how shopify outfoxed amazon to become the everywhere store

Stocks are Back! And... hey everyone me kevin here welcome back,to another market open live stream w

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

Stocks are Back! And...

The above is a brief introduction to how shopify outfoxed amazon to become the everywhere store

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how shopify outfoxed amazon to become the everywhere store catalogs

Stocks are Back! And...

hey everyone me kevin here welcome back,to another market open live stream we,have a nice green start to the day this,is despite the fact that uh there's uh,there's talk about fauci potentially,recommending a that uh the biden,administration imposed vaccination,requirements for domestic travel which,i'm not sure how far that will go,especially since the vaccine,requirements for uh federal contractors,is held up in uh in court not just in,court but the supreme court is going to,end up hearing uh that uh that potential,mandate so i'm not sure if that would,end up,no pun intended flying uh with uh with,the airline industry uh and how that,would impact the market is of course a,little uncertain but the market seems to,be relatively positive here despite when,you even hop on over oopsies i was just,going to hop on over to new york city,covet cases here we go ah,there we go new look at new york city,we're finally getting this uh,substantial surge which uh we expected,to show up in the data and that we would,start getting a surge that's uh,substantially higher than anything that,we've seen with delta and there was uh,there was this thought that when we have,a cross between a peak of uh cases of uh,omicron,along with lingering hospitalizations,and uh unfortunately deaths of delta,then then we might end up seeing some,more pain in the market but,we've gone into the omicron surge with,such a low amount of deaths we might not,end up seeing that kind of cross we,might just end up seeing an insane,amount of cases and then hopefully of,course uh hospitalizations and deaths,remain relatively flat uh something to,keep an eye on though i mean all of the,numbers that we've seen,for covent cases in the past i feel like,are about to get blown completely out of,the water and new york city will give,you a perfect uh first example uh as,long as well as let's see the united,kingdom,you could see a similar kind of surge in,the united kingdom but look at that,which is kind of wild very similar to,what happened in south africa you got,that inflection point down already in,cases which is quite wild,uh it's uh it's worth noting that if,anybody is is,most interested in protecting themselves,and uh you know i'm the stock doc not a,doctor uh i personally believe this is,my opinion the the best one of the best,things to do is have an n95 uh,respirator which you there are plenty of,them on amazon,n95,mask and uh the reason i say this is,because eve when we know this even the,vaccines at this point uh well you know,people are still getting covered uh so,you're still getting those breakthrough,cases now you want to avoid the ones,with the valves these are valved ones,over here uh,the kn95s these are,made with chinese standards,so and they're they're deemed to be,about 10 percent less effective,they do usually have good little packs,here i don't know let's see here what's,this see here's one uh n95 individually,wrapped the price has skyrocketed on,these over just the last few days uh you,used to be able to get these for about,70 cents a piece and it looks like,they've gone up to closer to a dollar a,piece uh,these these are n90 chinese n95s,that's crazy manufactured in shanghai,now well hey if they follow the n95,standard then they can be called n95 but,anyway oh the honeywells these are my,favorite uh these uh these just went up,a bunch in price that's kind of,incredible uh yeah you were able to get,about 30 for like 18 dollars not that,long ago and now you're getting 20 for,22 so you're paying over a buck a piece,here uh and i think this is because,finally the markets or or people are,realizing like oh my gosh yeah this is,probably like we should have better,quality masks which is funny because,it's something i ran a campaign on in,california but no nobody seems to care,about logic and politics but we already,know that anyway that's that's just a,note and since prices are going up like,i don't benefit at all from you buying,those masks uh i just say it because i i,love you all uh okay so i don't i should,have probably put some affiliate links,in the bottom but i didn't uh anyway uh,taking a look uh so obviously we're,expecting this covet search to continue,in sort of a massive way uh the reason i,say an n95 mask is probably your best,way of protecting yourself is again,because the breakthrough cases that,we're getting with with vaccines and,there are a lot of people who've been,asking like hey like what do you do if,you have unvaccinated children you don't,want them to get omicron because maybe,you're worried about long coven not so,much the severity of it look i don't,want to get sick either so for example,if i were to go on a plane even though,i'm not vaccinated i'd wear one of those,because i i don't want to get sick i,don't i don't even want you know i don't,even want a mild cold don't give me,anything,you know,anyway uh we did have a ton of flight,cancellations over the weekend thousand,flights