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How To Organize Products In Shopify - Bulk Edit, Use Tags, Make Collections, Create Dropdown Menus h

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Organize Products In Shopify - Bulk Edit, Use Tags, Make Collections, Create Dropdown Menus

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How To Organize Products In Shopify - Bulk Edit, Use Tags, Make Collections, Create Dropdown Menus

hey guys how's it going so we're back on,our test store let me go to the desktop,test store,testing mctesty and i,am going to show you in this video how,to bulk edit your products as well as,tag them and organize them and put them,appropriately,in the right collections automatically,as well as manually i'm going to show,you how to organize,your products so in this store we have,seven days left on this trial but,i'm gonna go ahead and go to products on,the side here,and i've imported a bunch of products,that i,i need to bulk edit i need to bulk,uh rename them i need to tag them,appropriately to,add them to the right collections and,we're gonna do all that but i've,imported them from oberlo if you don't,know,how to import products from aliexpress,using oberlo into your store,you can check out my other video on this,side up here,the little eyeball we're gonna go ahead,and bulk edit these jump right into it,here,and as you can see i have four hoodies,of gray purple blue,brown uh four pants gray purple,blue brown and four uh shoes,gray purple blue brown so i need to put,all the shoes in a shoe collection,uh all the pants in a pants collection,and all the hoodies in the hoodie,selection and,well and i also want to put them in the,appropriate color collection,and maybe add a collection that's like,uh you know buy the whole outfit type,thing,but first we have these ugly names,from oberlo that they come with just the,default names,so i'm gonna edit these and so obviously,you can click,in to the product here and then right,here you could just edit the,title uh but i'm going to go back and,i'm going to show you,a easier way to do this in bulk now,there are apps to help you do this kind,of stuff even easier,but i'm going to show you how to do all,this bulk editing just through shopify,check box this to select everything,and i actually or you can select,specific things sorry,but i'm going to select everything,because i want to rename,everything and then you could just hit,edit products right here,so what you can do here is,we don't need to see the sku uh so you,can get rid of all these fields,and i'm not gonna worry about editing,the prices but you can see,you can bulk edit a lot of things in,here i'm gonna add fields,i'm gonna add a title and you could add,all kinds of fields,to edit this but i'm gonna add title,we'll stretch this out a little bit,and it shows you a little picture here,so this one's a gray hoodie,so i'm just going to bulk edit this i'm,going to call this,a gray hoodie,and you could tab and do,uh purple,hoodie tab maybe this one's a little,more purple but this one's gonna be a,blue hoodie,and this one's brown,hoodie now you can name these whatever,you want i do suggest actually putting,uh more creative names into this stuff,something that'll really get it to sell,and then i'm just gonna go ahead i'm,gonna do the same thing,okay so now that i have named,everything here i'm just going to hit,save up the top make sure you save it,and it's going to go through and you can,see the check box going down here,that's just when you know it's saved and,then at the end a little notice will pop,up,save 12 products okay so we can go back,and now you can see that they're all,named nice bulk,edit here now with this bulk editing,uh like i said if you want to bulk edit,anything else you could just add the,field,and go right down the line and,edit it so if i wanted to change the,pricing on all this,i can go ahead and do that,but i'm just going to leave it the same,so that's how you bulk edit,and what i'm also going to do is i'm,going to add the appropriate,tags to each one of these things so,you can see here that i have,all my blue stuff here i can check box,just the blue and if i wanted to,i could just hit more actions and hit,add,tags and then i could just add any tags,i want to these products,i'm not going to add any tags for just,the blue ones,but i will add tags for all the hoodies,and i'm going to add a hoodie tag so,we'll check box all the hoodies add tags,and type in hoodie and enter and then,save now the tag,hoodie is created and i'm going to go,ahead and do the same thing,for pants so more actions,and this will be the pants tag,okay and then,we'll do the same thing for shoes as you,might have guessed,add tags and,choose,okay so doing the tags and renaming this,stuff is going to be,very important for making,the collections because i'm going to,organize,either by the name you can organ well,let me show you,so over here on the right on the left,side,go ahead and go to collections under,products hit products,collections and we have this default,homepage one i'm just going to delete it,you could check box on the right,on the left getting that mixed up and,just delete it,and you can create a new collection here,so what we're going to do first is we're,going to make a hoodie collection so i'm,going to name this collection hoodies,right and there's a few ways,if you scroll down there's a few ways,you can add,to the collection so the first way is,manual,if i hit manual and hit save here,uh it'll give me a way to browse,any products i want and i could i wanted,to just check box the hoodies,and hit add and then all of a sudden,those hoodies are now in this collection,but i'm not gonna do it that way i'm,gonna exit these,and i'm gonna show you how to organize,these collections based off of,tabs so let's go back,uh okay we may have to delete this,collection,i'm gonna start over okay so create a,new collection,hoodies now let's add them automatically,so there's a few ways you could do this,you can add these collections,based off of the product tag which we,added,so uh you could do it by product price,so you can make a collection for,products that are like between,a certain price or you can do it for,products that are on sale or you can do,it for products that you have a certain,amount of inventory,or you can do it based on title by type,by vendor you can see all these,different options so i'm going to show,you first how to do it by product tag,you select product tag its product tag,is equal to,hoodie so if i just hit enter,or a save once i have this,now everything i've tagged with the word,hoodie,in the tag with the tag uh will be in,this