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Quick Question #1: Should You Launch Multiple Shopify Stores? what's up guys it's your boy jordan ba

Jordan Welch

Updated on Jan 07,2023

Quick Question #1: Should You Launch Multiple Shopify Stores?

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Quick Question #1: Should You Launch Multiple Shopify Stores?

what's up guys it's your boy jordan back,with another video,decided to switch up the framing a,little bit instead of by my desk decided,to stand up so I got a new lens and,wanted to test it out so if it looks,good let me know in the comments below,and you know if it doesn't tell me as,well,but anyways I wanted to start a new,series I recently posted an Instagram,story asking you guys for some advice on,videos and topics that you wanted me to,cover and the response that I got was,overwhelming I actually got over a,hundred DMS in one day never gotten that,many diems my life but it showed me that,there were a lot of little questions,that you guys were having and I didn't,have the time to go through and reply to,each one individually so I wanted to,start this new series called quick,questions where I basically jump in here,and do like a three to five minute long,video where I answer some of the,questions that you guys may have about,building an e-commerce business so the,question for today was is it a good idea,to pursue building multiple Shopify,stores and I think this is a good,question because I've seen a lot of,students that I work with one-on-one,juggle with this problem when they're,first getting started so I'm gonna jump,right into it in just a minute but if,you like the quality of this video give,me a thumbs up hit that subscribe button,down below join the family we are so,close to hitting 13,000 subscribers,which is crazy to me we're getting,closer and closer to my goal that have,set by the end of the year and I know,you guys will help me get there so,appreciate each and every one of you,also check out my facebook group down in,the link below if you're looking for a,community of entrepreneurs to network,with and help you grow your business but,anyways without further ado let's get,into the questions,okay so I just watched that intro clip,back again it looked like I was entering,the gates of heaven or something with,the background this camera stuff is,confusing especially this freaking Sony,it's got a million different settings,and I don't know so trying to figure it,out so please stop ripping me apart in,the comments I'm still learning okay,eventually I'll have the best quality,videos out of everybody but I'm still,figuring this stuff out anyways though,back to the question at hand should you,begin to launch multiple Shopify stores,the question is easily answered but you,can go more in-depth on it and that's,kind of what I wanted to talk about in,this video so a little bit about my,current situation I'm focused on,building out a brand right now but along,with this,I am partnered with multiple stores,helping them grow in scale so,technically you could say that in my,current position I run multiple stores,but it wasn't always this way and I do,not recommend that you guys put this as,your beginning goal once getting started,the thing about running multiple stores,is that you wake up every day with a,little bit of a scattered brain you,understand that you have certain goals,to accomplish with each of these,businesses and that's gonna take you,different strides to get those goals,accomplished so it makes your energy,kind of spread out like this and you,really once you're first getting started,out want to be able to devote your full,time and energy towards one business so,the short answer to the question is,is no you shouldn't begin with multiple,stores and I see this all the time,people get started and they say okay,well maybe I'll just build this store,around pets but then I'm gonna run this,general store alongside of it and I'm,gonna test them both and I'm gonna see,which one does better this is the worst,way that you could possibly do this,because you're not gonna be able to,properly learn the right way to do,things and you're probably just going to,end up hindering yourself even more,because you can't put the right level of,focus towards your business so what is,the ultimate structure that you should,go for when talking about this question,in my opinion and out of all the ultra,successful people that I've seen with,e-commerce the multi millionaires that I,met personally this seems to be the best,structure to follow you pick a business,model that you want to build off of you,focus heavily on building one store in,that model whether that be a general,store or a niche store you scale that,store up after months and months of,working on it and you build out the,systems behind that business you figure,out each little thing that it takes to,get you to those results and then you,hire the right people to fill in the,gaps so you're not doing each and every,piece of the work some examples is,customer service order fulfillment,product research so I had a blank there,video ads etc once you can fill in the,blanks then you can realize that you're,in a different position the position,that you're in now is the business owner,you're managing everything and you have,a full overarching understanding of how,the business is run and then it's not so,much of wake up each day and okay I need,to launch three products and I need to,message back 30 customers and whatever,it is you wake up each day saying okay I,need to talk to my team let them know,what our goals is for the week and you,know let them get at it and accomplish,it and once you can get to that point,what's your business that's when you can,say okay we can keep scaling this but,now I have a little bit more free time,now I have a good understanding of the,systems behind all this so I can pull,back on this one a little bit and change,these systems over to another business,and once you're able to apply those,systems to another business,get that skillet this is how you build,your empire this is how you can have,multiple seven-figure stores running at,the same time but like I said if you try,to start out by building multiple stores,it's like running with an ankle weight,it's gonna be a million times harder so,so the person who has Anita's question,there's your answer if you're just,getting started do not do it if you're,already building up automate everything,that you can hire the right people and,then scale and move on to something else,or if it's a brand and you're really,passionate about it don't move on to,something else try to build it into,something huge look at movement look at,fashion Nova etc you don't have to have,multiple stories to be successful but,that's one path to take and that's the,path that I want to take so my main goal,is to blow up and then act like I don't,know nobody is to build up this brand,scale it and then like I said once I,have the brand building process mastered,I want to continue to replicate that,over and over and over again you guys,are gonna be along for the whole journey,so excited to bring new content around,that but like I said just a quick little,short video the structure for my channel,is gonna follow like this I'm gonna do,one video a week where it's like 10 20,minutes long where I break down,something really specific I know you,guys like those videos I'm gonna do a,quick question video like this so you,guys can just hop on watch this when,you're eating lunch or just you know in,a car or something light and then we're,also gonna try to make like one of those,like mindset type videos each week just,sharing something I learned from a book,or a podcast during the week but anyways,a real quick video that's all I have for,you guys today so if you like this video,give me a thumbs up and also check out,my 0 to 100 program down in the comments,section below I'm adding a ton of new,content to that soon so the price is,gonna go up so you know try to enroll in,that before we do an increase but,anyways hope you all have a great rest,of your day and I will see you tomorrow,in the next video peace

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