how to add trust badges to shopify

How to add trust badges anywhere on your Shopify Store For FREE (Online Store 2.0) hello and welcome

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

How to add trust badges anywhere on your Shopify Store For FREE (Online Store 2.0)

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How to add trust badges anywhere on your Shopify Store For FREE (Online Store 2.0)

hello and welcome everyone this is,daniel from section store and in this,video i'm going to show you how you can,add a trust batch section anywhere on,your shopify store,so first of all go ahead and install,section store it's completely free and,the section we're gonna work with today,is free as well,okay so once you have the app installed,you wanna go ahead and go into the,sections tab,and find the one called feature one,which is free,click it,and here you can see some information,about the section,the price is free categories feature and,if you wanna check out the feature,before getting it you can click,here and this is how it looks,so you're gonna have a button that says,get section i don't have it because i,already own this section but go ahead,and click the get section and it will,take you to the home page,where the section is going to be added,to your my sections,once you have the feature one section in,my section go ahead and click add to,theme,it will then install the section in your,theme and you can edit it from the theme,editor so here's a link to the theme,editor go ahead and click it,that will open up the editor and you can,click add section,and find the section that we just added,which is called feature section one,click that section and here you go,the section gives you some options to,customize it so let's just go ahead and,do that for example we can move it up,here,below the,hero,and let's change some colors,so we can change the background color,or we can increase the font size of the,title,that's maybe too big let's put it down,at 18.,okay that looks good,okay let's go ahead and match our brand,color a little bit more so let's find,like a,light blue one,here,okay that looks fine,it's just for demonstration or if you,use a couple more minutes you can,probably make it look much better but,let's just save this for now,and go ahead and check the live site,so there you go,okay so if you want to add the section,to a different page it requires you to,have a theme that is 2.0 online store,compliant,most of the new themes are compliant and,this is a store with the default dawn,theme on it,so if you want to add it to the cart,page for instance you go up here and the,templates click card,and,from here the process is the same click,add section,you find the section,feature section one and voila it's added,from here you can make the,customizations you want,and click save and after that it will be,live on your site,if you want to spice up your store with,some different designs,we have some premium sections,in the app which start from nine dollars,and,it's a one-time fee so here you can see,some of them,it works exactly the same way and i just,want to show you where you can find,those sections,so let's say you want to add this,features with taps one to your site so,you go in here in the sections,and,here it is feature five,it's nineteen dollars it's a one-time,purchase so when you get it you own it,forever on the store,all right that's it i hope you enjoyed,the video and that you will use some of,the free or premium sections in the,section store,alright

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