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Shopify lite Review | Everything You Need to Know in Under 10 minutes hi everyone in this video we'r


Updated on Jan 08,2023

Shopify lite Review | Everything You Need to Know in Under 10 minutes

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Shopify lite Review | Everything You Need to Know in Under 10 minutes

hi everyone in this video we're going to,talk through everything you need to know,about shopify light,i'm jason miles and this is kyle hamer,hey kyle,hey are you ready to dive into this fun,topic i am ready yeah i mean when we're,talking with our coaching clients one of,the questions that they often have is,what if i already have a pre-existing,blog or i already have a website,and i want to get into e-commerce i want,to use shopify which shopify version,should i choose what should i pick and,that's the topic that we're going to,talk about in this video because shopify,has,two basic versions they have more than,one,but uh their shopify lite which is the,cheapest plan,and we want to weigh out the pros and,cons today all right so tell us more,about shopify light what is it just at,the top level,difference between their general basic,plan you could call it versus shopify,light what's the differentiation,yeah for sure the biggest difference is,with shopify light you don't have a,freestanding website,posted by shopify okay so in the normal,shopify plan you get a website with a,domain,and all the fun things that come along,with having your own website on the,shopify lite plan,you don't get that what you do get is,your buy buttons that you can create for,products so with shopify light you get,the backend,dashboard inventory you can upload your,products you can have everything set,and then you can create a channel called,a buy button that you can put on a,wordpress site,squarespace tumblr anywhere that you can,basically embed,html you can include that that buy,button,it also gives you an embedded shopping,cart so instead of,creating a brand new website if you,already have a pre-existing blog that's,getting a ton of traffic and you're just,looking to,set up your ecommerce shopify lite lets,you embed that,have the checkout have your all of your,shopping cart right there,on your wordpress or tumblr or,squarespace,okay so let's talk about the use case,for this,for a moment like why would people want,to use,shopify lite versus the shopify basic,plan,um and then let's talk about price,points after that but what's the main,use for this,shopify light tool yeah the biggest use,is just it's quick and easy to get set,up,so if you already have something and you,want to test some e-commerce,if you want to drop ship i mean that's,often a question can you drop ship,with shopify light and the answer is yes,um if you can do whatever you want to do,in terms of your products and shipping,that out it's basically just the front,end,sales channels that you're controlling,with shopify lite so it's,really quick to set up it's it's cheap,which we'll talk go to pricing in just a,second,yeah and it's easy to scale it supports,multiple payments like paypal and,the shopify payment platform it also,allows you to connect directly into,facebook so you can use that as a sales,channel as well,okay i'd imagine the other reason people,might be,interested in this option is if you,don't need a website to sell,so what are use cases where you don't,need a website to sell well you might,work in,a farmer's market or have what you know,point-of-sale system that you want to,empower so pos system where you just are,taking,uh transactions over your phone or a,card reader kind of,situation um brick and mortar retailers,that want to have an online inventory,where they can quickly do pos and have,the inventory in stock,and tracked in a database this will be,an ideal use case i mean like if you're,a retailer and you're like,i need to get automated with all of my,inventory and point-of-sale,transactions shopify could easily,empower that with this plan,and you don't even need a website um and,then of course you could,graduate to having a website and once,you get,yourself established is that kind of the,right idea,yeah absolutely it's an easy upgrade so,you can just upgrade,write shopify like shopify basic and go,from there for sure,yeah okay awesome okay so let's talk,about price points um how much does it,cost and how does that compare to the,other,options yeah it's it's the cheapest,version that they have so shopify lights,nine dollars a month and then you factor,in your transaction,fees okay so 2.9 plus 30,it's a little bit cheaper if you're,doing in person using their their card,reader,and their app to run that so but that,those are your fees,and i mean that's how much it's gonna,cost okay so nine dollars a month is a,flat rate and then if people are brand,new to shopify,or to e-commerce they might not be,familiar with the transaction fees,issues and it can sound scary,so let's talk through those a little bit,so whenever you transact online,you have a service provider that's,enabling that transaction paypal is,probably most common um and then shopify,is,also a payment gateway service provider,and so,the mathematics for the transactions