how to start a shopify dropshipping store

How to Create a Shopify Dropshipping Store in 2023 (STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL) in this video i'll show y

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

How to Create a Shopify Dropshipping Store in 2023 (STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL)

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How to Create a Shopify Dropshipping Store in 2023 (STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL)

in this video i'll show you step by step,how to create a branded shopify drop,shipping store from complete scratch,we're gonna take this product that we,can find on aliexpress for eight dollars,and we're going to create a professional,and branded shopify drop shipping store,around that product so we can sell it,for 30 dollars and make a good profit,this simple store setup is gonna work,for any drop shipping product so feel,free to follow along with this video and,build your own store for the product,that you want to sell so let's get,started,the first thing we're gonna do is get us,a free trial for shopify so head over to, slash shopify or simply,click on the first link down below in,the video description,this will take you to my special shopify,landing page where depending on when you,watch this you'll be able to find,special offers like an extended trial or,a discount price for the first few,months of using shopify,so just type in your email and click on,start free trial,then we're going to choose a password,and a store name we're going to skip all,the survey questions to save some time,that will take us into the shopify,dashboard the first thing i like to do,is select a shopify plan so let's click,on select a plan,here i'm gonna select the monthly,payment option and i'm gonna go for the,basic plan which has everything we need,for this store,then we need to add a payment method,right here and once that's done we can,click on start plan now we are still in,the free trial so we will only get,charged if we don't cancel our plan,within the 14 day free trial period the,next step we're going to do is choose a,theme for our store so let's click on,online store and go to themes,here we can see that the current theme,of our store is the dawn theme which is,the default one when we scroll down we,can also find different free themes that,we can use,personally i like to use the sense theme,it looks very modern and clean which is,perfect for our branded dropshipping,store,so i'm going to add this one to my store,once the new theme is installed we're,going to click on publish which will,activate this theme on our store,the next step is to import our product,from aliexpress we're going to use an,app called deezers to make this very,quick and easy,in the video description you'll find a,link to these artists and when you click,on that link you'll end up on this page,right here where we're going to click on,try it free to create our account,once logged in we're going to click on,shopify which will take us to the,shopify app store,here we're going to click on add app,then click yes,and then click install app to add the,users to the shopify store,then here we're going to go with the,free plan and click on get started,then we need to connect users to,aliexpress as well so let's click on,aliexpress,and then here we can either log in to,our existing aliexpress account or,simply create a new account,once logged in we're going to click on,let's start importing products,we're going to skip this tutorial here,and now there's one more step which is,installing the desource chrome extension,so let's go to home and click on chrome,extension,add to chrome,and now we're going to pin this,extension to our browser by clicking on,the little puzzle icon and making sure,the pin is blue,and now we have the desors chrome,extension right here,so let's click on it and then click on,deezers,that will take us back to their home,page where we're going to click on login,and that will activate the chrome,extension,now we are ready to import our product,so we can go to aliexpress and find the,product that we want to sell on our,store we're going to click on this,button that says add to deezers,now let's go back to our deserts,dashboard and go to import list which,will show us our product,before we add this product to our,shopify store we're going to click on,edit product and then under variance,we're going to make sure to only keep,the variants that we actually want to,sell on our store,then we're going to click on save,and now we can click here to push this,product to our shopify store,make sure this box is ticked and then,click push to shopify,now when we go back to our shopify,dashboard and go to products we should,be able to see our imported product,so let's click on it and make some,changes,i'm gonna first delete the product title,and the description that was imported,from aliexpress,so now we need to come up with a brand,name for this product and store,i like to use a site called, to get some inspiration,for brand names and i always make sure,to check if the dot com domain is,available for my brand name using the,site,for this product i've decided to go with,the name my easy breeze so i'm going to,set this name for the product title,followed by mini cooling fan,for the product description we want to,spend some time creating a good copy,including the main benefits of using,this product and also including images,or gifs showing this product in action,i like to look at competitor stores and,also add amazon listings for this,product to find out what the main,selling points are,the way i find competitor stores selling,the same product is by doing a google,image search so i go to google images,and click on this icon here,then i screenshot one of the product,images from aliexpress drag and drop it,here and then click on find image source,that will show me all the online stores,that are currently selling this product,and i also make sure to read a lot of,reviews on aliexpress and competitor,stores to get a good idea of what,customers are looking for,if i can find a video