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How to use Shopify for free 2021 | No credit Card Needed | Shopify Developer how to use shopify for

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

How to use Shopify for free 2021 | No credit Card Needed | Shopify Developer

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How to use Shopify for free 2021 | No credit Card Needed | Shopify Developer

how to use shopify for free i'm about to,teach you that,right now stay tuned let's get started,she want me to lock it down but i told,her to pass the key,you gotta slow it down don't you move it,too fast for me,nobody did it like this so they wonder,they,so let's get started and show you guys,how to actually,go and get access to shopify without,having to put in your credit card,now this process is actually pretty,simple but most people come in,to and they see that you can,go ahead and try,shopify for a free trial but again you,have to put in your credit card,and 14 days later they're going to,charge you anywhere from 30,to 60 or i think it's like a hundred,dollars i can't remember the right,pricing is 30.79 or 299,right now of course if you want to try,the website,out and you don't have a credit card and,you don't know if you really want to go,and sign up yet,my advice is come check out this part of,the website you go to,,and you could actually sign up as a,developer now developers get access to,shopify for free,because we get to actually go in and you,know build the stores before,the owners gets to make it live okay and,you can do the exact same thing to try,out shopify,so all you have to do is come in here,click on sign up,put in your name right i'm gonna use my,luis garcia,code at gmail account,okay i'm just gonna put in joe santos,and then i'm just gonna put in the,password,okay and show you guys the whole process,on how to do this,okay and like that you can see you don't,even have to go,and actually go in and put in your,credit card at all,so again put in your business name so,let's say for example,i'm gonna put in uh billy ray,def or billy ray def just like that,and you can put in your information like,let's say address,of course i'm gonna post this here so,bear with me,because all you have to do is just fill,this out but of course i got to put in,my own information,okay and then in here just click on,build a new shopify store for clients,uh do you have a client you're working,with yes,okay and in here you can put in any,other information like hey,have you used big commerce or lightspeed,magento etc,okay uh so for now you could just go in,and put in big commerce it doesn't,really matter,this is just for them to know where,you're coming from all right,and you're also putting i am not working,with any other commerce,or e-commerce platform so clicking here,view dashboard,and there you go that's it you're good,to go,now once you're here all you have to do,is click on stores,and then from there it says hey you got,to confirm your email so that's what,we're going to do right now,i got the email confirming it okay and,there you go,your business has been confirmed and all,you have to do to try out shopify is,click on stores,and click on add a store okay now this,store is going to be,basically a development store you can do,a development store,or you could do a manage store is up to,you basically says access an,existing shopify store by requesting,collaborator account,to provide a client so this is like,let's say for example if you had a,client,and you was a developer and you wanted,to go in and get access to their store,but in this situation because we want to,try out shopify,what you want to do is click here and,click on development store,and in here just come in and put in a,name for the store,so let's say billy ray,uh test okay or,yeah test store just like that put in,whatever name you want,is up to you and then from there put in,a password to the store,i'm gonna come here and use a simple,password,so we can remember this okay,and here create store with transfer,disabled to use for developer,this is for developer previews you don't,have to click on this,uh but if you click on it it will,disable your,ability to transfer the store to,yourself later on,okay now in here let's go in and click,on,build new store for client and click on,save,okay and there we go give this a second,it's just creating the store for you,it doesn't take that long so don't worry,okay success your store is ready to go,okay and here we are all right so,now you're able to access a online store,from shopify,without having to pay for anything,without having to go in,and and basically sign up for anything,as you guys can see i didn't have to,sign up no credit card no information in,there,everything was 100 for free now of,course this is a development store,uh basically you cannot go and share,this unless you have a,password for it so i'm gonna show you,guys right now what the store looks like,okay so if we're clicking here,let me see where is it sorry right here,if we click right here,uh basically you have this online store,all right and this is basically your,online store that you could go,and try out now let me show you this,okay if you,try to go and share this to somebody,okay let's say we open up incognito,window,it will ask for the store password so as,you can see this is a development store,this is a store,that is for you to try out the services,shopify you have access to everything,just like a regular shopify store okay,you could create orders you create,products,you could create customers you could try,out the analytics,you could see the marketing side of,things you can see the discounts,right you could go in and even try out,different,shopify apps pretty much you have a,whole online store,the only difference is that you can't,really sell products through here,okay that's the only catch now of course,this is 100 for free that's why you're,now able to go in,and basically set up a store to start,selling products this is more for you to,try out the service,okay and when you're ready to go and,make your store live,you can go ahead and do that now again,we're gonna click here on online store,and let's go in here you got different,themes that you could check,and you could try out you could go in,and create a blog post,okay you can click in here to see the,store password,and this is your store password here you,could change it if you wanted to,like i could change this to youtube,try okay that's the password and save,this,and then now if i'm building the store i,want to show it to my friend or i want,to show it to,a client or whoever it is that i'm,building the store for,or i just want to share it to somebody i,could come here,and go in and do this like this and say,okay,get this billy ray store copy the url,this is your store billy ray store or,billy ray,test the url is,right there,you could go and share it to somebody,else,okay and then now we use that password,youtube try the one that we just saved,right now and the person can go in,and see the store you are actually,working on,okay they click enter and they now have,access to your store,again this is 100 for free and,at the same time it just allows you to,create a store and try out the service,see everything that's in there get,actually acquainted with,the service without having to pay for,anything without having to sign up with,a subscription for shopify and whenever,you're ready to transfer,this account right or the store you can,go and transfer it to yourself and make,it a real live store,all right so this is how you do it guys,now by the way if you want to learn,more about shopify and you want to learn,either to code,or to build your own shopify store from,scratch,or you want to go in and learn more,about the whole shopify ecosystem,guys go check out my website, and in here,i teach you guys everything that you,need to become,a developer now of course you might say,joe bud,i'm a store owner why do i care about,becoming a shopify,developer right uh well basically when,you have your store there's going to be,things that you want to edit there's,going to be things like your theme,your fonts your colors etc,you're going to want to go in and learn,how to do these things,now at we teach you all,of that,with a simple subscription twenty,dollars per month and if you click on,the description,you're gonna get actually 20 off okay so,it's 16,per month you get access to all of this,now of course guys go support,show me some love if you found any type,of value in this video,subscribe to the channel i'm going to,continue dropping a whole bunch of,videos,100 for free here on youtube so yeah man,i'll see you guys around take care

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