are,basically the same,shopify versus paypal and that's 2.9,percent,of the transaction plus 30 cents and,it's very common mathematics now if you,start to really get to scale,in terms of transaction volume you can,actually negotiate down or they have,tiered,drop downs where it gets cheaper and,cheaper,i think right now we're at 2.1 percent,uh plus 30 cents,so the bigger you get in the universe,the more you have kind of negotiation,power with those transaction providers,but that's the way it works so you can,just do some math and you know on a,a ten dollar sale you could figure out,okay two point nine percent,uh plus 30 cents and you kind of you,know figure out how,it would um affect you financially to,sell through,shopify yeah any other components of,that that i,uh didn't explain any thoughts on,transaction fees,it's going to be the nature of doing,business you have to factor it into your,your cost structure,and go from there yeah absolutely,okay um what else do we need to talk,about on this one before we,wrap up one other question about shopify,light that often comes up is what about,all shopify's apps,because shopify has a really robust app,marketplace,that increases functionality and,enhances a lot of things that you do,and the answer to that question can you,use apps for shopify lite,is yes you can however most of those,apps are going to be designed for full,websites and in some cases,the cost of the app would be more than,your nine dollar a month hosting so if,you're trying to save money and be,really really light,in expenditures using apps for your,shopify lights probably not going to,make a lot of sense,okay so that's a good point so let's,just enhance that for a moment so people,who aren't familiar,you have i would agree probably 90 of,apps are forward-facing like website,facing apps but there are some that are,valuable that are not forward-facing so,a few that come to my mind for example,would be like tax jar,uh to sort out your sales tax um,payments uh very simply and keeping,track of all that um any what,what other would you back in analytics,maybe or something like,shipping a shipping or inventory if you,have physical,products you know managing your,inventory through ship station multiple,shipping would be the way to that you,would an app that you would use,yeah so ship station is really super,powerful and you would log into that on,a different,on a website ship station website and,then you could be selling so for example,if you wanted to sell a lot in person,um and then you know you would say hey,i'm happy to send this to you,that'd be incredibly valuable for a,retailer who's for example,in maybe a touristy destination for sure,like tourist markets that kind of thing,like,hey buy it and i'll ship it out today,this afternoon it'll go out in the mail,for you,and then you take the order um you know,through the front-end tool,and then you would um you'd be able to,ship to the people so that's an,interesting,use case yeah and you're also tracking,all your inventory because,what are you what are you selling in,person versus what's going through the,website or,or the buy box or on facebook and so you,want to be able to track your inventory,so that'd be a tool that you could use,for it,and also ship station at least that's,also nine dollars a month with their,base plan so i think you can do 50,orders a month at that and then it,gradually starts to bump up from there i,love that that's a great great,suggestion so there is a use case for,shopify lite,now but if you're a small business um,looking to get into e-commerce,the other option is the basic plan for,shopify which is 29,a month currently as we record this,video um the,the basic plan has a good use case and,the basic plan versus the,more premium plan which is 79 a month is,maybe a different video we could get,into,but it would be a big video yeah yeah,for this case let's just say,these are some tips and ideas for,shopify light we'll have a link,underneath this video for,the uh the sign up to shopify light,because to be honest they don't even,market it that aggressively like in,their pricing plans table,they don't even show shopify lite except,down in the bottom like with a little,link like,do you want a nine dollar service,exactly they're very smart,they don't they don't want to highlight,their cheapest plan,right yep well this is fantastic info,thanks for putting this together for us,and if you've liked this video then we'd,love to have you follow our,uh youtube channel and follow us on the,socials you know facebook and,instagram that kind of thing we'd also,love to,connect with you if you're interested in,e-commerce at coaching,kyle and i do coaching one-on-one with,people and we also have a small group,that we'd love to tell you more about,and you can find out more about that at,winning on,and uh we'd love to connect with you in,that way there's an application process,for our coaching,we don't work with everyone it has to be,a good fit for you and a good fit for us,and so we have an application process we,work through for that,so with that said let's wrap it up here,thanks so much for hanging out with me,today kyle,yeah absolutely it was fun

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