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HOW TO START A SIX FIGURE CLOTHING LINE- (SHOPIFY TUTORIAL) hi everyone its Mike with launch of,star

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Updated on Jan 08,2023


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hi everyone its Mike with launch of,startups and in today's video I want to,teach you how to start a six-figure,clothing line the reason why I chose,clothing line is because I want to show,you guys that it's not about finding a,or reinventing the wheel it's finding,it's looking what works and then,tweaking it so that you can be,profitably you can find a good product,okay so with t-shirts or clothing lines,I feel like there being a new company or,new brands being made every day and a,lot of them are actually successful a,company that if you're actually into if,you watch YouTube videos and you are,into fitness it is something like alpha,so alpha we athletics if you follow him,on if you follow Christian on YouTube,I've seen some of his videos is that,he's created this brand for his clothing,line and he does really well you know,probably sales from millions millions of,dollars worth because he does these,certain launches and just kind of,figures out what his demographic of,customers who want well what I want you,guys to know is that he didn't he didn't,then you know the sweater or the,t-shirts or anything like that but he,created a brand that were a niche that,was being underserved in the market okay,and he does fairly well so it's fairly,easy to create a six-figure company from,a clothing line if you know how to,market it and you know how to find a,demographic that's being underserved so,I mean like let's take a look at his,hoodies there's not a specific design to,it he doesn't have he doesn't flash a,certain logo or anything like that it's,just the name and actually if you read,the comments and in his YouTube videos,or like Instagram posts or anything,people want the clothing line that has,no brands I mean that's the thing right,now is people like to wear clothing that,doesn't have any brands but you know,he's can still sell it for fifty two,dollars,and the brand is located back here so,when my hoods down you can't even see,the brand but he's been able to create a,brand around alpha Lee and athletics and,you know these styles could be easily,found on Alibaba so that's one thing,that I want you guys to really focus on,and really think about is what you don't,need to come up with these really cool,designs of t-shirts or anything like,that but I mean when he first started,yes like if you wanted like I know I use,live fit apparel so they're there more,so on the fitness online but in terms of,designs so let's take a look at men's,t-shirts so you can see like look at,their designs you know cool designs and,they hit the demographic of that,California skater that also likes to,work out and that's the demographic that,they found and these guys are also a,multi-million dollar company so if these,guys are multi-million dollar companies,you guys can create an easy six-figure,income from creating a clothing line if,you can find a demographic or a market,that's being underserved okay so if you,if you do the hard part of finding that,market and find branding it in a way,that reaches us specifically to that,demographic then you can do well and,what I want you guys to do is actually,go on printful so I've talked about this,before they they take your products or,they have these certain products right,here that are like pillows hats wall are,all over t-shirts and what they do is,you choose whatever t-shirt you want to,sell and then they actually you upload,your design so if you wanted to go like,on you know lift it and you created this,specific design right here nothing stuff,twenty-four dollars and then you upload,it here and you actually attach it to,your Shopify so they integrate really,well with the way the Shopify that now,you could put that design on this,t-shirt and yes the price is fairly high,because these are print on demand,services so for nine dollars and selling,it for twenty four dollars a pop it's,not bad okay that's not bad but later,once you get enough sales and you feel,like you can order that bulk order to,get a cheaper price then you can go to,Alibaba okay but doing it this way you,will not have any upfront costs okay so,this will help you build some upfront,cost prior to actually ordering that,bolt case or that bulk the bulk orders,from Alibaba to get a cheaper price so,you can see here is that they have,t-shirts hats you could develop that,whole brand a whole logo and all that,specifically for all these products I,mean they got socks they got leggings,for women they have all over printing,tanks pillows you could develop this,whole brand okay so the cool thing about,that I you know like this like I said,they integrate well with all these types,of platforms Shopify specifically you,can go down here to what I love about,them is their branding services okay so,they include a branding sticker free on,all your packages so as long as you,upload a logo for your products they can,slap that on to the box and they have no,idea that it actually came from printful,okay they also offer inside shirt labels,so inside this shirt will say your logo,again they have no idea that it's coming,from printful and they think that it's,coming directly from you and they