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How To Upsell And Cross-Sell To eCommerce Customers building a customer base that's,interested in bu

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

How To Upsell And Cross-Sell To eCommerce Customers

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How To Upsell And Cross-Sell To eCommerce Customers

building a customer base that's,interested in buying what you're selling,is the hard part of running your,ecommerce store,in contrast upselling is one of the,simplest and smartest ways to increase,your average order value and overall,revenue the challenge is in learning how,to tastefully offer your customers,relevant upgrades to their purchase,without pushing too hard and coming off,as aggressive,fortunately there are many best,practices and easy to use shopify apps,to make upselling a breeze,hey everybody my name is dan dempsky and,i'm a co-founder of unbound merino an,e-commerce apparel brand built right,here on shopify in this video we're,going to talk about upselling what it is,how we use it on my own shopify store,and how you can upsell on your store,using one of the many upsell apps that,are available in the shopify app store,it's easy it works and it's something,you'll definitely want to consider,having on your shopify store too,so let's start by asking what exactly,upselling is,as i'm sure many of you already know,upselling is a technique or opportunity,used to get a customer who's either,about to buy something or already bought,something to either upgrade their,purchase or make their purchase larger,by adding additional items to their cart,upselling is not about finding new,customers instead it's about increasing,the average order value or aov of a lead,you've already converted the reason this,is so important is because the,likelihood of converting an existing,customer to an upsell is drastically,higher than converting a person new to,your website to becoming a customer in,the first place,this is one of the single best ways to,increase your average order value and,generate more revenue for your store not,taking advantage of upselling is simply,leaving money on the table and you don't,want to do that,so let's look a little deeper at what,our options are for upselling and how,you can do it for yourself,pre-verse post purchase upsells,upselling doesn't always occur at the,end of the shopping process in fact,there are several stages in the shopping,process when you can upsell a customer,let's start by talking about upselling,pre-purchase or before the checkout is,complete,naturally i'll show you what we do in,our store,if you visit our shopify store to look,at our t-shirts you'll be taken to a,product page which does a pretty good,job at selling our t-shirts like any,ecommerce store the objective here is to,get the customer to want to buy the,product on that page,all the sales copy photography and user,experience is aimed at getting the,customer to hit that add to cart button,if we've done our job right customers,will choose their size style and color,and then click that button,and this moment is when our first upsell,happens,you'll notice there's a little small,clickable option underneath the add to,cart button the animated arrow catches,the user's eye and the upsell copy,offers additional savings on larger,bundled purchases,save twenty five dollars on a three pack,if the customers already sold on our,shirts this upsell opportunity builds,trust by offering them a chance to save,a little money on this purchase by,bundling three t-shirts together this is,a very natural upsell because in many,cases a customer will have use for more,than one great shirt we are simply,letting the customer know by reminding,them that we have special pricing for,when they purchase three t-shirts as a,bundle ultimately this kind of upsell,works because it's good for us as it,increases our aov but it's also great,for customers that need more than one,shirt because they might not have known,that we offer this kind of deal,the point is whether they decide to,purchase a single shirt or were upsold,to the three pack bundle they can then,proceed to their card if they're done,shopping we don't want to annoy the,customer here and risk losing the sale,by having extra screens annoying pop-ups,or pushy disingenuous sales copy,how to upsell in the shopping cart let's,take a look at the shopping cart itself,let's say the customer added one t-shirt,to their cart and they're ready to check,out,by navigating the shopping cart the,customer will see whatever they had in,their cart before clicking checkout,this moment is another great opportunity,to upsell and in our store we have an,app that builds an upsell right into the,checkout with one easy click called,order bump,since we don't want to risk disrupting,the checkout the customer initiated we,make either adding a product or skipping,this upsell very easy and unintrusive,regardless of what the customer is,buying at this step our order bump is to,offer one pair of socks to add to their,cart,we chose this because we have one size,for our socks and the limited options of,size and colors makes it an easy take it,or leave it upsell without having to,pick from the many variants of sizes,styles and colors,this will obviously be different for,every online retailer but offering a,lower price one size fits all item is a,great way to increase aov after customer,has moved to review their cart,if you want to learn what big e-commerce,brands do to drive sales and grow their,businesses then sign up for this free,30-minute workshop you'll learn the,importance of positioning how to create,your store's marketing funnel and how to,drive more traffic and increase,conversions,ready to start driving more sales,register for this free webinar using,this link,how many upsells should you offer at,this point we've prompted the customer,with two upsells for us these two,upsells are enough,anything more than this before checkout,might seem too pushy from the customer's,perspective and it could even jeopardize,an already made sale,as i mentioned before you really need to,be mindful of how often you upsell an,existing customer but it's up to you to,decide where that line is,post purchase upsells in our case this,is where we stop with the pre-purchase,upsells but there's still one final,opportunity for a post-purchase upsell,which is not only the least risky tactic,since the transaction is already,complete,it's also one of the most effective ways,to upsell your customers on our site the,customer had a chance to upgrade their,t-shirt order to a three-pack bundle,then they had the opportunity to add a,pair of socks finally they checked out,and they made their purchase this is,when we use an app called reconvert this,app allows us to test different offers,like various complementary products to,core purchases and for customers to add,more items to their cart you can even a,b test and track different offers to see,which ones are the most effective,post purchase apps like reconvert also,offer time sensitive deals to customers,who just checked out or extra quantities,of something they've previously,purchased the list of upselling tactics,just goes on and on,this was a quick look at how we upsell,and a few of the ways we increase the,aov on our online store,these upselling tactics have been,incredibly effective for us but we spent,a lot of time testing many different,offers before we found the ones that,work,like everything we do we try to think of,our customers perspective first and,foremost which has led us to gearing our,upsells towards truly complementary,products the customer may actually want,as well as offering ways of accessing,discounts and bundle pricing if done,right upselling is a positive experience,for your customer you can create offers,they will appreciate all the while,increasing your stores revenue and,average order value for that reason,upselling is something you ought to,consider for your store too if you're,looking to build the business you may,need some helpful tools to turn it into,a reality at shopify we believe that,anyone could be an entrepreneur which is,why we offer a totally free no risk,14-day trial if your business requires a,reliable robust tool that will allow you,to grow your business be sure to check,out the link below to access the full,shopify platform if you found this video,to be helpful make sure to give it a,thumbs up that actually helps the,channel and community grow and for more,simple actionable tips to grow your,online business make sure to subscribe,to learn the shopify so you don't miss,out on any future releases,you

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