how to add product categories in shopify

How To Add Product Categories In Shopify (For beginners 2023) hey there if you want to add some,furt

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Add Product Categories In Shopify (For beginners 2023)

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how to add product categories in shopify catalogs

How To Add Product Categories In Shopify (For beginners 2023)

hey there if you want to add some,further categories into your Shopify,website you are in the right place so,first of all what you guys need to do is,to sign up totally for free now if you,don't have a Shopify account you have to,worry about that because I'm going to,leave you a link Down Below in the,description and you can have a great,trial mode totally for free for the next,30 days now now that I'm here into my,Shopify account and you want to create,yourself a website here you can see your,home section your order section your,products and where we want to focus in,here it doesn't matter if you don't have,a online store yet I mean if you don't,have that set it already uh you don't,have to worry about that you want to,make some categories into our product,right so what I want to do first of all,is to go here into the product section,as you can see it's right here so after,I clicked in this option what's going to,happen is here first up what are you,selling so if you don't have any,products you can use at that into your,Shopify emergency let's say for example,I have just one demo t-shirt,alright so now what I want to do is do,add another product just to make this,for example and,uh shoes one right I'm gonna click into,save so let's say for example you have,these two products and you don't have to,be worried about the product just had it,on the inventory that means you can feel,that uh for yourselves so what I want to,do is to choose a product and in here,what I want to do is to look for this,option it says product category,so here we have clothing right so I'm,going to choose clothing and the product,type is going to be appearing I'm going,to be putting here let's say for example,t-shirt depending on the product you'll,be selling so here it is Vendo so in,here just going to put in here my name,and Steve and if you want to add a,collections I strongly suggest you guys,to add this for any specific collection,let's say for example I can use t-shirts,and in here is going to be appearing I'm,going to be deleting this option click,into enter and then what I want to do is,to hit into save and into the second,item I'm gonna choose once again this,option so I can choose their own product,category I'm going to be using the same,option here in accessories and here I'm,going to choose shoes,right so if you want to change the band,though in my case I want to stick around,with my my own and here into the,collections I want to put it here into,the home page,I'm going to hit enter save if you want,to create a new collection if you want,to manage your collections as your own,product category you can go back and,here into the product section I'm going,to scroll down until I find the,collections option so I can see here the,home page so what I want to do is to,create a collection of a t-shirt for,example,and here I'm gonna,draw upload down and select the,collection type use the manual option go,to edit and here I can put in here the,collection that I want to add into well,my collection of my first website so I,can go back and here I can see that,there's my collection and now I can just,add an image if I want to let's say to,modify it or something like that and,click into save,and you are just good to go if you want,just to mess around with the side the,all of that you can go into the sales,Channel go into the online store and,here into the themes you want to,customize your website and you are good,to go so there you have it guys it was,in the heart just in case you have any,questions you can leave it down below in,the comment section thank you so much,for watching this video guys and well I,will see you next time

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