounds a bit,confusing i'm going to walk you through,it right now so i'm going to go off,camera right now and i'll show you how,it works alright guys here we are in my,development store,and the first thing that i want to,clarify that i think is quite important,is that there is a default collection,listing page in shopify you can access,it by going to your shopify url and then,slash collections,this is one of the default pages in,shopify you cannot delete it,you cannot change this url the slash,collections page,lists all your collections,and it will always be there you can edit,that page by,choosing the collections list template,and your theme might have some settings,that you can change on this page so what,i talk about when i say sub collections,is not this page,what i'm talking about is say having a,boys collection right and inside that,collection to have boys pants boys,shirts and boys shorts right and we,don't want to display,girls collections or any other,collections another thing that i just,want to remind you of is that there is,no such thing as different collection,levels in shopify there is no actual,concept of sub collections all,collections are the same so when you're,creating your collections and your sub,collections you're just going to create,them as regular collections so i'm going,to be using boys as my parent collection,and then inside the boys collection,there's going to be boys shorts pants,and shirts they're all just regular,collections so just create your,collections as you would normally and,then we can move on to the next part so,now we're ready to create the main,collection page which is going to,contain our sub collections so the,parent page for me it's going to be the,boys collection that i showed you,earlier so we're going to enter the,theme editor using the template selector,we're going to go to collections,and then select the default collection,you can ignore this you probably won't,have anything here,but let's just go to the default,collection template as you can see it's,showing,boys collection for me which is just,listing products in that collection but,i want it to list sub collections if you,don't see the collection that you want,to be working on you can change that,here,by clicking change and then preview a,different collection but just keep in,mind that this is a preview of a,collection but you're still editing the,default collection currently so what,we're going to do is again go into,collections and now click create,template i'm going to call it boys,collection you don't have to name it,like this but it's just that if you go,like this with spaces and capitals it's,going to automatically turn it into this,kind of hyphenated format anyway so i,just use that straight away so let's,create a boys collection template so now,we're editing the boys collection,template in case you're still previewing,a different collection i recommend,changing it to the one that you want,just so that it's not confusing and now,we can go ahead and change what sections,we want to show on this template by,default we have this collection banner,which would show like the collection,image the collection description if you,have one and it would just be here like,text and image we can hide that,we can't remove this section completely,but we can hide it if you don't want it,i recommend just adding a section now,for a collection list i'm using dawn,theme and it's got this collection list,section but any theme that you're using,will have some kind of section that,lists collections,and because we now have sections,everywhere in shopify 2.0 you can add,whatever section you want and use that,to display your collections so i'm going,to select my boys pants collection,you know my,shirts,and short collection and there we have,the basic layout of a main collection,page which is displaying sub collections,we can change this to be like boys,clothing,so this heading is like that we can,also make a much nicer looking layout by,adding for example a rich text section,at the top here,and we can say something like,browse boys collections,and so then we see the boys collections,and then we have the products now of,course you can hide this product grid,if you just want it to be,and you can hide this collection banner,if you just want this to be a sub,collection page right just listing these,collections but i don't recommend this,the thing is that this is good for seo,you can actually reduce the amount of,products that are visible on this page,so i have 12. if you want there to be,less you can make eight,so it's just kind of a preview,of all boys products,and you have your sub collections but,the issue with hiding it entirely is,that this isn't as good for seo google's,algorithm likes to see groupings of,products on pages so now that we've,created this page the url is going to be,slash collections,boys google will see that we have on,this page boys pants boys shirts and,boys shorts but plus it could also see a,grouping of products and that would make,this page more filled with content and,stronger now the last thing that you,need to do is to actually apply this,template to the boys collection so,remember that we just created this,template and we're previewing it,currently on the boys collection but we,can preview it on,any collection and it will be,the same so,we've just created a template this,template needs to be,applied somewhere,and that's done through the collections,page so when you go into any collection,you can select the template that is used,and you will now see boys collection,appears here so you can select boys,collection hit save and now when we view,this collection you will see that it has,the custom template that we created the,great thing about these templates in,shopify 2.0 is that you can duplicate,them,so if i wanted to create the same thing,but for girls so i want to do a girls,collection,i would create a template and then i can,base it on boys collection,i would name it girls collection,create the template and it would already,have all the sections set up so i'm i,can preview that,on,well i actually don't have a girl's,parent collection yet,um but i can preview that on any,collection and see now it's showing,different products but it's the same,text content and that's because we added,that content through the editor through,the template editor right so we just,need to change this kind of stuff we,just need to change the headings here,and that's all really lastly i'm going,to show you how to delete a template if,you've accidentally created too many,templates or you've maybe simply made an,error in spelling or named it somehow,that you don't want it to be named as,you can see there's no delete button,here and you can't like right click or,anything,so you actually need to delete the code,that is generated for each of these,it's just a new file is generated every,time you create a template and you just,need to find that file and delete it so,we're just going to go edit code to open,the code editor and then we're going to,search for the name of that collection,that we created so girls collection it,will be named exactly the same except it,will be collection dot,and then girls collection dot json okay,dot json and not,uh dot liquid make sure that you do not,delete any files that end in dot liquid,okay so,girls collection,and we can simply delete the file,and then next time when you refresh the,theme editor you will no longer see the,girls collection template,there we go,guys i'm starting a whole new series now,on the new features and possibilities of,shopify 2.0 so if you're interested in,that check out the video that is on the,screen right now as well as the playlist,called shopify 2.0 which you'll find on,my channel,that's all for today see you next time

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