how to add products to collections on shopify

How to Create Collections in Shopify 2023 (STEP-BY-STEP) now one thing I definitely want to add,to m

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

How to Create Collections in Shopify 2023 (STEP-BY-STEP)

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how to add products to collections on shopify catalogs

How to Create Collections in Shopify 2023 (STEP-BY-STEP)

now one thing I definitely want to add,to my home page here are the different,collections for what I'm selling on the,store so right now I'm selling apparel,so this would be we have one collection,for t-shirts for hoodies for hats and so,on so what I would have to do is look,for that specific section on the right,side we have already a collection list,now let's say that wouldn't be here all,we had to do was click on ADD section,here and then type in collection,and then we would add a collection list,here we just drag this here to the top,below the slideshow and then we have to,to add some collections now we don't,already have any collections set up on,our store so this is what we're going to,do now so to set up our collections,we're going to first save our changes,here at the top always make sure you,save so you don't have to redo stuff and,then we're gonna go back here click on,exit and that will take us back to the,Shopify dashboard and then we're going,to go to products here on the left side,and now click on collections because,right now we only have a couple of,products on our store but they are not,really sorted into collections so here,are the collections you already have a,default collection which is the home,page I'm going to actually delete this,one just select it more actions delete,collection confirm and then I'm going to,add some more so I'm going to click on,create collection here then we have to,give the collection a title so let's,start with t-shirts,t-shirts then you can also give it a,description not really necessary right,now and then we have the collection type,I'm deciding to add each product,manually so I'm going to choose manual,here and then we also have to add a,cover image now you can also create a,mock-up for your T-shirt collection just,some people wearing your t-shirt designs,which will then be displayed on the,feature collections on your home page,and what I've done is I've simply,screenshotted one of my products here,that I've added and I've created this,folder for it so I'm going to choose,this image right here,which will then be displayed for this,specific collection then I'm going to,click on Save and I'm going to do the,same thing for the other two collections,which are hats and hoodies so now I've,created three collections for every type,of product on the store the next thing I,need to do is tell Shopify what product,belongs to what of these collections so,we're going to go back to products here,and then we're going to select all the,hats and then tell Shopify that these,belong into the hat collection so just,to make this a bit quicker I'm just,going to type in head here in the search,bar then I'm going to just select all,the hats that I have then I go to more,actions add to collections here and then,I choose the hats collection click on,Save I'm going to I'm going to do the,same thing for the hoodies and also for,the t-shirts,great so now Shopify knows what product,is in what collection so we can now go,back to online store,and then go back to the editor by,clicking on customize here,and that will take us back to our editor,now when we go to our collection list,here that we have just added before we,can now tell Shopify what collection,list we want to put on our home page,let's go to the first one here,collection number one click on select,collection here then let's choose,t-shirts first select then for the,second one we're gonna choose hoodies,select and then for the third one we're,gonna choose the hats,save

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