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How to Enable Instagram Product tagging for Shopify Products! (Quick Tutorial) in this video I'm gon

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

How to Enable Instagram Product tagging for Shopify Products! (Quick Tutorial)

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How to Enable Instagram Product tagging for Shopify Products! (Quick Tutorial)

in this video I'm gonna show you how you,can set up Instagram shopping and,product tagging for your products on,Shopify so if you want to create a shop,about Instagram feed that's linked to,your Shopify store then keep watching,this video because I'll show you all the,steps that you need to complete in order,to do that so step number one is making,sure that you have a Facebook account if,you don't have Facebook yet makes you go,ahead and sign up for an account and,then go into the Facebook business,manager which you can do by simply going,to business now once you're,on that website you want to make sure to,click on the business manager right here,and then click on business settings okay,so once you're here you want to make,sure to set up a page for your store so,if you don't have a page yet click on,pages then click on add right there,click on create new page and then click,on brand or product or local business or,place but I recommend choosing brand or,product right there you can then create,a page name and you can then set up a,page now I already have a page so I'm,gonna go with this one for this video ok,so once you've done that you want to,open the Instagram app on your phone go,into your settings and make sure that,you turn your account into a business,account so click on settings click on,account and then make sure to convert it,to a business account you want to make,sure to set this up choose shopping and,retail as the category and also make,sure to link your Facebook page that you,just created or one that already existed,to that Instagram account so make sure,to link your Facebook to your Instagram,page and make sure that it's a business,account now once you've done that you,want to go to Shopify click on sales,channel right there and make sure to add,Facebook on there now I've already done,that right there so click on Facebook,and then make sure to link your page on,here as well so that your Facebook page,is linked to your Shopify store so that,this will actually show up in your,Instagram shoppable feed as well,now once you've connected that all you,need to do is go into the business,manager again click on business manager,and then right there you'll find catalog,manager click on it and you should then,be able to,your Shopify product catalog right here,all I need to do next is click on setup,Instagram shopping first of all you,would have to connect a business account,owner so that's pretty much gonna be you,next up at your products so make sure to,choose products from your Shopify store,and add them on here then you would need,to connect an Instagram profile so all I,need to do is click right there and then,simply enable that and this should,already show up because you've just,linked this on your device now once,you've done all of these steps you want,to go back into your Instagram app click,on settings and then if you click on,business you should be able to see sign,up for Instagram shopping so you're,gonna click on that and then basically,go for the process and all these steps,so that you can sign up for the,Instagram shopping feature now once,you've done that you want to make sure,to complete the four steps so that you,can go into review now once you're in,review you basically want to wait and,they're then gonna give you a decision,so they're gonna check out your page,your shop basically your Instagram page,and also your products so make sure that,you put up a couple of posts about your,products that it looks good it looks,professional and that you should get,accepted now once your accept that all,you need to do is go back into the,facebook business manager and complete,step number four so you can see that I'm,currently in review on this page because,I made another video showing you how you,can do this with normal products which,is why right now this is already showing,up but once you've done that all you,need to do is click right there on,create post so this is where you can,then get started basically once you're,approved so all you need to do now is,basically wait until you get approved or,denied if you get the night you can go,and ask for a second opinion and that's,pretty much it so this is how you can,actually do this once it's enabled you,can start tagging your Shopify products,on your Instagram feed if this video,helps you out leave a like on the video,and then I'll see you in the next one,have a good day

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