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How To Show Discounts on Product Page on Shopify hey what is up guys it's Brendan here,and today I'm

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

How To Show Discounts on Product Page on Shopify

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How To Show Discounts on Product Page on Shopify

hey what is up guys it's Brendan here,and today I'm going to be showing you,how to show discounts on product pages,on Shopify as you can see here we are on,a product page right here and you can,see the discount is showing you have the,regular a retail price and then you also,have the compare at price right there so,I'm gonna be showing you in this video,how to do this not just for single,products but also for products with,multiple different variants and as you,can see here you have like silver gold,you know if you have different colors,you can also set different product,pricing for the compare at Price that's,gonna be showing you here in the Shopify,tutorial today and if you don't already,have a Shopify store you can go check,out that first link down in the,description box below we'll take you,right over to a Shopify free trial we're,going to set up with Shopify today,that's at forward slash,Shopify we'll take you right over your,Shopify free trial and without further,Ado let's go ahead and dive into the,tutorial so first things first to get,the compare at and discount showing on,your product page you're going to want,to go over to your Shopify home in your,Shopify dashboard then you're going to,go over to products now if you already,have a product of course then all you,have to do is go ahead and click here,but if you don't already have a product,you just click on ADD product and then,you can go ahead and add in your product,of course I already have two different,products here so first we're going to be,showing you you know to do it on a,traditional product that doesn't have,multiple variants because it's a lot,easier if you don't have multiple,variants to edit that price so as you,can see you just scroll down to pricing,fairly straightforward this is how you,show your discount so let's say the,regular price that you want to show is,let's just say 19 oh we're going to want,to move over there so let's just go with,uh,1999.99 so that is the price we want to,sell it for so almost two thousand,dollars and then the compare app price,let's say is 3 000 so that's what like a,standard retail price would be and you,can determine whether or not you want to,charge tax on the product as well and,you can set a cost per item so if you,want to track your margins in the,Shopify backend you can do that here as,well customers won't see that but this,is all that you need to edit in order to,show the discount on the product page is,editing the compare app price so the,compare at price is that slash through,number you're going to go ahead and,click save,and then all we have to do is go over to,the product listing here so this is one,if you don't have multiple variants and,so we should have saved it there,go ahead and refresh that again,and boom there we go so that is how easy,it is to edit it and to show that,discount on the product page if you are,just editing a product with a single,variant so no colors no Styles no sizing,options so that is really all it takes,to edit the compare at price now as far,as the look and feel of the compare at,price that and the discount on the,product page that is primarily driven by,your Shopify theme if you want to edit,any of the way that this really looks,you can go into editing your Shopify,theme which all you have to do is go,over to your home then go to sales,channels online store themes so you know,if you want to change that look and feel,you're going to want to use a different,Shopify theme or you can go in and,customize the colors and the look and,feel specific to your theme I'm not,spending too much time in that in this,video today you know if you want to,check out different popular free themes,there's a lot of different themes of,available I'll leave a link down in the,description box below as well to some of,the best Shopify free themes that I've,covered many of them are listed here you,know you could feel free to check out,different themes if you want to edit the,color the look and feel you can,customize some of that yourself but,ultimately a lot of it is driven by the,specific theme itself as far as like the,font the look and feel generally you can,edit some of that as well in the theme,settings if you do want to make it look,a little bit different,so next I'm going to be showing you now,how to edit it the compare at price for,multiple variants so it's a little bit,more tricky we're going to go back to,the product page listing here so as you,can see we have the different variants,for two variants so you see here there's,not the same type of edit option now you,can edit the regular listing price here,if you want to but that does not edit,the actual compare at price so what,we're going to have to do is go over,over back to the regular listing page,you're going to want to click on the,check box here,and you're going to click edit products,this will bring up the bulk editor and,then as you can see here this is how you,can edit your compare at price for multi,you can even do this for multiple,different products if you want as well,but this is how you have to do it if you,have set up different variants so as you,can see here