how to connect namecheap domain to shopify

How to Connect or Point Namecheap Domain to Shopify 2022 hello everybody this is ani from the,learni

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to Connect or Point Namecheap Domain to Shopify 2022

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How to Connect or Point Namecheap Domain to Shopify 2022

hello everybody this is ani from the,learning class welcome back to the,channel,uh today is a very very short video,uh it's on how to connect your domain,name,uh to your shopify store so today's,tutorial is with namecheck uh,which is one of the most popular,uh domain providers uh they are really,cheap,and it's like eight bucks or something,for a year,uh so yeah you know uh,i would definitely recommend you guys to,buy a domain from namechip,uh and yeah the process to connect,your shopify store to namecheap is,pretty straightforward so,let's uh dive into it but before that,please do all the good stuff,please like subscribe share all of that,yeah we are pretty new so we'll,appreciate that okay so let's get into,it so,if you see this is my shopify store,that's the,shopify domain name faith and destiny so,that's the name of the store,let's go to my,namecheap account that's my namechek,account and,let's just look for,the domain name so i'll go to domain,list,i'm just going to type in faith,so here it is so you click manage in,your name chip,and then once you click manage you're,going to see,something like this,so we need to click on,advanced dns,so when you click advanced dns this is,the page that will open up so we,basically,are just concerned with this area over,here,okay so the first thing that you have to,remember is,it should be cname record,www,and then you see this here so this one,has to be,changed okay so,we,go back to our store and then,just copy this,okay make sure you don't need the,admin or the slash or https none of,those okay so then you just come here,and paste it,if there is something else like you know,if you see if i put the whole thing here,you see what's going to happen,you see it gives me a red thing so it's,not right so,we just need, and that's,it so then here you got the,the time,uh just click one minute,and then click this little arrow,so it's just gonna save,okay great and then you need,another entry another entry is you just,click here add new record and then the,very first one a record click that,okay,under host you just have at,and then in value,you just put this,value in,that's it okay and then,you click here click one minute,and then you save again,so,we are all set up with uh name chip now,uh i'm just gonna copy,the domain go back to my shopify store,go to settings,yeah,look for domains so domains,it says connect existing domain so we're,just gonna connect existing domain,just paste,do next,you verify connection,so this will,just take about a few seconds so as you,can see,it's now connected,however you're gonna see a small message,here ssl pending now shopify,offers a free ssl so don't worry about,it,after about,two or three minutes this will just go,away and everything will be good to go,okay,so you can just refresh it sometime it's,immediate sometimes it's just takes like,two three minutes or five minutes but,yeah once you're connected it's all good,to go okay so now you can close this box,you can click this little i icon over,here and this will straight away take,you to the,front of the website,so as you can see it says, so the domain is,connected obviously we are just still,waiting for the ssl to come through,so let's just refresh it,yeah,yeah i wouldn't worry too much about it,as i said it just takes a couple of,minutes for it to come through,and then should be all,good to go,so yeah,so anyways uh that was pretty much uh,how you connect your name chip,domain name to your shopify store pretty,easy peasy,and thank you guys for watching i really,appreciate your thumbs up,and uh see you guys in the next video,bye now

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