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How To Fulfill Orders With Oberlo and AliExpress | Shopify Dropshipping 2021 all right what is poppi

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

How To Fulfill Orders With Oberlo and AliExpress | Shopify Dropshipping 2021

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How To Fulfill Orders With Oberlo and AliExpress | Shopify Dropshipping 2021

all right what is popping everybody,welcome to a new video for today so,hopefully you're watching this video,because you got your first,sale on shopify congratulations if you,did and if you didn't,and you just want to prepare for when,you do get that first order this video,is for you,you're still welcome here i'm making,this video because my most popular video,on my channel is how i fulfill my orders,i made this video about a year ago,maybe a little bit more so i figured i'd,make a 20 20 version just,make sure everything's up to date and it,looks like the previous how to fulfill,your order video did very well,and helped out a lot of people so new,year updated how-to video,and i hope this video helps out even,more than the last video you guys,probably saw this is going to be a quick,how-to video that's meant for beginners,so if you're not a beginner,and you follow my youtube channel i will,be posting another video in like another,day or two so just look out for that but,this video is meant for beginners people,who are looking to fulfill,their very first order and i'm going to,show you guys step by step how i do that,so before you fulfill your first order,there are a couple things you need to,have in place,first thing is you need to have google,chrome i'm using google chrome to,fulfill my orders,i'm not using safari or firefox or,anything like that i'm using google,chrome because you need to have the,google chrome,oberlo extension if you don't have that,extension on google chrome,get it it makes your life a lot easier,trust me another thing is you need to,make sure,the product that you just sold was,imported off of oberlo we're going to be,using overload to fulfill our order,so if you imported your product to your,shopify store manually and you just did,it by clicking add product in the,product section and then,literally adding your product it's not,going to show up in oberlo which means,we're not going to be able to use oberlo,to fulfill this order,so make sure your products that you're,importing are through oberlo if that's,what you're using and if not and you're,using just shopify whether it's a custom,product your own product whatever,whatever it is you're going to need to,use a different method to fulfill that,maybe find a sourcing agent you can use,a sourcing agent if you have more than,20 orders built up i actually have a,sourcing agency it is at,the dropship agent if you're interested,click the first or second link in the,description fill out our application at,the bottom of the page,and we can get you set up for sourcing,other than those couple things all you,need to have is an order,and oh obviously you need to have an,aliexpress account because we're going,to be using aliexpress to fulfill our,order on this video and that's pretty,much it guys this is going to be a quick,video so let me hop into my laptop and,let's fulfill this,very first order well it's not my first,order but hopefully it's your first,order all right so i am in my laptop,right now,i'm going to blur out some of the,sensitive information just because,that's not relevant doesn't matter you,guys don't need to know the shopify,store url or anything like that,we're solely here to fulfill an order so,you guys can see i have a couple orders,built up right here you guys can see,right here i have the oberlo google,chrome extension downloaded,and i am on google chrome and i have an,aliexpress account one thing you really,need to keep in mind and this will mess,you up if you don't do it right,you need to make sure you're logged into,your aliexpress account before you start,fulfilling your order through oberlo so,just to show you guys one thing right,here you guys can see i have a lot of,orders on aliexpress over 15,000 orders specifically on aliexpress,now i really don't use aliexpress other,than testing that's why you guys can see,right here i have 94,awaiting delivery i'm testing products,constantly and if a product does well i,will then start using my sourcing agency,and get off of aliexpress that's the end,goal obviously we don't want to be on,aliexpress for very long,it's just for the beginning so i'm,logged into my aliexpress account,i'm going to go on oberlo i'm going to,click on to order all right and we are,right here the most recent order should,be in this little area right here now,all you have to do is go over here click,on order product i'm gonna click that,it'll bring it to the aliexpress product,page,you guys can see it's this cute little,plushy toy i was doing pretty well,and the oberlo google chrome extension,is doing its magic right now,it's selecting the shipping and,selecting the actual customer,information and it's filling all of that,out,now obviously i can't show you guys that,sensitive information because i don't,want to dox my customers,i don't want to give away all their,sensitive information so i'm going to,blur that but right here under the,shipping information,all of that has changed my shipping,method has changed and i already have a,payment method,in my aliexpress account with alipay so,i don't have to put in my credit card,details now if you're getting a lot of,orders and you're using aliexpress,i strongly recommend you set up your,card on,alipay it allows you to have your card,set up so when you do fulfill orders on,aliexpress,the information is already inputted and,you don't have to put in your credit,card information for every single order,so it saves like 30 seconds or so for,each order,you place on aliexpress and if you have,a lot of orders that really adds up you,could save a lot of time,with just not having to put in your,credit card information so that's why i,use alipay,now over here it says please verify fill,details and place the order,everything has changed everything is,correct you want to make sure the,shipping information is the same,information as your customers,information so you know shipping address,all that kind of stuff,and it is it's correct so i'm going to,go over here,make sure my shipping method is correct,free shipping,on 8.25 yep okay my shipping method is,correct,now all i have to do is go down here and,click place order so i'm going to go,over here click place order,and my payment's successful and it's,that fast now it says over here order,place successfully order number is,synced,so if we go back to our overload page,you guys can see right here,this is blurred out and it doesn't say,order product anymore,it says get tracking code or get,tracking number excuse me,now what's happening is the order is,processing so we just sent our order to,aliexpress they're processing it,and then when they ship it out a,tracking number will be created and when,it is created i'll come back in a couple,days,and click get tracking number that will,basically update your customer with,their tracking number,and it will sync your tracking number on,aliexpress to the tracking number on,your shopify store for the order page,and everything is synced together and,everything is good so that's pretty much,all you have to do to fulfill an order,you come back in a couple days and you,click get tracking number,and everyone has their tracking number,and your order is placed and you're,pretty much done move on to the next,customer so,it's really not that hard not a lot of,moving steps just make sure you have,everything set up correctly,and you have your google chrome,extension you're logged into your,aliexpress account,and you have your product imported,through oberlo all right so now we've,done that we are all set congratulations,you just fulfilled your very first order,plenty more to come praying for you,you're gonna kill it i believe in you,and if you start getting a lot of orders,on aliexpress it just doesn't make sense,to fulfill your orders,through aliexpress if you're getting,more than 20 orders a day,for one product i would seriously,recommend you find a sourcing agent,it just makes your life a lot easier you,then don't have to go to aliexpress and,place orders individually one by one,you can just export your order list of,however many orders you have for that,day or for that week or for whatever,time period you want,send it to your sourcing agent and they,will fulfill it all at once in bulk give,you an invoice you pay it and then,everyone's happy,you'll get faster shipping you'll get,product quality checks you'll get faster,tracking numbers,and you'll pay less on the product,you're actually paying for so it might,cost ten dollars in aliexpress,if you use a sourcing agent it might,cost you nine dollars and if you're,getting 20 orders a day,that's saving you 20 per day which adds,up you know that's 140,a week i have my own sourcing agency if,you guys are interested in having a,product source,click the second link down in the,description below it is the drop ship,agent scroll down to the bottom of the,page and fill out the application,and we'll get back to you within 24 to,48 hours with proper quotes,and we can start sourcing for you it's,that fast and it will make your life a,lot easier trust me so that sums up for,today's video if you enjoyed please give,it a thumbs up if i helped you at all,please give me a thumbs up,subscribe if you haven't i post videos,pretty regularly on this channel,so if you want to see more videos either,check out the videos i posted already,or subscribe for more videos in the,future and that being said thank you,once again for watching and i will see,you in the next video,peace out take care be safe,so

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