how to tell if a site is shopify

How to Find Websites Built with Shopify and Store Owners Information hello viewers this is a channel

Azharul Rafy

Updated on Jan 11,2023

How to Find Websites Built with Shopify and Store Owners Information

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How to Find Websites Built with Shopify and Store Owners Information

hello viewers this is a channel Rafi,once again welcome to this new video,where I'm going to show you how to find,websites that's a using shopify,ecommerce platform and I'm also going to,show you how to find store owners,information as well so first of all,thank you very much to education channel,who has commented on one of my videos by,requesting me to make this video okay in,this video I'm going to show you two,different ways to find websites that's,are using shopify ecommerce platform one,is by using their Shopify links IP,address and another one is by using,LinkedIn so first of all let me show you,how to use and how to find business,websites by using IP address so first of,all go to my IP dot ms and hit enter,here is the website my IP dot ms and,here we have to use an IP address which,is Shopify's ynx IP okay so the IP,address is 23.2 to 7.30 8.0 and now,after putting the IP address click on,who is look up and here you go IP owner,is Shopify and here it is Shopify Inc,and their IP range is or are twenty,three point two to seven point thirty,two point zero to twenty three point two,to 7.62 three point two five five so,there are eight thousand one hundred and,ninety-two IP addresses they are all and,to find websites that are using shopify,ecommerce platform we have to click on,other sites on IP ok so I'm going to,click on it so here we are on the result,page and as you can see after from here,we are going to get known web sites,between the IP range and here on the,first page you are going to get top 15,web sites that are using Shopify,ecommerce platform let me show you by,opening two of them so I'm going to open,colour-pop and let's open Jim shark okay,and I'm going to use an extension to see,what are the technologies these websites,are using okay so the name of the,extension is bull tweet which is built,with technology profiler you will find,the extension on Google Chrome Web Store,so now I'm going to and I'm going to,attach the link of this extension in the,video description as well alright so,after installing this of intro,installing the extension you have to,click on the button and then you will,see a pop-up window will appear with the,results or information okay so here on,the tag tag tab we are going to get the,information from ecommerce platform and,here we go ecommerce platform ecchymotic,technologies they are using is Shopify,for Jim shark comm there is in shopify,ecommerce platform and let's move back,to color pop and once again we have to,click on will tweet extension button and,under the tab section we are going to,get the information here on e-commerce,section we are going to get the,information Shopify so there is in,Shopify as well all right this one these,two websites was from top 15 websites,but where we can find all of the results,here we have got one we are going to get,100 so a 100k plus records as you can,see on this page and to see them all we,have to click on this view all records,button so I'm going to click on it and,on this page we are going to get some,search filters that you can use we can,use any keyword or you can use any,website name okay we can use location,and other parameters as you can see and,after that you have to click on search,but I am going to get with the default,search results,the results so on the first page we are,going to get 50 businesses as you can,see 50 websites we which are using,shopify ecommerce platform and then we,are going to get the second page and,then we have to toll 2369 pages which,are containing the results or the,businesses that are using Shopify okay,so I'm going to the last page to show,you actually how many results we are,going to have so here 100k + results 118,thousand 419 care results okay from this,database we can have all the websites,alright so let me back to the first page,to check out some of the websites,there's a world wide web sites okay or,world wide location based websites so,I'm going to open them jillee okay a few,of the website let me open one website,from one hundred to a hundred hundred,page or my internet connection is dead,right now I think something wrong here,Oh No okay so here I'm going to open,this business as well go to this,business and this is a Australia based,business let's open this one as well and,what's wrong with them,I just to show you actually if they're,actually from or if they're actually,using shopify ecommerce platform so it's,time to click on will do it again,and from the tech tab we are going to,get the information here so you can,merge splat from there using Shopify so,it's correct and also if you want to get,more information here you'll be able to,find more okay so there is in MailChimp,as a mail client so that was was correct,or kept and let's see what if this,business is using Shopify as well and we,are getting the accurate result from IP,detection here we go we this business,also using Shopify platform and then,this business that they didn't opened up,due to some reasons I don't know,actually what are the reasons but it's,alright okay so this was the first first,resource or first process to find,businesses that's are using shopify,ecommerce platform and let me use the,LinkedIn let me show you the process on,linden self navigator here I'm using my,one of my clients linking profile ok and,then I'm using his self navigator,profile and I have to click on search,for accounts more advanced from advanced,feature search for icons to find find,out the businesses okay so here from,this page we have to select technologies,used then we have to put the targeted,technology who is Shopify and I'm going,to select this one and okay so here,there are twenty eight thousand eight,hundred and twenty two results and lets,you can put the geography as well so you,can put your target geography for,example I am putting United States you,can put whatever your targeted geography,is and you can also you can also put the,company head-to-head contest starts,criteria so for example if I am looking,for companies which has eleven to,fifteen so 11 to 50 employees working on,the company then I can chose that as,well and will see only two hundred