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How to connect a third party domain || Shopify Help Center A custom domain helps build your brands i

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

How to connect a third party domain || Shopify Help Center

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How to connect a third party domain || Shopify Help Center

A custom domain helps build your brands identity and keeps your store looking professional.,Hey there!,___ here from Shopify.,Today I will show you how to take a domain that you purchased through a third party provider,and use it as the domain for your Shopify store.,When you connect a third-party domain to your Shopify admin, that domain is managed by the,provider that you purchased it from.,Even though the domain is managed by a third party, once you connect it to the Shopify,admin, visitors to your online store see your custom domain.,If you want to transfer your domain to Shopify so you can manage it in your admin, then view,the link in the description below.,If you have purchased your domain from a popular provider like {GoDaddy}, {Google Domains},,or {1&1 IONOS} you have the option to automatically connect your domain.,If you don’t have a domain with one of those providers, use the timestamps to skip ahead,to manually edit your DNS settings.,To connect a third-party domain automatically, start on the Shopify admin.,Click “Settings”, then click “Domains”.,On the domains page, click “Connect existing domain”.,In the text box, enter the domain that you want to connect.,In this example, I want to connect {}.,Then click “Next”.,After this, click “Connect automatically”.,A pop-up will take you to your domain provider’s website.,If you’re not signed in to your domain provider account, then you need to sign in.,In this example we are using {GoDaddy} as our provider, but these steps also apply if,you are using {Google Domains}, or {1&1 IONOS}.,After you sign in, click “Connect” and then click “Close” to finish.,It can take up to 48 hours for your third party domain to be verified and listed.,After your domain is verified, you will see your domain listed under Third-party domains.,If you want this URL to show when customers visit your online store, then you need to,set it as the "primary domain".,At the top of the page, you see {} is currently listed as the primary domain.,But, I want {} as the primary.,Click “Change primary domain”, then select the new third-party domain that you just connected.,Click “Save” to finish.,You have just successfully connected a third-party domain and set it to be your primary domain.,If you purchased a domain from a provider other than {GoDaddy}, {Google Domains}, or,{1&1 IONOS}, then you need to manually update that domain’s DNS settings in order to connect,it to Shopify.,Shopify is not able to support you with manually editing third-party DNS settings.,If you need help, it’s best that you contact the domain provider directly to navigate their,platform and make changes.,I am going to show you an example of editing DNS settings.,Keep in mind that there are many domain providers out there and each one has their own unique,platform.,So the steps may look different on your providers platform.,You should use the following steps as a general guide and not a step-by-step tutorial.,Start by logging in to the account that you have with your domain provider, and find your,DNS settings.,For the provider that I am using, this is found under {Manage DNS}.,From the DNS settings, find the “www” "CNAME" record.,Change your "CNAME" record to point to “”.,If your provider has a default “TTL Record”, you don’t need to update it.,The next record you want to change is the “A Record”.,Change this record to Shopify’s IP address, shown here and listed below.,Some domain providers also require you to set a host name with the "A record".,If this is required, then set the host name to the “@” symbol.,When you’re done making changes, confirm your settings and make sure you save.,Next, log in to your Shopify admin, click “Settings”, and then click “Domains”.,Click “Connect existing domain” and type in your custom domain.,Click “Next”, and then click “Verify connection”.,The domain might connect immediately, but it can also take up to 48 hours for your custom,domain to connect.,If it’s not connected after 48 hours, then contact your domain provider for help.,Once your domain is connected, you can set the domain to be your primary domain.,You need to do this if you want customers to see your custom domain when they visit,your online store.,Click “Change primary domain” and then select your custom domain as your primary.,Now you’re all done manually connecting your third-party domain to your Shopify store!,If you still have questions, you can review the resources in the description below, or,contact the Shopify Support team directly.,Thank you for watching!

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