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Facebook Ad Policy Mistakes | DON'T Make These Mistakes & Get BANNED From Facebook Adshey everyone w

Nikhil Parihar

Updated on Jan 05,2023

Facebook Ad Policy Mistakes | DON'T Make These Mistakes & Get BANNED From Facebook Ads

hey everyone welcome to this video my,name is nikhil and in this video we are,going to talk about what are the most,common reason why facebook has rejected,your facebook ads or disabled your,facebook account or your facebook page,or your facebook id what are the most,common reason or most common mistakes uh,people make uh so that their you know,accounts get rejected so this is what we,are going to understand so that you can,avoid those mistakes next time and if,your facebook ad account is disabled how,you can recover that ad account we have,already created a video you know the,previous video you can check that video,out,and i'll also put a link in the,description of this video you can check,that video uh try and recover your,facebook ad account but in this video we,are going to understand the most common,reason,why facebook ad accounts get rejected or,ads get rejected okay,so let's say once your ad is rejected,which i have an example of if you see,this is the ad one of the video ad which,got rejected and if i hover my mouse,here on the delivery it gives me this,option go to account quality so once i,go to account quality it will bring me,to this window and here you know i can,request a review a manual review of that,particular ad okay if you think your ad,is rejected by mistake sometimes what,happens is that uh facebook algorithm,also flags the ad,and those ads get rejected okay and once,you request a manual review they go,through the you know approval process so,uh do request a review if that's the,case,what policy was violated you will see,that option you know under policy,violation here it will not give you a,exact reason why your facebook ad was,rejected but up which policy was,violated so that you can understand,what is the mistake you have done in,that particular ad or you know what are,the common mistakes you have done so you,can check that a policy violation from,here,uh so yeah that's how you can you know,uh recover or request a review for your,ad now let's understand what are the,most common reason i have seen that,you know number of time people making,these mistakes for example i came across,a lot of such videos where people have,created videos on how you can promote,your youtube videos through facebook ads,now they show the process but the,mistake they do is that in the landing,page url option they directly put the,youtube link okay and people who are,watching the video they do the same,thing and that's the most common mistake,people make,facebook doesn't want that and it is,going to reject your ad immediately if,you try and promote your uh youtube uh,you know videos linked directly from,facebook at that's one of the most,common mistake in in fact not just,youtube videos uh you know if you are,promoting your telegram groups direct,affiliate links also directly from the,ads uh that is also one of the most,common reasons so now there are ways how,you can do this you know by you know,creating a proper landing page and then,uh you know adding one extra step and,then promoting your videos or telegram,groups that's a way to do it if you,directly do it facebook is not gonna,like that and it is going to reject so,please do not trust any or every,information out there on you know,facebook ads that's what i would uh,directly recommend you then another,thing which i've seen is that people try,to run the ads on a dummy business which,means it's not an actual business they,just for uh you know their own,understanding how facebook ads work they,just try and run the ads then also if,you're not using legitimate ads or,landing pages,facebook is going to reject your ads too,then another most common reason is that,if you are using copyrighted images or,images with a you know water mark on it,or videos on with a watermark on it then,also likely your facebook ad,or ad account is going to be disabled,because of just all because of that one,reason so try and run the ads for real,business proper business try and,generate uh the needs for proper or real,businesses uh do that practice that way,uh that is what i would suggest you,so,other common reasons you know what you,can do is you can just directly go to,google and search for fb ad policy,here,and if you go with the first organic,link meta advertising policies what it,is going to show you,it is going to take you to these you,know this document here now this is uh,one of the most important document i,would actually uh you know recommend,every advertiser every facebook,advertiser to read this document once at,least once so that you have,understanding what are the common,mistake you actually do in fact when you,go to account quality you click on the,policy violation also it will take you,to this particular document only what,are the policy you have violated okay in,my case,uh it was use of brand assets i was,talking too much about facebook ad and,hence the ad was rejected please check,these things you know prohibited content,restricted content all of these things,under p

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Why Your Facebook Ads Don’t Work (and How to Make Them Profitable)

Why Your Facebook Ads Don’t Work (and How to Make Them Profitable)