canceled in the united states,200 world wide,the blame is really falling on covet,sickened workers who are calling in uh,and uh the interesting thing is the,like the the isolation time frames are,still,like like delta levels for for omicron,and you don't really have to isolate as,long with omicron because it's a much,shorter duration of a cold uh cold right,whatever uh and it's interesting because,i believe isolation is somewhere between,seven to ten days but this is something,that most people get over within about,four days knock on wood that remains to,be true uh and so the airlines are,complaining that like ah why are people,still in isolation when they're over,their cold and they're like basically,out for twice the time they should be,a lot a lot of travel though still we,doubled,our uh tsa uh traffic on christmas eve,and christmas day from last year which,was wild uh it did have a lot of,cancellation so like i said jetblue had,the worst like 10,uh of their flights were canceled,southwest was the best that only one,percent cancelled,uh and uh over jumping on over into,crypto i did do a little bit of crypto,buying this weekend,uh the,crypto buying that uh i hope i've,started this,and i've been working on this for quite,a while but i've started just basically,buying crypto in a basket of about uh,eight uh coins uh and that way i could,really spread the love and so this,weekend,uh in in addition to just buying for,example bitcoin uh i bought uh a,basket that i have to put together which,includes uh avex uh polygon matic uh,terra cardana solano,and uh,so far,er we you know we're still let me put it,this way there was a little bitcoin,softness over the weekend but so far,we're still in that inflection point uh,and you can see little softness a little,bit better here if we go to btc see,here's that softness you kind of saw a,little bit of the softness on the day,before christmas christmas day a little,flatness almost more on btc you got a,little bit more catch-up movement on,like ada cardano,but we're still well in my opinion into,this inflection point off of the bottom,here and this is a big one when we have,a massive downtrend like this uh as you,can see by this uh trend line that we've,drawn we have a massive downtrend like,this and this day chart here it's,usually always been rewarded by by nice,breakouts so i'm enthusiastic i don't,mind that it's taking a little longer,but i've i've always said that uh 2022,is gonna be the year of uh,of crypto and and i think we're going,into a really nice start here so let me,go to the day chart here on uh,even polka dot here this is just another,one it's moving quite nicely actually,right now i'm 24 or up 10 in the last 24,hours here and you also saw a little bit,of that flatness here on christmas eve,and christmas day this is where i did a,little bit of shopping and so we got a,nice little pump over here just cool,we'll we'll see i'm optimistic uh that's,also why i wish i had bought more of,them but i did also buy calls on hot ai,i think this will perform quite well,so uh what else do we have oh um us,holiday sales of 8.5 from december or,from uh 2020.,so,i'm not sure how much that really,matters the 2020 comparison i was really,trying to find the 2020 or 19 comparison,but uh i couldn't but anyway the holiday,season is apparently november 1 through,december 24. uh jp morgan's complaining,again that people are being too bearish,jp morgan two weeks ago they were the,ones that were basically expecting a,a short squeeze and uh b,were uh we're thinking that small caps,were going to see a revolution uh here,in in the next few months,what they're saying could still be true,but uh markets aren't by any means like,rallying as crazily as uh as some folks,i think hoped for a santa claus style,rally,uh i mean here's here's some of the,things we got i mean we've got a,momentum mover here 20 of camber energy,uh look at that shift technologies was,up five percent on friday uh it's up,another five percent right now uh so,that's that's potentially one of those,uh short squeeze stocks short squeeze,stocks again were,shift,corsair,lemonade,and tattooed chef,the,tell the way we left off on monday as,well was that i wanted to see how the,market would behave for some stocks on,monday uh that's today and because i,felt today would be a little bit of a,tell,in terms of uh is the market going to,get on this this path this sort of,escalator of positivity finally or are,uh are we going to um,uh you know go back into sort of this,december bearish mood that we found and,uh right now it seems like it's going to,be in that green direction,uh so very excited about that uh,somebody with the name no thinking is,doing some thinking and it's asking if i,own stocks uh in n95 companies and the,answer is no,i do not,uh,yeah i i mean i,you're also the same person who's saying,your nose is a better filter,this is completely false your nose is,not a better filter than an n95,respirator is completely wrong uh the,n95s are absolutely incredible,uh absolutely incredible yeah they're,really really good so and they protect,both ways as well i think that's,something that's important to consider,too is uh a lot of the the stupid cloth,masks are worthless you know people,cough or sneeze under them and and all,their uh,uh you know particles so to speak their,their aerosols go spreading around,everywhere it's a disaster,uh but anyway so uh