sorry,two thousand seven hundred,seventy-four results and if you need,more to be added then you can also add,them okay that's the process of finding,Shopify stores information or stores,database from LinkedIn and now I'm going,to show you how to find owners,information of Shopify stores for,example if this was my search term of a,chef I store based businesses then it's,time to find their owners information,for this database so let me open up a,excel file or expose Excel spreadsheet,and then I'm going to open the company,page in a new tab okay and then here as,you can see there in this company there,are eighteen hundred and twenty-nine,employees working on so I'm going to,click on this button and then I have to,open this one here let's make some,entries here stole name website owner,name owner or founder camp owner founder,CEO,and then LinkedIn profile email if we,just if you need how do if you need the,email address as well but in this video,I'm not going to show you how to find,the email address because I have got,many videos on this topic so let me show,you actually where to find these videos,and to learn how to find on how to find,email addresses of LinkedIn profiles,alright so let me show you where to find,those videos go to and then,put Archer Rafi and then click on my,channel link and then go to playlists,and here we go lead generation learn,lead generation email list pulling for,clients here you will find videos here,as you can see how to get email address,of LinkedIn profiles find CEO founder,co-founder see me like this,if you watch this video you will learn,the process of finding CEOs email,address here are more more videos as,well the second video third video fourth,video and so on so forth there many more,videos available out there okay so and,one one another another request if you,if you have found this video helpful so,far please consider subscribing to my,channel by clicking on this button then,click on the veil icon it will appear,after the subscription and then you will,be able to receive my future uploads,notification alright so let's move back,to this part and we have already opened,up the employees list here and then it's,time to collect the information store,name so here is the store name Steve,Madden is the store name and actually we,can also put industries so for example,let's put apparel and fashion industry,and then we will be more specific on the,collection so I'm going to open this,business details instead I'm going to,put the business name here or store name,here and then I will collect our website,owner information okay so,here's the website link I just opened it,in a new tab and I will show you,actually if this website is using,Shopify as well so after opening the,business page or website then click on,will tweet and go down a bit and here we,go ecommerce Shopify okay there is in,Shopify shop if I plus Shopify so is,signified for Shopify these are the,technologies they are using so this is,another Shopify based store so it's time,to show you how to find the owners,information click on the employees list,and then here we go we have got the,owner information I have already visited,for one of my clients project so I'm,seeing here maybe for this client okay,so I'm saying this profile has been,already visited so this is how you,actually found find the information but,if this if this information is not,available here maybe somewhere in this,place so in this case how you can,actually how can you actually find the,title or find the person's profile,Foster's of go to the title field put,double quotation see your double,quotation then or then put double,quotation founder double quotation or,then again double quotation then put,chief executive IES officer okay and,then hit enter this result will be,appear on the first of the search result,okay so this is the search stream and,then you will find the actual profile,for example if you are looking for chief,marketing officer or marketing,department based any contact so you just,need to use marketing title based market,marketing title this short string okay,so I'm going to show you how actually,you have to do go to title field put,double position then marketing manager,and double quotation or just simply port,marketing so it will,all the all the time all the peoples who,has a marketing into their title okay it,could be marketing coordinator and,Senior Marketing Manager Marketing,Director Marketing Coordinator etc okay,so whatever you are looking for another,way you can also find targeted people's,from leading by using a seniority level,if you are looking for CX so chief,executive officer chief marketing,officer chief financial officer so here,on the CX so in the 600g level we have,got to contest like see who are they who,kept so here emigrate founder and CEO,chief chief executive so this is this is,the meaning of CX oh and here's,president he is another CX oh okay so if,you're looking for people's from,marketing department then click on,function put marketing or any other,department that you were looking for and,you're here we go Brenda cro-magnon,director senior marketing manager dr.,strategy and insights is also from,marketing department social media,coordinator marketing department senior,director product and merchandising,marketing department so this is how you,have to find any targeted or find any,targeted people's on LinkedIn okay so I,have already showed you how to find,targeted websites which are using,Shopify e-commerce platform and how to,find the owners information let me show,you again on for this business as well,so you'll see I have already visited,this page before I believe for one of my,clients so here go to employees on,LinkedIn and then you know the seniority,level puts EXO 55 peoples with non CXO,so maybe we have to be more specific,so here CEO we have got the CEO chief,financial officer chief operation,officer president etc a mix of Crockett,so this is how you have to find any,targeted person on LinkedIn from any,company based profiles okay so I hope,this video was helpful to you and if you,have found this video helpful please,consider liking this video to encourage,me to provide you more available videos,in,and please subscribe to my channel if,you haven't yet and let me know if you,have any comment let me know if you've,any question by commenting below so I,have to see in the next video thank you,very much for staying with me for a long,time

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