how to add afterpay to shopify

How to add AFTERPAY on SHOPIFY store | SImple & Easy | 2021 hi everyone today i'm going to show you,

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Updated on Jan 06,2023

How to add AFTERPAY on SHOPIFY store | SImple & Easy | 2021

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How to add AFTERPAY on SHOPIFY store | SImple & Easy | 2021

hi everyone today i'm going to show you,how you can add,after pay to your shopify store so,you have to add it from back end and,when you add it you'll see,after bear sign here where my mouse is,scrolling,so now i'm going to go my,back end of the store so this is one of,my development,store so at first i need to add after,pay,as a payment gateway so i'm going to the,settings,and then i'll have to go to payments,here,and then if you scroll down you'll see,alternative payment methods so you have,to choose an,alternative payment method so when you,click that you will see after page here,so click after pay and you need to put,your,merchant id and secret key so if you,don't have them,you can click on here after they,link here and it will in a new tab you,can go,click sign up and give your store,information and they will give you,merchant id and secret key and if you,don't know what after pay is,you can read more here so normally,they give for like four incremental,interest fee payment so that's the first,step and the second step is to,add it to your page so to do that,you need to go click on online store,and then so it will show you,your current theme so you need to press,action,and go edit code,it's loading the code and then you need,to call theme.liquid so you can,type thing.liquid if you don't see it,here so you need to go here,click there you can see dot liquid you,need to scroll,towards the end and then you need to,paste,some code so i have uploaded the code on,the github so you,need to go to that link i'll add it to,the description,so you basically go there press theme,liquid and copy the whole thing,copy and then i'm going to add it here,just copy paste and then press save,yeah so now if i go to my website,reload you'll see i have the,after pay button that is divided into,four,payment,yeah so thanks for watching,and if you like this please subscribe,the channel,and if you want me to cover different,thing in shopify,please leave it a comment and press the,bell icon,thanks for watching

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