how to edit order confirmation email in shopify

How To Customize 'Order Confirmation' Email On Shopify here's how to customize the order,confirmatio


Updated on Jan 13,2023

How To Customize 'Order Confirmation' Email On Shopify

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how to edit order confirmation email in shopify catalogs

How To Customize 'Order Confirmation' Email On Shopify

here's how to customize the order,confirmation email and a couple,other things on shopify what's up guys,this is the bib branding channel welcome,to everyone new my name is christian,pinyon one of the co-founders here at,bitbranding we've been helping,frustrated start owners 2015,becoming packed full store owners,through tutorials tactics,and strategy and as always if you find,something of value in this video,consider subscribing and turn on,notifications it really helps us out,let's get started,so we're going to jump into our little,bits treats,test store account again don't follow us,this is just a play store you don't have,to go in,and act all crazy you want to go to,settings we're going to go then to,notifications,inside of notifications you will see all,the types of email notifications,and sms notifications that you can,manipulate,in here it would actually give you the,name and the definition of what exactly,is,that particular notification or message,right,now there's two things you can do here,is,order confirmation that's the one that,we're gonna manipulate but just like i,said in the beginning there's a lot of,different things in here that you can,manipulate so i'm gonna show you how to,do the order confirmation one,if we click on order confirmation it's,gonna give us all this html stuff,which could be a little bit confusing to,a lot of people totally understandable,but what you can do here is actually,change,the verbiage or the copy of that,particular email so,for example let's say so we have a,little bit streets which is a,dog treats right a dog tree store so,i want to say it just says thank you for,your purchase right in between the,brackets and the percentages and the,weird html stuff,i want to say wolf wolf exclamation,thank you for your purchase right it's a,little bit more on brand because,we tend to bark around here a little bit,so wolf,thank you for your purchase beautiful if,you want to change any other things,within the,text right of your email then you just,want to scroll down in here,and look for example let's see,whenever we see any sign of actual,text so it's going to be text that's,like in between the,brackets right or the other brackets the,carat brackets or the other brackets,and that type of text is the text that,you can actually manipulate a little bit,so that it sounds a little bit better,you'll probably find it,yeah towards the beginning you'll,receive an email when the order is ready,for pickup,boring so let's change it to you'll,receive,a quick let's do a quick,how,your package,is off the leash,parenthesis ready for pickup because,that may,not be clear enough beautiful you see so,it's very easy to just change a little,bit of the verbiage,another thing that you want to consider,is the subject line,this one says order name so,it's going to pull up the name of that,person order name,confirmed that's it again you can get a,little bit more creative here and write,a couple of things maybe get some emojis,in there maybe,like a doggy one or like a paw super,cute you can get very creative with it,depending on your industry obviously and,then also you have sms,um yes i want to leave the page without,saving,i do that sometimes um you want to,definitely click save,on that button before uh you move on to,anything else so,sms again just the order message is,going to be right here,you can change some of that verbiage,again don't mess around with the things,inside the brackets,just play with the text that's outside,the brackets,right now in order to manipulate this a,little bit,better we can go into the customize,button right here so the customize,button,is actually going to give us an actual,preview right of what this email is,going to look like,so we're going to hit on that customize,button right here on the left hand side,and it's actually going to show you an,actual preview not any of that html,stuff,of how the actual email will look now,this is the order confirmation email so,it's going to say order number,confirmed right and it has little bits,treats and just text,boring again i want to add my logo so,i'm going to go,choose file and do the logo i'm gonna do,open boom it's right there on the right,hand side it doesn't update,automatically over here for some reason,but i'm gonna click save,and then let me switch between this and,the other one oh there it is already,boom perfect,um now we have the logo right there we,can also manipulate,the width of the logo so we can make it,bigger let's make it 200,200 pixels,and then the accent color we can,actually change the accent color let's,say maybe you want to do a little bit of,red,yeah just click on save,and again it might not change initially,on that preview but you go back and,forth a little bit,and that should maybe hopefully do the,trick,reorder nope let's go back and let's go,back in to customize,and um the accent color didn't change,let's,change that again let's click save,okay now it's saved let's go back let's,go into customize,for the third time boom there you have,it red button,okay besides making those tiny changes,we can also go through,all the email templates so like i said,this is the order confirmation email,with this little arrow here you can,actually see your other email so this is,uh,the email that shows them that something,has been updated on their order,this one is the payment needs to be,updated on that order so i'm again,there's a bunch of emails that you can,you can see and customize in here and,that you can edit so,please go through these if there's any,verbage or any colors or logos that you,need to add,go ahead and do so because that will,help your cohesiveness right of,the whole store and help your brand as,well it will help you feel a little bit,just a little bit better it's that extra,touch that just,chef's kiss i'm passionate about what,i'm doing so i'm just moving my hands,like this,it makes everything better there you,have it that's how you customize and,manipulate the order confirmation email,and any additional notifications or,emails or sms text messages that shopify,sends thank you so much for watching i,want to hear from you leave some,comments down below if you have any,questions,that you may have we would like to,answer them for you and if you like this,video,make sure that you hit that like button,like like,because that will alert the youtube,algorithm unicorns,to show this video to other people,alright see you next time,you

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