- You have amazing product.,You have amazing service.,You go out there, you run some ads on Facebook,because that's what everyone is doing,,but you find yourself just spending all this money.,No one cares about your ads.,They're not clicking on it.,And if you do get some clicks,,none of them convert into customers.,Why could this be?,Hey, everyone.,I'm Neil Patel,,and today I'm going to share with you,why your Facebook ads don't work,and how you can make them profitable.,(gentle music),Before we get started,,make sure you subscribe to this channel.,If you're on YouTube, click the alert notification.,That way, when I go live,,whether it's on Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn,,you'll get notified.,Question: How much do you spend per month on Facebook?,Let me know.,That's part of the reason why your ads may not be working.,So, here's the thing.,There's a few things that you need to do,to ensure that your Facebook ads are going to work,and they're going to be profitable.,Number one.,Make sure you're not just sending traffic to cold audiences.,See, a lot of people want to go out there,and just be like,,"Let me go find random people based on some interests,"and target them and get them to buy.",I'm not saying you can't make that work.,It is hard.,But what you should just start off with,is let me re-market all my existing audience,and get them to buy.,Let me show my ad on Facebook,,bring them back to my site, get them to buy.,Let me do things that create a lookalike audience,and find all the other people who are relevant,,very relevant, right?,Because you could do lookalike audience on Facebook.,You want to ideally pick 1%.,And then find all the other people,that you should be targeting,because those buyers are similar,to the ones that are like your audience,,and Facebook will figure that out for you.,If you're targeting those people,,it'll help you generate more sales.,Here's the next tip.,You need to spend enough when you're testing things out.,When you start off with Facebook ads,,spend $100, and you can't make things work.,And this is why I ask you,how much do you spend on Facebook ads?,Well, if you're not spending enough to get the ball rolling,,you're not really going to get ROI.,And on the flip side, you could be like it used to work,,but now that we scaled up our campaigns to 10, 20, $30,000,,it's not working.,Well, when it comes to budgets in Facebook,,it's all about spending the right amount.,You got to spend enough to test,to figure out the audiences that work,,the messaging, the ads.,You also can't spend too much too quickly,because if you scale up your ads too fast,,you'll find that Facebook give you a similar amount,of clicks for the same amount of money.,For that reason, you got to gradually increase,what you're spending.,The next thing you got to do is you need to re-market,all the people that almost bought or almost signed up.,And here's what I mean by this.,You got a checkout page.,Someone has all these products to their checkout page,,but they don't buy.,Well, you should show on what it's like to be a customer,through a video re-marketing ad,,not just on Facebook, you should also do that on YouTube.,That converts so well.,You can do the same with services.,People go to your service page,,they almost fell out of the lead,,but they don't convert, what do you do?,Well, you go and create a video,of what it's like to be a customer,,what it's like to sign up for your service,,and show them that on Facebook through re-marketing,as well as on YouTube.,That converts extremely well.,Another thing that you'll find,is hey, your copy may not be doing well.,Why is that?,Well, your copy, your ads, if you just create it,,you can't always just expect it to randomly do well.,You have to see what's working on for other people.,Facebook has a library.,Check out their library.,It shows you all the other ads in your space.,If you can see that people are spending a lot on ads,that are competitors, they have specific messaging,,you know it's working really well for them,,and there's a good shot that if you do something similar,,it may work for you as well.,That's where I would start,,especially if I'm creating campaigns.,Next, what's your funnel like?,Everyone assumes that you spend money on Facebook,,if it doesn't work, something is wrong with Facebook.,It could be your own site.,If you don't look at your own site, your funnel,,then you may not end up maximizing your revenue.,You can use tools like ClickFunnels.,You can end up looking at your competitors' funnels,because through Facebook's library,,you can see all their ads.,Click over to their landing pages,,see what their funnel looks like,,and if you see two or three of your competitors,using a specific funnel, specific sequences, with upsells,,downsells, specific type of copy, you now know that, hey,,this is the stuff that works really well in my space.,Now if you start there, that's how you could end up,figuring out how to make your Facebook ads work.,If you just en

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Don't Get BANNED From Facebook Ads! (Here's How)

Don't Get BANNED From Facebook Ads! (Here's How)

