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How To Add Products To Your Shopify Collection | Easy Tutorial (2022) how to add products to your co

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

How To Add Products To Your Shopify Collection | Easy Tutorial (2022)

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How To Add Products To Your Shopify Collection | Easy Tutorial (2022)

how to add products to your collection,in shopify hi guys welcome back to,another video and in this video i'm,going to be telling you how you can add,products within your shopify collection,so having said that let's just jump into,the video so i'm over here on my shopify,dashboard,so i'm over here on my dropify dashboard,right so this is how it looks like and,what we're gonna do now is we're gonna,go ahead and continue to add some,products within this uh shopify store so,before we do that we need to create a,collection so come over here on to,products right and when you click on the,products on the left side you will see,you have some drop down menu and within,that drop down menu you will see a,collection so simply click on the,collection option and then you will see,your collections over here so first what,i'm going to do is i'm just simply going,to go ahead and delete these collections,that i already had right this is just,home page now what i'll do is i'll go,ahead and click on create a new,collection,and over here i'm going to add the name,for this collection so,so in this we're just simply going to go,ahead and name this collection so for,this one i'll just say um you know,the starter collection or you know,like um,most popular or whatever most i'll just,say most popular,and then in the description you can,write whatever description of that,collection is you know like i'll just,say this is a simple collection of the,most popular,items in this,website,and then you can scroll down and you,will see you have collection type so if,you choose manual you can add products,to this manually by one by one or if you,want to go and automate it you just,simply have to click on the automated,and you have to you know add existing,and future products that match the,conditions you will set automatically so,if you click on this one then you can,choose the condition so all condition,any condition so product tag right you,can add different tags is equal to,let's say,popular so,you can add this tag to the popular,products or items that you have and then,as soon as that tag is applied on those,items they will automatically be added,into your shopify store so,pretty much that's it then you can go,ahead and save it,right and your collection will be saved,then you can go ahead and view this,collection over here so as you can see,most popular collection now,let's go ahead and add some products so,to add products they're basically two,ways to add products first is the manual,way what you will do is just simply,click on add product right,and what i'll do,and i already have these products right,so these shirts uh no wait they're over,here there we go so what i'll do is i'll,just simply choose these images,so,like this one and this one and i'll add,them over here i'll just simply drag and,drop these images in the media section,right over here and i'll just say this,is like a blue polka dot,you know dress,so yeah something like this you know,blue polka dot dress right i'll just,remove that,and then in the description you can,write any description of the products,and then this is a draft product for now,and then you can set the price so i'll,just say like this is worth like 50 or,20 so that's like you know um,that's like 10 000 rupees in my currency,all right compare at,prices so what,so over here this will be the original,price you can set like the original size,so let's say that the original price is,around six thousand so,oh that's sixty thousand sorry,six thousand and ten thousand is the,price that we're setting and cost per,item you can add this so i'll just say,like 5 000,so,profit margin is 50 50 and then you can,add like an sku number so that they can,you know track the item all right so,continue selling with even when out of,stocks no we don't want that then you,can add like available locations so i'll,just say like one location and the,weight is going to be 0.5 kilograms,maybe like one kilogram but i don't know,and then the country slash region,of this product so we'll just say united,states,here we go and then we are good to go,then all you got to do is just simply,click on the save button right here,and you can add some more details of the,product you know keep it a little bit,more in depth but yeah generally this is,how it looks like now we can go ahead,and add like a tag so over here we can,add a tag so we'll just say,popular,and we'll just add the tag there we go,and then we'll just simply click on save,now we have set the tag and we have,created a product so let's go ahead and,see if it is you know present within the,collection,so within the collection there you go,automatically it has been added as you,can see it's pretty simple right now the,second way you can add a product is to,you know go ahead and use it as a drop,shipping application so go into the app,store over here over here you will find,this application called users you just,simply install it i just you know opened,it up in another tab over here you,install this application and you use it,to import different items from,aliexpress and you can you know import,them within your own store and you can,start selling them so it's pretty simple,let me just show you,so right now i'm just simply going to go,ahead and install the application right,here,so i'm just simply going to go ahead and,continue with the free plan i'm just,simply going to go ahead and log in and,i'll catch you guys in a second,all right so now i'm logged in so this,is how it looks like right so,it's pretty simple you just find the,product that you like so for example,like this dress all you'd have to do was,just simply you know supplier over here,or you know just add to import lists so,i'll just simply add it to import list,all right,and we're good to go same thing with,this one over here we'll add that to the,import list as well with other items as,well now,this is not just over here you can go,over to aliexpress itself,over here on aliexpress if you go over,to the main site and you just simply,find the product that you're looking for,right so over here let me just see so,let's just assume that uh this is a,product that we want like this cap or,maybe like these pants so we'll just,simply click on these products,right like these jogger pants and we'll,just simply copy the link of this,product,go back to the supplier and click on,import list,and we'll just simply paste the product,over here and click on ok and then that,way we can directly import the product,next all we got to do is just simply,push it to our shopify store all right,now uh i don't think that my shopify,store is connected let me just see,actually it is connected so then i just,simply click on push to shopify and then,my product is going to be pushed over to,shopify store so let's just wait for,that to be pushed over there there we go,that's being pushed over there you can,even check on this box to,immediately you know select all the,products and then you can import them,at the same time instead of just you,know importing them one by one,so it's still importing,and once it's done importing,you can go to your shopify store and,check so if i come by over here and i,click on the products you will see we,have a bunch of different other products,as well so it's pretty simple,and then if you want you can you know,click on this product you can change the,name and the images of the product and,then you can add the tag that you have,set to you know put into the collections,you can add like a summer tag or you,know specific tag for your own you know,products and then all the products when,you've applied those tags to those,products all those products will be,automatically transferred to that,collection over here so it's pretty,simple,so that's how you do it that's how you,add different products to your shopify,store so that is it for this video guys,hope you guys enjoyed this video if you,have any questions let me know in the,comment sections down below and i'll be,sure to answer them as soon as possible,so having said that i will catch you,guys in the next video and until then,take care and goodbye

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