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Shopify SEO Optimization Tutorial For Beginners | Step By Step FREE TRAFFIC hey guys this is Jake Al

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Shopify SEO Optimization Tutorial For Beginners | Step By Step FREE TRAFFIC

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Shopify SEO Optimization Tutorial For Beginners | Step By Step FREE TRAFFIC

hey guys this is Jake Alexander with,casualty Commerce and in this video I'm,going to be showing you how exactly you,can utilize search engine optimization,and/or SEO inside of your Shopify store,to generate additional traffic and,additional sales so in this video I'm,going to be covering exactly what SEO is,and then I'm going to show you how to,implement it inside of your store so,first off let's just go ahead and cover,what the heck is SEO so SEO stands for,search engine optimization and what that,means is that SEO determines where your,web page is the web pages on your,website predominantly your product pages,are going to show up in Google's search,results now SEO also works and other,search engines such as Bing but Google,is the most predominant search engine so,that's the one we're going to be,covering in this video so SEO is,definitely something that's overlooked,but it shouldn't be because it's,essentially a free and a passive traffic,source so if you have a product that,ranks high for a search term let's use,the example of skin vacuum then people,searching for that term are going to,click over to your website and then,possibly purchase the product and then,this sale will have came with no,out-of-pocket expense on your part so,SEO traffic is also passive meaning that,people will always be searching for,things on Google and clicking over to,websites whether you're actively doing,anything or not so if you have a website,a product page that's showing up for,these search terms once it's there high,in the search results you're gonna be,getting traffic you know day and night,24/7 and sales no matter what you're,doing once the ranking is there however,the caveat is is obviously websites,aren't just gonna rank themselves you,know you're not just going to put a,store and then our products rank,so sometimes ranking for competitive,search terms can call some money up,front but a lot of times you can start,generating SEO traffic just from free,tactics which I'm,to show you in this video so SEO can,essentially be broken down into three,parts so the first stage is keyword,research so in this stage of SEO you're,essentially just determining which,keywords are the best ones to target for,your specific product so you can look at,how much a specific keyword is being,searched every month and then you can,also see how competitive that keyboard,is and then you can determine which ones,you want to optimize your products for,and I'm gonna show you exactly how to do,that in a second and I'm going to show,you a tool that I use that helps me with,that as well,and the next step is on-page SEO so this,is where we optimize our product page,and our product photos and and we do,this in a way to where Google's going to,know exactly what our page is about and,then what terms to get ahead and show,our webpage for and the third step of,SEO is off page so off page SEO consists,primarily of something called backlinks,so backlinks are just links from other,websites that point towards your site,these links create trust in Google's,eyes and help push your products up,higher in the search results now with,that said in this video we're going to,be sticking to covering the first two,steps a keyword research and on-page SEO,as just doing these alone can start to,generate you some SEO traffic if you do,it properly so that said now we're gonna,go ahead and jump over to Google Chrome,and take a look at a couple of examples,all right so we're inside of a demo,store here and I'm going to be,essentially doing some demo SEO on this,product right here so I'm gonna open it,up and then I'm gonna head over to,Google real quick so the first thing we,need to do is keyword research so in,order to do this we need to be using,Google Chrome and you need to type in,keywords everywhere and you need to get,this Chrome extension right here because,it's gonna give you these details that,are showing up right here and it's going,to give you these details out here as,well so just search keywords everywhere,and go ahead and go to the Chrome Web,Store and install it and then once you,have it you're going to see all these,details that I do and this is going to,help us with keyword research so in this,example we're going to be trying to SEO,optimize this skin vacuumed product here,this has been a pretty trending product,for the last six months so probably a,good example it's gonna have some,searches so the first thing you need to,do is just search what your product is,on Google just to get an idea of how,much volume it has so this is a skin,packing so I'll just type in skin vacuum,and we'll go ahead and see the details,so we can see that the keyword skin back,in gets searched 5400 times per month,and when it comes to keywords you,normally just want to at least find,keywords that have over 1,000 searches,per month and one rule of thumb is,normally the more volume that a search,term has the more competitive it will be,so in Google not all search terms are,you know created equal so certain search,terms are going to be a lot harder to,rank for than others so let's go ahead,and take these take a look at these,search results just to show you so,obviously in any search result the first,thing that shows up is the shopping ads,if it's a physical product so SEO isn't,going to get us in here and we can see,we have some videos here and then this,is the first organic listing so this,Amazon listing right here ranked,number one for skin vacuum and then this,site ranks number two for skin vacuum so,our goal was to optimize our products to,have them rank ideally in the top five,or at least somewhere on page one for,the search term and