how to setup google analytics on shopify

How to Setup Google Analytics With Shopify In 2022 - Updated hi my name is daniel and in this video,

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

How to Setup Google Analytics With Shopify In 2022 - Updated

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how to setup google analytics on shopify catalogs

How to Setup Google Analytics With Shopify In 2022 - Updated

hi my name is daniel and in this video,i'm gonna show you how to,set up your google analytics account and,connect it to your shopify store in 2022,so first thing go to google and insert,google and uh,click on google analytics,click on start measuring,give it a name i recommend to insert,here your shopify store name so for this,store for example i choose a name we,test everything so we,test every,thing,in this check box so check everything,next,property name and,we,test,everything,property,and the property is actually your,website so under one account you can,have multiple properties uh which,basically means multiple websites or,apps if it's for mobile so,on this page it is really important to,click on show advanced options,and then scroll down,and,check this one,the reason why is google pushing really,hard for everyone to start to use google,analytics for the issue with that it's,that google analytics 4 don't work,really well with shopify so we want the,google universal analytics,okay,and that's the way how we're going to,set up both properties,so,here insert your website url so in this,case it's going to be,yeah just let's remove this,preview link,perfect so,that's our website url,insert it here you can remove the https,okay here it's really important okay so,create both google analytics for and,universal analytic properties so we want,to have,both properties,and if you're going to miss it here,you're going to just need to create,another property,and it's going to message up your,account because you have you will have,too many properties and i already seen,some accounts with ten,seven five properties,and each time you want to go inside and,look into your data you don't know which,account is actually the operational one,so after we verified that the,create a universal analytic properties,on and those two are,selected and checked,we click on next,this one just can be skipped click on,create,agree to all the terms and conditions,click on accept,okay remove this one,uh my okay we don't want to get,any emails from google for the google,analytics one,now we wait,let's refresh the page,okay perfect so this is your welcome,page,and,right here,this one is your google analytic,form,property,so for shopify we want to,use google analytics,universal analytics and if you will,click here,on all accounts,here you would be able to switch this is,your accounts and this is the account we,just created and those are the two,properties,so we have one property is google,analytic form which is not working with,shopify and we have this property which,which start with the ua for the tracking,id,and this is google and universal,analytics so let's choose this property,and let's choose this view,now let's go to the admin area so,you will click here on the that,mean one,away,now go to tracking info,under the,property column,click on tracking code,copy your tracking id from here,go to shopify,inside shopify click on online store,click on preferences,and here under google analytics we will,paste the tracking id here,now click on save,that's it,the next thing to do would be to enable,enhance e-commerce,this way we're going to see all our,stored data in terms of sales best,sellers and all our e-commerce data,inside google analytics so,check this mark using hence ecommerce,and click save,that's it nothing more to touch on the,website now we go back to google,analytics,and,we will go into the view under the view,we will click here on ecommerce settings,and now we're gonna enable the enhanced,ecommerce,ignore the checkout labeling this is not,working well with shopify,click on save,that's it you're done so that's how you,set up a,your google analytics account,and connect it to your shopify store now,to validate that,this implementation is working we can go,here and click on the real time,overview,remove this one,okay with some errors so let's just,refresh the page,dismiss this one okay now let's visit,our shop,let's go here,let's see if it's gonna show us a,okay here we are right so one user,desktop,this is the active page,we can see the,traffic source it's known medium,locations,i'm currently in montenegro so,everything is correct everything is,working that's it,and i hope it helpful,good luck

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