how to track shopify orders

HOW TO ADD A FREE TRACK YOUR ORDER PAGE ON SHOPIFY IN 2022! (Full Tutorial) #Dropshipping #Ecommerce

Jayden Garcia

Updated on Jan 12,2023

HOW TO ADD A FREE TRACK YOUR ORDER PAGE ON SHOPIFY IN 2022! (Full Tutorial) #Dropshipping #Ecommerce

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HOW TO ADD A FREE TRACK YOUR ORDER PAGE ON SHOPIFY IN 2022! (Full Tutorial) #Dropshipping #Ecommerce

i'm gonna show you guys how to set up a,track your order page on your shopify,store with no shopify apps and it's a,hundred percent free what's up you guys,my name is jaden and welcome back to the,youtube channel i appreciate all of you,guys for coming back for yet another,video this is gonna be a really quick,tutorial on how you can set up a free,track your order page on your shopify,store it's 2022 and if you do not have,this on your shopify store you're making,a huge mistake because customers want to,know you know when their order is going,to arrive to them and they shouldn't,have to contact your customer service,team to be able to find that out also,you're going to be saving your customer,service team a lot of time if you have,this on your shopify store so that way,they won't have to reach out and answer,questions that could just be answered by,simply just going on your website so if,you're excited for that make sure you go,ahead and drop a like that lets me know,that you guys are enjoying the content,here on the channel and also hit that,subscribe button we just hit 600,subscribers and we're on our way to 700,subscribers i appreciate all the support,that you guys have been showing me you,guys have been absolutely killing it and,without further ado let's go ahead and,hop right into my computer and get,started all right you guys so hopping,right on my computer like i said i don't,want this to be you know too long of a,video i don't want to waste up too much,of your time um but anyways this is the,exact store that i used in my previous,video um if you guys haven't checked out,my previous video it might be my most,value-packed video i've ever dropped on,my youtube channel um it's 40 minutes of,straight value i literally walk you step,by step on how to make a drop shipping,store i go through all the online store,settings i mean this video is crazy so,um if you want to check that out i'm not,sure what side is going to be on but all,you have to do is click the link and,it'll take you right to the video and,you can check that out so anyways,um now i'm going to show you how to put,a track your order page on your shopify,store completely 100 free so the first,thing you're going to want to do is go,to the pin comment in this video i'm,going to leave a link so all you're,going to have to do is put in your name,and your email i believe and that is it,i promise we don't share any of your,information we don't share your email,it's literally just to be added to my,email list so that way you can stay up,to date with things that i'm doing i'm,literally giving you guys this for free,you can completely trust me on this um i,promise so anyways once you do that it's,going to spit out this document you can,download it save it do whatever you want,with it save it for your references um,whatever right um so what you're going,to want to do is you're going to want to,highlight this entire text you're going,to copy it then you're going to go back,to your shopify store and the first,thing that you're going to want to do is,you're going to want to go to online,store and you're going to want to go to,pages because you're going to need to,make the page first before you do,anything else okay so you're going to,want to add the page and then you're,going to want to name it track your, track your,order okay and you're going to want to,click this button right here which is,show html this is where you're going to,be able to put the code in okay so,you're going to want to paste that in,there,and then,you're going to want to scroll to the,top of the code and as you can see right,here it says please enter your tracking,number below if your tracking number,doesn't work feel free to contact us at,blah blah blah okay so you're going to,want to delete this part up to the,period and put in your store's email,address whatever your customer service,email is okay and then you're going to,want to go ahead and click save now what,you're going to want to do is go to,navigation now you're going to want to,add this to your navigation on your,shopify store so that way your customers,can easily,navigate to it not sure what's going on,why that's not working,um but once this loads up okay here we,go add menu item and you're going to,want to click on the link part you're,going to want to click on pages and then,you're going to click on the page that,we just made which is the track your,order page it's going to update it right,here on the name and you're going to,want to click add now you're going to,click save menu now the next thing,you're going to do is add it to your,footer menu as well,it's just good to have it in multiple,places so that way it's easy easily,accessible,um for your customers anywhere on your,website okay so this is going to add it,to the very bottom of your website so,you're going to want to do the same,thing add the menu item go to link go to,pages,track your order it's going to put it,right there and you're going to want to,click add now you're going to want to,click save and you're good to go so as,you can see we are on the shopify store,from my previous video um and now we,actually have a track your order button,right here which you can easily just,click on okay and now you have a track,your order page so now what i'm gonna do,is i'm gonna actually take a tracking,number from one of my other stores from,a customer who purchased from me and i'm,gonna put that in this box just so you,guys can see exactly how it's gonna work,but like i said it's very basic but it,gets the job done okay so you're gonna,click track and now it's gonna bring up,a spot where your customers can actually,see where their package is as you can,see here's the update for this specific,tracking number,and there you go okay so this is,completely 100 free now you can't,customize this in any way you can't add,your logo or any of that stuff but i,mean what else do you really need when,you're first getting started okay but,let's just say for example you wanted,something a little bit more um you know,a little bit more sophisticated has more,features more customization options or,anything like that um you could check,out aftershift i've used this company,before,they basically allow the exact same,thing i don't know if you can see this,but it's pretty much like um you know,what we have on our store but a lot more,customized okay so they got like,pictures and 25 off gift card like deals,on here like it looks really good it,also looks really good on mobile as well,um so you can definitely check that out,that's how i would do it if i was,personally doing this but um this is a,great way for you to be able to do this,for free it gives you everything that,you need so yeah that's gonna do it for,this video like i said very quick,tutorial check out the pinned comment if,you want this google doc that shows you,exactly how to do it or gives you the,code to be able to do this um if you did,enjoy the video make sure you go ahead,and leave a like subscribe all that good,stuff i appreciate all the support and,as always i'll see you guys next week

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