then obviously these,stores down here their ads you can see,it says ads so these are here buy these,are Google search ads so people are,paying to be here so you can tell that,these other sites are here via SEO so,what we can do is obviously what we want,to optimize our product page based,around our main keyword but we also want,to see if there's other keywords we can,optimize for as well so this is where we,can scroll down here and we can look at,related keywords and people also search,for so we can see that just by looking,at a couple of these right here that,there's a couple different synonyms for,skin vacuum so there's skin vacuum but,then it's also called a blackhead vacuum,and it's been called a pore vacuum as,well so what you want to do is bring up,a notepad really quickly and take note,of the other related keywords that are,being searched for so if our main want,to skin vacuum you can see it's also,been called pore vacuum and it's been,called blackhead vacuum and then there's,other types of modifiers in here as well,so you can see that there's a trend here,where it's best blackhead vacuum and,then best the poor vacuum and another,rule of thumb to keep in mind is the,longer the keyword the easier it will be,to rank so if a keyword or a search term,is six words long that's going to be a,lot easier to rank for than one that's,just two words like this one but,obviously the caveat with that is the,longer keywords are going to have a lot,less searches per month so there's about,you know the harder keywords will have,more searches the easier keywords that,are long,more specific will have less searches so,we want to go ahead and just optimize,for as many of them as possible so we,can go through here and find different,search terms like this so we can we've,already found a couple of related ones,here and we see the word best shows up a,lot so I would want to put this in,quotations here because I'd like to put,this somewhere in our product page,because obviously best has been showing,up a lot here so we want to look for,other modifiers that show up,consistently like that so we would just,kind of go ahead and scan through here,face poor cleaner this one doesn't,really get searched a lot so I wouldn't,really want to go ahead and mess with,that I would look at mainly the ones,that have a lot of search volume so now,I'm gonna go ahead and show you how we,can go ahead and optimize for specific,keywords now you can spend longer on,keyword research by doing different,things like taking some of these top,keywords here and then typing them in up,here so we could go best black vacuum,and we can go ahead and now we can see,we have different related keywords and,we have different people also searched,for so now we have different keywords,here so now instead of blackhead vacuum,another one has blackhead remover,so you can see that that is another,potential keyword that I you can,optimize for and yeah so essentially you,can just keep typing in different,keywords up here and then the keywords,down here the recommendations will,change as well,you can throw them in a notepad and then,we can go ahead and optimize our product,page over here so what I'm gonna do now,is show you how to optimize the product,page itself now the first thing we want,to do is obviously optimize the product,page for our main keywords but then we,want to throw in the modifiers as well,so there's a couple of sections that,you're going to optimize your product,page for SEO there's the title there is,the description and there is your photos,and then we have the meta title and the,meta description so the cool thing about,Shopify's of lets us edit our meta,information separate from our regular,titles so you can see in this case I,kind of have a branded product name here,so I don't really want to stuff a lot of,keywords in this title because I want,the product title to look clean and,smooth but down and this title I could,go ahead and stuff a lot of keywords so,we'll get back down here in a second so,the first thing I'm gonna do is always,ensure that your main keyword is in this,title up here so my main keyword a skin,vacuum so it's already in this title up,here so the next thing you want to do is,you want to sprinkle your keywords in,with the description that you have so,once you've written your description you,can kind of go through and just find,creative ways to go ahead and put in,your keywords so like for example we can,see that I've have the word skin vacuum,a couple of times skin vacuum skin,vacuum,but if we reference our notes here we,can see that poor vacuum and blackhead,vacuum were also different keywords so,what I could do is go through here and,change the word skin to poor so that way,now poor vacuum is also in my product,description so Google will be able to,see that and I could find another time,that it says that I don't know how many,times I put that in here,but you could find another area where,it's a skin and then you can go ahead,and put blackhead in this case so,essentially all you're trying to do is,sprinkle your keywords in the,description maybe three to four times,like you don't want to just sit here and,do something like this like people used,to do on YouTube videos a while ago like,you don't want to do this like one this,looks absolutely and two it's,not gonna work and if you over optimized,for certain keywords Google will,actually penalize you for it so that's,why you want to sprinkle keywords in but,you don't want to make it unnatural so,so obviously look for ways to sprinkle,in these keywords here but then the next,thing you can do is try and sprinkle in,your modifiers as well so you could look,for ways to put the word best somewhere,around in this description here so for,example one thing I could do to add a,modifier in along with one of these main,keywords is you can see this sentence,right here enter they act near the skin,vacuum the solution it's searching for I,could put in one thing so right here,I'll put the ad in here at skin vacuum,the best blackhead remover on the market,instead