we have silver and gold so,let's go ahead and test out doing,different compare at prices so let's,just say we've got silver at that price,and let's just say gold is more,expensive I really don't know a ton,about watches personally but let's just,say we have the compare at price at 9000,and we're setting the sale price at,uh let's just say seven nine nine nine,nine nine or maybe let's just set that,compare at Price even a little higher,let's go 12 right so let's say gold is a,lot more coveted it's a little more rare,so you can set save that here and then,that will reflect on the product page,we're gonna go ahead and refresh it so,you have silver at that price and then,gold as you can see here has a different,compare at price as well as the actual,sale price that you're selling your,product at so you do have the ability to,edit uh different variations there as,well now this is just editing it on the,product page here this is different than,adding a traditional discount code if,you want to learn more about how to,actually edit discounts in your Shopify,store I'll leave a link down below I,have a tutorial on that as well in the,description I'll take you right over to,another video I created on how to edit,discounts if you want to do discount,codes so that's all about discount codes,all different type types this is this,video is just specifically editing your,product page discount now another thing,to mention as well so as you can see,here you have your different variant,which is nice you have different variant,uh pricing you can also do that for,multiple different,um variations so if you have like you,know multiple different variations all,of that will be edited here in the bulk,editor this is the Shopify bulk editor,allows you to do things in bulk as well,so say you had like a lot of products,100 products you could edit them all,boom kind of like a spreadsheet that's,what the bulk editor is designed for so,that's how you're able to do it multiple,different variants like I said before,it's a lot easier if you're just editing,a single product you know all you have,to do is go ahead there to that compare,at price now another thing to mention as,well is that this compare at price will,also show up anywhere else on your,online store so we're at the home page,right now now this is just a test store,I haven't really done a whole lot of,graphic design work or anything this is,just the dawn theme right out of the box,pretty much so you can also edit images,and things like that if you want these,to line up a little bit better but as,you can see you have the compare at,Price also listed in your featured,products section so as you can see this,discount is then listed pretty much,everywhere else that this product,appears on your store not just the,product page but also on the different,collection Pages if people go to search,for a product in your store it'll show,up in the cart section as well but this,is basically shown everywhere wherever,your product is shown then you have your,product discount compare at Price shown,anywhere on your online store which is,really really great to make sure that,those discounts that are shown are are,clear to many different customers that,it's available at a different price so,as you can see the difference with the,variant and the regular a single product,is you have from that price so you know,if you have multiple different pricings,it'll show the from at that bottom floor,pricing depending on the variant if in,this case with the Rolex if they're,going with silver or if they're going,with gold you'll you'll see that that,pricing is reflected there,as well in any of the featured product,sections within your store different,Collections and then as you can see you,just click on that and boom you have,your uh different variants of compare,app pricing and being able to show that,discount right on the product page this,is nice and Powerful different than,discount codes because discount codes,are only going to show at checkout so if,you know if you're doing that you want,to make sure it's all over the banner,and things like that like I mentioned,before I have a whole tutorial going,over you know discount codes but showing,it on the actual product page is really,nice just to give that clear visibility,like hey this is the discount,that you can expect your product at once,again you know if you want to see the,specific differences between like the,way it looks you're going to want to go,into your theme settings customize,things it's really driven more,specifically by the actual theme that,you choose based on the colors things,will look up uh you know if you have,little bubbles or just the dash through,but you know it personally this is just,the the regular default Shopify free,theme I think it looks pretty nice just,having that slash through very clean,very aesthetic and simple but yeah guys,that pretty much wraps up this tutorial,here today I hope you found this video,helpful if you did be sure to smash that,like button hit the Subscribe Button as,well and notification Bell so you're,notified whenever I upload a new video,guys if you don't already have a Shopify,store you gotta check out that first,link down in the description box below, forward slash Shopify,we'll take you right over to a Shopify,free trial bringing a sub with Shopify,today guys that is the video thank you,so much for watching and I will see you,in the next one peace out

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