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Troyia Monay

Updated on Jan 15,2023


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how to change shipping label size on shopify catalogs


hey y'all hey it's trading one day,that's y'all with another video today's,video is super super super exciting as,always,in today's video we are going to be,discussing how to set up shipping on,your shopify store you guys,yesterday we talked all about how to set,up the back end of your shopify how to,make sure things are set up for success,today we're going to be talking about,shipping during the second day of the,shopify series so i'm so excited to dive,right on into this topic,i'm going to be showing you guys what,things you want to make sure are in,place in the background as far as,shipping,i'm going to also show you guys some of,my processes and procedures that i like,to take,to make sure that shipping is a breeze,i'm going to also show you guys some of,the materials and shipping supplies that,i used as well such as poly mailers,inserts different things like that as,well so make sure you guys stay tuned,we're gonna jump right into the computer,we're gonna go ahead and get it cracking,go ahead and i'm gonna go through and,give you guys some amazing information,so stay tuned all right all right all,right let's go ahead and jump,right on in you guys so first thing you,want to do when you head over to your,shopify account,is to go over here to your settings,selection you want to select,settings and then we are going to take a,deeper dive into,shipping and delivery so we're going to,go through and click that,so this is your settings right here for,shipping and delivery pretty,straightforward but i am going to walk,you through each and every one of these,things so you can grow yourself familiar,with them,so at the top you have your delivery,methods at checkout this is your most,important setting,we're going to dive right on into this,last after i go through and show you,guys each one of the different steps as,well so delivery methods at checkout,this is where you're going to figure out,where you want to ship your products to,and how much you want to charge for,shipping at checkout how much you want,to charge your customers,for shipping right here's your packages,you're going to go through and add in,each type of package that you have if,they're poly mailers or if they're boxes,you're going to add the size dimensions,and then you're also going to go through,and add weight i'm going to show you,guys how to do that as well,down here you have your shipping labels,so shopify does,allow you to get discounted shipping,labels so that is a really really great,feature that they have there's discounts,for dhl,ups usps you guys want to definitely,make sure you check out these different,rates,and that you take advantage of these,different rates as well,down below that you have some,instructions that are going to help you,guys with setting up,your shipping label printers so they do,allow you to print labels,on just letter size for desktop printers,and then they do allow you to hook up,any of your thermal printers i,personally use the dymo shipping label,printer before excel and i'll show you,guys a little bit more of that later,once we do start packaging orders,up under that you have your packing,slips so they do allow you to customize,your packing slips if you want,so you can definitely go through here,and customize it you do have to have a,little experience with coding,um if you do want to go through and play,with that as well so that way you don't,go through and mess anything up but that,is definitely an option,for packing slips down here you have,carrier accounts so you do have the,ability to enable 30 third-party,calculated rates at checkout so if you,don't want to just use the ones,that shopify comes with you can add a,third party you do have to have an,upgraded plan in order to do this but,that's definitely an option if that's,something you want to do,last but not least here you have the,ability to add a custom order,fulfillment,so this is going to give you the ability,to add um,an email address for anyone who else may,be fulfilling those orders for you,so this is going to be great and,important for you guys to go through and,outline,if you are going to be using some type,of drop shipping service this is where,you would go through and add that so,that way your orders aren't necessarily,being sent to you,they're being sent to a third party who,can then go through and fulfill those,orders for you so you're just adding the,fulfillment service,right there if you are into using drop,shipping as a,fulfillment service there as well so,we're gonna head back,up and we're going to be working today,in packages and we're also going to be,working into delivery methods,at checkout first we're going to start,off with adding our packages first,because we want to make sure that our,rates,at checkout are calculated based off of,the sizing of packages that,we are going to be using so i like to,just use three,different polymer sizes i don't like,things to be overly complicated i know,people who have tons and tons of,different type of mailers,and different things like that so these,are the three that i use i have a small,wanted poly mailer a medium wanted poly,mailer,and a large wanted poly mailer so i do,also have poly mailers in these exact,same size,without my wanted logo this is just,allowing me to know that these are the,ones with the wanted logo,but you can definitely go through and,just customize this based off of what,you want,so of course you're going to go here and,hit add package if you're going to be,using a box you want to select box if,you're going to be using an envelope go,through and select that,if you're using a poly miller make sure,you select soft package slash satchel,and this is where you're going to go,through and add the length width and,height,to make sure you differentiate your poly,mailers also you want to add in the,weight,when it is empty if it is just one,single polymer it has no weight at all,so you can go through and definitely,leave