take a look at this,a little bit of a back seat here on uh,the travel stocks,not not a surprise i uh i've,purposefully waited,on on buying some of these recovery,stocks because i really do believe that,and and i i don't care if i'm wrong here,because i don't need to play the,recovery stocks but uh i'm,really thinking that come mid,january there's going to be so much,covet everywhere like they're going to,be coveted cases absolutely everywhere,in the united states uh in covet cases,gonna be so high there's gonna be so,much fun that in my opinion that's the,time to try to get in on the recovery,stocks,i could be wrong about that because the,market might and it already kind of has,you know carnival cruise lines just as,an example has come off of its bottom of,what 1790 was roughly its bottom it did,stretch a little lower,stretched almost to the bottom of the,17s uh but it's off of that i mean even,though it's down 3.3 right now it's,still at 20.5 so it's still higher but,it wouldn't be surprised the market gets,fearful that oh my gosh if omicron cases,surge even though it's less concerning,and less severe we could end up having,an overreaction by the biden,administration we could end up with uh,more,uh,uh,you know,fud basically because if they say okay,you have to be vaccinated to go on a,plane well then then that's obviously,going to cut into travel which,personally,like,if if you're like here's the thing,nobody likes wearing a mask but if you,could still catch covered vaccinated and,you could still spread covet vaccinated,then then maybe they should just,hand out n95s to people you know i've,said this even during the campaign send,everybody n95s they're expensive,but at least they work they work really,freaking well,uh you know that's what the government,should be doing the the the government,should really be like,doing everything in their power to to,stop like let me put it this way why are,you sending covet tests you're gonna,send 500 million cova tests to everyone,why don't you take that money and send,n95s to everyone,you know so that way you can actually,prevent the transmission because it's,kind of like in my opinion you've got,this government,that's like,ah crap we're in a,pandemic oh we better make sure,everybody has a test,why why don't you do something to,actually try to prevent it in a way that,you know you can prevent it,like with an n95,why why did it take two years for people,to start catching on that n95s were a,good thing,i don't get it,i really don't get it i really don't get,it,uh,it it just it just doesn't doesn't make,sense to me,uh you know i look i've i've uh somebody,here says uh n95s get rid of a lot of,oxygen i i i have not found that to be,true i i can't tell you the data on that,though uh but i will tell you if we wear,a p 100 you'll probably pass out after,two hours p p-100s those are the big,respirators right uh but uh n95s are,surprisingly,decent they i mean like am i going to go,on a jog with an n95 on hell no,but,you know i am i going to feel,light-headed wearing 995. unlikely,uh unknown uh unlikely so i i don't i,don't believe that at all,uh but uh i mean you could look up the,science of that of course but then then,these days with kovid if you look up the,science you're just an expert googler,and you're not to be believed because,google is leftist and oh my gosh like,the the nonsense you see in my comments,or on twitter it's just sometimes so,ridiculous anyway,so uh what else we have oh dede there's,a lock up here,uh there's a lock up that expires today,on dd so you're we're we're only down,two and a half percent i'm very,surprised by that uh very very surprised,that yeah ronald exactly construction,workers wear n95s all day long yeah and,they're working their butts off that's,absolutely right i i purposefully try i,try to avoid the k n anything because,it's it's just like if i'm gonna wear it,i'm gonna wear it why am i gonna wear,one that's maybe 80 effective when i can,have 90 to 95 efficacy right,um,diamond no i i know n95s won't tell you,you're contagious i'm just saying like,like,if you're sick,you're contagious uh now i know you,could also spread asymptomatic don't get,me wrong i think testing is fine but but,again,like gosh government send freaking mass,to people it's so dumb good mask not the,cheap crap,all right i'm over it i'm over it i'm,over it,uh okay what else so we gotta lock up on,dd today uh i'm not sure if we're going,to see most of the selling pressure on,dd today,or if we're going to see the uh selling,pressure tomorrow it depends on,practically when people are going to uh,be able to sell their shares godaddy i,think by the way is doing uh regular uh,doing well today,go daddy,uh let me see here i think they had like,an activist investor jump on or,something like that uh six percent stake,i believe it was,i was reading about it it's only up,three point six percent okay so that's,not that big of a deal okay what else,here,let's see,uh oh somebody says they could run a 5k,with a 95 that's cool,uh i hate running with with a mask on it,just i feel like i'm choking but i'm,just being a little baby,okay so let's look at the little,headlines here and i mean quite frankly,if you're outside do you really need it,i don't think so,i don't think so all right so domestic,travel vaccination should we consider it,so we talked about this i think this is,this is gonna this is the kind of fun,that's