of using the solution you've,been searching for it's a similar,sentence but now I have went ahead and,added not only another keyword with,blackhead remover but I've also added,the word best and as well and I haven't,ruined the fluidity of my product,description so that's one thing you want,to keep in mind you want to keep the,product description you know clean and,fluid you don't want it to sound stupid,so you know it's kind of like more of an,art than a science I guess you could say,because you're kind of each situations,gonna be unique you're going to want to,just try and like I said sprinkle your,keywords throughout the entire product,description now with that said now we,can move on to images here so what we,can do with images a week is we can,click on the all icon right here to edit,the alt text and then what the alt text,does is that essentially tells do what,this image actually is so we can put,some of our keywords in here so this,image is obviously a skin vacuum so I,can put skin vacuum in here then click,done and now all three of our images are,of the same product so instead of,putting skin back in three times I'm,gonna utilize each different variant of,our product keyword so on this one I,could put pore back in and then on this,third photo here I could go ahead and,put blackhead remover,and that's how you go ahead and optimize,your image alt text for SEO so you just,want to go ahead and put your keywords,inside of the alt text but you know you,want the alt text to actually describe,what's you know in the photo but most of,the time the photo is just gonna be of,your product so the keywords just gonna,be you know what the product is anyway,so it's fine so now we can scroll down,here and we're gonna edit the last thing,on the page which is the search engine,listening preview now this is what shows,up right here so the cool thing is is we,can go ahead and customize this to make,it say whatever we want so you can see,that I like this clean title on the,product page but for the SEO title,I want to utilize all the characters as,possible so you can see we have 70,characters here and 320 here and I'm,gonna utilize as many as I can so for,the page title what I would like to do,is go ahead and put a couple more of,these main keywords in here so we could,put the acting hero skin vacuum and then,I'm gonna put one of these bars here and,then put in the best blackhead remover,on the market so that's one way that I,have went ahead and utilized three,keywords on one title and you can get,creative with this as well obviously you,want it to look good and you want it to,you know make sense but you also want to,try and fake key words in here as well,because your title is the most important,place to have the key word so you want,to make sure your main like your top two,key words are in here so as far as the,Meta Description goes by default it's,going to autofill from the top of your,regular description which is fine for up,there but four down here this is just,random stuff so we want to get rid of it,and we want to type a description that,is very keyword stuffed but you know you,want it to make sense so we would take a,look at our keyboard notepad again and,then we would try and write a,description of our product that includes,a lot of our keywords so we could just,go ahead and you know start typing,something like our blackhead remover is,the best skin vacuum on the market that,keeps your pores clean day and night and,you can see literally in one sentence I,went ahead and used all of the main,keywords in one sentence so that's kind,of what you want to try and do with the,Meta Description here and then you would,go ahead and type like a couple more,sentences because like I said you want,to go ahead and utilize all 320,characters but I don't want this video,to go on too long so I'm not gonna sit,here and think of like three more,sentences and keep you guys waiting with,the video so with that said that's all,you have to do to go ahead and optimize,the product page itself,anyways click Save and one other thing,you can do to improve your SEO and this,is kind of just a bonus tip is that make,sure your page loading speed is fast and,you can do that by down,the app called crush picks so crush,picks you want to make sure you always,use this app because what it's gonna do,is it's gonna shrink all of the file,sizes of all your photos which is gonna,make your page load faster which is also,another ranking factor inside of Google,as well and another thing to keep your,site speed faster is make sure you don't,use like 50 different apps because the,more apps you have the slower your load,speed is going to be and then one way,you can test your loading speed to make,sure you it's good is you can go to page,speed test and we can go to PageSpeed,insights,Google developers and you can literally,just paste your website in here so if I,run ahead and open this up and paste it,in here I'm pretty sure the password is,still up there though so it might,analyze the password locked page but,that doesn't really matter because I,just wanted it yeah it did analyze the,password page but I just wanted to show,you what this would look like anyway so,it gives you a page speed for mobile and,then a page speed for desktop and,obviously you want it to be in the green,if it's in the red then you know that's,pretty bad if it's above at least 70,then it's not too bad so you at least,want to shoot for above 70 but you,definitely want to try and shoot for,above 90 if possible so with that said,guys that's going to be it for this,video on Shopify SEO I hope you found,that helpful if you have any questions,about Shopify SEO go ahead and leave it,in the comments down below and if you,like training like this and you're,interested in more advanced training,then feel free to check out my paid,economy shop shipping course down in the,link in the description down below and,with that said subscribe to the channel,for more content and I will see you guys,in the next one

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