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video,i'm going to give you five steps you can,take right now and you can make sure you,keep taking,as you operate your facebook ad account,to protect your facebook ad,app to make it much less likely that,your facebook ad account is going to be,disabled and you'll lose the ability,to advertise on facebook this is,something that a lot of facebook,advertisers are struggling with as they,get their facebook ad account disabled,they can appeal but it takes ages to get,it back or maybe they never get it back,at all,and it's something that if facebook and,instagram advertising is an important,part of your marketing mix of how you're,going to grow your business,something you absolutely want to avoid,so i'm going to show you how to do in,this video before i get into that trying,to very very quickly ask you to smash,that like button click that thumbs up,button,that really really helps me out and is,much appreciated and of course subscribe,to my channel if you haven't done so,already okay so i've got five steps i'm,in an example facebook ad account here,i've got um,i'm at the ad level because i think most,ad account,disabling issues result from what you do,at the ad level and if you want to avoid,your at your ad account being disabled,you need to make sure that you don't,have too many ad disapprovals i'm going,to talk about that a bit more in a,minute,um but i'm going to go these five steps,here i've got some notes that i want to,want to talk through,now the first one is to reduce the,number of,ads that you get disapproved so an ad,account being disabled will,usually not always but usually come off,the back of a number of ads being,disapproved okay facebook haven't,officially confirmed this but it seems,to me that there's a certain number of,ads that you can get disapproved or,perhaps that's not a good way looking at,perhaps a better way of looking at it is,a certain percentage of overall ads that,get disapproved,that can lead to an ad account being,disabled so let's say for example you,created 100 new ads,if you were to get 30 or more of those,disapproved,i think there's a good chance that your,ad account is going to be disabled,obviously if you get 50 or 60 of those,100 disapproved there's a very very good,chance your,facebook ad account is going to be,disabled so you want to reduce the,number of ads that you,get disapproved when you're in a,facebook ad account like i am here and,at the ad level creating your,creating your ads um and there's a,number of ways that you can go about,doing that now there's the obvious ones,around,make sure you um are aware of facebook,advertiser policies and make sure you,abide by them and make sure you don't,do anything that that breach was i'm,going to talk about some more specifics,on that later,but what i want to mention now that i,think is something that's a bit of a,no-brainer,is to be cautious in how you introduce,ads,into your ad account so instead of,creating 18 new ads,you're going to run across all your,different ad sets perhaps just,create one or two ads put those inside,account submit those for review,and see how they do if they get approved,great well then you can perhaps,duplicate them across other ad sets or,create ads that are similar to those,that you think are likely to be approved,but you don't want to go ahead just add,in 18 new ads or 10 new ads,see that they all get disapproved 24,hours later or two hours later how long,facebook takes to um,to get around to it because that's gonna,be a black mark against your,your account okay so um just a simple,easy thing you can do whereby you're,being cautious slowing down how you,introduce ads,into your ad account and just make sure,you don't boo 12 ads disapproved,that takes down your whole ad account in,one go or you do that a few times,ad account gets taken down and then,you've got a real uphill battle trying,to get it back when it's easy just to,introduce,one or two ads today see how they do do,they get approved great,then go and introduce them into all the,other ad sets or other campaigns or,create ones that are similar to that for,testing okay that's a bit of a a bit of,a no-brainer is to introduce ads,slowly make sure they're approved first,and then go up,go on and and get it sorted,okay the next thing is around special,categories if you,think that you may fall within a special,category,with your facebook advertising efforts,um,even if you're not sure maybe you do,maybe you don't it's always best to er,on the side of caution,and say yes i'm part of a special,category and run your ads accordingly,now if you're part of a special category,then,ancestral categories if you're not,familiar at all refer to things like any,political issues,housing there's a whole bunch of,criteria and i've seen,i've spoken to a number of advertisers,that thought they weren't part of a,special category,ran facebook ad campaigns uh facebook,flag that they were or potentially,should be um,a specia

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WHY 92% Of Facebook Ads Fail (Don't Do THIS)