gonna push recovery stocks down,more i think it's a bad idea this this,suggestion but that's just my opinion,uh then we've got uh let's see here,uh okay we talked about dd but this was,this was,a nominal movement so far,uh oh so like a coronavirus can persist,for months after traversing body so i,don't want to understand this so,coronavirus that causes cova it can,spread,to almost every organ in the body where,it may persist for months,uh the national institutes of health,found the pathogen is capable of,replicating in human cells well beyond,the respiratory tract the results from,let's see here,saturday this is it quite interesting i,just this is the probably the long cover,talk yeah this is long code i just want,to know if omicron causes it uh and i,don't think they really mention that in,here which what's the point of that,no they didn't mention how do you how do,you do coronavirus can persist for,months after traversing the body how do,you not even mention the word,omicron,yeah all right whatever,um,it is interesting though that that uh,apparently that stuff goes everywhere,inside of you and you have it,um long cove it was a big issue with,with delta we know that but that we,don't we still don't have research on,whether or not omicron would cause long,covet and uh that's that's i think what,people are more concerned with it's like,i'm people aren't worried about a cold,basically uh i know but you know,oftentimes in these studies you'll have,uh you'll have them say something like,oh,we expect it to be similar or not,without they might say something,surprised they didn't say anything at,least not in in the bloomberg sum here,so,uh green stocks are slumping during an,esg boom yeah this this is true,we've seen uh definitely sell down a lot,of stocks whether it was uh,m phase off of some of its highs,uh you've seen a sell down of the,charging companies a substantial sell,down in the charging companies,and uh,you know even the s p global clean,energy index,oh yeah and then of course the solar,companies like sunron they just got,smashed here recently personally i think,that's an opportunity it's a great i,mean this this uh whole green boom isn't,gonna go anywhere uh so the tentative,trading that we have and some of the,solar stocks or charging stocks i think,it's kind of ridiculous,uh let's uh,let's see here,uh oh yolked tesla so i i did not fact,check this i'm just looking at this here,a first omicron death in u.s was a,re-infection the individual was immune,compromised and not vaccinated,all right,um that's unfortunate,dd blocked its employees from selling,shares,in the lock-ups or now i have to look,into that thank you for that,all right so,let's do a peek here at some of the,energy companies that have been left,behind as well as quickly looking at,losers again and it's just the cruise,lines and the airlines here dd only 1.8,percent down,uh you do have uh lemonade still,rotating down here okay,uh on the upside shifts only up about,four percent now looks like you've got,more of that momentum attention really,going over to nicola,uh f cell and camber these are,absolutely momentum movers here,upstart getting a little bit of love but,uh okay otherwise things mostly stable,here tesla 0.9 percent,uh neo somewhere where are we here point,five six percent okay so somewhere in,the middle here these uh now what i want,to do is specifically look at,uh,some,energy stocks here so let's let's do,that let's look at s edge and then what,we're gonna do is we're gonna write down,oh yeah look at that,oh yeah,uh so you're you're um,you've kind of cut out all of this,recent surge that we've had here and,you've been if you cut that all out most,of this out you're kind of trading for,roughly what we traded for in november,it's just been of last year it's just,been a wild ride,uh so,i'm gonna i mean i would almost call,this mostly flat for the year we'll look,at annual performance that's what we,should do so let's uh i'm gonna write,this down so we got four minutes okay we,have four minutes let's let's see how we,can do here so i'm going to write down s,edge,that's solar edge tesla dumped them for,their solar inverters the tesla's now,making their own, folks my favorite way,to confirm,uh,solar edge it's just the most basic way,to do it,year-to-date oh my gosh it is down 28,percent year-to-date,end phase is only up nine percent,year-to-date holy moly like,that's a steal and a half right there,uh first solar down 13,sun power down 18,canadian solar is down 40,i do not love investing by the way in,the panel manufacturers,uh i i but but i mean golly that is uh,that is a cell down there uh generax,actually up 56 but but they're,uh i don't know if they have they gotten,into batteries yet because they used to,just be generators like gas powered home,generators that'd be interesting to see,generac,uh if if they do batteries that could be,interesting,uh,let's see here i don't think they do oh,solar and battery storage oh,they are getting into it,that's smart,oh that's really smart,yeah they're a massive generator,manufacturer i mean that's their name,after all generac industrial generators,home generators and all this but uh home,power backup i want to see the batteries,here,i'll even make pressure washers my,goodness they make a lot of stuff,but uh oh my gosh yeah look at that,they got massive hold on home backup,generator well these are these are,i don't know if these