how to reorder products in shopify

Easy way how to organize products on Shopify (collections, products order) in 2020 hola hello nihao

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

Easy way how to organize products on Shopify (collections, products order) in 2020

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Easy way how to organize products on Shopify (collections, products order) in 2020

hola hello nihao hi welcome to eshop,talk i am alberto and today we'll be,talking about something,that is not complicated but may take,some time to figure out on your own in,today's episode i'm going to show you,how to organize your store so that your,customers can easily navigate it,find what they're looking for and,improve the shopping experience,before we start don't forget to like,this video subscribe to our channel and,hit that bell right next to it to never,miss one of our new stories,let's start by going to the home page,view of a shopify store,on the top left corner you will find,products let's click on it,and this will open a list of all the,products you already added to your,shopify store,also under products you will find,collections let's also click on that,now you have a list of all the,collections you already created on a,shopify store,well you still didn't create any,collections but here there is a default,collection called home page,we do not need it we will start from,scratch so let's,select it go to actions and delete,selected collections,confirm that you want to delete it and,that's it this is where you start,empty canvas you have the button create,collections right in the middle of your,screen,let's click on that now you have a few,options,of course you start by the basic and the,basic is giving it a title,we will call it rings you can call it,whatever you want and then on the,description let's add something,now let's move on to the collection type,here you can choose between,manual collection or automated,collection manual collection you'll,create a collection and then,add whatever product you want to it on,an automated collection you can create,certain conditions for your collection,we will create one let's go to the,condition,and select product title product title,contains the words,ring so i will save my collections and,see what happens,let's preview my collection i will click,on the i right here under the name of,the collection,view and here you go,i have jupiter's last ring and another,last ring in my collection,now that to create an automated type,collection let's check how a manual,collection works,to create a manual collection let's go,back to the collections page,here you see that we already have the,collection we just created rings,with a minimum information about this,collection that is the product,conditions,our product title contains rings now,let's create a new collection,by clicking here create new collection,let's start by giving it a title,this time we will script the description,and go straight to the collection type,here instead of automated we will select,manual,that's it and now we'll just click save,right here,the collection was saved now what we,want to do,is select all products on the product,tab,and this will bring you back to the list,of all products that you already added,to your store,let's select the products that you want,to add to this new inspirational,collection,so i want silver and align in clouds and,customers is resistible magnets,once you selected the products let's,select more actions here on top,and add the collections right away you,will see,all the collections that are available,for us it's only inspirational because,that's the only manual collection,let's select it and click save,that's it your products are added to,your new collection,now let's see how that collection looks,let's click inspirational there is no,product conditions,again view on the eye,and voila you have these two products,added to your collection,inspirational if you have any questions,or any thoughts about this episode so,far,don't hesitate to write on the comments,below,now what we want is to make this,collection available to your customers,in your store and for that we will,create a new page for them,so let's go to online store it's the,bottom of the menu on the left side,click on themes right under online store,and you have here your current team,let's customize it,once you select the customization of,your theme let's go to the left side and,say add section,what we want is a new collection list,collection list you already have it here,and that's it you have a title we will,not change the title for now,we will decide that we only want two,collections per row and we will delete,the last collection because we do not,need it,and now we will add a collection let's,select a collection that goes on this,page,the first one will be inspirational,select on the bottom,and that's it first collection is,selected let's select the second,collection,do exactly the same thing select,collection and now,rings click select on the bottom left,and that's it you added a page with two,collections let's save it now on the top,right corner click,save and voila now that you added a page,with the collections to your store,let's understand how we can order and,organize the products inside those,collections,to order your products let's go back to,the collection page,go on products collections,let's click on a collection rings let's,scroll down,until you see products here you can also,see the way that they are sorted,right now they are sorted by best,selling if you click on it you can see,the other options,product title a to z highest price etc,what we will pick is,manually the last option click on that,and now you can simply adjust and select,the order that you want,we only have two items here but this,works just as well with as many as you,have,once you're done your collection will be,automatically updated,and your customers can browse through,your collections the way that you,intended to,and there you go you have all the,information you need to run a nice and,well organized shop,feel free to watch this video again and,as many times necessary,and if you found it useful please show,us your love and appreciation by,clicking that like button and,subscribing to the eshop talk channel,i am alberto and until next time keep,your sales up

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