of the product i,like to use a site called,to create gifs out of the video,i put everything together in the,description highlighting the main,selling points and also adding visuals,to these selling points,then i make the headlines a heading 3,and also make sure they are centered,and i'm also going to center the gifs as,well,then we're going to move on to the,images,if the images that were imported from,aliexpress are high quality then we can,keep them otherwise we want to search,the web for more images of this product,these are the images that i decided to,use for the product page you can simply,rearrange them however you like by just,dragging them around like this,then under options i'm going to delete,this one and i'm going to keep the color,options,then we have the variance for this,product,to make some adjustments here let's,click on add variant we want to make,sure that each variant is connected to,the correct image so we can click here,and select the right image for this,variant,then under pricing we're going to set,the price for this product to make a,good profit we obviously have to sell at,a higher price than what we can get this,product for on aliexpress so i'm setting,the price to 29.99,and at a compare price of 59.99 so that,on the product page it will show that,this product is 50 off,and i'm gonna do that for all the other,variants as well,then we're gonna go back and scroll all,the way down to the search engine,listing here i'm gonna click on edit and,make sure that the url for our product,looks nice and clean and then we're,gonna save the changes,now let's go and see how our product,page looks like on our actual store,so we're gonna go to online store and,then click on customize,this will take us to the shopify store,editor where we can make changes to our,store design,let's switch from the home page to the,product page right here,and then let's switch from desktop view,to mobile view most people will be,visiting our store from a mobile phone,which is why i like to edit the store on,mobile view as well,so here we can see exactly how our,product page currently looks like,the first thing i'm going to do here is,delete everything we don't need on this,page,here on the left side i can simply,select the section i want to delete and,then click on remove section,the only sections that i want on my,product page for now are the,announcement bar header product,information product recommendations and,the footer,so let's start from the top and make,some adjustments,we can do that by just clicking on any,element and then on the right side we,can make changes,for the announcement bar i'm going to,change the text to only today 50 off and,free shipping,then i'm going to scroll down and go to,these drop down menu items i like to use,these for faqs product information,instructions return policy and so on so,to edit these we just click on them and,change the heading and also the icon,here on the right side,and then in the content field we just,put the relevant information for this,store i would add faqs product,information how to use instructions,shipping information and the return,policy,then let's make sure our changes are,saved,and now the next very important thing to,add to our product page are the product,reviews,what we're going to do is simply import,real reviews directly from the,aliexpress product page and we're going,to use an app called looks to import,those reviews to our shopify store,you'll find a link to this app down,below in the video description so click,on that link and that will take you to,this page here we're going to click on,add app,and then click on install app,as you can see looks is a paid app for,shopify but they do have a 14 day free,trial which should be enough time to,test this store and get our first sales,i'm gonna go with the growth plan,because this will allow me to import up,to 100 reviews from aliexpress,then i'm gonna click on approve,let's get started,then here we can change the language and,star color of our reviews i'm just gonna,leave it as it is for now and click on,continue,then again continue,and then skip on the top right,and then let's click on import reviews,here we're going to have to drag this,button to the bookmark section of our,browser like this,and then we're going to go to the,aliexpress product page and click on the,import to looks bookmark that we have,just added,here we can select the product that we,want to import the reviews to,i'm going to scan 100 views,and then i'm going to click on preview,and import,now i can go through each single review,and decide if i want to import it to my,product page,if yes i'm going to click on import and,if i don't want a specific review i just,click on reject,once finished we can go back to shopify,and now the reviews are visible on our,product page,now we also want to customize the theme,colors for our store so we're going to,go to theme settings on the bottom left,and click on colors,here i like to match the store colors to,the colors of the product to make sure,everything looks very branded i use the,chrome extension colorzilla to get the,color code of any pixel on my screen,then we can just click on the color we,want to change and paste in the color,code once that's done for all the colors,that we want to change we're also going,to go to the checkout page and make sure,that this button has the same color as,well,so let's go to theme settings,then check out and here we're also going,to change it to our new color,and now we also want to create a logo,for our store,i like to use a site called to,create simple logos very easily and,quickly they already have tons of logo,templates that you can start with and,then customize using drag and drop,this is the logo i've quickly created,for this store so i'm going to click on,share and download it as a png,as i only have the free version of canva,i'm using a site called, to remove the background of,the logo,then i download the logo with the,transparent background,on shopify we can simply click on our,header and then under logo image we can,upload our logo,here we can also adjust the size of