how to add amazon affiliate link to shopify

HOW TO SYNC YOUR AMAZON AFFILIATE PRODUCT TO SHOPIFY hi guys welcome back to my channel,uh today's v


Updated on Jan 18,2023


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how to add amazon affiliate link to shopify catalogs


hi guys welcome back to my channel,uh today's video i will show you,how to link your affiliate,amazon product with shopify,so first is you have to log into your,shopify account if you have the account,so let's go let's,go let's,go let's go okay here,i'm in my shopify,so i have to click login so if you don't,have your shopify account so,if you want to sign up so start a free,trial,so i have to log in,i have to click login so log in,and then click here because i already,have my account,come on come on come on,so click the apps guys once you are on,your,shopify so you have to click the apps so,you go on your search bar,click the apps and search more you,have to download,this spreader up so,okay spreader apps it looks like this,when you,download it see so add up click that one,so that's the extension,that you can upload your,product from amazon to shopify so now i,have to click my spreader off,and you can see what it looks like,so see it looks like this guys so now,i have to go to my amazon and i have to,sign in so if you don't have the amazon,associate account so you go for sign up,so now i have mine so i have,to sign in,sign in,okay so now i'm here on,the my,account so click the product link,see that guys click that one,click that and then go here to the,search so if you want to search,what do you want baby beauty books dvd,electronic,home and garden so but i prefer i have,to go this one here and i type,in well see,um 40,fiber silky lush,so now we are here we see the product,so all we have to do is we have to,get some product here,we'll see this product we like this,product so we get the link click the get,link okay get it,click that and then,you have to click this text,only and scroll down,don't click this click the link and,copy it copy the link and you have to go,here on our spreader apps,and paste it and,add products,okay close it and did you see what's,here,the product from amazon so click edit,eat it,then you go down here on your product,type this is product type,and your collection so i have already,set,mine so i'll say product type,is on the lashes,i really i it's in,assorted list and then it's in my,eyelashes and in my beauty product,so there you go now,click the save so i just use the same,here,click save,after you save it see that it says,product save,go to your online store,and then click my customize,and see,here guys i'm on my page now on my,shopify website,so now i have to click beauty product,see it the product is right there,so once the customer buy it and wants to,put into the ad card or buy,it so see but it's easy so i go home,go home click home and then scroll down,it is in my eyelashes,see see it's easy guys so,if you want to be an amazon,affiliate marketer so that's what you,have to do if you want to make your own,website so just,upload the spreader apps and then if you,don't have the website you can just copy,that link and it's ugly because,it's too long right so if you want to,shorten your,your length just click,here guys and paste it and,shorten and okay copy it and you post,anywhere you want,so that's the way you market your,product from amazon,so if you find this,video interesting please give me the,thumbs up,and if you're new to my channel please,click the subscribe button,and the notification bell and then you,get notified for my next,video because in my next video i'm going,to share with you again,the like how to make money,online thank you guys for watching,and see you on my next,video next

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