how to fulfill dropship orders on shopify

How To Use Dsers To Fulfill Orders - Shopify Dropshippng what is going on guys Trey here and I'm,bac

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

How To Use Dsers To Fulfill Orders - Shopify Dropshippng

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how to fulfill dropship orders on shopify catalogs

How To Use Dsers To Fulfill Orders - Shopify Dropshippng

what is going on guys Trey here and I'm,back with another video providing you,guys Drop Shipping knowledge now before,we get started we all know Q4 is getting,around the corner we're just days away,before the quarter fourth season and,quarter four is the most profitable,season for your drive shipping store and,one of the most important things you,need to have is a great supplier,fulfilling all your orders that you will,be detaining during a quarter Four,Season and so in this video I'll be,talking about how to exactly fulfill a,live order in the dsters app guys now I,did do another video about how to,fulfill and navigate ndsers but I'm,going to be showing you guys a live,example in this video so make sure you,guys stay tuned and watch the rest of,the video before we get started as you,guys know we put out these calls each,and every single week regarding you guys,Dropship and knowledge so if you want to,guys going to go ahead and learn more,DMS the word due to at either underscore,AC Hampton or at Supreme underscore Ecom,on Instagram now let's go and actually,get into this video about how to fill an,order through the azure's app now right,here you have just got your first order,congratulations now you're wondering how,do I actually fulfill these orders well,step number one is actually go to the,orders tab in your Shopify store right,here then you want to go and actually,double check to see if your customer's,information is correct and then they,actually have provided you the payments,now make sure also as well if there's,any fraudulent activity going on Shopify,will notify you that there's been some,fraud activities going on and they'll,let you know that the risk is medium or,high and what actions you need to take,for the next thing then make sure that,order is correct but right here I want,to go ahead and scroll down look to the,right see the shipping address make sure,it's correct information with the,customer and also too as well see right,here it says make sure the customer has,actually got a confirmation email from,ordering your product right here and it,should be sent as you guys see right,here so now I have checked on the,Shopify now I want to go ahead and go to,this app section right here and go to,de-essers right here and click into it,now let's go and actually get into this,app right here at dfsers first things,first you're going to go and actually,scroll down to where it says open orders,next right here you want to go and,actually see a waiting order then you,scroll down there has been no shipping,method attached to this yet so you have,to actually go ahead and select the,shipping method so I'm going to go ahead,and scroll down right here and click on,shipping method now next one there's,gonna be a standard there's trippy times,they're gonna be another shipping method,from the seller and there's also going,to be DHL now you want to go and,actually make sure you're selecting the,free shipping option for your product,right here and I go ahead and click on,confirm,now I actually have a shipping method,attached to this particular product now,the next thing you want to actually go,ahead and click on Save because you,don't want to lose any progress from,this so I click on Save and I click on,order now the next thing is you want to,go ahead and make sure this is the,correct order make sure it's this,correct product and the correct price,right so now I have that and I click on,confirm now why the order is being in,place next I'm going to go and actually,go to a winning payment to the right tab,because you do have to pay for your,product guys your constant Goods is from,your supplier so you have to go ahead,and pay for your product so then what I,want to go ahead and do make sure this,is the correct order because if you have,multiple orders it can get confusing so,make sure you're working with the,correct order you have just received so,right here I have this order number I,click on this little check marks and I,click on make payments before I make a,payment you want to go to make sure,you're logged into an AliExpress account,you can use the same exact email you,have created when you made your Shopify,store for your AliExpress accounts but I,already been logged in as you guys see,right here so then right here is paying,a waiting payment then I have to go and,actually click on pay now and then total,is 16.60 I go and actually hit the pay I,have option to go and add a card or I,can have the option to go ahead and hit,PayPal if you have a PayPal account,which is highly suggested to your,Shopify store make sure you have the,same exact PayPal account connected to,your store to your express link so you,can make sure you have the funds taken,out or in into there so then I have,PayPal I then click on PayPal and I go,ahead and confirm the transaction of,that order so after I've made the,payment the next step is actually it,will