WHY 92% Of Facebook Ads Fail (Don't Do THIS)

so i know you see the title of this why,facebook ads fail and most people make,titles of this on their videos and they,act like they know why,as the ceo of hirose i see so many ad,accounts i've worked with hundreds of,people in my iron mastermind who run ads,i can literally tell you why ads fail i,can tell you exactly why,some facebook ads scale to the moon and,youtube ads as well,and some facebook ads never take off and,in this video i'm going to show you,exactly why,this is not a debate this is not theory,this is not me like calculating and get,clickbait,this is literally why this is literally,the difference,between super successful ad campaigns,and non-successful ones,if you get this you can mess up almost,everything else,and you will still win if you do not get,this you could have the best,ad targeting the best optimization how,you could have,the the frank sinatra of running ads in,your account and it will not work,so take the 15 minutes to understand,this because this is how i generate a 10,to 15x roi in my ads well not doing,anything that complicated,while people doing super complicated,things can barely even generate a 1.5 x,this is why so pay attention okay guys,so this is a simple lesson,but it's probably the most important,lesson in all of paid advertising i,can't stress that enough i know i say,hey this is a very important video all,the time,this is the foundation everything builds,on,as the ceo of hyros again i'm never,going to share anything i see clients,personally doing or anything like that,i can see the problems that are absolute,plagues,in the industry and this is by far the,number one one if you don't have this,understanding you are never going to do,well with ads even if you are a master,of ads,let me explain see i've said this before,but i really want to break this down,i see people all day try to go and,become,millionaires or grow their businesses or,grow their clients businesses,within the ad account they're trying to,get the the targeting correct,they're trying to get the specific ai,optimization correct,they're trying to get the exact manual,bidding correct they're doing micro,audiences and splitting it down,they're literally doing albert einstein,level stuff that i don't do in my,account and,my account generates almost a 10 to 15x,roi in my ads,so am i saying this stuff right here,isn't going to help no of course,if your if your business is doing really,well with ads doing this is going to,increase the roi by 20 30 50 percent,50 being excessive i've really never,seen anybody grow their business by,doing these things,massively but what people are failing to,understand,is that first and foremost for ads to,work,it's as simple as if you walked into a,room of people let's say there's a,hundred people,that are in the ad space for example,okay let's actually say this is in the,weight loss space,and then let's say there's 10 of you you,there's 10 businesses that walk in,let's even remove ad spend from this,equation if all 10 businesses present,their offer,okay i'm not sure that's ten but,the offer that is worded and the most,enticing,the offer that is most desired by the,marketplace and needed,and the offer that is also the hottest,and most hyped up is going to do the,best that's three places,where offers live or die let me repeat,that the offer,that has the best messaging and best,communication,or the offer that is most needed,in the marketplace or the offer that is,just simply in the hottest,angle at the current moment the most,hyped up angle,is going to do the best and if it has,all three of those things it is going to,absolutely dominate the room,and what you need to understand about,dominating the room in this instance,right here is if the room is dominated,in this instance it will also dominate,in ads because what's going to happen in,advertising is the same exact thing,that's going on,as i just described in this room you,have tons of businesses tons tons tons,of businesses,presenting to 100 million people instead,okay but in your niche in particular,let's just let's just say,100 000 people and the way you get the,best roi on your ads,is not by doing this this crazy,optimization stuff right you're never,going to outdo,an offer you're never going to beat the,roi you're never going to have that,breakout moment until you are,this offer you are that offer that has,those three things or one of those three,things are all those three things,the more of those things you have the,better you're going to do with ads,for example at highrose right now,tracking is very hot,for example the reason why my ads at,hi-ros do so exceptionally well is first,off,the market really needs what i'm selling,two,tracking is extremely hot right now it's,all the rage so it's also hot,three my messaging and my funnel,is incredible okay i present my ad,my ad presentation the way the ads are,constructed,the way the funnel works the way the,sales team closes it is superior,to any other offer on the market that's,simi

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A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2023 (SECRET)