our,logo,and then save the changes,now on the bottom of our store in the,footer we're going to need to add our,store policies like the refund policy,terms of service and so on so to add,these policies we're going to go back to,the shopify dashboard,and then click on settings on the bottom,left,here we're going to click on policies,and now we can click on insert from,template which will insert a general,policy that would be applicable to most,stores however we do have to go through,the text to make sure we replace all the,information in the brackets and also,adjust anything that doesn't apply to,our store,we're going to do the same thing for the,private policy and the terms of service,and then for the shipping policy we're,going to add our shipping terms manually,then let's save the changes and close,the settings,now under online store we're going to go,to navigation,here we're going to click on footer menu,click on add menu item,and then under link we're going to go to,policies,and add each policy that we have just,created before,once that's done we're going to click on,save menu,and now when we go back to the store,editor and scroll all the way to the,bottom we can see that now we have our,policy pages in the footer menu,up until now we've only been looking at,the product page of our store,this is the most important page because,our ads on facebook or tick tock will be,sending people directly to the product,page so 99 of people will never even,visit our home page nonetheless we do,want to create a very basic home page,for this store,so let's switch to our home page here,first i'll delete everything except the,image with text section on the top,for this section i'll just add a simple,cover image,and then add the product name here,i'm going to change the heading size to,small then i'm going to change the text,here,and i'm also going to change the button,text to buy now,then i also want to add the product to,the home page so i'm going to click on,add section and look for the feature,product section then here i'm going to,select my product,and now visitors can also purchase,directly from the home page,then remember to save the changes,now when we click on these three lines,here at the top we can see the,navigation menu,and to make changes to this menu we're,going to go back to the shopify,dashboard,then under online store go to navigation,here we're going to click on main menu,then i'm going to delete the catalog,page,and i'm going to add a new menu item,which is going to be our product page,i'm going to move that right here,click on save menu,and that's it for our navigation menu,for the contact page i like to add a,short paragraph about what customers can,expect and to do that we're going to go,to the shopify dashboard and under,online store click on pages,select the contact page,and then we can put our text here click,on save,and now we have that paragraph on our,contact page,now we're also going to add a favicon to,our store a favicon is just this small,logo that people will see on their,browser,again i'm using and,to create a simple favicon with a,transparent background,then in the shopify editor i'm going to,go to theme settings and click on,favicon,and here we're going to upload our logo,and now visitors will see our logo in,their browser window,this is how the url of our store,currently looks like which you obviously,want to change to our own custom domain,so the store looks legit and,professional,to add a domain we're gonna go to the,settings and then click on domains,if you already have a domain you can,click on connect existing domain and,then follow the instructions but if you,don't have a domain yet you can click on,buy new domain,then here we want to type in our brand,name and domain,once we click on buy domain and confirm,our store will be automatically,connected to this new domain,and that's it for the front-end setup of,our store,now we also need to set up our payment,providers and shipping rates so let's,again go to the settings and click on,payments,here we want to make sure to activate,shopify payments so that customers can,check out using a credit card or other,methods like apple pay or google pay,paypal is activated by default on,shopify if shopify payments is not,available in your country you can also,use third-party payment providers like,stripe for example,then let's go to shipping and delivery,here we can set up our shipping rates so,let's click on manage,and here delete all of the default,shipping rates,then let's click on create shipping zone,which will define the area where our,shipping rate will apply to,let's create one for the united states,then we can add a shipping rate for the,new shipping zone,i'm gonna simply do free shipping for,the us so i'm gonna name it free,shipping and set the shipping price to,zero,then when we click on done we've set up,free shipping for the us,now we can also create another shipping,zone for international customers by,selecting rest of the world,and here i'm gonna charge eight dollars,for shipping internationally,so let's click on save and then go to,store details,here we wanna make sure to enter our,final store name,also we want to check our address and,contact information and make sure that,the store currency is correct,then we're going to close the settings,now under online store go to preferences,here we're going to type in a home page,title and short description,and then we're going to scroll down to,password protection,in order for our customers to visit our,new store we'll need to remove the,password so we're just gonna untick this,box and then click on save,and now our new online store is live and,ready to launch,when we get our first sale we're gonna,go to our desource dashboard and click,on open orders now to fulfill the order,we would just have to click on fulfill,order here on this page and make the,payment to make sure the product will be,sent directly to the customer,if you found this video helpful make,sure to give it a thumbs up and,subscribe to the channel for more videos,just like this one

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