collection,um so what else,is important is this,product must match all conditions or any,conditions so if i wanted to i could,make this a collection of,hoodies and pants um,but see if i hit add another cadic,edition and i put pants,add another condition it won't show,anything because,it's only going to show the products,that have both tags,um pants and hoodies because i've,selected,the tag the product has to match all,the tags but if i put any condition,save it will go ahead and add,the pants because they're tagged with,pants,and the hoodies because they're tagged,with hoodies so i could do that,i'm gonna get rid of the pants though,because this is the hoodie collection,hit save,but i just wanted to show you you can do,that so,this is the hoodies collection based off,of tags,now we have that there's another way you,can add this,and i could hit create collection,and i want this collection to be,everything,that's blue so this is the blue,collection and,what i'm gonna do instead is i'm going,to,add things to the collection,automatically based off of,the product's title so,you can change it the product title,contains,a certain word or uh,is greater to equal less than starts,with ends with,you do all kinds of stuff but i'm just,going to do contains,so if the product tag contains the word,blue i want it to show up in this,collection,and we'll go ahead and hit save now,here's the blue collect,so you can see what i'm kind of doing,here uh,you can create collections uh let's go,ahead and do product,tag uh let's make the pants collection,really quick,okay so the pants showed up and i have,the shoes,so we'll do the shoes and i'm gonna,again do it by tag,and shoot,okay so now we have,all these collections in fact i'm gonna,make a,what do i have gray i'm gonna make the,rest of the color collection so,okay so now that we have all of our,collections made,i'm going to show you how to add them to,a drop down menu,and organize them properly on the drop,down menu,so if you hit the eyeball here and go to,your store,you can see that this is my menu at the,top i have nothing,set up here it just has home and catalog,those are just the default menus,but if i go back here and hit online,store,it'll give you this drop down and one of,them is called navigation,so if you click on navigation these are,your menus,uh i'm gonna go ahead and click into,main menu,i'm gonna delete home delete category,and i'm just gonna start adding menus so,if you hit,add menu item here instead of first,naming it,it's faster just to click on link,because this comes up,and you can select collections so,i'm going to go ahead and add the blue,collection see and then it automatically,adds the name to that menu,and the brown collection,and another way you could do this by the,way if you noticed,is uh if i hit so gray collection,i can actually filter it even further if,i wanted to,and i can link,the gray collection and then i can,attack if i tag the products i can,actually,just show uh let's say,if i tag the products with shoes i can,add it here,that way when i click select this in the,drop down menu it'll only show me what's,in the gray collection,that is tagged with shoes but i'm not,going to do that i just wanted to,tell you guys that you could i'm going,to keep adding all these collections,that i just made,okay so now we have everything now if i,were to save this,and go view my store by hitting this,eyeball,you can see that now everything is,listed up at the top,just like this everything i added but,that is a little messy,what i want to have happen is,i want to have maybe a home button and i,want,something that says like maybe shop by,collections,and a drop down menu that shows uh maybe,the collections and then,shop by category or something drop down,menu so i'll show you how to do that,in here first i'm going to add a menu,item,and i'm going to select the home page,i'm not going to call it home page i'm,just going to call it home,so we have that what you could do is,grab,these just grab the six little dots here,and you can drag them wherever you want,so i'm going to put that as first for,home,and then i'm going to add another menu,item,and this one is going to be,maybe collections and i'll just select,all collections this is just if you,click on it,and i'm going to hit add and then what,i'm going to do is i'm going to drag,this,right below home,so here's where it gets important uh,actually i'm going to edit this,real quick i'm going to change this to,not all collections,i'm going to do shop collection,and hit apply now to make this a drop,down menu,you can actually just drag these,underneath,into shop collection and you can go as,deep as you want you can see i can,uh just keep making these into drop,downs here,but i'm not going to do that i'm going,to go ahead and just,just like that,so this is going to be the collections,now they're in a drop down menu,and i'm going to go ahead and say shop,by category,and hit oh okay i have to select,something so i'm just going to go ahead,and select all collections again,stop by category now this one as you may,have guessed is going to be there,and i'm gonna drag all the categories,into this,oh this is this should belong in the,collection my phone,open that up very good,okay now if i hit,save and go back to view,my store you can see my uh,home bar home a navigation bar,navigation bar,i have the home which will just take me,to this this screen if i'm on anywhere,else,and i can shop by collections and just,go to any one of these,stop by categories or collections i,wanted to see all the shoes,as a customer i could just click on,shoes boom,there's all the shoes i have all the,pants,right there all the pants all the,hoodies,are here and if you tag things,i just want to leave a note here,right here you can actually filter by,whatever tags they are so if i clicked,on,if i went to all collections or gray,let's just say gray,uh i can filter by the,tags that i have so if i was a customer,and you had like a bunch,of products it could be beneficial to,tag your things appropriately for the,customer as well,not just you to organize stuff because,if you add things into like your gray,collection and your customer is only,looking for some gray pants,or something they could just come here,and select,pants and everything that's in the gray,collection that is pants,tagged with the word pants will show up,so that is essentially how,you organize the drop down menu how you,add tags,to your shopify store so,hopefully that was really helpful for,you guys,uh thank you so much for watching and i,have more shopify tutorials to,come so see you in the next video

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