A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2023 (SECRET)

there are three things that you need to,know if you want to create effective,high converting and profitable facebook,ads first you need to nail message,market match get this wrong and it,doesn't matter how smart or funny or,creative your ads are they're not gonna,work next is something called the 40 40,20 rule every great direct response,marketer and advertising legend lives,and dies by this rule but don't worry if,you've never heard of it before most,people haven't and i'm going to walk you,through exactly how to use this with,your facebook ads and third you need to,use something called the marketing rule,of seven and not just with your facebook,ads either but with all of your,advertising and marketing and everything,you do from this day forward use it and,profit don't use it and don't profit,that is a terrible catchphrase so let me,show you how it's done starting with the,ever important message market match want,to know the single biggest reason that,most facebook ads don't work i can't see,it right now but i'm going to assume,you're nodding your head yes well my,friend the biggest reason that most,facebook ads don't work is not because,they chose the wrong campaign objective,or wrong placement or wrong budget or,anything related to the actual setup of,the facebook ad campaign nope the reason,that most ads don't work is because,they're saying the wrong things to the,wrong people or in other words the offer,that they're making is either unrelated,or unappealing an unrelated message,means that they're making an offer that,people just don't really care about,trying to sell something in a way that,just doesn't resonate with the pains and,problems and fears and frustrations of,the market this is often the result of,spending too much time on the features,and the actual tangible things that,they're going to be getting rather than,on the benefits and the outcomes and all,of the results and how their life's,going to be better after they make a,purchase an unappealing message is,simply a message that's packaged wrong,or in other words it's boring it doesn't,do anything to try to catch someone's,attention and so they don't stop to read,it and if they do stop well they just,don't care what's that sound oh that's,the sound of your ad dollars getting,flushed down the toilet and so money is,wasted putting these boring and,uninteresting and irrelevant messages in,front of people and then wondering why,nobody's buying sounds harsh i know i,don't like to be the bad guy here but,fortunately there is a solution that,comes in the form of message market,match and message market match is,exactly what it sounds like it means,matching your message to your market but,obviously there's a little more to it,than that essentially message market,match also commonly known as message to,market match is really just a way of,making sure that you've done your,homework and you've researched your,target audience you've figured out what,their pains and their problems and their,fears and their frustrations are and how,whatever it is that you're selling is,well positioned to help solve that for,them get it right and people buy get it,wrong and they don't buy and this is one,of my favorite things about marketing,and about advertising in that it's a,literal case study of human behavior,after all people can say all of the,things about how they think they are or,how they would like to be but at the end,of the day money talks and what people,choose to buy and how they spend their,time are two of the most powerful,indicators that really show what someone,values so if your ads aren't working and,people aren't clicking on them or,signing up or buying or anything like,that well it's simply because they don't,see the value in what you're offering so,it's your job as the marketer as the,advertiser to try to show them that,value and the best way to do this isn't,by shoving it down their throats but,rather to show them that you understand,where they're coming from you understand,their problems and you possibly have a,solution they may be interested in i,wish i could remember who told me this,quote so i could give them due credit,but one of my favorite sayings is that,customers don't buy when they understand,they buy when they feel understood okay,next i'm gonna give you the secret sauce,and those special ingredients that,really separates the amateurs from the,pros when it comes to creating high,converting and profitable facebook ads,but first a real quick message from this,video's sponsor metrocool over the years,i've had the chance to work with a lot,of different companies and software but,metricool has quickly become my number,one secret weapon when it comes to,creating better and more effective,social media marketing campaigns and i,use it every single day not only does it,allow you to take care of everything all,in one place it also integrates,seamlessly with facebook and instagram,and twitter and tick tock and linkedin,and google business and pinterest

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Cost of Facebook Ads - What Gurus Don't Tell You!

Cost of Facebook Ads - What Gurus Don't Tell You!