that as blank since that is,optional,you can always go through and add a name,so maybe you want to just put small poly,mailer like me for example i have small,wanted poly mailer or medium poly mailer,or if you guys are doing mixed mystery,boxes,at one point i have mystery boxes so i,just put mystery box there,and then you can even set it as a,default package so as you guys can see,here,my small wanted polymer is my default,package because this is the one i use,most frequently so it will automatically,select this one but if i notice okay,this order actually can't fit in a small,poly mailer then i would go through the,medium or maybe the large,so those are some options there they do,allow you to even use carrier packaging,so if you guys are going to be using the,packaging from usps you can definitely,go here,and select whatever one that you will be,using as far as your usps,that's what i started when i first,started out i started using,packaging provided by usps because it's,free so definitely come on here and,figure out which box that you're going,to be using you can select it,for example let's say i select the,priority mail legal flat rate envelope,i'm going to hit add package,and then it's just going to add it,automatically there for me they already,know the weight they already know the,size dimensions,so that is already there and good to go,so that is pretty much packaging very,very simple very easy to do,all you need to know is the length width,and height of everything,i like to go through and maybe like you,can even take these out and just put,zero so as you guys can see these are,actually wrong so i need to go back,through,and correct those um but as long as the,linkedin with their,are correct the height doesn't really,matter because their poly mailers don't,really have a height to them at all,so those are your packages so we are,going to take a deeper dive into,delivery methods at checkout so they,have three different methods that you,can do as far as delivering,your orders you can deliver based off on,shipping,you can have a local delivery which,means that you are directly delivering,your orders to local customers,so you guys may have some type of local,delivery service where you take your,orders to your customers so that's an,option that you can have,as you guys can see i don't have that,feature turned on it just says doesn't,offer delivery right there,right here we have local pickup so this,is going to allow our customers to come,to us to pick up their orders as you,guys can see i don't have any,order pick up or anything right there,available,so we are going to take a deeper dive,into shipping because we're not doing,any local delivery we're not doing any,pickup so we're going to take a deeper,dive into this shipping area,so their shipping area is where you are,going to ship and how much you're going,to charge for shipping at checkout,so you have some general rates you have,rates for based off of one location to,two different zones,and then you can even customize your,shipping rates as well so we're going to,take a deeper dive into this,first thing you guys want to hit is,manage rates,and then up here you're going to see all,of your products so these are some of,the products that i have set for my,relaunch that i haven't,figured out i haven't gone through and,finished adding just yet but as you guys,can see these are all of your products,all products are going to be right here,and this is going to allow you to know,that these settings will be based upon,all of your products that are listed,here,down below that you can figure out where,you want to ship from so this is the,address for my p.o box not my actual,address you guys,so this is where we are shipping our,orders from it is extremely important,that you have a po box address and not,your own home personal address,just so that way you have some type of,privacy there as well so this is where,we are shipping from,you can hit manage and then you can,always go through and change that,into the settings there as well so next,thing we are shipping to,we are shipping to domestic united,states and then we also have settings,for the rest of the world,you can definitely come down here and,add different um,areas of the world that you might want,to go through and to ship to it doesn't,have to just be,united states and rest of the world you,can have shipping settings,directly for the uk you can have,shipping settings directly for any,country that you want,you just have to keep in mind that the,calculated shipping rates will be,different for,those different areas so first things,first i like to just go through and,worry about the us first,and then i kind of like to go through,and do rest of the world today we're,going to be focusing on the us,maybe i'll do a more so dedicated video,later on on international shipping,so when it comes to domestic shipping,you have two options you can select your,own rates or you can use,carrier and app rates you have two,different options there,so if you are going to be using your own,rates first thing you're going to do is,go to add rate,so you can set up your own rate or you,can use a carrier or an,app to calculate your rates as well so,right here you have some different,options your shipping speed,so you can either use some of the,presets that shopify gives you or you,can customize a flat rate,um at your own leisure so let's say i,wanted to do like a standard shipping,i'm just going to,collect select standard shipping and,then i could put the price,the price that you want to have as far,as your shipping,really really just matters solely based,off of you,and where you think you know um the,average cost that shipping will be,based upon how far you are delivering,your packages to,your customers what i would recommend as,far as trying to figure out a flat rate,fee,when it comes to shipping is to really,go through,on whatever carrier site that you're,going to be using and do some research,based upon like you know the minimum and,maximum amount,dollar wise that is going to be,collected based upon shipping so this,really just depends,on you and