how to hide products in shopify

Shopify: How to hide products from search and collections? hello i am abhishek i am a shopify,partne

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

Shopify: How to hide products from search and collections?

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how to hide products in shopify catalogs

Shopify: How to hide products from search and collections?

hello i am abhishek i am a shopify,partner and in my channel i share videos,about shopify tips and tricks,in this video we will see like how we,can hide a product in the online store,like not show it in the collections or,in the search results,there are a couple of reasons like why,we would need this,one is like let's say you created this,customized product for a specific,customer,and you want to share the link,of the product only with that customer,you don't want other customers to,discover this product,this is one use case and another use,case is like when you sell add-ons so i,have set up this use case in my test,store,so whenever customer buys a buy cycle i,want to,sell a branch as an add-on so when they,are just about to check out i want to,show them the add-on,but i don't want customers to go and buy,this wrench directly because it is just,three dollars and i don't want them to,go and directly find this product and,buy it,so that's the use case,so let's see like where customers can go,and find this product directly in the,online store so,one is,they can see it in the collections,so if we go to the all collections then,the product will be visible here and the,second place is search,so if we search for branch we will end,up finding that product in the search,results page as well,so we will see how we can hide it in the,search results and also from the all,collections page,so first thing we will do is hide it in,the search results so this can be done,from the meta fields using the meta,fields feature,so let's go to the shopify admin,settings,and meta fields,so if you are not sure about meta fields,so meta field is just like a custom,field that we can create and assign it,to the product,so let's create a product meta field,we'll call it as high product,so we can give it any name so this is,just a custom name but the name space,and key has to be exactly seo dot hidden,this is like a shopify standard uh meta,fields uh which when said the product,will be hidden from the search results,and also google will also not crawl the,page and index it,so this has to be an in number field,an integer number,and the value can be either 0 or 1,when it is set as 1 then the product,will not be visible in the search,results,so i have added a new meta field,definition,for seo dot hidden name space and i'm,going to save it now,so this is just the definition next we,have to go and add it to the product we,have to set it for the product,let's go to the product which we want to,hide,so this is the wrench product,and we can see the meta field section,appearing now for this product,let's set the value as 1 here,and let's save the product settings,if we need to hide more products then we,have to set the meta field uh for those,products as well,so the next thing we will do is uh hide,it from the all collections so let's go,to the collections here,so the custom collections it's simple so,we only set the product condition so we,can make sure the wrench does not appear,in any of the custom collections but the,real problem is the default all,collection which will show all the,products,so we have to default this all,collection,we will create our own,collection and call it as all,and what we will say is this will have,all the product except for the add-ons,so i'll go,let me choose product type here,is not equal to add-ons,so all products that are not add-ons,will be available in the all collection,let's click save here,i'll again go to the products,and if you see i have already set the,product type as add-on,for this particular product,so you can name it anything but what we,have done is like whatever product is of,type add-on we have excluded it from the,all collection,so now let's go to the online store,and we look at the refresh the all,collections page again,since we over over route the all,collection,the branch is like no longer appearing,here,let's go to search and see like,if it's gone from search,yeah so here also it's like gone,so now the wrench is like not visible in,the collections page as well as in the,search results,but when i want to sell it as an add-on,it should appear so we'll check that too,so the product is still in the online,store but it is not obviously,discoverable,so we can have it as an add-on and check,out,so that's how we hide a product in the,online store so we haven't hidden it,entirely but we just hit it from the,search results and the collections,so that's it for today,thank you and have a nice day

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