hey it's Sam welcome to boring money,where money should be the only boring,aspect of your life if you're watching,this video then you're probably,wondering how much Facebook ads cost,what is the price of Facebook ads right,well stick around because that's exactly,what I'm gonna talk about,on my channel I always release videos on,digital marketing and passive income,strategies so consider subscribing,also if you want you can click on the,link below to get access to my recession,recruit business model that will teach,you how to build an online business from,the ground up so don't worry if you have,zero experience because you'll get the,best training that will make you the top,marketer,great let's get to the content all right,so first things first Facebook ads,compared to maybe six seven years ago,it's completely different now and I,don't mean the design or anything like,that what I mean is the back office of,Facebook ads really changed a lot of,different terms of services a lot of the,different privacy policies are now,intact as designed back then will not,work today and I'm probably gonna,probably gonna get taken down and you're,gonna get banned now to answer the,question,what's the price of Facebook ads well,that's really arbitrary depending on,what your budget is for Facebook,advertising that's what you can spend on,Facebook ads now is more designed for,people with a really Deepak back then,Facebook ads were for everyone even if,you're small business you can use it and,it'll work effectively I was able to,make a good chunk of money using,Facebook ads back then with doing Drop,Shipping but things have changed time,has passed and my my interests weren't,there anymore so I've moved on from then,and I tried to do it again recently well,I can tell you everything's really,different the algorithms the rules if,you're planning to do e-commerce or,Facebook ads you're gonna need a lot of,money gurus that tell you to spend five,dollars today start with five dollars a,day and maybe and scale up from there,that's not gonna work anymore especially,if you're just starting out but if you,have Deep Pockets go ahead Facebook was,designed for people with the pocket with,a big budget especially for big,companies I'm sure you're well aware of,all the rules and regulations that the,past few years have changed Facebook ads,right now reaching the people you want,is a little bit harder you're going to,have to do more research on the audience,you can you can Target and if you're a,beginner if you don't have that much,money,stay away from Facebook ads because,you're just gonna waste your money,you're just gonna empty your wall even,quicker if it's your first time using,Facebook ads then let me tell you this,one ad is not enough you're gonna have,to create multiple campaigns to to get,engagement to get views to get people,going to your website or or whatever,you're trying to achieve with Facebook,ads you're gonna have to run multiple,ads at once for for it to even be good,you're gonna need at least a few,thousand dollars for you to really get,started with Facebook ads or or any sort,of ads to really get enough information,for yourself right and if you do have,that money then yeah Facebook ads can be,worth it you're gonna have to hustle,your way through to build an audience if,you don't have money to spend and that's,just the hard truth the real the real,advice that you're gonna get and if,you're trying to reach a new audience,with your Niche you have YouTube or or,any search engine to try because search,engines are where the gold is YouTube is,the number two search engine next to,Google and number one for video so think,about that right and as entrepreneur I'm,sure you know that video is the most,engaging when it turned when it comes to,building your audience and building,relationships with them right it's just,way more effective as a marketing tool,and it just works Wonder that's why,every single platform is starting to,implement more videos either it's either,short form or long form Tick Tock or or,feature or feature webinars things like,that video is really big for marketing,it has been for a very long time and,YouTube is here to stay and it's not,really going anywhere I mainly use,YouTube to drive traffic to my website,doing affiliate marketing and if you,want to learn how to use YouTube to,build an audience and drive traffic to,your to your site then be sure to click,on the link down below I hope my answer,was sufficient enough and if if it was,please leave comment down below if you,want to learn how to start your own,online affiliate marketing business then,be sure to click on the link down below,because you're going to learn how to do,the right way there's a lot of crap out,there that you want to stay away from,because they're going to teach you the,simplest way as as fast as they can but,you're gonna generate possibly zero,income or even lose money if you want to,learn how to promote things of value,such as information on tea

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Outdated Facebook Ads Tips You SHOULD NOT Be Doing In 2023

