how to set a shopify theme

How to install Shopify Theme step by step | Hire Shopify experts 2021 hello and welcome to shopify e


Updated on Apr 01,2023

How to install Shopify Theme step by step | Hire Shopify experts 2021

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How to install Shopify Theme step by step | Hire Shopify experts 2021

hello and welcome to shopify experts,today we will upload theme on our,shopify store,for this we have to visit shopify,go to your login,after then you have to select your,account in,shop 5 you are on shopify,plants then you have to,go for this right store on which you,want to,activate the theme,let's suppose we have here,this shop malik mart,dot my and we want to change,the theme on this store,or we want to install our new theme,on this store,how is it looking now,the store is like this right now,if we will change the theme,we have to click on online store here,then go to themes it will automatically,go to themes after clicking on online,store,as you know that shopify is,like your phone needs a very high speed,internet connection in order to operate,if this happens we will refresh it,so that we can have this menu as soon as,possible,is again taking some time,let me check it with going to pages,if it's responding or not,okay now everything is fine,after clicking on online store you have,to,go to,here on the right side,find this on the left side find this,upload theme option,from here you can simply,install the theme,let's suppose we want to install ok,theme,we will click on upload,it will take some time as it's a very,big theme of 1.06,mb,before we had turbo theme already,installed,sorry premier league sub booster version,20 team,you can after uploading the theme,simply publish it or preview,it and it's completely uploaded,so we will preview it and,you can publish it so that the theme,will be installed on your store,it's like this right now,after new theme how it will look like,it will be like this,yeah here we go as you can see that,the new look has been applied so it was,the procedure,to install a shopify theme in only five,minutes,do subscribe my channel and share it,with your friends and,loving one so that it will,boost up and i can create so much stuff,that has already been in my mind for you,guys,bye-bye

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