what's,what I love about this compared to drop,shipping is that you you can offer next,day,you can offer standard delivery you know,three to five business days when you,dude drop shipping sometimes their,products will come from you know within,a month and that can really aggravate,your customers so especially during the,holidays everyone's trying to get it,before Christmas and if you have a drop,shipping site and they don't order by,December 1st good luck getting their,product and look how much of the sale,you're gonna miss from this you know,after December 1st first leading up to,Christmas you're gonna lose a lot of,sales so these are just other branding,services that they offer they are you,know this is this is what they can,actually have return addresses they can,put when I love another thing I love for,75 cents is these packings that you,could put so you could put like a 20%,off your next order so it's like these,really unique branding services that you,cannot do when you're doing drop,shipping okay so this is a great way to,get started if you have no up for if you,don't have money to fork over that bulk,order purchase from Alibaba,okay so if you go to Alibaba and then,you type in t-shirts and what I like to,do always check these three trader,shirts gold supplier and assess supplier,these are the more well the more,legitimise legit suppliers that Alibaba,has actually checked out or you know,like assessed or their gold supplier,because they sold a certain amount and,there's there's just a little bit more,of an assurance when searching for a,supplier as long as you check these,three and then you're not worrying about,unbranded supply or anything like that,okay so look at this you find when,you're looking for a supplier after you,feel like there's a good demand based on,you doing it through printful you take a,look at their transactions these guys,are doing 80,thousand dollars in the last six months,maybe you can find something bigger than,that like these guys are doing it five,hundred dollars and then you their,t-shirt manufacturer companies and they,can make these t-shirts that originally,were there for you know eight dollars I,believe that you can get it for as cheap,as five dollars a pop and then sell it,for $25 or upwards and then now you get,five times the amount of what you are,paying it for okay so that's and this is,a great way and this is the little trick,that I want to show you guys is the,difference with everyone else trying to,create a clothing clothing line or any,anything that comes with dropshipping is,that they they don't know how to have,the pictures they don't know how to,create pictures for their clothing line,so this is a little hack a little trick,that I found okay nobody really knows,about this it's called place it place it,dotnet okay so you know place it down it,and you can click up here where it's,just apparel and print t-shirt mock-ups,and what they do is they do a really,good job is that you upload your design,so I don't know if you saw that you,upload your design so right now it says,upload your image and then you could,upload your design the color and it,looks like these models are wearing your,clothing line okay this is really cool,nobody really knows about this and you,just click there and you upload it and,you can you know select certain models,that you want so if you want like let's,see see model and you just want to click,any of these pictures so like you know,someone like this and then you want to,create your brand around it you know you,could choose if you want a black one and,then it looks like that model,that person is actually wearing your,product and you can use these high,quality photos online so you don't have,to pay if you don't have the time for a,if you don't have the time to do,photography for your product this is a,little shortcut hack that you can do,okay so if you want to do women so,you're selling song you want to do women,and you want to find a model that's,branding you know that's wearing your,shirt your design your logo really cool,guys really cool that you could just,upload your image of your design and it,will be plastered on that model then you,can download it and then upload it to,your website and it looks unique it,looks professional it looks like you,actually went out of your way to get,high quality models high quality,photographs and then uploaded uploaded,them onto your website and now they feel,like this is branded towards,specifically to them so this is a little,hat place it dotnet check it out guys if,you're starting a t-shirt company a,t-shirt brand save you lots of money so,you're lots of time instead of doing,these photo shoots or you know something,that you can't do because you don't have,the budget so this is just a little,happier you starting your t-shirt brand,so basically this is how I just wanted,to show you guys little tips and tricks,on how to start a six-figure clothing,line if you have any questions leave it,in the comments that's the fastest place,I answer if you're new to the channel,subscribe smash that like button hit,that notification bell if you want,notifications right away when I upload a,video again if you have any questions or,if you have any ideas for a new type of,video or something that you guys want to,learn let me know and we can go from,there so I hope you guys have a great,day thanks

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