are battery these,could be gas,let's see here,is it gas or what does it use,battery,monitor battery said no it is a is that,is that really a battery,i mean it's 26 kw i guess so manufacture,backup power,wow,because i'm used to these see like in in,florida uh you used to get these big,things and they tell you how much power,they could replace but they were like,massive,machines that you would i'll look into,this later that you would have like,sometimes even external tanks for gas,tanks or propane tanks or whatever uh,just so that way,when hurricanes came by you'd uh you'd,have some some power,but anyway the market's about to open,i'm going to look more at a generac i,mean wow but then again that's the stock,that's up you know that's probably the,stock you shouldn't be looking at but uh,anyway what's another one here really,quick let's just throw in sunrun before,the market opens here oh my gosh sun,runs down 50 percent,uh if we do one more maybe here solar,uh we got for now we got most of them in,here all right let's go ahead and get,the uh the open here says chinese,securities regulators have been,investigating didi but what's most,interesting carl about the continued,slide of dd on the back of that piece is,that normally you see the stock go down,when insiders sell shares now they're,going down because insiders won't be,selling shares which is sort of the flip,side of what you'd expect,yeah a remarkable story uh well and,obviously china will continue to be a,huge story in 2021 for a variety of,reasons beyond stock listing there's the,opening bell and the cnbc real-time,exchange of the big board it's bank of,america celebrating its ninth annual,winter village in new york city and at,the nasdaq it is the united states,postal service with operation santa and,as we just mentioned a moment ago scott,congratulations for uh making sure that,the worst all right so uh that's,interesting i'm gonna try to understand,this with dd here but yeah later i'll,have to look into generac a little bit,more i i mean that's that's,incredible uh,it's a transfer switch for the generator,yeah i'll look into it i'm i'm just not,as,well versed in uh understanding where,if they whether they do,have what all their products are,uh anyway,uh oh yeah here here generat okay home,backup generator protects your home,automatically that's what i thought it,runs on natural gas or propane sits,outside like a central air conditioning,unit that's what i thought and it's so,confusing because they they now they're,listing these with these kilowatts uh,but uh but again that my understanding,was that was always uh based on how much,gas you could burn how many kilowatts,you could basically replace because,especially in a place like florida you,need uh you need a lot for all the ac,that you want to run,uh so okay i don't think then they do,batteries,but i thought we saw that on the,homepage see solar plus battery storage,savings oh there we go yeah yeah here we,go and the giant vents on the side were,a little bit of a tell that the other,one was the the gas burner or whatever,uh yeah there we go okay so it looks,like they are getting into battery as,well which makes sense because i think,in in the long term these batteries will,replace probably their larger,uh gas burning,systems,so uh but i i you know you could look,into their earnings reports to see how,well yeah i'll just do it really quick,generac uh investor relations really,quick look,hi man,uh let's no i just,what i really want to see is how much,they do solar,versus,um,or like battery vers versus the old,school stuff i would expect it's gonna,be like 90 old school stuff,um,their website's kinda loading slow,though we might come back to this all,right we'll come back to that all right,let's go see how things are moving now,that the bell has occurred,uh okay shift,let's see sort actually properly here,there we go uh okay so uh voyager,digital,okay voyager digital just glitched here,for a moment there we go wow dutch bros,dutch bros taking off uh seven percent,all of a sudden is this just a launch,here at the beginning no,what no it's down come on weeble what,are you doing to me,i'm not losing my mind i just saw dutch,bros up seven percent and now it's now,it's only now it's down like point four,percent or whatever thanks weeble,whatever it seems to be up to date now i,hope camber energy up 19 cardano up uh,7.7,uh finally getting that rally again at,ada uh that one that one's been,suffering for a while nicola that,rally's fading a little bit down about,five and a half,upstart this is another big trading,stock and i think we're going to keep,seeing momentum on upstart a firm coming,back three and a half percent some of,that buy now pay later fudd goes away at,c17,tesla is going up 1.2,towards the downside it looks like the,cruise lines are selling off more along,with the airlines selling off some more,and lucids at support,also potentially rotating to the,downside a little bit how's hud 8 doing,let's see if there any option uh oh hot,it's falling at the open here,a nice little sharp fall here so keep an,eye on this trade desk at 97.,boy that was a steal at 85.,cloudflare sitting right at about 140,and shifted two percent okay all right,uh so let's see what other let's see if,this generac page actually loaded here,okay cool here's a quarterly,we'll see how long this oh that was,decent,okay so if i go to here,net sales okay,just