go to de-esser's avoiding shipment,so everything we have done and,fulfilling that order is completed and,you do not have to do anything else now,I definitely highly recommend that,you're keeping up to date with some,supporters because we all know the,quarter Four Season does get hectic,there's a lot of products and there's a,lot of shipment and some things might,get lost this is why it's very important,to make sure you have good communication,with your supplier going forward so make,sure that your customers are happy and,receiving their product on time as well,after you have made the payment right,here it will be going to the waiting,shipment once you actually have received,this away any shipment you actually have,live tracking status of your product so,you can go and provide real updates to,your customer so there hasn't any,questions upon where their order is this,is a section you'll go and actually,provide them with details once that has,actually been shipped out then it's,going to go and actually say a way to,fulfillment which means once it's,fulfilled that means the customer has,actually received the product once the,customer has them received their product,the next as it will say fulfilled so,that lets you know exactly not only have,you gotten paid out but then also too as,well the particular customers have,received the product now there might be,some issues going on with some products,sometimes doing a few four qualities or,shipment and actually the answers will,let you know exactly if it's been,canceled or it has been a failed order,it'll let you know the customer's,payment did not go through or,essentially there's something going on,with the shipping tracking to let the,customers know what is going on the,answers are going to provide you all the,information with live updates as well,not only that if any customer is asking,for a refund or they're canceling orders,it will go and actually be presented in,the answers tab right here about having,a canceled order not only that if your,customer is asking for an invoice you,want to actually go back to Shopify,right here and then you want to go and,actually hit more actions and then go,and actually hit view order status so,you can go ahead and give actually real,updates and an invoice for your,customers if they're asking for exactly,hey I have not received confirmation of,my order or it has not been sent to my,email you can also go ahead and actually,provide them emit a screenshot of the,invoice and send to the email or you can,actually go ahead and go back to Shopify,and scroll down and also resend the,email that was actually sent to that,particular email so they can actually,have another order confirmation just to,make sure now you also want to go ahead,and just double check with the customer,that they have actually received the,information when you actually send the,updated invoice to them right here and,there it does say now notification since,but you have to go and confirm with the,customer so they are happy and you're,getting great reviews for your,particular store not only that it gives,you exactly timeline it says one minute,ago 14 minutes ago of when actually the,order invoices created and exactly when,it was actually sent out to the customer,so you now have exactly live updates to,provide to the customer of when it was,actually created and when it's actually,been sent out the next thing if any,customer is ask it for a return of the,order you can actually go ahead and,click on this return items section right,here and then you can actually go ahead,and create a return label from your,customer for them to send it back to a,particular address so they can actually,receive their product and you have to go,ahead and provide them exactly that,price and other product back to the bank,account which you can do right here and,there create the return and the process,is fairly simple you have to follow the,Zack steps and this will be seamlessly,for the customer and for you as well and,that right there guys exactly how you go,ahead and fulfill a live order for the,yeser's app and go ahead and actually,make sure the customer's information is,correct from Shopify and D answers how,to fulfill how to make the payment and,actually make sure it's actually really,fulfilled for the customer to receive,the notification of the invoice for your,particular product now as I mentioned in,the beginning of the video we always get,a lot of free Consulting call to one,lucky winner who's able to go ahead and,get on one call with us with one of the,Supreme Court members learning anything,and everything about your store I'm,talking about how to build a product,page how to build and find ads how to,actually go ahead and just build out,your particular fulfillments and,anything else you need to know Drop,Shipping knowledge so you can go crazy,for the q14 and then winner of the live,Rico sold the call is Fabian Gattis you,heard it correctly Fabian go ahead and,make sure you reach out to us at Supreme,underscore Ecom and reach out so you can,go and get your free frequency open call,until you only go crazy for the Q4,season and making sure you are able to,go into 10 assess for your store that's,it for me today guys Trey Benson here,and I'm out,they just type fast

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