Outdated Facebook Ads Tips You SHOULD NOT Be Doing In 2023

if you've been seeing your Facebook ad,results declining your advertising costs,skyrocketing or your ads going nowhere,and not getting the results you were,hoping for then you're probably already,well aware that there have been a lot of,changes going on inside the Facebook ads,platform lately pretty big changes that,are leaving a lot of business owners and,marketers and advertisers frustrated and,confused and jumping ship to another ad,platform or giving up on their,advertising goals altogether and that's,a shame because despite what you may,have been told the problem isn't the,algorithm or iOS 14 or even Facebook,themselves and the fact that their terms,of service says that they can reject or,remove any ad for any reason no the big,problem is that much of the Facebook ads,advice that's being shared and passed,around right now just hasn't caught up,to these changes which is leading to,people trying to win this new,advertising game using yesterday's old,advertising rules,old advertising rules that no longer,work don't apply and often prescribe,doing the exact opposite to what you,should be doing if you want to get more,clicks more leads more customers and,more sales from your ads,which to me sounds like the exact,definition of a recipe for Facebook ads,disaster so the first outdated Facebook,ad tip and piece of bad advice that I,want to share with you here that could,be the reason that your ads aren't,performing as well as you were hoping,for has to do with the advice on which,Facebook ad objective you should be,using in your campaigns also a big thank,you to HubSpot for sponsoring this video,but more on that later for now let's,talk about Facebook ad objectives here's,the deal when you create a Facebook ad,campaign one of the first options you,get is which campaign objective do you,want to optimize for awareness traffic,engagement leads app promotion or sales,this is an important step and is,essentially your way of telling Facebook,what kind of people you want them to put,your ad in front of and what action you,want them to take and the general rule,here is to just tell Facebook exactly,what you want in other words if you want,sales choose sales if you want leads,choose leads and if you want awareness,well my suggestion here is to choose,sales or leads say what I know crazy,right but this is because despite what,many people think the internet included,brand awareness is not the best Facebook,ad objective in fact the brand awareness,objective has never really been and will,probably never be the best objective,this is this is because even according,to Facebook the brand awareness,objective is there to help you reach the,largest number of people who are most,likely to remember your ad but you don't,just want people to remember your ad you,want them to actually do something buy,something sign up for something I mean,that's kind of the main reason to run,ads right,to generate sales cash flow Revenue a,positive Roi return on investment now in,the past the best way to do this was,with conversion ads and while these,still play an active role in most of the,campaigns I create and advise on they've,taken kind of a backseat to the new kid,in town who is actually the old kid in,town but who is kind of a bully that,nobody really liked so he got sent away,and got some therapy and did a little,bit of soul searching and then came back,nicer than ever I am of course talking,about Facebook lead ads and the outdated,advice here is that you should avoid,them but that's a mistake and here's why,Facebook lead ads were ones a terrible,choice for businesses that only ever,seemed capable of delivering low quality,leads that never seem to buy anything,and often forgot signing up for the ad,in the first place but now thanks to a,whole bunch of things including the,decreased effectiveness of the Facebook,pixel and cookies thanks to Apple's IOS,14 as well as improvements and changes,to the Facebook lead ads interface and,an increased willingness among Facebook,users to actually engage and interact,with Facebook lead ads well lead ads are,now amazing and they've quickly become,one of my top picks for most businesses,out there in order to generate leads and,make sales they're easy to set up easy,to launch and don't require installing,any pixels or cookies or code on your,website or landing page that said,Facebook lead ads aren't a magic,solution that'll solve all of your,Facebook ad problems especially if,you're still following this next piece,of absolutely terrible and outdated,Facebook advice but before we get to,that first a big thank you and quick,message from this video's sponsor,HubSpot and I want to introduce you to,their free Facebook advertising,checklist hubspot's Facebook advertising,checklist is a free downloadable,checklist that you can use to plan and,launch a successful Facebook ad campaign,and it contains hacks and tips directly,from hubspot's Paid ads team the real,benefit to me though is that it helps,make sure that not

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What to do if your Facebook Ad Account is not spending any money