talk about net sales,well i'll do a quick little search for,battery,i really two words two references for,batteries,oh you guys suck come on,everybody wants to know,you know what this is a sign of is that,they probably don't actually sell that,many batteries yet,wouldn't be surprised if they end up,like outsourcing to like a company like,end phase and then trying to rebrand or,something i don't think they do that,i certainly don't know that they do that,but it wouldn't surprise me,but,i'm gonna look again here,battery,okay,uh,let's see here battery battery integrate,oh wait i saw percentages,resident oh oh um residential products,comprised of,uh,okay,that doesn't quite make sense like these,are comparing years yeah those are just,comparing years that doesn't help me,residential is about half what they sell,okay got it and,generic generation,now only eight mentions of battery with,no idea in the annual report,how much actually goes to battery stuff,they just don't want to tell you they,really don't want you to know,all right,whatever,whatever,uh,yeah now i'm not i would not personally,be excited about generac,uh if if we're not big on batteries,which to me it seems like we're not,they've performed very well this year,they've outperformed all of the other,energy stocks and i would probably,wait uh i'd like i'd rather throw down,on all of these energy stocks before,before generac,probably,so like if i were going to make a basket,out of all of them would i consider,throwing generic in it maybe,but uh oh look at uh look at tesla run,here,but uh,yeah i i don't think it would be a big,allocation in that pie so tesla's almost,uh almost up three percent here getting,a little bit of a rally seems to be,bouncing off about 1100 here a firm's,also getting a little bit of a push,sitting at about 4.6,right now carnival cruise lines is,weakening again it's going to be under,20 here soon the market is not liking,this potential,for,more restrictions coming from the,um,okay i get this reference here,and the nz guy says gm generac is the gm,of batteries leading the field,okay this this is a reference to the ceo,of gm saying they're leading,the eevee revolution leading the field,of the eb revolution,oh my gosh um that's a good one,check out,uh vldr for robotics oh,uh,the,vldr yeah i always thought they were a,lidar play,i didn't know that they did robotics as,well is that true,the ldr the the lidar play for robotics,vldr,uh i hate having so many tabs open so,give me a second here,there we go,uh okay so,powerful lidar solutions,products,yeah i don't,i only see lidar here,so it must be a different one,vldr but that is what i wrote down,do you have thoughts on stem,stem solar,uh what do they do,oh i've looked into this company before,i don't remember what my problem was,with it,um,i don't remember,but,yeah i'm gonna write this one down,and uh i want i want to do maybe a,little bit of a dive on this one later i,can't remember exactly what it was,i remember this was more,grid focused than than residential focus,i believe,but beyond that i can't remember much,uh anyway okay so uh did you hear about,chinese citizens understand uh because a,star laying satellite almost hitting us,no i've never heard of us,is that true sad starling,starlink satellite,i can't even spell that can i sell,whatever,iss,yeah oh two elves,i don't see any news on that,oh yeah here nd tv gadgets,starling satellite,space station near miss,chinese citizens lashed out against,billionaire,elon musk,two satellites from starlink,had two close encounters with the sp a,chinese space station,oh that's interesting,the chinese space station implemented,preventive collision avoidance control,all right guys we're going to move the,whole space station,oh man,um,it's getting crowded up there oh my gosh,what happened over here just went away,there for a second and all of a sudden,just started going up,um all right anyway that was uh velodine,so a little bit of softness coming back,in over the last few minutes here on on,a firm,tesla tesla's also softening a little,bit so some of that enthusiasm slowing,down a little bit,uh i think really the weight of all this,covet stuff is not going gonna be too,good here,so,let me see here,let's do spy,um,spy's kind of holding on stable here,do i see corsair moving on,no not really yeah,let's do a quick look at btc,oh yeah btc doing nicely here a little,bit of a push awesome,abm l i don't know what that abl i don't,know anything about that one either,uh happy to take a quick peek though all,right let's see so what else do we have,first um let's do another hunt,okay in vitae down in oh man,some of the therapeutics are tough all,right let's see financial times first,okay let's see so t roy price is hero,price is worried about,speculation in the market yep no doubt,about speculation in the market,dd blocks employees okay so i want to,understand this what is this dd has,barred current and former employees from,selling shares indefinitely,oh my gosh,oh i see so the lock up was supposed to,end today,they're like no just kidding you can,never,sell your shares,yeah,all right,sucks,oh yeah germany,oh,covet legislation coming to germany,that's interesting oh,like i wonder if they can get this,the starbucks of cannabis,you know i i really think,there's a huge potential for a lot of,money to be made in cannabis,i just think our our government is,moronic that'll be interesting i'll