how to delete test orders in shopify

How to test Shopify Payments || Shopify Help Center In this quick and easy guide, I’m  going to teac

Shopify Help Center

Updated on Jan 14,2023

How to test Shopify Payments || Shopify Help Center

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how to delete test orders in shopify catalogs

How to test Shopify Payments || Shopify Help Center

In this quick and easy guide, I’m  going to teach you how to test  ,Shopify Payments on your online store. Testing your payment gateway gives you  ,peace of mind that your customers will  have a seamless checkout experience.,Hey everyone, it’s Aly with Shopify. For this  tutorial you need to have Shopify Payments  ,already set up. To learn more  about Shopify Payments eligibility  ,and the set up process, see  the links in the description.,And if you’re using another payment  provider but still want to test your  ,checkout, there’s links provided  below for this process as well.,When you test Shopify Payments, you experience the  ,customer checkout process on your online  store, without charging a real credit card.,Today I’m going to test the entire process by  placing two different types of test orders:  ,a successful transaction,  and a failed transaction.,There’s a few things you should know  before you start testing Shopify payments:,One: while test mode is enabled, you and your  customers can’t use real credit cards to pay for  ,orders. So, you shouldn’t enable test mode on  a store that’s open and selling to the public.,Two: Don’t fulfill any test orders. You’re  charged for any shipping labels that you purchase,  ,even if the label is for a test order. If you  use an app that automatically fulfills orders,  ,then you need to deactivate it  before you create test orders.,Three: Using Shopify Payments in test mode  ,means that y Also, test transactions do  not appear in your payouts or reports.,Now let’s get started by enabling  test mode for Shopify Payments.,From the Shopify Admin click Settings,  ,and then click Payments. In the  Shopify Payments section, click Manage.,If you don’t see a Manage button, then that means  you don’t have Shopify Payments set up yet. Before  ,you can place test orders, click Activate Shopify  Payments and fill out the form on the next page.,From the Shopify Payments page, disable any  Accelerated checkout options you have enabled,  ,like Shop Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay.  This will make the testing process easier. ,Then scroll down to the section Test Mode.  Check the box, Enable test mode and Click Save. ,From here, scroll up and click the back  button to go back to the previous page.  ,Here you have a banner stating that  Shopify payments is operating in test mode.,Now, it’s time to create some test orders.  Let's start with a successful transaction. ,Click the eye icon next to Online Store to  open your store’s landing page in a new tab.  ,Then add at least one item to the cart.,Then, go to your cart page, and click Check out. ,Fill out all the required  details, as if you’re a customer.,When you’re done, click Continue to shipping. If you want to review any shipping rates  ,you’ve set up for a particular zone, then  enter a shipping address for that zone. ,Select a shipping method and  click Continue to payment.,In order to simulate a successful  transaction I’m going to use one  ,of these test credit card numbers. You can  find these numbers in the description below.,I’m copying the Mastercard test number,  and pasting it in the field Card number. ,Then enter at least two words separated  by a space in the Name on card section.  ,Then for the Expiry date,  enter any date in the future.  ,Next, enter any three digits for the  Security code. To finish, click Pay now. ,After the test payment is processed, you see  a confirmation page with the order details. ,You will also receive a confirmation  email to the email address you provided  ,at checkout. Be sure to check that  it was sent to you successfully.,Now, let’s go back to the  Shopify admin, and click Orders.  ,Here, you see the test order that you just placed. The order shows a banner confirming that this is a  ,test order. Remember, don’t fulfill or print  any shipping labels for your test orders.,When you're done looking through the test order,  ,you can archive it by clicking  More Actions then Archive.  ,If you go back to Orders page, there’s a  newly Archived order which is greyed-out. ,You can also cancel the order  by clicking More Actions,  ,Cancel Order and then in the pop up  window clicking Cancel order again.  ,If you go back to the Orders page, the newly  Cancelled order now has a strike through it.,Now, I’m going to simulate a failed transaction.,Just like the previous example, click the eye icon  next to Online Store, add an item to your cart,  ,then proceed to check out. Fill  out the customer details again,  ,select a shipping method, and  then move to the payment page.,This time, use one of the following test credit  card numbers. Each number will give you a  ,different type of failed transaction, like card  declined, invalid CVV, or invalid expiry month.,For this example, I’m using the numbers  to generate a card declined message.  ,Follow the same steps as before by entering  at least two words for the Name on card,  ,enter any date in the future for the Expiry  and any three digits for the security code.,After you click Pay now, the page  updates with the expected error message.  ,Because this test order was not processed,  it will not appear on the Orders page of  ,your Shopify admin, and you will  not receive an email confirmation.,After you’re done placing test orders, you can  disable test mode. From your Shopify admin,  ,click Settings, and then click Payments. In the Shopify Payments section,  ,click Manage. Scroll down to the Test Mode  section of the page and uncheck Enable test mode.,If you disabled accelerated checkouts then you  can re-enable them now. To finish, click Save.,For more Shopify tutorials, subscribe now.,And don’t forget to visit  ,for more information.

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