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Getting Started with Wholesale Gorilla thank you so much for installing,wholesale gorilla my name is

Wholesale Gorilla

Updated on Jan 10,2023

Getting Started with Wholesale Gorilla

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Getting Started with Wholesale Gorilla

thank you so much for installing,wholesale gorilla my name is matt and,i'm the founder of wholesale gorilla and,today's video is just going to be a very,brief,overview of how to get the basics of the,app up and running on your store so we,have a number of other videos,and support documentation sections that,can give you a much deeper dive into the,powerful features we have to help you,run your wholesale business but this,video's purpose is just to,do the minimum possible to get wholesale,up and running on your shop,so here we have our store wholesale,gorillas shop just a normal shopify,store,and we're going to set a discount rule,for this product here,integrated sleek cotton pizza so right,now it's 70 retail,so this tab here is just the back end of,our shopify admin for the same store,we'll go ahead and open wholesale,gorilla,first thing we're going to do is create,a discount rule so we'll go and click,this discounts tab,right here you're going to see a list of,your currently active discounts on your,shop,so next we'll go up here and click,create discount,and this is our create discount window,so the first thing you're going to do is,pick a discount level,it's set to entire store but you can,also choose to set a price rule for a,collection or product so today we're,going to choose product,and we're going to,select integrated sleek cotton pizza is,the product you want to set a rule for,click add,now next we're going to want to set a,customer tag so any customer with this,tag on their account when they log into,your store,they're going to see,this pricing rule applied to the product,so we're just going to keep it simple,and say,wholesale,so for customers tagged wholesale,integrated sleek cotton pizza,and we can set a percent off or a set,fixed price of the product,in this case we'll set a fixed price and,just so it's easy to see,we'll say 22.22 so we can really just,see where the action happens,um right here you'll notice this button,applied discount to all variants this,product in particular has three variants,so if you uncheck that,the variance will drop down here and you,can set a pricing rule for each specific,variant there,but in this case we're just going to,apply the discount to all variants,2 22. and 22 cents,and click save,and now we can see our rule has been,added to our list of currently available,discount rules,if for some reason you need to edit it,you can always click edit there to open,it up again,so now we need to,get this tag wholesale,onto a customer account,so i'm going to head over to our,customers tab,and in this case,there are a number of different ways,that you can create a wholesale customer,just to keep this video short i'm going,to choose an existing customer this,wholesale gorilla test customer,and open up their,account,and what we have to do here is in this,tag section is add the tag,wholesale,to the customer account,and save,now when this customer logs into our,store,our app will say okay they have the tag,wholesale on their account what pricing,rules in wholesale gorilla match the,wholesale tag,so now if we head back to the front end,of our shop,click login,login with support,password,and sign,it this will land you on your account,page um,and if there is a valid wholesale tag on,the customer account you'll see a link,to the quick order form here as well as,any custom message underneath there that,you've set,but we'll go into that later in a,separate video,so now if we head over to our catalog,we can find our integrated sleek cotton,pizza is 22 and 22 cents,open that up,and add it to the cart you can see the,prices just automatically change there,add it to the cart,and this is just your normal shopify,checkout page,um you'll see up here there's a link to,the quick order form,and if there's any quantity limit,restrictions or backordered messaging,those will appear on this page as well,but we'll go into those in a separate,video,so we'll go ahead and click checkout,and we have this shipping address box,pop up and this is going to be the only,difference,from a,normal retail checkout that you might,notice,and basically shopify requires us to,submit a shipping address for wholesale,orders based on the api we use,so we prompt the customer here to enter,their shipping info and it should,autofill,whatever is set up on the customer,account,click continue,and there you go um we don't have uh,payments set up on this since this is,just the development store,but uh from here on out it's just gonna,be a normal shopify checkout but you'll,notice that uh the retail price here is,crossed out and replaced with the,wholesale price,so that's really the basics of it,there's obviously a ton more you can do,with the app,but this will just give you an overall,sense of,that we had to have a customer,with a tag on their account,that,matches,the tag on a discount rule,in wholesale gorilla,so there are a number of other discounts,you can create obviously where you can,choose a collection,um or an entire store,you can kind of play around with uh what,works best for you,so thanks for watching and,if you look below there'll be some links,to a bunch of other,videos and support pages to go much,deeper into,some of the various settings,that you can use in wholesale gorillas,such as custom shipping,um net terms order restrictions etc and,always don't hesitate to reach out to us,with any questions

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