wait,to see how germany plays out before i,pay attention to the drama,but uh we'll see if anything passes over,there and how that plays out that's very,interesting though,america is just a cl well california i,should say is a cluster f when it comes,to,uh legalizing cannabis is so bad such a,dumb government,uh i think we're like in our city we're,allowed to have like i don't know so,somebody told me who has experienced in,this course we're only allowed to have,uh like three locations open up within,the next year and a total of five or,something like that uh everything is,limited,uh you go through like a lottery almost,for the licenses uh,all of the crap in california just,incentivizes illegal activity it's,insane but anyway,space-based solar power could uh solar,power could be deployed in 10 years so,that sounds fascinating,okay all right so,uh let me look at how how are our,treasuries doing uh let's see here,so we have,let's go to bonds,so 10 years down a little bit that's,good we don't really want to see that,pushing up,the more we see the 10 pushing up the,more the more folks uh,get nervous about inflation so we don't,really want to see that all right good,wall street,oh did i say coven not it can't well you,all knew what i meant government race to,e staff sort of shortages yeah hiring is,like impossible,millions in uk await treatment but not,for covid,oh right because uh for other things,beds get filled up,okay,900 billion dollar cash pile who's got,the cash pile,investors defying share price slump for,newly public companies,oh that's right i was reading yesterday,about how bad uh a lot of ipos have,performed in 2021,especially spax i mean spanx got,destroyed,oh the the,velodyne sensors you're saying are in,drones and robots and that,ah,that makes sense,okay,what else is going on kind of we hit the,news,in vitas fallen i'm gonna find out why,i'm vitae is falling,vitae's doing a little bit of a crash,all right let's see here,let's see what we can find out,and we'll see what other news we got,here too,envy day,i didn't ever spell that one,in vitae,oh my gosh,got it,all right let's see what's going on this,one,uh in vitae,there's like no news,no news on nvta,it's just down six percent there's your,news,already done,fine then,okay what other news so stocks rise in,thin trading oh we got,fin trading in a mood of caution as,traders evaluated spiking covet cases,i mean all right,santa claus rally might have to wait,until next year,but kamala harris still wants to get the,two trillion dollar package,oh kamala is it gonna happen,i don't know it's so up in the air as to,whether or not we're actually going to,end up getting this package next year,because next year we go into uh we go,into election mode,you know midterm election mode and then,then the the first two years of biden,being able to get stuff done,it's over,yep all right what other news uh,okay yeah,tech stocks take flight,uh futures club well yeah we're past,that right now travel stocks suffer,a bearish outlook on gold,does anybody here actually invest in,gold,like,like more than like one percent of your,portfolio,okay here we go so impact of self,isolation could be 2022's biggest wild,card,that is how how worried are people,individually going to be,very interesting,all right i'll go back to you,yeah yeah,btc is your gold yeah i agree,crowdstrike i like crowdstrike but yeah,maybe we should make a video on that one,day,uh,all right so we don't know why in vitae,selling off we just know that it is,uh we also see evie go selling off,archimoto selling down smile direct,hippo,uh highly on a lot of things here,rotating down look at that lemonade's,going down another three percent red fin,almost another three percent i mean not,everything's green here,uh zillow,wow,uh and then then you've got oh arc's,even down,sophie's down n phases down,well this isn't that green,shift went down,shift was like up five percent of the,pre-market now it's down,mp materials is going to new highs here,46,that one's just people have been loving,that one uh firm up three percent,still working on recovering there where,tesla go,oh tesla fell back down a little bit one,1.6,kind of wild market,all right let's look at uh let's look at,btc for a moment,so,someone said,uh let's see here,now okay yeah,what is going on with,a pullback here,no not really look at the spy i just see,a lot of the green stocks that we're,running are pulling back a little bit,yet of course the spy keeps moving up,and that's the thing about this market,is,you know you get so much volatility,underneath it all,it's like under the ocean but on top,it's it's just smooth sailing,i mean look at this loose hits down 4.7,percent let's see if there's news on,lucid,huh the spy is just running,are the recover wait are the recovery,stocks we're covering already or what,uh where'd carnival go,are people buying the dip on the,recovery socks already,uh yeah,that's literally what's happening what,oh my gosh that is weird,look at carnival,rotated down and then now it's,recovering and now it's just,miscellaneous stocks falling like lucid,let's figure out if uh there's an update,on lucid,all right let's see here,i'll sit,lucid,no,no no news here,i mean there was there was there's a,piece in investor place about how they,can't justify their 88 billion valuation,but i mean we know that,but beyond that um,yeah i don't really see uh i don't,really see a catalyst