your own research what i did,i used to do just 8.50,just because if i had someone for,example who ordered sunglasses,i know that this is definitely going to,be more than enough money to cover their,shipping however i did have customers,that would,literally come on my site and purchase,so many different products,where i would have to come out of pocket,on this 850. so if i'm charging them,8.50,and they purchase a bunch of inventory,from me,i know that that shipping rate is,probably going to be maybe even 12,13 so i'm gonna have to come out of,pocket so there's times where you're,gonna have to come out of pocket as far,as shipping and then if there's gonna be,times where you'll make a profit on,shipping sometimes,it really just depends when you are,setting up your own rates,so you can even add conditions you can,add shipping rates based off of the,weight of the item,shipping rates based off of your item,based off of the order price,so this is also great if you guys are,interested in doing free shipping so if,i wanted to do free shipping i would,come down here to,custom flat rate i would select free,shipping,i would change the price to zero dollars,and then let's say i wanted to do free,shipping for everyone,i wouldn't add a minimum weight or a,poor uh order price i would just leave,these blank because free shipping would,be for everyone,but let's say i wanted to do free,shipping on orders over,75 so i know that the minimum you have,to,order with me is going to be 75 so that,would be that,i would just click done and then boom,you guys can see i already had that set,up there so,it will give them free shipping if they,meet a threshold of 75,and up so that is definitely an option,there so you guys have two separate,options you guys can definitely do,um you know free shipping you guys can,do a rate that you,calculated and you've done your own,research to go through and do i know,tons of businesses that make really good,profit on their shipping when they do do,this,it's just a lot of research that you,have to go through and figure out based,upon your audience and where your,audience is located,so you guys have some options there as,well so you can do shipping by way you,can do shipping by,price or anything like that as well,next thing you guys can do is your,carrier and app rates this is what i'm,probably going to be doing moving,forward with my boutique,just because i feel like it saves you a,lot more time you don't have to sit,there and wait each order after the,order is prepared,it's more so going to do the calculating,for you you just have to make sure that,you head over to your products section,and weigh each item and put in the um,the weight of each item on each of your,products so if i come over here to,products i'm going to leave this page,really quick so i can show you guys,and let's say i go over here to the,chill stretch set,i'm going to come down here i'm going to,select the items,i'm going to hit edit,and then down here we're going to go to,shipping this is a physical product and,then we're going to add in the weight,so this is going to be used to calculate,our shipping rates at checkout and our,label prices during fulfillment,so if you are going to be shipping by,weight you want to make sure that you,add the weight of,every single product in the individual,sizes as well so as you guys can see i,have,small medium and medium large you want,to weigh those individually or you can,even weigh them together if you just,want to go through and kind of get,things over with,just make sure that you if you are,weighing them together you just take the,largest size,so we're going to dive back into,settings so we can finish going over,that,so when you guys are trying to figure,out you know your calculated shipping,what i would recommend doing is going,over here,to add rate you want to use a carrier or,app for,to calculate rates since i already have,it set up i'm just going to go back but,this is where i would go through and,just,select usps i already have it on here so,it's not going to allow me to,select it again but i'll show you guys,kind of what it looks like so i'm just,going to go here to edit rate,okay so this is what it would look like,if i am using usps,they're going to allow you to select,some different categories that you can,give to your customers to allow them to,select whatever carrier or whatever type,of service they want to use,um based off of your selection so you,have some first class email your first,class package you have media mail,paracel parcel select ground you can do,priority mail and priority mail express,me personally i just like using priority,mail just because it's,going to get to my customers the fastest,and it's also really really great um,service to use here as well so this is,just regular standard,and then you have express shoot for,those customers who want to get their,orders a lot quicker,you can even automatically show your,customers new shipping services,when they do become available i don't,like to go through and do that i just,like to make mine really simplistic,and then down here if you do want to,charge any type of handling fee you can,do it by percentage or you can do a flat,rate,so your handling fee is basically going,to give you some additional funds to pay,for packaging,or to pay yourself for actually you know,doing the shipping service we are no,shipping,shipping orders takes a long time so you,guys can get some additional,um you know compensation for that here,if you do want to do a percentage or if,you do want to do a flat fee,so that's pretty much it shopify is,going to do the rest for you if you are,going to be doing calculated shipping,um they're just going to take it you,know weight by weight depending on,of course how large that customer's,order is and give them a price,based off of that i would recommend if,you guys are going to be doing,um shipping by calculated shipping that,you do,offer some type of free shipping because,it's going to get extremely extremely,hefty,and it's going to discourage your,customers from completing that order so,for example let's say i order like,10 things