how to sell on amazon with shopify

How To Sell On Amazon With Shopify (Shopify And Amazon Integration) if you haven't been here before,

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

How To Sell On Amazon With Shopify (Shopify And Amazon Integration)

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How To Sell On Amazon With Shopify (Shopify And Amazon Integration)

if you haven't been here before,welcome to the e-business boss Channel,my name is Nick and today I'm going to,be running you through everything you,need to know about Shopify and Amazon,I'm going to show you all the different,ways you can make money using these two,platforms together you find this with,your usual please hit the like button,share it with a friend and if you're,interested in this type of content make,sure you subscribe to the channel let's,get into the video so like I said I'm,going to run you through all the,different ways you can integrate Shopify,and Amazon so whether you're just,looking to sell on the Amazon,Marketplace through Shopify or you're,interested in how you can use Amazon,Shopify and print-on-demand,software or you already set on Amazon,but you'd like another sales channel of,your own this video is going to cover,all of it if you've got any questions,leave a comment and I will get back to,you as quickly as possible hopefully I,can help some of you guys out so you,want to sell on Amazon with Shopify,whatever your business model is there,are three basic requirements you're,going to need to know about first you're,going to need a Shopify account that,goes without saying there's a link in,the description which you can use to get,a 14-day free trial of the software,you'll also need an Amazon account so if,you've got one already great you can,link the two with a few clicks if you,haven't enough things think about is it,does cost $39.99 a month and that's in,dollars also if you want to sell on,Amazon you're going to need a barcode,for your product and I'll also mention,that when you're going about getting,your barcodes please make sure they're,gs1 barcodes this is an Amazon,requirement and the last thing you want,is getting suspended from Amazon because,they are very very strict if you're in,the u.s. you'll be looking for a UPC,barcode if you're in Europe you'll be,looking for an EIN barcode so if you're,if you've got a Shopify store you,clicked on the link you've gone in,you've set up your Shopify store and you,want to start selling your products on,Amazon what should you do well once,you've got an Amazon seller account,you'll need to go into your Shopify,and add Amazon as a sales channel on,your Shopify dashboard so you'll see,under sales channels there's a plus,button so you click that go to Amazon,and follow the instructions through so I,will mention that it is only currently,available for us sellers I'm sure it,will be coming to Europe soon but yeah,you need to be selling in the u.s.,marketplace in order to take advantage,of these two from this point of view so,how are you going to fulfill your orders,so you've got a few options when it,comes to fulfillment obviously it's,going to depend on your business model,if you're watching this video the,chances are that you've got a very,specific business model or you're,thinking about selling in a particular,way so here's a few examples of the,types of people that might be thinking,about using Shopify print-on-demand so,this is a big one it's something we do,ourselves and you need to have a product,basically made and sent out on your,behalf so for this unless you're part of,the merge by Amazon program you'll want,to use a partner like printful or T,launch so I'm going to go into how this,works shortly you will need to set up an,account with the one you choose so let's,say for example you go over printful and,then follow the previous instructions,but you'll need to add the printful app,to your Shopify store so if you're,selling products that you manufacture,yourself or maybe you have a partner or,a factory in the u.s. or China for,example then you'll be getting products,made that you specifically own so you'll,either fulfill these items yourself if,you've gone existing a Shopify store,you'll have a way of doing that already,you might use Amazon FBA which is their,product fulfillment service or you might,use another third-party fulfillment,service like a ship Bob or someone like,that they'll basically receive your,orders and send out orders on your,behalf if you're thinking about drop,shipping why probably say about Amazon,and shop fires and integration is it,might not be the best option for you and,I'm just being honest with how I see it,and I'm not an expert in the drop,shipping field but I do know a little,bit about it let's just go over the,explanation on Google for what drop,shipping actually is so it's a retail,fulfillment method where a store,doesn't keep the products it sells in,stock you might already know that but,instead when the store sells a product,it purchases the item from a third party,and from there it shipped directly to,the customer or there's a third party,fulfillment service that's doing the,shipping for you so like I said if this,is you I don't think shop fine Amazon's,going to be the best option and I'll,tell you why once you make a sale on,your Shopify stool if you're then going,to find that product to resell on Amazon,you're going to be limited firstly,you're going to have to go onto Amazon,manually and find the product that you,want to ship to your customer that,they've bought and you're going to have,to buy to a lower price and then ship it,out to your customer the seller on,Amazon will likely use Amazon packaging,if they're an FBA seller and the whole,customer experience you're just going to,be highlighted as a middleman so if you,are thinking about drop the shipping I,would I would do it either with a,relationship with a local supplier or,you might use something like or below,which is basically drop shipping from,China you can sign up to or below adda,is a nap in Shopify and or below,basically have an existing catalog of,suppliers that are ready to work with,you so there's ready-made products that,you can add to your store and as soon as,customers buy them they're there to be,made and shipped out so and other things,think about is probably the lead time,from China it's probably gonna take a,few weeks another option is a website,called sprocket spa kit sorry,and yeah they offer drop shipping,services again it's a bit like an open,catalog where supplies go to link up,with people like you people that want to,sell they will create the items and send,them out so they'd probably be your best,options when it comes to drop shipping,so if you are using Amazon and Shopify,as an integration,possibly