how to generate sales on shopify

How To Get Your First 100 Sales On Shopify In 2023 so here's the deal as a new Shopify,store owner i


Updated on Jan 06,2023

How To Get Your First 100 Sales On Shopify In 2023

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How To Get Your First 100 Sales On Shopify In 2023

so here's the deal as a new Shopify,store owner it can be extremely easy to,focus on things that ultimately don't,have a major impact on your sales you,have probably spent hours picking out,the right theme fonts and colors and I,get it you want your store to be perfect,but what if I told you none of these,things really matter they ain't complain,with me well not until you actually get,your Shopify store in the eyes of enough,people you see the number one thing you,need to focus on when you are first,starting out is traffic and exposing,your Shopify store to as many people as,you possibly can only then with hard,data will you know if your Shopify store,resonates with your target audience or,not so in this video I'm going to give,you the best marketing strategies you,need to use and focus on over these next,30 days to help you get your first,hundred sales now before you can even,think about starting your marketing,tactics you want to make sure you can,accurately track the performance of your,Shopify store so the very first,application that you want to connect to,your Shopify store is Google analytics,this allows you just to get a complete,overview on how people are interacting,with your store now I don't have any,tutorials on Google analytics on my,channel but there are plenty of good,videos out there on YouTube that can,walk you through how to set everything,up step by step step trust me the more,information you can get on your website,visitors and how they are interacting,with your Shopify store the better you,can serve your customers which will help,you get way more sales now the very,first marketing strategy I recommend you,implementing is using your existing,Network so a great place to start is,just reaching out to your friends and,family you might be surprised how many,people are willing to support your,Shopify store just by telling them that,they exist in the first place so for all,my introverts out there being shy will,definitely keep you broke okay so get,comfortable being uncomfortable I,guarantee you that your courage will be,worth it from there you want to promote,your Shopify store on various social,media platforms now one of the best,social media platforms you want to be,using right now is Tick Tock and I,created a whole video on how to promote,your Shopify so on Tick Tock that I,definitely recommend that you check out,however when you are creating your,content you always want to have your,ideal customer in mind ask yourself what,are your customers pain points from,there you want to think about how you,can showcase your products solving these,problems in a fun and entertaining way,also you always want to show the,benefits of the product and not describe,the features of it for example let's,just say you sell a skincare product,geared towards young adults as a person,that has always struggled with acne I,could care less about what peroxides and,acids you use in your product as long as,my face is clear so showcasing before,and after videos and sharing customer,testimonials would be far more impactful,than just describing what ingredients,are in your skin care product now you,also want to remember to use a strong,call to action to get them to check out,your store so offering some type of,discount can be really powerful as well,another free traffic source that you,want to use is online communities so,Reddit and Facebook groups can be a gold,mine when used properly now I'm telling,you do not go going through these groups,and spam the link to your Shopify store,because it is not going to work if,anything this is going to be the fastest,way to get kicked out of these groups,what you want to do is build real and,genuine relationships with your fellow,community members and plug your Shopify,store only when it makes sense and you,are generally providing value for them,moving forward the next marketing,strategy you want to use is code,Outreach remember when I said get,comfortable being uncomfortable well,this definitely applies with this,marketing strategy as well when it comes,to code Outreach there is a lot of,nuances to it honestly though it can be,the best way to build your brand,credibility and generate massive amount,of sales at the same exact time so the,first group of people that you want to,reach out to are bloggers and,Publications in your Niche now there are,multiple ways to approach this but here,are a few ways to think about first,thing you can do is ask for a product,reviews so give your product to a,blogger for free in exchange for a,review the second thing you can do is,write and submit a guest post this is,just where you share your expertise,about your niece and use your author bio,to subscribe and link to your Shopify,store lastly you can pitch your brand,story so if you have an interesting and,compelling Brand Story of either how you,became an entrepreneur or you just have,a super unique product that you think,could get you know a bloggers and,Publications attention so when picking,bloggers and Publications to reach out,to start with those that have a smaller,audience size first now most blog sites,have some type of form you can fill out,or submission request form you can fill,out as well also you could try to look,for editors on LinkedIn and try to build,your Rapport that way the second group,of people that you want to reach out to,are influencers now you may be thinking,you need to be some super big brand to,work with influencers but that simply,isn't the case but plus I have found,that working with smaller influencer,anyway typically have a higher return on,investment and don't cost nearly as much,as you may think now when it comes to,reaching out to influencers you can DM,them or email them directly or you can,use some type of Creator Marketplace if,you want a full list of marketplaces to,check out I will provide a link in the,description down below when reaching out,to influencers you always want to,request a Media Kit which should contain,their rates and their current,demographics and how well their content,performs this is super important,information to have just to make sure,you're investing your money with the,right influencer the third strategy you,want to implement is paid advertising,now this strategy isn't beginner,friendly at all and I recommend,mastering using the other strategies,first before you ever think about,running paid ads however if you really,want fast results and you're willing to,spend money to get them paid advertising,is the best way to go hands down in my,opinion the best advertising platform to,start off with is either Facebook ads or,Tick-Tock ads and I have tutorials on,how to get started with both on this,channel now I will say if you have a,budget that is below 20 a day I,recommend using Facebook ads first since,Tick Tock ads have a budget limit of at,least 20 a day to run ads on their,platform when it comes to paid,advertising though the most important,aspect of your advertising campaign is,the creative itself so I recommend,testing your creatives organically first,before you ever run them as ads the,creators that perform the best for,organically I.E get the most likes,shares and comments turn those into ads,and the ones that don't perform well,well be happy you didn't waste money,testing them also before you run your,first campaign make sure you have your,Facebook and Tick Tock pixel installed,this just allows Facebook and Tick Tock,to properly track user behavior on their,website and better Target consumers on,Facebook and Tick Tock that will be more,likely to purchase from your Shopify,store I have personally managed millions,of dollars worth of Facebook ads been,and it still amazes me how precise,machine learning can be once you have,your ads really dialed in okay so at,this point a month or so has passed and,hopefully you have been able to try most,if not all of these marketing strategies,and you now see a big jump in your,website visitors and hopefully you're,closer to your first 100 sales now I,hate to be the bearer of bad news but,your Shopify store will always be a work,in progress you're gonna expose your,Shopify store to traffic set a benchmark,for performance and then you're gonna,work to improve it so the very first,thing that you want to do is start,analyzing the potential issues that may,be happening on your store by studying,your Shopify analytics and your Google,analytics as well as taking into account,feedback that customers may be giving,you about your Shopify store as well now,I do want to let you know there could be,multiple reasons why customers may not,be buying from you and I want to give,you some key indicators that you,definitely want to look at the first,indicator that you want to look at is,your bounce rate if your bounce rate is,high somewhere around 90 this just,indicates that visitors are leaving your,website immediately so either your page,is taking too long to load or the,overall traffic you're sending to your,Shopify store is extremely low quality,now if you're having a lot of abandoned,carts your checkout process might be too,long or people may not be seeing the,value of your product once shipping is,included if you aren't seeing any add to,carts your visitors probably do not,trust your website or your products,don't provide enough value for the price,you are asking once you have these,learnings you can start making the,necessary tweaks to your Shopify store,that it desperately needs unfortunately,there isn't one Magic's strategy that,works for every Shopify store it is,going to to take a lot of trial and,error to get your Shopify store running,like a well ordinal shame but trust me,it will be worth it now if you want the,best way to advertise your Shopify store,using Tick Tock ads I recommend that you,check out this video right here

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