how to add fedex to shopify

Shopify shipping within the USA & internationally made easy with FedEx, USPS, UPS & DHL the shopify


Updated on Jan 10,2023

Shopify shipping within the USA & internationally made easy with FedEx, USPS, UPS & DHL

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Shopify shipping within the USA & internationally made easy with FedEx, USPS, UPS & DHL

the shopify multi-carrier shipping label,app,helps you grow your online store by,enabling you to ship with top shipping,companies in the usa,helping you reach more zip codes and,expand internationally it seamlessly,integrates with the united states postal,service giving you extensive residential,outreach within the u.s and with fedex,ups and dhl for global reach,let me now explain why the app is an,important part of your shopify store in,greater detail,when shipping both domestically and,internationally shipping cost is one of,the major factors to consider,while shipping carriers like the united,states postal service are cost effective,for low weight shipments,other carriers like ups and fedex are,best for heavy products in order to save,significant shipping costs,the app can automate the selection of,carriers based on the product weight,the us postal service flat rate boxes,ups ground boxes or fedex one rate,choosing the right boxes help you save,shipping costs the app makes it easy by,choosing flat rate boxes or your own,custom boxes based on the product,dimension and weight,also if your business needs a convenient,option for broader outreach than,services such as fedex smart post and,ups short post are the best options,their partnership with the united states,postal service helps you reach remote,residential addresses smoothly at a much,lower cost the app helps you integrate,these services into your shopify store,with the e-commerce boom,top global carriers are extending their,negotiated rates for small businesses as,well,alternatively plug-in hive has partnered,with carriers globally to offer,merchants negotiated rates which can,save up to 82 percent in shipping costs,the app increases your daily shipment,numbers by printing hundreds of shipping,labels in one click,and speeds up international shipping by,filing commercial invoices and other,export documentation electronically and,error-free,thus you get a chance to improve,customer satisfaction and retention by,reducing the order fulfillment time,resulting in quicker deliveries,the app saves you both time and effort,by completely automating your shipping,by displaying real-time rates at,checkout,print shipping labels,live tracking,scheduling pickup,generating return labels,packaging with your own boxes,and much more so you and your employees,can focus on what matters,plug-in hive has the expertise your,business needs for shipping special,orders,whether you're shipping beauty products,alcoholic beverages,large furniture perishables with dry ice,or hazmat,plug-in hive helps automate shipping for,you by integrating with carriers like,fedex and ups that ship all of these,effortlessly and with special care,plug-in hive's multi-carrier shipping,label app offers the most affordable,shipping solutions for your shopify,based e-commerce business,starting at nine dollars per month

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