to go with a print-on-demand,business this is how I think the two,bits of software could work really well,for you so this method could be,considered as an alternative to merch by,Amazon so we actually have a merch by,Amazon account but this is an,alternative,we've considered in the past and the,main issue with much by Amazon is not,everybody gets approval so when we got,approved about to wait about three,months and I have heard of people having,to wait up this of eight months to,actually get approved and there's no,guarantee you will it's becoming more,popular so Amazon probably want to keep,it competitive but not swamped with too,many people so what you can do using,Amazon and Shopify is you could create a,Shopify store first of all you're going,to need to do that you need to fill it,with the products you want to sell then,you can integrate with a print-on-demand,partner like printful or T launch and,when an order comes in to you you can,integrate with either of them and they,will basically manufacture or print the,t-shirt or whatever merch is you're,selling and send it out on your behalf,so next you'll need to add Amazon as a,sales channel in order to leverage the,Amazon market through your Shopify store,but this way what you can do integrating,say let's say we're using printful is,you can integrate Shopify to printful so,you've set up your store you've got to,find your customers printful do the,printing but then you can add your,products to Amazon with a few clicks,if you sell in the US market so this way,you can list your products on Amazon,without actually being part of the merch,by Amazon program I think that's a,really useful alternative maybe you,haven't been accepted too much by Amazon,or maybe you just want to widen the net,slightly so the pros and cons are this,by selling on Amazon and these are the,pros you are leveraging an existing,marketplace this is going to reduce your,marketing costs because Amazon already,have the customers attention you don't,need to run any expensive marketing,campaigns,everybody's going onto Amazon to buy,something so yeah you're taking huge,advantage of an existing marketplace,being on Amazon it's going to help build,your trust with your customers your,brand is going to look much more,reputable and yeah another poke you,don't need to merge by Amazon account if,you're watching this you want to do,print on demand,you haven't got accepted to match by,Amazon this could be a really good,option for you the cons I could only,really think of one and it's that you'll,have the additional monthly expense of,having an Amazon,so yeah remember if you want to give,this method to go head down to the,description take out the free trial see,what you think of Shopify and yes set up,your store set up the integrations and,start selling so what if you've come and,found this video because you already,sell on Amazon but you want another,sales channel so this is exactly how we,first discovered Shopify we've sold on,Amazon for some time a little while ago,we decided we want to diversify and,build up a sales channel away from,Amazon something we'd control ourselves,so yeah we built a Shopify store for one,of our private label brands and we did,it for a few reasons,we wanted to grow our sales of course,increase our brand exposure we wanted to,increase the control so if you sell on,Amazon or you've heard the horror,stories Amazon could just suspend your,account at any time and yeah if it's,your own website well you can go by your,own rules as long as you're you're not,doing anything on it unethical so and,yeah the last reason was as I mentioned,to diversify our business so that is how,we really use the Shopify and Amazon,integration so our Shopify store setup,actually looks like this so we use,Amazon FBA to fulfill our products so,this means we don't hold any stock all,of the inventory is kept in one place a,lot of our products are manufactured out,of the UK which is where we're based so,sometimes we'll receive products here in,our warehouse but then we'll have them,prepped up and sent in to Amazon FBA so,this is how we use Shopify and Amazon so,as I mentioned we've created a Shopify,store for one of our brands so we filled,it with relevant content marketing,images updated the blog and when it,comes to blog posts the best advice I,can give you is try and use your blog to,answer the questions your potential,customers are asking so obviously it's,going to be on you to drive traffic to,your Shopify store we are marketing,looks like this we do a lot of search,engine optimization mainly we just fill,the blog with useful content that's what,Google likes that's what it wants to see,paid appetizing methods so we run,Facebook Ads Google Ads Instagram ads,and social media in general so you don't,just have to run ads on social media if,you set up accounts engage with your,ideal customers you'll start to get a,little bit of traction as you go along,so the inventory is synced automatically,across our Shopify and Amazon account so,this is really useful if a few sales,come in on Shopify shop fire we'll talk,to Amazon and update so if we've sold,three will it will talk to Amazon so,that we know across both portals how,much stock we've got so when the orders,actually come in from our Shopify store,they will automatically be sent to,Amazon FBA for fulfillment so and this,is where it's been really good for us so,Amazon will then pick pack and send out,the products on our behalf and we don't,have to touch anything,all we need to focus on is maintaining,our store and yet works really really,well for us so one thing I mentioned,because we sell in the European,marketplace Shopify and Amazon FBA don't,yet integrate directly for fulfillment,they do if you're based in the US if you,sell in the US and you've got a Shopify,store you can literally link your,Shopify store with Amazon FBA with a few,clicks but for us we've used an app,called,order desk and it's a third-party app,that will actually connect Shopify,Amazon together so it will it's,basically the communication between,those two portals so that when an order,comes in order desk will we'll take that,from Shopify sides and it will tell,Amazon FBA here's the order send this,out here's the details that's what our,setup looks like if you've got any,questions about anything I've spoken,about just leave a comment below and,I'll get back to you as quickly as I can,if you found this video useful please,hit the like button make sure you,subscribe if you like videos like this,because that way you'll be the first to,know as soon as these videos come up so,I really hope you found that useful and,there'll be more from us here at a,business boss very soon thanks for,watching

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