from your boutique my shipping,price is going to be outrageous because,that's,that's a really heavy package so i am,compensating those people by offering,them free shipping if they spend 75,or more because if you do spend over 75,dollars more than likely you've,purchased maybe two maybe three items,from my boutique at that point,so your shipping price is going to,encourage you to maybe even spend more,after that so it really just depends,this shipping is really just based off,of you but i really wanted to come on,here and to show you guys how to go,through,and how to get these things set up as,you guys can see it's very very simple,same exact processes and procedures um,work for the rest of the world like i,said earlier you can just go through and,select a different shipping zone,and this is where you'll add different,countries that you may want to go,through and to ship,with um or ship to as well there as well,so that's pretty much everything you,guys stay tuned and i'm going to show,you guys how i ship my orders using,shopify,all right all right all right let's go,ahead and get started so,how to ship out orders using shopify you,guys,before we go into diving into the,computer i'm going to show you guys some,of the materials that i use,so first things first this is a computer,that i use strictly for,shipping out my orders since i've over,time i've gotten new computers,so this computer is a lot older so i,just use this one to just strictly ship,out orders,um so i have my computer set up there i,have my,shipping scale so i got this one from,staples it is a very very heavy duty,shipping scale,i believe it can weigh up to 150 pounds,or 250 pounds and this is called their,bricknell scale and this is what it,looks like hopefully you guys can see it,um and this is a really really heavy,duty scale and i believe i paid about,150,or something like that for it and the,reason i actually got that one was,because i was doing my wholesale orders,and those orders were super super heavy,so i had to have a scale that could,weigh something um,really really heavy so i didn't,intentionally actually go out and spend,150,on a scale was more so of like a life or,death type of thing so i ended up just,keeping it,and then this is the scale that i,actually do recommend for you guys who,are um wearing smaller items this is a,brick nail scale as well and this one,can weigh up to 11 pounds i got this,room from staples as well when i first,started my boutique,and it is literally like my pride and,joy because this skill has been with me,since the day one,of me starting my business so i got both,of those from staples,i also do use the dymo label printer,it is the 4xl so this is the dymo,shipping label printer this one is the,one that prints out shipping labels,and then i have my shipping labels,inside of it as well,this is the label writer for xl holy,grail same thing,i've had this since day one of me,starting my business as well and i got,this one from either office depot or i,got it from staples,um the next thing i used is going to be,polly miller so this is a poly miller,right here,this is in the size i want to say 14 by,19. so 14 inches across,19 inches down so i have this polly,miller just plain and black,i got this one from um amazon,and then as far as inserts i do,thank you cards so this is what my old,thank you cards look like and those are,my old poly mailers as well you guys,know i'm in the process of rebranding,so this is what they look like i feel,like it's a glaring y'all not seeing it,but,hopefully you guys can see it but these,are just like my thank you cards here,the back of it is completely blank,because i did used to go through and,write customized notes,can't do that no more because your girl,been getting too many orders and i'm,sure,it will continue like that in the future,but these are just some inserts here as,far as thank you card,i do include business cards in all of my,orders as well so my business cards and,thank you cards,are similar very very similar as far as,style,and then i also do have hang tags so,when it comes to hang tags i just have,my logo on it,and then just my return policy here on,the back hopefully you guys are seeing,this i feel like this is completely,washed out but,hopefully you guys can see it and then,these are some of the tools that i use,so my hang tags are just business cards,um because y'all business cards i mean,hang tags are expensive so i just take,my little handy dandy,um little hole puncher and i have a,whole video on this if you guys go to my,private labeling video,i just hold punch a hole in it i take,my um little tagging gun got this one,from staples as well,and then i just put the little um needle,through and then i just,press the gun whenever i am actually,tagging my clothing,so you guys can definitely go through,and use that or you guys can use um,just these little hang tag strings and i,got these from,amazon they include like a bunch of them,so you can add these to your clothing as,well there too if you don't want to use,the actual plastic ones,so those are pretty much like all the,materials that i use when i,am shipping out my orders so let's go,through and let's get started with,actually shipping an order i'm going to,show you guys what that looks like on my,screen,all right you guys so this is what your,screen should look like when you are in,the process of shipping,out an order your orders are all right,here,usually the number that is highlighted,right here are all the orders that you,have to go through and fulfill,mind you this is also including any,returns or anything like that you can go,through and customize this if you don't,want to show all these numbers,including on the return so you guys can,definitely go through and keep that in,mind,so this is a fake order that i went,through and created that i am,shipping to myself and i'll show you,guys what that process looks like here,so you have your order number,you have that the item was paid for and,that is unfulfilled unfulfilled,basically means that you have not gone,through and fulfilled that order,you do have options as far as refunds,you