What to do if your Facebook Ad Account is not spending any money

in this video er naartoe toch gebouwd,wat te doen is your facebook elk aan is,not spanning en mannen wel,escudo en heroïsche en verzamelen toe,vinkje voor goed schema video's en zijn,inmiddels zo margriet back ik controleer,helpt smooth and recording dus video's,en radijs zo,huwelijk met ivm post mee voor werd zo,glad to see more content familie en het,eerste wat subscribe 41,subscribe machine heden bevatten en wel,in fur some interesting qaeda jabhat,future video de vindt leek om een goal,is spoorloos heb een slag bij af en toe,people en isoleren,you were spending money die was vanille,en dieven acteurs daar uw het met mike,no facebook workout voor niks dn den,facebook is nog spanning in the money en,januari nou iets relax,plek half idee en you smiling couple,sensor zijn dames nog in mijn you're,asking us a black lines inspanning en,die manier om die u hartelijk dan zelf,actief uitzet,u hebt uw of likes' krijgt barry,noteringen to spend idee en fysieke,facebook is het penningen die man is zo,kwaliteit ego-mind beleid binnen in de,situatie en kapot angst en de pest en a,poco fa cup loop die scenario's than,happy to be and how much of the first,one en ik dit vlak moest komen want,is de sant'angelo de hebben is mijn,theorie next day when using paypal met,het is dus is er een mariabad iets of ze,lijken maar,facebook website die heb ik als wil in,de prijs afspelen met paypal voor mij in,facebook en dergelijk mijn olie per me,tot wario hebben duidelijk aard hij 30,mijn paypal account iemand bijna ieder,mannen air van caspar de some time,speedball is leuk ding zo'n probleem er,know why but with ik we eindelijk het,officieel en aan was able to sender,money opdruk,immers ik een demo en aruba hsk maghreb,en huiselijk,this happens aan dames ben nu waar using,paypal is ook mijn pen,tot zoals die liefde paypall van met en,duplo set whitlock normaal kaart in over,bij en van de poriën en never het die,spoorloos oké so if using paypal en,nieuwe wind is dit het,maar ik woon they were spanning normale,stiekem bij een is leuk om pitstop en,den arbeid,iets wat ik spanning no money no en uw,eigenlijk koningin cirkels like this in,de v&d right to switch van pepatino,mekaar het kaart en dus het posten,bloedingen voor oké,cirkelvormige let's say that your goal,was de sable en new york blythe en,facebook huur echte wereld wat voor,cerises een beetje cru deed t af te,bijten gehoor de dave en ik was lekker,activiteit uw arm dubbelspan humane en,intake slak ouders en uw stoel het,spanning living een nieuwe wapens en,thomas details picos,wel van facebook druk twee die yoga,komen de systemen strak boektitel and,you're not winters,bent en in moderne bytes dagboek met,uv-lak ik u weet niks d ik wil,boek plek waar ik ga het dit situation,where facebook flight my colt en de lijn,kreeg te weten time ever switcht of my,time ever tried to prepare go ahead,eagles level up je leert witte doos en,figuurlijk wordt eigenlijk before but,wat ik gevuld met de moment waar je kans,met een manier die site leg oké over,dyslexie witch en werving of heel,dikwijls mee wie wil ik stadspenning en,de kabouters ben ik ging de muur make,mistakes and to my beloved is stronger,optimization zo is like mee wie youth,langzaam auto metro's grote projectiel,van lekker los buitenaf het montagues,campaigns,even if i will start lokale koppel,ouders die voor de rust daarin erg,situation at k heb het ook iets is bezig,in het boek is een smal audioguide zo,lets zweden futures lamers ontving kent,your pixel is dat zijn hartelijk in op,dt en dy hoe,langs ons ooit target drink and writers,van deursen money but it's not moving,it's not spend ingeving,zo maidy dit slakken broer onmiddellijk,of dit camping en de uroa wil iets,biggest het,ik zou willen hebben,etappe is zo juridische thumping voor,duel,soul by spend more money like normaal,acquisition,de koers die we feedback retargeting and,then your big en ik heb eens wil ik,start spanning markt zo,of a few langzaam exposition camping en,je pikt olie en drie lengtes tussen,mooie jonge dit zijn dames ivoren been,able to live in olie sections en waar,facebook wilmots punt en in manier,dubbeltjes en lekker little bit but i,will be like eigenlijk sloot zo de dvd i,tried to just looking chris de orience,archer zweet theo,retargeting koreaans is wil hij vlak in,afdeed einde wel en nou heb er last,wario en dit site per blok most commonly,kasseien redelijke multipor thomson dit,specifieke,dit one day van over facebook users may,be able to expand my overige jack,overige start en dan plek voor 20,voorouders duwen onmiddellijk zomer nu,actief abseits genomen bierdouche,minachting mary ik wil spelen couples,and see no but i will be very slow en,het is heaven to relax amerika en china,isolée this will fix it self afdruk 22,voorouders en nummer heet dit forum blog,longer than twenty four hours and evil,eerlijk aftuigen staart iets start,slecht work i know me even bareno,oostelijke rit in de pest zo,de system nothing like the catholic zijn,boek

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