here on lucid,moving,i,who knows,all right,hmm so the crypto stocks are doing fine,nvidia is up a couple percent tesla is,trying to stick around two percent a,firm up about three percent,but uh otherwise,the the pain on on recovery stocks which,was getting worse seems to be,subsiding already,and because of that the s p is,continuing to move,to the upside it's a really incredible,what a u-turn on the recovery stocks,that was so fast,i mean sofi is now doing better or is is,now doing worse rather than cheesecake,and airbnb,and marriott,wow,okay,oh well,uh,oh i like the idea yeah we've looked,into selling puts on hood a lot uh,hood's just been like a failure to,launch i mean uh,you know i,bought a big bat or placed a big bed at,18 but it just keeps uh and a little bit,above it as well and,originally above it as well from ipo,times but,you know we,we got a bottom,but it has just been slow to to move but,so of a lot of the fintechs if you look,at the fintech space it's not just hood,it's it's sofi is stuck in on the floor,sofa stuck at the floor over here you've,got square,which is also stuck at the floor you've,got paypal,which is stuck at the floor i mean all,the fintechs,are just sitting,in the toilet,that's all that's what you've got,all right person who keeps spamming,blend,uh yeah blends up one percent i i see it,uh,yeah even pound here,it's a lot a lot of pain on some of,these,uh upstart,if i was gonna day trade i'd probably,day trade upstart,i've just been watching this one u-turn,off of the 128,and i've been and i kept saying i was,waiting for it to go under 130 and it,did but then i didn't buy it that's,still relatively close to that i mean,it's just 154. it's not like it's that,much over 130. hey what is that what 10,no i don't know,eighteen percent,um,but still i mean compared to the,insanity they had i mean i don't expect,it to go back to those same levels but,whatever,all right let's find some other news,let's see what else is going on,let's see,what else,you know the christmas music's got to,stop in my head,it's it's over christmas is over now,kind of sad means all the holiday,decorations are going to go away soon,oh well,yeah,all right so we talked about,omacron we talked about the travel,talked about cancellations talked about,dd,uh oh,biden does pick,three uh members of the federal reserve,board soon and that could be a little,bit of a tell as to whether or not,he ends up uh picking people who are a,little more dovish or hawkish,so that could be really interesting,all right someone someone says tassels,going down take a quick look,let's see,i mean,not not any more wildly than that little,run that we had there i think what you,almost had was,was institutions like oh no all right,recovery stocks are selling quick go to,tech and then all of a sudden recovery,stocks started getting better and it's,like no no,the pain and recovery is already over,get back to recovery,yeah it it somewhat feels like,that emotional,i honestly wouldn't be surprised if,that's kind of exactly what happened,game stops falling off a cliff by the,way look at this at 140 right now it's,down seven percent,uh,sundial uh amc's falling again,amc down to 27 again,uh lemonade 4.3 to the downside ouch,just keeps getting hit here uh although,the bottom was 40 for lemonade so it,could always bounce off that again see,if it does,hippo at 299 my goodness uh yeah there's,shift technologies going down again look,at shift down another almost three,percent,spirit airlines only down 2.7 delta 2.4,this is the most,tentative market we've seen it quite a,while,arc innovation down one and a half,percent,toast was running started running last,week,all right,let's see here,let's get to,let's look at ft again and how are the,indices doing broadly,let's see if that's up there oh yeah,they've they're not as enthusiastic as,they were at open that's for sure,so,uh,you know you got uh dow jones up 0.27 s,p at 0.5 nasdaq 0.52,and russell's down 0.27 this is less,enthusiastic than what we had at open,somebody wants to know if i'm going to,uh,see the new spider-man i already saw it,and i did take a good like 45 minute nap,during it,and uh i still felt like it was really,long,that's all i gotta say,hedge funds,okay all right are we out of news this,is it,sit no news omicron spread got it,can you go back to talking about uh,uh,let's see,we can go back to talking about uh,masks like we did at the beginning,i'm probably not,more black kids are suicidal that's not,good,hmm,all right i'm i'm running out of things,to look at here,no,yeah fi i think the biggest thing of,2022 is going to be who's going to be,able to get the employees that's going,to be so big oh look how ironic maybe,not ironic there's uh there's that,generac looking at them trying to sell,their power cell,on uh oh right after right after that,comes the chevron commercial okay,or oh no this is the investing club,whatever all right anyway so um,yeah who's going to be able to get the,jobs that's going to be a big deal for,2022.,anyway,uh,bullish on crypto,excited to see how crypto does,uh i'm i'm i've been,i've been adding over and over again ooh,tesla's back up 2.4 now uh but yeah i uh,i'll continue sending alerts for when i,uh when i when i do some more buying i,think i'm excited for 2022 on on crypto,anyway folks i gotta go i'll see y'all,on the next one and um,yeah peace

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