can edit the order and then you have,some additional,actions right here that you can even go,through and to use,as well right here you can see all of,the amount of,items that your customer has purchased,you can even see the sku number,and the sizes so that's really important,and then you can see the amount,quantity wise that your customer has,gone through and purchased there as well,if you do have an option as far as notes,at checkout your customer can definitely,leave you some notes here as well,if that is an option that you decide to,have,down below here you can see the amount,your customer paid and then you can even,show your cut your tax rates,so if i select that i am in the county,of hillsboro so that is how much my,customer paid for that,and then florida taxes as well so our,taxes are 7.5 percent,total and then you can see how much your,customer paid there's also a timeline,available here,as far as all the actions taken on this,particular order so coming back over,here you can see your customers contact,information,their shipping billing address their,contact information there,their conversion summary this is really,really good um right here if you guys,are,interested into getting some additional,information as far as conversions,for that particular order and then your,fraud analysis,if it is medium or high risk i in my,opinion i always cancel those orders,just because i just don't have time to,deal,with chargeback so i always just only,accept orders who have,low risk um fraud so we are going to go,through and start fulfilling this order,first thing you guys want to do,is select create shipping label so after,you go through and you select that,very very simple from here you can do,your shipping date as of today or you,can change it to any other day of the,week,so you can say that your order is being,shipped out today and it'll allow your,customers to know that you are shipping,their order out that same day,or let's say for example today was like,a saturday and you want to make sure,that your customers know that you're,shipping out their orders on,maybe a monday i would go here and,select maybe a monday or another day of,the week,so this is where you are going to go,through and select your packages so,earlier we talked about packages and,weight of our packages as well,so we have some different options here,we have our small poly mailer our medium,sized poly mailer or our large poly,mailer,i love the fact that they give you the,opportunity to add a package right then,and there if any of these packages are,packages that you don't want to use you,can do that,so let's say we are using maybe a,mid-size,polymer that's the size that i showed,you guys earlier,it is going to go through and give me,some different options,that i can go through and select based,off of the weight,of my items all together so you want to,make sure you weigh it with,the package you weigh all of your items,with the overall package itself so that,way you can go through and get a total,weight and i'm going to show you guys,how to do that right now,all right you guys so like i said you,want to make sure that you weigh,your packages in total if you are going,to be shipping,um based off of like a flat rate fee and,you have not previously added in the,weight of each individual product,in the system so we're going to go,through and see the overall weight since,we did not,go through and at each um item,individually per product so we're just,going to go through and add in all of,our products in,our poly mailer,you can be fancy and add you know bells,and whistles but for the sake of the,video i'm just going to show you guys,just the practices and procedures not,necessarily,all the branding or anything like that,so we have all of our,um items in the polymailer we can even,go through and add in all of our inserts,let's say our hang tags were on there we,can go through and add in,our um thank you note business cards,we're gonna add those right in there as,well,and then we are gonna close her on up,as you all can see this poly miller is a,little bit too big so we can,close it just a little bit smaller,it's not going to affect our pricing or,anything like that so we have our,package,right here and then we're going to go,through and throw her right on the scale,and it is saying that this package,weighs a total of 1.5 pounds,so we're going to dive back in the,computer and i'm going to show you guys,how to insert the weight of the entire,package into the actual system,so we have the weight of our total,package so we're going to go through,we're going to take that out and we're,just going to put 1.5,since that was our total weight now it,is going to give us rates,based off of the total weight of our,package as you guys can see before our,rates completely have changed and they,were a lot cheaper,so as you guys can see we are going to,just go through and select,you usps priority mail all of these,other options are definitely options you,guys can click,on so for example let's say our customer,decided that they wanted to do priority,mail express,we're going to go through and select,that or we can even come,right here and we can go through and,select this um option here as far as,usps priority mail,what we're going to do is we're going to,hit buy label as soon as we do that it,is going to go through and print our,shipping label,and we're gonna just add it to our,package just simple as that you guys,all right so hopefully that made a lot,of sense to you guys hopefully that,cleared up a lot of you guys questions,and comments and concerns as far as,shipping and,how to actually ship out orders using,shopify if you guys have any other,questions,feel free to leave them down below in,the comments and i'll be sure to get,back with you,also make sure you guys are following me,over at her hustle academy and you tune,into my wine down wednesdays,every single wednesday at that page we,are discussing,all things related to business so make,sure you guys tune in there at 7 pm,eastern standard time,i'll see you guys in tomorrow's video,peace

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